tagLetters & TranscriptsChat with a Girl

Chat with a Girl


You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

Official messages from Omegle will not be sent with the label 'Stranger:'. Strangers claiming to represent Omegle are lying.

Stranger: hii

You: heya

Stranger: asl

You: m

Stranger: f

You: 18

Stranger: 18

You: uk :P

Stranger: oh shit im frm uk too

You: ohaha

You: awesome :D

Stranger: where bouts

You: where in uk?

You: Liverpool :]

Stranger: leicester

You: cool

You: so what's your name?

Stranger: *******

Stranger: u

You: ******

Stranger: nice name

You: goes the same for you =]

You: so whats your body like? :P

Stranger: 5'7 tan long black hair

Stranger: u?

You: how long? <3333

You: i love longer hair haha

Stranger: cool

Stranger: wbu?

You: 6', taned body, a bit muscled up cuz i do gym everyday, blackish spiked hair

Stranger: oohh nice

You: you think? ;p

Stranger: yh

Stranger: of course

You: coolness

You: so what you been upto?

Stranger: nothin im bored

You: haha

You: wanna fizzle up? ;]

Stranger: u?

Stranger: what do u mean

You: same, bored lol.

You: like, wanna have 'fun'? ;]

Stranger: what do u have in mind

You: what do you think? ;]

Stranger: lol

Stranger: u start

You: so what're you wearing?

Stranger: hoodie and jeans

Stranger: u?

You: tee and shorts :P

You: you alone?

Stranger: yh

You: take your hoodie off;]

Stranger: and....

You: and what you wearing underneath?

Stranger: blue bra

You: a blue bra directly under your hoodie? :P

Stranger: yh

Stranger: y

You: nfn

You: take the bra off as well

You: whats your bra size? ;]

Stranger: 30 d

You: you think your boob'll fit in my mouth? ;]

Stranger: just try

You: take your jeans off as well

Stranger: ok then what

You: and what you wearing underneath?

Stranger: blue thong

You: my fav. colour XD

Stranger: lol

You: stretch that thong into your pussy

You: so it parts your lips

Stranger: sooo good

You: i wanna lick your pussy right now

Stranger: do it then

Stranger: talk dirty for mw

Stranger: me

You: you ever had your tits bitten slut?

Stranger: no

You: i'd fucking bite your nipples

You: and suck on your tits

You: so bad

Stranger: ohh harder

You: then i'd fucking slap your tits

You: and pinch those hard nipples!

Stranger: ure turning me on

You: fuck yea!

You: start fingering yourself for me@


Stranger: id take of your shirt

Stranger: feel ure body

You: fuck yea

You: then i'd start licking your pussy

You: and suck your pussy lips out

Stranger: give u my pussy to play with

You: and then imma find your clit

Stranger: if u give me ure cock

You: and i'll keep rubbing your clit

You: and suddenly, i'll pinch it really hard!

Stranger: im coming!!

You: cum for me fuck yea!

You: be my slut!

You: fuck my 8+incher's rock hard for you!

Stranger: ooh fuck me harder

You: fuck yea!

Stranger: pound my pussy

You: then i'd pick you up, hold you against a wall, and ram mydick straight up your pussy without even lubing it!

Stranger: ooh fuk yeah

You: and then i'll keep sucking on your tits while fucking you!

Stranger: im sooo wet

You: i wanna drink all your juices up!

Stranger: u like blow jobs

You: fuck yes

You: deepthroats.

Stranger: yeaahh

Stranger: shove it down my throat

You: fuck yea

Stranger: make me gag

You: i'd lay on a trampoline

You: and you'd deepthroat me

You: on there

You: and when i'll suddenly bounce

You: the trampoline

You: will make my dick go straight up your throat!

Stranger: wow

Stranger: im really wet

You: i wanna slap my dick against your cunt!

Stranger: aching for your dick

You: tell me you're my slut!

Stranger: im your slut ure bitch

You: fuck yes!

Stranger: fuck my ass

You: i wanna come over to leicester some day, and fuck you till your sore!

Stranger: cool

You: i'll suck on your pussy

You: and without you knowing it

Stranger: cool

You: i'll suddenly start putting three finger

You: s

You: right up your ass


Stranger: im coming

You: cum for me babeh!

Stranger: oohhhh

You: i'd fucking rape your butthole! you'll be so fucking sore


Stranger: harder bitch

You: fuck yea!

You: slaps you* for calling me a betch!

You: bites your nipple!

You: i'd make you fucking swallow my cum!

Stranger: u bastard

Stranger: cum on my tits

You: you dun like swallowing..?

Stranger: i love it

You: then fucking swallow my cum betch!<3

Stranger: i give u a hand job

You: for real, i cum loads babeh

Stranger: i fucking wank you

You: i'd fucking suck on your neck

You: and suck on your earlobe

You: and then lick your ear up!

Stranger: reallly really wet thinking of u!!!

You: fuck yea cum for me babe!

You: you're gonna make me fucking cum ahh!

Stranger: ill play with my tits!

You: i'll squeeze those puppies so bad!

Stranger: thats enough!

You: hmm?

Stranger: ive come soo many times

Stranger: thanks

You: haha!

You: liked it? ;]

Stranger: wbu

Stranger: fukk yeah!

You: i came two times

You: thankfully

You: i had loads

You: of tissues with me :P

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