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Cheating First Time


I have been happily married for 5 years. I am 26 years old, natural blonde, blue eyes, 5'7" tall, 120 pounds with small, but perky tits and long tanned legs. We do not have any children. We have a great marriage but my husband is always busy with his work. Men always find me very attractive and still make passes at me even though they know I am married. I have been faithful to my husband but I do enjoy the attention of other men. I do like flirting, short dresses and even occasional teasing, but had my limits until...

On a Friday night I went to a club with my girlfriends without our husbands. I wore a very short white cotton skirt, black high heels and a top with no bra. A friend of ours, Alan was in the club and he joined us. He is tall, handsome, athletic and single. He has been in our home on numerous parties and would always try to flirt with me, sometimes even trying to feel me when my husband was not around.

Alan asked me to dance. He was a good dancer and during a slow number he held me very close. I could feel his breath on my neck and ears. My breasts were touching his chest and he was pulling me with strong hands. I started to get turned on. I did not feel I was doing anything wrong, just having some fun.

When we went to our table, all the chairs were taken so I sat on his lap sitting sideways with my legs dangling on the side. He casually put his hand on my bare thigh and gave me a little caress on my thighs. He did it so casually that I did not think much of it.

When the band came back from the break he asked me to dance again. This time he held me even tighter and I could feel his hardness against my pussy. I noticed I was getting wet down there and my nipples were erect. He turned me around and placed his hardness against my ass while his arms were around my waist. He started to kiss my neck which was very sexy. He turned me again to face him and started to kiss me on the lips while feeling my ass. I had never gone this far with a man since I was married, but he was very sexy and I was so turned on that my resistance was down. When my girlfriends wanted to leave the club, I wanted to stay until closing time. Since I have known Alan for a while, I felt comfortable staying with him alone.

When the club did close he asked me if I wanted to go his place for some wine. I told him I was married and I did not cheat on my husband. He assured me he was going to respect my wishes, and we could just have some drinks. Since he was a family friend I felt comfortable and I did follow him to his home in my car. He had a really nice home with a full view of the ocean. We sat on the deck overlooking the ocean sipping our wines. It was very romantic under the stars and the sound of waves. We hit it off talking and he gave me a kiss on the lips when he renewed my wine. I kissed him back. It was getting chilly outside so we moved inside and cuddled up in his sectional sofa. I stretched my legs, kicked off my heels and put my feet in his lap. He started to message my feet and legs.

Affect of wine, plus his hands were making me feel hot all over. This was the first time I was alone with a man, in his home at such a late hour since married. I was feeling little bit nervous where it might lead but at the same time it was kind of forbidden pleasure for me. He pulled my feet on to his crotch and I could feel his hard on. I started to massage his cock with my feet though his pants. He pulled me to his lap and started to kiss me. I reminded him that I have never cheated on my husband. He just told me he found me very attractive and he just wanted to make out with me. He was feeling my ass underneath my skirt and pulling me to his hardness. He laid me on my back and he grinded his hardness against my pussy while feeling my breasts under my top. My legs were around him, and he was caressing them. I thought if there was no penetration, it was really not cheating. So I started to grind my pussy against his hardness while he as feeling me all over through my clothes and under my skirt. He was caressing my legs, tits while he was passionately kissing me. I felt him cum as his trousers got all wet in the crotch area. I was relieved and told him I had to leave.

When I got home, my husband was very worried and asked my whereabouts. I gave him a very sexy look, and started to caress his penis through his pants. He was immediately distracted. I took his pants off and took his penis to my mouth, started to gently suck it. I already had the foreplay with another man, his cum was on my dress. I was feeling very sexy and my husband knew it. I sat on his dick and started to do a dance around my husband's cock. My husband came up with a big load on my pussy and he was satisfied. No questions asked.

Later that year, me and my husband went on a cruise to Mexico. On a sunny day, I was tanning without my husband by the pool. The warm sun and lusty look of men on my skimpy bikini made me feel hot and sexy. One of the ship personnel asked me if I would like towels. When I looked up, I saw a very handsome 20 something looking at me with burning eyes. His eyes were all over my tanned body. I could see the lust in his eyes. We started to talk about the ship and the cruise. Soon we were talking like old friends. He offered me an insider's tour of the ship. After a while he asked me if I would like to see the crew quarters and his room. I wanted to say no, but felt comfortable with him so I agreed.

In his room, we sat on his bed and he started to kiss me. To my surprise I kissed him back. He started to feel my breasts through my bikini top. I thought I could make him cum without going all the way. I thought after the foreplay I would then go back to my husband for the sex. He pushed me to his bed feeling my legs and started pushing his hardness against me through my bikini bottoms while kissing me passionately. He started to kiss my neck and ears. I was getting really turned on and my resistance was melting away. His hands were inside my bikini top and caressing my breasts passionately. He turned me over on my stomach, and started to kiss my feet, legs. He slid his hand on my bikini bottoms and started to kiss and caress my ass. I was getting really turned on, but was getting worried that it was going too far. I tried to say stop but words just did not come out.

I felt his hardness against my ass. Almost involuntarily I started to move my ass against his hardness, hoping he would cum and it would end without going any further. He was kissing the back of my neck very passionately while his hands were all over me. He turned me over, and he undid my bikini top and started to caress and kiss my breasts while pushing his hardness against me. My pussy was wet, but I was still hoping he would cum soon and I will go back to my husband feeling still faithful. He got off me and I thought he had already cum. But he was getting down to his underwear. When he lay on top of me, his cock was pushing through my pussy lips. We were down to our last two pieces of clothing, he had his underwear and I still had my bikini bottom. I could feel his cock trying to enter my pussy through my bikini bottom. He gave me a lusty look, almost begging my permission to enter me. I thought it was a point of no return anyway and gave him a nod with a smile. He pulled my bikini bottom out to the floor and took his underwear off. His cock was enormous, much larger than my husband's. He started to kiss my thighs, stomach and sucking on my breasts while fingering my pussy. He took my hands and brought it to his cock. I was somewhat relieved, that I could jack him off and still be technically faithful to my husband. I started to stroke his cock while he was passionately kissing me and my breasts.

He pushed me on my back, held my legs high on his shoulders and entered me. I was shocked that it happened after 5 years of marriage and I was cheating on my husband. He was stretching my pussy lips with his cock while caressing my long, tanned legs. He was kissing me passionately and the lustful, determined look in face melted away any resistance I had. He lifted me with his strong hands from bed, and started to fuck me standing holding me by my ass. I felt his cock even growing bigger and the mushroom head stretching my pussy. I wrapped my legs around him, kissing him passionately. He started to fuck me with long, hard strokes. He sat on a chair while I rode him. He was holding my ass guiding it up and down on his cock. He lifted me again, and put me against the edge of the bed my ass sticking towards him waiting impatiently for his cock. He entered me from behind, letting me know I was his woman now. I felt his balls slap against my ass. He came filling my pussy with loads of cum. I grabbed my bikini, put it on and ran to our cabin.

My husband was looking for me and asked me where I have been. I gave him a sexy smile and kissed him on the lips passionately. All of a sudden I felt his anger has dissipated as he was looking at bikini clad body with hungry eyes. I started to rub my husband's cock through his shorts. He had a big hard on and no longer curious where I was. I just slid my bikini bottom to the side and sat on his hard cock fully aware that my pussy was full with another man's cum. My husband had no clue, he just commented how wet I was. After a few strokes he came, and gave me a kiss to show his appreciation. He apologized that he was angry earlier and promised he was going to leave me alone if I wanted to explore the ship alone.

The next day I was tanning again and my husband left me alone after a while as he did not like the sun too much. George found me again but treated me like nothing happened in front of passengers. I was relieved at his discrete behavior. He told me there was going to be a crew party that night if I and my husband wanted to attend. My husband wanted to go also and went to crew party. George asked me to dance; he kept a respectable distance in front of my husband except I could feel his obvious hardness as he brushed against me. He asked me if we could be pay pals. I asked my husband to see if it was OK with him. My husband trusted me completely so he agreed; of course he had no idea George was fucking me under his nose.

My husband wanted to go on a shore excursion to see historical sights. I told him, I rather go on shopping. He went for it. George told me of a hidden cove where we could be alone at the beach. He brought some nice wine and a picnic basket. We sat on this beautiful cove together enjoying wine, cheese, ocean and the scenery. Since there was no one around us we took our suits off enjoying nature.

We played around water like little children. He lifted me up and had me sit on his shoulders my pussy facing his mouth. He licked and sucked my pussy. Then he lowered me into his cock and fucked me. It was sensational. We rolled in the sand and waves with his big cock inside me. He did not want to cum and just wanted to fuck me as much as he could. We would take a little break, drink some wine and cheese. I felt the sun on my naked body. I put my head on his lap, gently kissed his hardness and tasting the salty ocean water on his cock. He poured some wine over me and licked me all over especially my pussy. He turned me over. He kissed and licked my ass. He then got up, and lifted me up to fuck me while standing with my legs wrapped up around him. He carried me to the water while fucking me standing up. He sat on the water while I rode him, kissing him passionately. He could not have enough of me and filled my mouth and pussy with cum.

It was getting late and I wanted to be at the cabin before my husband returned from the excursion and do some shopping. George helped me pick up sexy lingerie with red high heels to go with it. A very sexy heart shaped panties, black with red trim completed my outfit. When I went to our cabin I put on my sexy new lingerie, panties and waited for my husband. When my husband returned from the excursion, he had an instant hard on when he saw me. With my newly developed sexual skills with George, I drove my husband crazy with lust. He came twice that night, unusual for my husband. I felt like a total sexual being out of my previous married shell.

After the cruise George started to write to me passionate letters and how much he enjoyed our affair. This went for a while, and then he wrote me his ship was coming to our city and if I would meet him. My husband was away on a business trip and I knew I would have no trouble meeting George as my husband rarely asked my whereabouts. I dressed up in a sexy top without a bra and my shortest mini skirt. I was very excited to meet him, but had no intention on cheating on my husband again. I thought I could show him around the town as a friend. But he had other ideas. As soon as he saw me his eyes were glues on my legs and breast. He grabbed my without a warning and held me close to him and started to kiss me in the lips. He was hard instantly, and I was taken by quite surprise. I tried to calm him and said there is a park nearby, where we can sit on grass and talk. We held hands, and sat on the park. I took him around the town, even bought him some souvenirs. He asked me casually, if I wanted to come to the ship as it was docked for the night.

I accepted his offer, but told him we have to have limits on our relation. He nodded and we went to the ship deck. We laid on the deck recliners next to each other, watching the stars. It was quite romantic. He did not make any passes on me but I could see the hunger in his eyes when he looked at me. We put the recliners together real close and kept watching the stars. I put my head on his shoulder and he was gently stroking my hair, neck and arms. I felt comfortable as he was not making any passes at me. He asked me if he could kiss me, as my lips were inviting in the cool of the night. I was so relaxed that I lifted my head and gave him a quick kiss on his lips. When I put my head on his shoulder I could not help notice that he had a hard on. I moved away from him to my recliner.

The weather was getting cool and he covered me and himself with a blanket while casually caressing my legs under the blanket. It was cozy and very romantic to be under the blanket with him watching the stars. He started to open up to me and telling me about him. We were face to face and our lips were a few inches apart. He started to kiss me tenderly and I kissed him back. He asked me if I would like to come to his room as it was getting cold outside. He said we could carry on the conversation in his room. I wanted to say no, but he was so sweet and caring that I could not say no.

He held my hand and gently guided me towards his room. We laid on his bed and kept talking. I was determined not to let it get out of hand this time and kept my distance. But regardless I was having an effect on him as he had this enormous hard on which he did not bother to hide. We were not touching each other, yet there was sexual tension high in the air. I put my arms around him and started to kiss him tenderly. He started to get passionate, started to caress my legs. He was breathing heavy now, and with that determined lusty look in his eyes. He pulled me on top of him, and his hands were on my thighs and lifting my short skirt. I kicked my shoes and continued to kiss him passionately.

Against my best intentions, I was going to be unfaithful to my husband again after a few months. He started to feel my ass and started to kiss my nipples. I started to unbuckle him hungrily as he removed my top. I started to suck him like I never done before. He told me he liked to see my legs, pussy and ass as I sucked his cock, so I turned around. He was caressing my ass, legs and fingering my pussy while I was sucking him. He told me to use my hands to stroke him while I was sucking him. I had never done it that way with my husband. I usually sucked my husband real fast and we went straight to intercourse.

I never let my husband come in my mouth either. But George was in charge now, as he was caressing me and fingering my pussy he was guiding my head and hands. He told me to suck his balls which shocked me. I have never done that also. I started to lick and suck his balls and saw precum fluids coming out from his penis. He was moaning and complementing me how good I was. My husband never talked during sex. Then we went on 69 position. He was eating my pussy like never before. He was flicking his tongue on my clit which made my pussy swallow and juices flowing. I started to suck him as I moaned. He was raising his hips to thrust his cock at my throat while devouring my pussy.

I was almost shocked when I felt his index finger exploring my anus. He inserted his finger on my ass, and I thought my pussy was going to explode. I felt his cock even growing bigger and his thrusts in my mouth even harder, He shoved his cock deep in my throat and held my head on his cock. He exploded in my mouth; I never had experienced so much cum. His cum was flowing through my lips. I lost the count of how many times I came, who is counting right. We were exhausted and fell sleep in each others arms.

When I woke up, I caught myself playing with his cock which was getting hard already. He started to kiss me again and his hands were all over me. He was caressing my legs, pussy hair, and breasts. I put my leg on his cock and started to rub my pussy against his leg. He asked me if I was ever fucked in the ass. I said no, and my husband never tried that being the gentle person he is. He told me to relax and I was in for a treat. He said it might hurt a little but I was going to like it. He turned me over on my stomach, and placed a pillow under me so that my ass was sticking up.

He put some lubricant on his penis and my anus. Then he fingered my anus while playing with my pussy. It was feeling great already. Then he replaced the mushroom head of his penis with his finger. It started to hurt, and told him his penis is much larger than his finger. He was not going to back up though, he held my hip bones firmly, and pushed his penis all the way in. I screamed, but he had his hand in my mouth. He started to fuck my ass with furious strokes. I again felt I was now his woman completely with my husband a distant memory. My anus started to relax especially as he started to stroke my pussy. He was kissing the back of my neck and told me how tight my ass was. Suddenly, I felt all new sensations. I was moving my ass to meet his strokes. I told him his dick in my ass felt so good and was never fucked like this. I was surprised I was having sex talk, as sex was a silent act with my husband. I started to talk him dirty and he grabbed me without taking his dick out and made me stand on the floor. He was fucking my ass real hard now, and I put my elbows on the bed and started to dance my ass around his dick. I had lost sense of time when he started coming and filling my ass with his cum.

I told him I could not stay as my husband was long home by now. I put my skirt and top, kissed George goodbye and hurried home. My husband told me was worried about me and wanted to know where I have been. I again gave him a very sexy smile and told him I missed him. He was surprised by my sexy outfit and kept asking me where I have been. I sat on his lap and started to kiss him while grinding my pussy against his cock. My husband's hands were all over my legs. He loved my legs and feet. My short skirt had already turned him on, which I could tell from his raging hard on. I started to kiss him passionately and rub my breasts on him. I led him to our bed and started to take his pants off just like I did to George earlier in the day.

My husband was in heaven and was no longer asking my whereabouts. I took my cloths off and lay next to my husband giving him full access to my legs and pussy while I started to sock him. He was taken by surprise at my new skills in cock sucking. I was stroking, with my fingers playing with his balls while socking him. His penis just started to grow and turned purple. I knew he was in ecstasy as he was moaning and pushing his penis to my mouth. I had never sucked him with this much skill and he knew it. But he was enjoying himself so much that he did not dare asked me where I learned my new cock sucking skills. I placed one of his balls in mouth, while stroking him. He was caressing my legs, and fingering my pussy. I wondered if he noticed both my pussy and ass were filled with another man's cum. Then to my husband's surprise I let him cum in mouth while swallowing his cum. He never had such a treat before. He did give me a puzzled look, but he was so content with my cock sucking that he did not ask any questions.

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