tagBDSMCheating Girlfriend Finds a Sub

Cheating Girlfriend Finds a Sub


Submissives probably always have an idea of their true nature but I guess each has a moment when they realise for sure. For me that wasn't until the most humiliating sexual experience of my life when I realised submission was such a powerful part of my sexuality it would literally dominate my life.

I had been seeing a very cute girl called Zoë since we were both sixteen. We seemed to have the ideal relationship and I hoped we would become the perfect couple and manage to go from being High School sweethearts into adulthood. We expected things to get difficult when we both moved to different towns to go on to college at 18, but the romance continued right the way through our first year. Our long spells apart made the time together even better and as we grew up together we experimented with all sorts of lovemaking. I thought we were both very happy, until one weekend late in our second year of college.

I travelled up to see Zoë and arrived in the early evening at the house she shared with four other students from her college. I hadn't told her about my visit, as I'd wanted to surprise her after she'd had a tough few weeks on a project for her course. I knew her flatmates from previous visits so they suggested I hide in her room to surprise her when she came back from the pub in an hour or so. It seemed like a good idea so I went into her room. It was a large old Victorian room filled with all the usual student clutter and Zoë's notes and books heaped on her desk. I pushed my bag under the bed and picked up a book to read to pass the time until she returned from the pub. Nearly a couple of hours passed and I had started to get impatient by the time I heard the front door slam and some giggles and laughter as footsteps made the old floorboards on the stairs creak. I took this as my cue to look for cover so that I could really surprise her and on impulse I dived into the old wardrobe in the corner. It was a big, sturdy old-fashioned thing we'd bought at a second hand place in the town when she'd moved here. It had just enough room for me to press myself in amongst her clothes and almost close the door shut behind me.

I was about to jump out and hug her when I had the shock, no shocks, of my life in quick succession. First of all I realised from what I could see through the crack of the wardrobe doors that Zoë was not alone. With her was a tall young guy. The second of my shocks was when Zoë herself came into view. She was wearing a very short tight fitting black skirt and a pair of slim black heels that added a good few inches to her otherwise fairly diminutive height. I was so taken aback I froze for a good few moments taking in the scene and in even that short time it became clear this was no platonic friendship.

I watched in horror as the guy lent down and hooked his hand over my girl's back and slid his hand confidently down to her bottom as he pulled her close to him for a deep kiss. There was no doubt that Zoë was as into this as he appeared to be as she leant up to him, eager to meet his lips with her own. Things were moving very quickly now as Zoë sat on the bed and I saw her reach up to begin to undo the buttons of his shirt. I wanted to jump out and stop them, but for some reason I just didn't. I think I was transfixed by what was going on in front of me and I felt entirely numb.

What made all of this all the more shocking was that this was just not how Zoë seemed to be. I couldn't equate this image in front of me with the girl I knew and had been with now for more than four years. Whilst she would sometimes wear some nice underwear to give me a treat I'd never seen her wear anything like the skirt she was in at the moment, despite my encouragement that she should show off her shapely legs and figure a bit more than she did. She was far more of a jeans and jumper girl. I'd only rarely seen her wear heels before and couldn't help but notice how they shaped the curve of her calf in a very alluring way. This was certainly far from the sweet, cutely innocent looking girl that I'd become used to.

The scene in front of me was becoming ever more troubling. I could see more of the young guy now. Zoë had taken his shirt off to reveal a toned and slim body not so different from my own. I reckoned he was about my height and age, but with darker hair. The pair carried on kissing and rubbing their hands over each other as he kicked off his shoes. They sat opposite each other on the bed and it was only a few moments before Zoë started unbuttoning her own mauve shirt to reveal a low half cut white lace bra that I didn't recognise having seen before. It scooped up her fairly small but beautifully rounded breasts into a pretty impressive cleavage that the lad was soon gently tracing with his fingers. They were starting to get hot and eager with each other now and there was certainly no way back from here. I felt I could hardly leave now. There was no way to sneak out in a room this size and I wasn't at all sure of how to deal with this kind of situation.

Zoë had now moved in front of the guy, stood with her back to me and in front of him as he sat on the bed. From here the light gave me a fantastic view of her shape, that small petite figure whose curves I knew so well. Her long dark brown curls rolled midway down her slender back which looked a rich honey colour in the soft light. That tight skirt showed off her gently curving hips as they thinned down to the slim shapely legs that had always been the finest of her many fine features. From here I watched as he slid down the zip of her skirt and steadied her as she stepped out of it so that it landed as a small dark puddle of fabric at her ankles. It was only now I realised with a tingling sensation that my girlfriend was also wearing a very fetching pair of white lace stocking hold-ups that made her legs shimmer slightly as she shifted back on to the bed.

The two of them swapped positions as hurriedly now Zoë pulled at her equally eager partner's trouser belt. His jeans and pants fell to the floor. My own gasp of astonishment was fortunately covered by the gasp that Zoë let out as she saw the guy's manhood in front of her. I could tell from the look on her face that this was the first time she'd seen this bloke naked, as she couldn't disguise the mixture of apprehension and delight that flickered across her face. This guy was certainly well endowed. It was difficult to estimate exactly how big he was at this distance but he was certainly comfortably much bigger than my own rather small four inches. He looked at least twice that size and wasn't yet fully erect, although he was certainly getting harder as he looked at Zoë in her white underwear on the bed in front of him.

Zoë at first seemed reluctant to touch the guy's cock as he stood before her, but she soon snapped out of that and grasped at it with both her hands. She got them both on it with room to spare, which made me realise just how big that thing was. Zoë was certainly impressed and I could see her face begin to flush, a sure sign she was now really turned on. She then lifted his cock up towards her and slowly took the tip into her mouth as she carried on stroking down the long shaft. My eyes were bulging now, as despite our long time together and my frequently having given her oral sex Zoë had never once taken me into her mouth like that. This guy had clearly been a little more tempting and here she was stretching her mouth round the large bulbous head of his penis. He stroked her long hair and slid his hands behind her to unclip her bra and free her breasts. They rolled gently forward as he cupped them and stroked his thumb around the soft nipples. He was moaning quietly now and I noticed that Zoë was almost absent mindedly running her hand down between her legs and over the crotch of her knickers as she became more and more aroused.

For the first time they were talking, I couldn't hear some of what was being whispered but Zoë looked up and said, "This is really huge, I don't know if I can take all of that." The guy muttered something to her and she smiled up at him in a cheeky grin that made her cheeks dimple. "Oh yeah, I'm sure I want it. Just be a little gentle. I'm not used to anything that size." Those words stung, but it was patently obvious that thing was going to stretch her in a way I never had, and to the best of my knowledge I was the only person Zoë had ever had sex with before. She was eager now, hardly able to keep her eyes or her hands off his cock. She knelt up on the bed and slid down her thin white-laced panties to reveal her dark thatch of carefully trimmed hair. She slightly parted her thighs to give a glimpse of her pussy and even from here I could see telltale glistening threads on her hair where she was already damp with anticipation at what was to come. The discarded white panties had been flung towards the wardrobe and I could see that inside the delicate white lace the material was moist with her wetness.

As Zoë continued to run her hands over his hard erection he was now teasing her gently by running his fingers over the lips of her pussy. It wasn't long before she was knelt up on the bed and I could hear her demanding urgently, "take me, I want you in me. Now. Please." Even this wasn't enough for him as he teased her further. He moved behind her so that Zoë was knelt behind him, her wonderful rounded arse pointing back towards him and her face pointing towards me. I could see she was desperate for him now but instead he continued to rub his huge shaft along the entrance of her pussy and across its lips. She was starting to pant now and it was terrible to see my usually demure girlfriend behaving in such a wanton fashion with this stranger. She soon propped herself up one elbow so that she could reach back between her legs and part herself more fully for him. "In there, I want to feel that huge cock of yours in me right now."

He didn't need any further invitation and I shuddered as I saw he was starting to enter her. The expression on Zoë's face was a strange blend of some pain mixed with an obvious intense pleasure. She gasped and squealed as she shifted to accommodate the large penis probing into her, but I could imagine she was by now so well lubricated by her own juices that at least the first part had slid in easily enough. She tried to arch back against him to force more of it inside but he held her round her waist and slipped in gradually. Her eyes were wide now and her mouth curled open in a beautiful torment as she panted, "All of it, give me all of it." He teased a while longer but then suddenly pushed his hips hard against her arse. After just a few thrusts Zoë was shuddering and with a further firm thrust she howled in what could only be a hugely intense orgasm.

To see her reach such overwhelming ecstasy so quickly with this other man made me angry in a way that I couldn't describe - yet I didn't move. To my astonishment I realised that for all the feelings of jealousy and betrayal swirling through my head my own little cock was now rock hard against my pants. Despite part of me wanting to be physically sick another part of me was unmistakably aroused at seeing my girl taken in such a way. My mixture of feelings was added to by the knowledge that I had never once managed to bring her that kind of climax myself. Even when trying desperately to delay my own orgasm as long as possible during sex I'd never once made Zoë cum just by penetration. This far more substantial tool had managed it in less than a minute.

It was clear that the session was not yet over and despite having just had such an apparently shattering climax Zoë was eager for more. She rolled onto her back so that she was now underneath the man, her legs spread wide to once again take his cock. Having allowed her to move he quickly re-entered her, this time with more force than before. That huge shaft was now glistening with my girl's wetness, as it slid back inside her she gasped with surprise having immediately forgotten his sheer size. I was surprised by how quickly they built up a fast rhythm as he pushed into her hard and fast. Zoë was quickly panting again, and her moans were loud and throaty as she seemed to forget herself in the primal joy of getting so well and truly fucked.

The sordid session seemed to go on for an age. I was certainly impressed with this man's control as I felt close to coming myself just from the sight of the two of them. Zoë's noises were more and more demanding and I had a great view of her face which was pointing directly back over the edge of the bed at my hiding place. Even upside down I could see her smile flickering across her quivering upper lip as she made the most of the fuck of her life. Her small dark nipples bobbed in and out of sight as she took the force of his thrusts, each one reinforced by the slap of his thighs against her fleshy buttocks. Her legs were spread upward in a wide V behind her, the sheer white sheen of her stocking covered sloping thighs glistening with the sweat of their combined exertions. After a few urgent demanding pants my girlfriend was again bucking with the abandon of a keenly felt orgasm and her cries seemed sure to be heard all over the house. I hoped her friends thought it was me doing this to her. That thought was soon pushed from my mind, along with all others, as I saw him whip out his tool from my still writhing girlfriend. He too was now close to cumming, and he was pulling himself off as he knelt over Zoë. I watched in frozen fascination as she stroked at the tip of his cock and helped his final few strokes. As I watched he sprayed my girl with a fountain of his cum, treating her like an eager cheap porn star as his sperm shot out across her tits, face and into her long dark curls.

The two of them lay there on the bed for a while, motionless and speechless. There was then a whispered conversation, a few giggles and then they sat up while he got dressed. He kissed her on the cheek and with that he left, gently letting himself out of the room. Zoë simply sat for a while longer, allowing her breathing to slow right back down to normal. She still looked incredible, although her hair was heavily ruffled and her face was gently flushed. Her skin was covered in a gentle glistening film of cooling perspiration, and one of her white lace stocking top trims had twisted over in the throws of her enthusiastic rubbing against her new lover. To me it didn't look as if she'd be awake much longer, and I reasoned that after all of that she'd easily sleep heavily enough for me to be able to slip back out of the room and out of the house to get my head back together.

Just while I was thinking this I was brought sharply back into the present by Zoë's voice. She was looking straight at the wardrobe, and I thought she'd called my name. And then my heart leapt when she definitely said, "You can come out now." She needed to say it twice more before my addled, shocked brain could get my cramped muscles to respond and push at the door. I could hardly move after my hour in such a small space and comically toppled into the room and onto the carpet.

"You knew I was there?" I stammered, managing to find myself even more astonished and not yet able to articulate all the emotions I felt. "Oh yes" she said, looking at me as if surprised that I was even more dumb than she'd thought. "The girls downstairs told me you were here. Besides which, you'd left the side lamp on when I came in."

I managed to get out a squeaky, "Then why?" before being fixed with a look that stopped me in my tracks and which I will remember forever. It was full of determination and utterly without remorse, but also contained just a little pity as well as a heap of disdain. As I stayed sat on the carpet staring at those dark heeled shoes and her stocking clad ankles Zoë told me exactly what she wanted to happen next.

She explained that whilst she still wanted to stay with me for a lot of reasons she'd realised from conversations with girlfriends that she was missing out on really good sex. She said that after what I'd seen tonight I must realise that too, and this was something I found impossible to argue with. She explained that she knew how much I worshipped her and she was quite happy for that to continue, on the condition that I effectively became her slave and that I understood she was now in total control of all of our sexual interactions. As part of the deal I would have to understand that when the feeling took her she would be having sex with better endowed men who could bring the orgasmic sex she craved. My own future sex life would however be strictly controlled to keep me compliant, although if I obeyed properly I could expect treats and even be allowed to watch Zoë having sex with her new lovers in the way that I just had. Those eyes that were normally so soft and gentle fixed me with that firm stare again as she said, "I need your answer now."

I was stunned. This was a girl who could rarely decide what she wanted to eat for her dinner, now laying down this bizarre and frightening ultimatum. In my mind I was still considering my options and giving serious thought to walking out, but like all weak feeble-willed men I was ultimately doing my thinking in my crotch. To hear my girl talk so forthrightly about her lust had for some reason I couldn't fathom hit the mark somewhere in my own desire to be controlled and enslaved. My straining little cock pushed hard again against my trouser flies and gave away the answer even before I managed a whispered, defeated, "Yes."

"Good," she smiled. "I can't help but notice your eyes are straying all over the place, little Gary. Why don't we seal the deal by you treating me as your Mistress right away? I want you to sooth my sore pussy with your tongue." She had never spoken me to like this, but the effect it was having couldn't have been stronger. I could barely shuffle on my knees for the problems my erection was giving me as it pushed upwards against my clothes. I knelt before her open legs and felt such a thrill as I pushed my face into the dank hair.

Up close I was overwhelmed by the sweet musk of her sex and that most evocative smell made by already straining erection feel like it must burst. My tongue was eager to do what it could to satisfy where my own cock had failed, and I gently lapped around the swollen, puffy lips of her pussy. My tongue gently searched around her entrance, so much wider than normal from its recent stretching. I traced my tongue upwards and felt her sweet little clit already hardening again, responding to my probing. With Zoë pushing my head harder against her, closing her thighs around my head, I lost track of time as my tongue pushed and licked, somewhere above me her sweet sighs mounting into another, softer, orgasm.

Finally I was pushed away from her back on to the floor at her feet. She looked down at me and laughed, not unkindly. No doubt my face looked a mess, all flushed and covered with her wetness. She pushed herself back up and straightened her stocking top a little. "You did well for a first time slave, so I suppose I might just let you have a little treat for that little prick of yours. Would you like that slave?"

My face smarted at being talked to like this, but the truth was I was now so desperate to cum I'd have done anything she'd wanted, and she knew it. I nodded, almost unable to talk as my tongue felt so tired from giving her head for so long. "Right then," Zoë said. "I want you to beg first. Ask for my permission to touch your little cock."

I managed to get out: "Please may I touch my cock now." "Not good enough, you are a slave asking for a treat. I want you to say, 'Please Mistress Zoë, may I touch my pathetic little cock." I said it, and she laughed. Then she told me I could kneel in front of her and show her my excuse for a cock. I fumbled hurriedly to free my poor imprisoned penis from my pants and pulled my trousers to the floor. My four inch cock burst out and pointed angrily up at Zoë, as hard and throbbing as I ever remembered having seen it. My underwear lay on the floor in front, liberally smeared with pre-cum. It provided a further sign of how aroused I had been, as if one was needed.

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