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Cheating Wives


This story is mostly fiction but there are a few small bits that come from facts from my past. You can decide which parts are real etc.


I had been married for a number of years to a woman that demanded everything of me and returned little. She would at times appear so loving toward me publicly but once we were alone she would change into a cold and heartless woman. No one ever believed me when I told them just how little sex we ever had, as she was the sort of woman that attracted guys easily with her looks and figure. Everyone assumed she was the hottest woman around and many a person would tell me how envious he or she was of me.

When we first met she was so different toward me and little did I know that things were to change so drastically just a short time after we married. It was not a sudden thing that would have set off alarm bells in my head, but looking back on things now I realize that she had a plan and I was part of it. After the honeymoon she said she wanted to take time off from working so she could devote herself totally to me, and this made me so happy that I accepted very easily. By the end of our second year she was dropping hints how I should get a better job as I was capable of doing so much more and we could have an even better life.

The more I changed jobs to better paid positions, the more she would comment on how proud she was of me, but it also meant I spent less time at home as I had to travel more as well as work longer hours. Don't get me wrong, at the time I was happy, as we seemed to be acquiring all the comforts of life. The only problem was that when she asked me for sex I was too tired, or else when I was in the mood, she would either 'have a head ache' or be off at some dinner party with her friends.

I never thought for one minute that there was anything going on at home with her or that she was possibly cheating on me as even though the sex was great, when we had it, and she seemed to try and please me, she had always maintained from the first time we met that she was not 'into sex' in a big way and she only really had it to please me. That was until the day my work took me into town for a business meeting.

We had just closed a major deal and were heading off to the local club to have a few drinks and celebrate and as we were approaching the entrance a couple walked out of the club and went in the other direction. I did not see them at first and only looked when one of the new younger guys in the company made a comment about how hot and sexy the girl was. I looked around and saw them. They each had an arm around the others waist, but the guy had his down very low and looked like he was having a good 'feel' of the woman's exposed butt.

The woman certainly looked hot, if not a little 'sluttish' with the way she was dressed, or should I say 'almost dressed'? She had on only what appeared to be a bikini top as all I could see was a tiny string at the back, and she was wearing the tiniest skirt I had seen in ages. The guy seemed intent on letting everyone who followed see her arse as he playfully lifted the skirt to reveal her almost naked arse and I could just make out the smallest of G-Strings underneath. I agreed with the others that she looked hot, but also said she was a bit of a cheap slut to be prancing around in public dressed like that.

We stayed at the club for about two hours and were about to return to work when the big boss said we could all take the rest of the day off for having done such a great job. The rest were happy to spend the day at the club but I thought it would be a great chance for me to spend some quality time with my wife, as we had not seen much of each other in weeks. When I arrived home I drove into the garage and was a little surprised to see that her car was not there, but guessed she was out shopping or maybe even at her mothers for the day.

It was another two hours before I heard her car pull in and as she walked into the room she called out and asked why I was home so early as this had never happened before. I began to explain about the closing of the deal and the boss giving us the day off as she walked around the corner and into my sight. My mouth stopped in mid-sentence as my eyes looked up and saw what she was wearing. A small bikini top and a micro mini skirt exactly the same as the 'slut' we had seen earlier in the day.

"Where have you been?" I asked, "and how long have you been dressing in such a revealing way?"

"What this? A few of the girls invited me to go to a pool party when we were in town and as I did not have a costume they suggested I buy a new one and wear it home to surprise you. Do you like it?" she replied, as she paraded around for me to have a good look.

"Where was the pool party and who else was there?" I asked trying not to sound worried.

"You know Mary, it was at her place a few blocks from here. And it was mainly just a group of us girls. More like a hen's party as one of the girls is getting married next week," she answered.

"I thought you were at your mothers or maybe in town shopping today" I quizzed her.

"No, not today. I have been at Mary's for the entire day apart from going to the post office in town. Why do you say that?" she asked.

"Well, it is just that as we were about to reach the club in town we saw a couple walk away and the girl was wearing an outfit that looked identical as the one you are wearing!" I exclaimed.

"If you don't believe me then ring Mary, she will vouch for me. Anyway, this outfit is the latest fashion and I presume there are hundreds of girls getting around in the same sort" she chided me as she walked away and said she was going to change.

I told her I was going to take a shower so I followed her to the bedroom to change and could not help but feel the rage build when she dropped the skirt and I saw she was wearing the tiniest of G-Strings, just like the 'slut' near the club, and it was the exact same colour. The more I asked her about her events of the day, the more angry she got until I decided to leave it alone for the time being. As she put it, 'this is a matching set, so I guess every other girl wears the same sort of G-String as well'.

I did not ask again, but I did not forget it either. For the next week or so I brooded over the matter and decided to check on a few things quietly. I ran into Mary's husband one day in town so I asked him if he was home when the girls had their little pool party and he replied that he had been unaware of any party, but also admitted that he had been out of town for a few weeks on business so maybe she forgot to tell him. I found reasons to ring home a few times as well and was annoyed that she was rarely ever there when I called. Every time I mentioned it to her she would say things like 'yes, I was at mothers today, or else she and the girls were having lunch'. This just made me more suspicious as I was sure she must be up to something.

To put my fears to rest I did not tell her, but I arranged to take a few days off work so I could quietly check on her and what she did with herself for the day. I still followed my usual routine and had breakfast, read the morning paper, then kissed her goodbye and said I would be home around 8pm, and I got in my car and drove away. Instead of going to the office I parked the car in a secured parking lot and then rented a cheap insignificant little car so I could drive around without fear of her or anyone else knowing it was I. I returned to our street and parked a few houses away and waited.

The first day she left the house about an hour after I got back there and I followed her to the shops she normally went too and after an hour she returned to the car with a trolley of groceries and returned home where she did not leave for the rest of the day. I swapped back to my car and returned home that night and when she asked what my day was like I replied it was uneventful. The second day she again left the house but this time she went to her mother's for a few hours and then to one of her girlfriend's houses for an hour and returned home once more.

On the third day I arrived near our house about 2 hours after I had left and she did not seem to be going anywhere at all. I knew she was home as I saw her go to the mailbox just as I arrived and she retrieved the mail. She was still wearing the same night coat as she had on when I had left and I presumed she was just having a lazy day at home. I left around lunchtime and went to a small bar for lunch before returning to watch the house, and by about 3pm I was feeling like such an idiot for doubting my wife in such a way.

At 4:30 I decided to return the hire car and give up my foolish quest to catch her out, as I knew the skimpy outfit she had was just a coincidence. I turned the engine on and as I was about to pull away from the kerb when our front door opened and I saw him. It was the same guy we had all seen near the club. He held my wife tight as he gave her a kiss and his hands grasped her arse. I grabbed my cell phone and called the house and after much time she seemed to tell him to go and she went inside and answered the phone.

"Hi, what took you so long to answer?" I asked. "The phone almost rang off the hook and I was about to hang up," I half laughed.

"Sorry, I was busy out the back and almost did not hear it ring. I had to run to get it in time" she replied.

"No worry, I thought maybe you were out or even had some of your friends over and was busy," I said without trying to sound concerned. "So what have you been doing with yourself today baby?" I asked.

"Nothing much. Mainly just lazing around and watching the TV Soaps, why do you ask?" she answered.

"No reason, I was just feeling a little horny and thinking about you and decided to see how you were. I'm thinking about knocking off early so I can have supper with you tonight. Have any plans?" I lied.

"That will be nice, so what time can I expect you," she inquired.

"Actually I will be there in about 5 minutes. I just got off the train as I had to put the car into the shop for a tune up etc so rang the boss and said I had met a potential client and would not be back to the office" I again lied.

I waited for maybe 5 minutes then got out of the car and walked to the house and entered. She was about to walk up the stairs and I guess she was going to try and take a quick shower to clean herself before I arrived, so I followed her to the bedroom and started asking about her day and if she had missed me much. She seemed very nervous as she gathered clean clothes and was heading to the shower when I grabbed her and told her not to bother as I was in the mood for some fun and she was wasting her time showering, as she would be getting dirty very soon. She tried to argue with me but I said I insisted and did not want to wait.

Pushing her gently back onto the bed I pulled her nightgown open and as I suspected she was naked beneath. Quickly stripping my clothes off I lay on top of her and began to kiss her and the scent of another man's cologne was very strong. I kissed my way down to her breasts and saw the first proof, I small bite on her left breast, but I said nothing at that stage. All the time she was protesting that she felt dirty and wanted to freshen up for me as her body had been sweating from all the hard work she had been doing that day around the house.

Not letting her have her way I continued my travels until I reached her shaved pussy and was taken aback as she had never shaved it before as she said she wanted to keep some hair on it. I asked her how come she had shaved it and said it was to make me happy. I knew she was lying and as my mouth neared her pussy she again tried to protest and struggle free from me.

"You sure are sweaty dear, your pussy is the worst, it is almost like you have just had sex with the musty smell down here. Have you been a naughty girl today?" I demanded. "Don't lie to me, tell me the truth!" I demanded.

"Don't be silly, you know I would never cheat on you dear. I told you I have been busy around the house all day and worked up quite a sweat. That is why I wanted to shower and get clean for you" she tried to lie.

"Hmmm, that's a shame really. You know I have never told you this but I have had a fantasy for some time about sharing you with another guy or even taking you after another guy has filled your pussy full of his seed. I don't know why, but it makes me feel so excited, but I have always been too scared to tell you in case you thought I was a pervert or such" I tried to trick her.

"Well that is a surprise. I would never have guessed. I don't think I could ever let another guy touch me as I love you so much" she answered.

"Well it doesn't matter I guess, as long as I have my fantasy I can always pretend that you have a secret lover who visits you during the day while I am busy at work!" I answered, much to her surprise.

"What do you mean by that? Are you accusing me of cheating on you?" she almost choked as she spoke.

"Well I have been sitting in a car across the street most of the day and I saw your little friend leaving not so long ago so it is no use trying to lie any more!" I growled at her as I rolled her over and told her to get on her hands and knees.

"And you still want me after seeing him leave, and I guess you saw us at the door then"? She almost cried.

"It is not a matter of still wanting you, it is a matter of I may as well get one last fuck before I leave you!" I laughed as I rammed my cock hard and deep into her arse without warning.

"Fuck! What are you doing? That's my arse!" she screamed.

"Yes I know! I feel like you have been fucking me up the arse for a long time without any warnings, so I want you to know how it feels!" I growled as I ground my cock deep into her.

From the dryness of her arse it was evident that she did not let the other guy fuck her there either and it was a small comfort to know that it was not just me that could never enter there. She tried hard to pull free of me as her screams of terror and pain turned into tears and whelps of hate and disgust for me. I wished at the time that I could last a long time and give her as much pain as possible, but the fact was her arse was so tight it just made me cum even quicker then ever in her pussy. I emptied my built up load deep into her bowels before getting up and going for a shower.

When I returned she was still in the same spot, but laying face down on the bed and crying her eyes out. She was expecting that a few tears and such would tweak my guilt but I had so much pain and anger inside of me that I was glad to see her suffer in such a way.

"You can turn off the water-works now and tell me how long this has been going on for!" I coyly spoke to her as I went about dressing.

"You must believe me darling, this is the first time it has happened. I don't know what came over me, really. He is a friend of Mary's that I know and he dropped by to see if I was going to her place for a swim. When I said no he insisted and started making comments about how hot I looked in my G-String and after I blushed a few times and told him to stop, as I was a married woman, he said he had lusted after me since he first saw me. I tried to tell him to stop but he kept going and before I had a chance to move he grabbed me and started kissing me. I tried to fight him off but my pussy was weak and before I knew it I was responding to his touch. I promise you this has never happened before and it will never happen again!" she cried.

"That is so strange as I recognized him as the guy outside the club that was playing with your almost naked arse and showing it off to the whole world, and you certainly did not try and stop him that day either!" I yelled at her in disgust, "you are nothing but a lying and cheating slut!" I added, as I grabbed some clothes and threw them into an overnight bag and walked out the room.

I booked into a cheap hotel for a few days and rang her and said I would be back for my things as soon as I found somewhere more permanent. She tried to plead with me to come back and she would change and she would never do anything like that again. I knew 'once a cheater, always a cheater' but I played along with her little lies and said maybe when I cool down I will change my mind, but I needed a few days to get my head clear. She said she understood how I must have felt and she would be waiting for me and she would prove that she could be faithful and loving and she hoped I could eventually trust her again.

The next morning I was contemplating on going back to work again but then decided against it and thought maybe a few days away in the mountains fishing would do me good. I returned home to get my fishing gear, and instead of parking in the garage I left the car on the street so I could just get my gear and leave right away. I opened the front door and she did not seem to be at home. I went out back and got my gear and then went upstairs to get my old fishing clothes as the night before I had only taken 'good clothes' with me. As I approached our bedroom I heard them talking.

"So, do you think he will come back to you again?" the guys voice spoke.

"Of course he will. He is such a wimp and so easy to twist around. He will come back almost begging for me to take him back in a few days. He is just off sulking for now!" she laughed.

I pushed the door open to be greeted with a view of his naked arse as he ground his cock deep into her pussy from behind.

"That's what you think slut! This creep can have you all the time now! I'm out of here and you will hear from my lawyers soon!" I growled as I grabbed my things and left the room.

I still had my few days' away fishing in the mountains, but once I returned I called my lawyers and started divorce proceedings. She lied pretty well and told everyone I treated her badly and never paid her any attention. Most believed her and the more she fought, the more I just wanted it over. I almost gave up totally and gave in to her demands and she took the house and almost everything else. Well all but the small stash I had put aside that I was saving up for a world cruise the following years that she did not know about.

Over the next few years I got back into the dating scene, but it seemed that every woman I met was intent on 'ruling me' or else just out for an easy ride in life. It seemed that I was fated to be single, and after two different women tried stealing from me and one tried to blackmail me for something that was false, I was fast getting to the stage where I did not trust women, and certainly did not need one in my life. I had even half seriously told friends that even a prostitute would not be considered, no matter how horny I felt as I could no longer trust women.

For the next few years I tried to lose myself in work and after saving a few dollars I decided to take an overseas holiday. I had never been abroad and at first it was rather scary, but once I came home again I had the sudden desire to do a lot more travel. The only thing was, I did not have the ready funds to do much at all. That was when I read an advertisement for people to go to China to teach English in schools. Everything was provided from accommodation to Visa's and even though the money was not great compared to back home, it would give me an acceptable standard of living in a much poorer country.

As a person who was born and raised in a so-called 'civilized country', China was a cultural shock at first, but after the first few months I had settled into my new way of life and was starting to enjoy myself more then I had in years. Many of the Chinese teachers would come and visit me after work or else invite me out to a meal or home for a meal with their families. The more I explored the local surroundings the more people I met that were seeing me around the place and eventually even some strangers would come and try and talk to me when I would go to places like KFC etc. It seemed that once they knew you were a regular, they all wanted to practice their English skills or else improve them.

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