tagGay MaleChecking the Renovations

Checking the Renovations


AS I kissed her goodbye, I had no idea how the day was about to unfold. I hopped into the boat and with four tugs on the engine cord, started putting my way across the lake. I was taking a break from my two weeks at the cottage to see how the renovations were doing. My wife is a style writer and was doing a makeover on our main floor for a TV "Decor" series. I was to go down and see how the last of the makeover was progressing, leaving the kids and mom at the lake for the day on their own.

Entering the front door to the house, I could hear laughter from the two guys sent in as the advance setup crew to prep the "after" shot. As I entered the room where they were working, the laughing subsided and I introduced myself.

"I'm Jim, I am Leslie's husband" "Hi I am Brian and this is Dave," says a 5'10" crew cut blond. Dave appeared to be slightly larger with black shoulder length hair and an amazing build.

I am straight. I will admit that I have had the occasional fantasy about touching or sucking a man, but that was long ago before I got married and had the brood. I played a lot of sports in my younger days and still stay in reasonable shape for a 45 year old. I notice men like I would a hockey teammate. Some obviously weight train and others eat well stay slim. That is usually the extent of my interest.

Dave was different and definitely worth a close look. He obviously took his weight lifting seriously with shoulders the size of cantaloupes, which fit his 6-foot frame well. His biceps were massive and the weight-training undershirt he was wearing exposed and smooth, cut pectoral and the requisite 3 ribs that are the result of thousands of side crunches. This guy was built very well for being in his late twenties or for any age for that matter. His running shorts were cut up the side to display just the tiniest flare of buttock at the top of his 'tree-trunk' thighs. It turns out he was doing this construction gig to pay his way thru Massage Therapy school.

Brian on the other hand was the outgoing one. He was dressed like me; khaki shorts and a regular T-shirt. He was somewhat younger and definitely fit but not muscled like his colleague. He was a designer-in-training and was using this job to get on-site experience from the consultants to the TV show.

They were obviously in a good mood and I didn't want to wreck the atmosphere. I complemented them on the progress. As far as I could tell the guys appeared to be finishing up the 'window treatment' and would only have to hang the art and mirrors. We efficiently gave each other the update and when asked if they wanted a drink of something; water, juice...Brian pops out with "A Gin and Tonic always works on a hot day like this". I laughed and said when they were finished, I would pour him the perfect GT but for now they had to make do with waters. We all laughed and they continued on talking and laughing while I slipped upstairs to check emails in my second floor office.

About 20 minutes past and I went down to get another juice. As I was coming down the stairs I made eye contact with Brian as he walked behind Dave. He put his hand on Dave's ass cheek, raised his eyebrows like a mischievous 6th grade kid would do after lifting a girl's skirt and smiled directly at me. Dave jumped and Brian let out a chuckle. There was no doubt that Brian was an aggressive queen and proud of it. I couldn't be sure of Dave's preference but the way they played with each other told me that either he was also gay or extremely comfortable with his 'work crew'.

I thought I would join in the kibitzing for a little fun. This time I asked "would you girls like another drink yet?" Brian quickly responded with a "sure would sailor", over enunciating each 's' and subtly acknowledging that he was willing to handle anything I shot out at them. I handed them each another water and Brian exclaimed that he would love to tip the waiter as he blew me a kiss. "In your dreams" I replied laughing. He was pretty cocky for a 24 year-old and I got a kick out of that.

I retreated back up to my office. Another 20 minutes passed throughout which I could hear soft talking and laughing. Brian knocked on my door. He told me that they were just finishing and asked if I would help them hang a mirror over the fireplace. I trundled down the stairs, told them that I would be right there and went first to the kitchen. I grabbed a beer for Dave and poured myself a double scotch on the rocks. As a follow-up to the earlier promise, I poured a double Gin, threw in a twist of lime, filled the tumbler with another 3rd of tonic and tossed in a drink umbrella that was hanging around a drawer from one of the kids. Dave and I started to laugh as I entered the living room. Each of us took our respective beverage and toasted the good days work that was about to be finished off. Holding the umbrella to the side with one finger, Brian took one strong draw and nearly choked on the strength of the drink. "I'd swear you were trying to get me drunk and take advantage of me!" We all laughed and drank for maybe 10 maybe 15 minutes until finally I suggested "we should hang the mirror to finish off before we couldn't balance properly."

I took my place on a chair holding the right side of the mirror with Dave on another chair holding the left side. Brian of course, was sighting for level accuracy. Dave and I got the wire hooked and Brian told me to lower my end. That got a laugh. I eased the mirror down about 2 inches.

"Whoa that is too far" exclaimed Brian as he came up behind my chair. He reached through my legs and raised the bottom corner of the mirror about 1 inch. In doing so, he touched the crotch seam of my shorts. He immediately, but insincerely, started to apologize. I looked at Dave standing on the other chair and we both smiled knowingly. Brian had done that on purpose and Dave knew it and I knew it. I interrupted the apology, and I don't know why I did this, but I parted my legs and told him to position it where he wanted. In the lightness of the fun chatting with these guys, I had become comfortable with the banter and Brian's overt flirting.

I felt Brian's hand reach for the corner of the mirror again through my legs. This time he made sure that the back of his hand touched my crotch while he did his adjustment. I was starting to feel strange. I was pretty vulnerable with my arms above my head helping support a 40 lb mirror, staring sidewards at a gay man that I wanted to cover with warm oil and slide all over his body, but couldn't acknowledge. I had an overly friendly 24 year-old tickling my cock with the back of his hand. I realized I was trapped -exactly where Brian had wanted me.

My 'Mona Lisa' smile at Dave now became pasted on as all my thoughts went inward. My mind was blowing and focussed on my growing member. I knew it was only a matter of time before Dave would notice the tent in my shorts because he was 3 feet away at my side. I was hoping Brian couldn't see from his angle. Silly me. Brian knew he had me. He took his hand off the mirror and teased all four fingernails across the most sensitive area of my inner thigh just above the hem of the leg of my shorts. My breathing became very shallow and only through my nose. My butt cheek spasmed with anticipation and fear. I wasn't supposed to let things go this far - nor enjoy it this much. I couldn't stop now.

My gaze changed to the ceiling as my cock now started to make its way into the light at the bottom of my pantleg. Brian gently cupped his fingers like he was about to pluck a pear from a tree. Laughing mischievously he slipped his fingertips around the head of my prick. My glans were hard as a rock and his up and down tickling only made it harder both physically and emotionally.

With my arms frozen in the air, I sighed audibly and that was all Brian needed to hear. He swiftly and expertly undid my belt and my fly with his left hand. His right hand was now cradling my cock. He let go of my cock as he quickly grabbed the back of my waistband in his right hand and with a smooth tug on the front of my shorts, he had exposed my full hard-on as my shorts and underwear sank to mid-thigh. With glassy eyes I looked at Dave and he smiled reassurance back to me. I felt nibbling on my hip and warm breath was now passing through my pubic hair like wind in the long grass. I arched my back to allow access and gasped with the sensation of warmth enveloping the helmet of my cock. I wanted him to stop...sometime next year.

Here I was, 20 years older than these guys, standing on a chair, receiving an incredibly slow, rhythmic blowjob with an Adonis smiling at me from 4 feet away. I was in heaven. I managed to turn my body to face Brian's mouth and Dave's sculpted body. I needed to place one hand on Brian's head to balance and direct the rhythm. His right hand firmly strangled my cock and his left hand now grabbed my butt cheek kneeding it sideways back and forth. I was ready to come.

With the first explosion, my butt cheeks squeezed too hard, I could feel a sharp pain in my back. I've had back problems from time to time and in the excitement I pulled a muscle along the middle right hand side of my spine. I kept pumping and pumping, nothing was going to stop my pleasure, and certainly not a little pain.

As I finished up, I grabbed Brian by both ears and laughed that laugh that happens after a great cum explosion. I knew I was taken and I enjoyed every minute of it...except for the muscle pull...

Dave notice me wince in pain standing on the chair. Being in second year of his massage course, he saw an opportunity to practice some of his moves.

"You good?" Dave asked as I was descending from my 'blowjob' perch. I told him this happened a lot and all I needed was to rest it for a couple of days. He suggested I let him try to massage it out.

So here is the scenario. I am standing in my living room with a couple of guys that I just met today. One has just given me the best blowjob in the world and the other, probably the most attractive man I have laid my straight little eyes on, is asking me if I would let him massage my back. I guess I knew what I was in for, but I had already gone way too far and was having way too much fun to stop now.

I suggested we go up to the spare bedroom and use the queen bed there so he could move around to be able to access both sides. The three of us ascended the stairs, me nude from the waist down, with my pants in my hand wearing only my t-shirt, Dave the Adonis, with his muscle undershirt and running shorts, and Brian still licking his lips.

I flipped off my shirt and lay on the bed, face down. It was really strange being nude for the first time before two obviously gay men. What made it more thrilling was that Dave had watched the whole blowjob. He knew he could do anything to me and that I would be a deer in his headlights. Why wouldn't he try whatever he wanted?...so he embraced the thought.

Dave made a quick trip to get a warm facecloth. He bathed my body from my neck to my feet covering every inch. I had just started to relax as he placed his very muscular hands on my upper back. Dave was at the head of the bed. Brian watched from the door. As Dave started to firmly kneed the area between my shoulder blades, I sighed once again. This time with the pleasure of the trained, muscular hands grabbing my sore back muscles. He worked the area for a good twenty minutes. He talked softly and suggested we had better balance the rest of the back with a light massage. I was almost asleep by now so I just nodded my approval.

Dave's hands were magical. He prodded and kneeded and caressed my whole back. As he came to my butt, he firmly grabbed each cheek and gently pulled it to the side offering up my virgin rosebud. If felt fantastic. He massaged the back of my thighs and I spread my legs to allow his hands to roam freely between them hoping that he would circle down to touch my balls...which he did, over and over. I realized that I was getting hard again. So did Dave.

This is where Brian also came in. On seeing that things were obviously heating up again by the size of my hard on, Brian quietly dropped his shorts and moved beside my left shoulder. He lay his hands on my shoulder and started to caress me obviously with a lot less skill than Dave. Still it felt really nice. I opened my eyes and was surprised by a fat, hard sausage laying about one inch from my mouth and running back 6 inches to Brian's tight ballsac. It was a good size, I guess, not being much of an expert at this just yet. I teased him by leaving it alone and just stared at his cock while he massaged my shoulder. My inhaling went from calm and deep to 'anticipatingly' fast.

Dave meanwhile had reversed the flow of his massage. Now he was starting at my ass cheeks with both hands and ending at the back of my knees. I was stretched but it felt really comfortable. As his hands ascended back to my ass, he touched my balls and brushed over the tip of my cock. I was in heaven. I never thought I would think my next thought...I wanted him inside me.

Dave moved to the end of the bed to grab my left knee with both hands and squeezed my whole leg like toothpaste tube, as he made his way back up to my ass. He moved over to the right knee and did the same. I was letting out these tiny moans on each pass and caress of my ballsac. I closed my eyes enjoying the sensation. My breathing got deeper and my waist now moved in a combination of stretching and inviting, arching motions. Without missing a beat, he climbed onto the bed between my legs and spread my buttcheeks. I could feel cool air as my ass splayed wide. Dave expertly teased my rosebud. I relaxed and let him do what he pleased. So he teased me, he tickled me, he even licked me. My mind was racing now. I had never had a male even give me a blowjob and now I was spread wide and bearing all in anticipation, before a very handsome masseur with my mouth poised to engulf my first cock. .

Then Dave grabbed the front of my hips and yanked me back onto my knees, my legs spread and my virgin butthole almost on his chest.

I felt something wet around my asshole. Obviously some kind of lubricant, maybe even spit. As that happened, Brian adjusted to my new position. I moved my head to finally lick the tip he was offering. I licked around the head and teased him with the odd shallow 'popsicle' suck. Now I heard him moan for the first time.

Dave's hands left my ass. As I heard the sound of an elastic snap, I realized his condom was in place. You know that saying "Be Careful What You Wish For"? That snap alerted me to the fact that I was about to get exactly what I wanted but had never admitted to anyone. My breath quickened with anticipation and I now engulfed Brian's cock, almost as a soother.

Dave placed the head of his cock on my butthole. If it were possible, I would have inhaled that into my ass up to his balls. I was dizzy with anticipation. As Dave entered me, I knew I had to relax my body into this. A shudder consumed me from head to toe. What a wonderful sensation; Dave easing into me ever so slowly from behind and a cock rocking back and forth in my mouth. I alternated thinking about how good the cock felt up my ass and how I could give more pleasure to Brian with my mouth. I squeezed him and licked him and sucked him back and forth slowly at first, then ravenously, matching Dave's pacing in my ass.

The whole room was rocking in a fabulous rhythm. Dave was getting very excited as evidenced by the pulling on my hips and slamming my buttcheeks. Brian was now banging my mouth. I knew I could bring Brian over the top at any time so it was a matter of waiting for the right moment to feel Dave at the threshold. That time came quickly so I sucked Brian in hard. He reacted as predicted and came in my mouth with a flood. Dave was pumping furiously at my ass with his head pointed at the ceiling. A perfect crescendo.

We all collapsed in a heap.

In about 5 minutes, Brian went to the washroom for a quick cleanup.

I turned over to see Dave laying on his back beside my waist. Now was my chance to have some time on my own with this perfect specimen of a man. It was now or never. I maneuvered to have Dave's ears between my knees and I started to run my finger nails down his sculpted chest. He smiled up at me as I pinched his nipples; first on the right, then the left. This was the first time I had ever been alone with a nude man. I felt like a schoolgirl exploring a date.

He was in great shape and I couldn't keep my hands off of him. After his chest, I rocked forward on my knees as a outlined every muscle in his six-pack and the top of his thighs. I could feel his breath on my dick which was now positioned directly over his face. I could also see his dick up close for the first time. When he shed the rubber, his come lubricated his shaft to the balls. His shiny pole start to twitch. I decided to go for it.

Remembering how Brian had started with me, I put my lips about an inch away from the cum-covered member that had been in my ass. He smelled delightfully salty. I tasted him slowly, licking the enormous helmet like the top of my first-ever ice cream cone. I slipped my lips down his pole and tried to take as much of him as possible. I could feel Dave reach up over my back to lift his lips up to surround my erection.

I loved the power position of being on top. I milked my new toy up and down, slowly and rhythmically bobbing like I was moving to a beatbox then double time. Dave responded with a series of moans and thrusts. I lost timing because of my own dick being sucked but we quickly got back to the beat. I knew I couldn't last long so I sped up the pace. Dave loved this and responded with hip flexes meeting my plunging mouth. I could feel him building up then all of a sudden a huge, five-spirt ribbon filled my mouth, overflowing onto his belly. The success of my first blow-job made me come at the same time. Exhausted, I fell on my side.

We followed up with a bit of small talk as the guys cleaned up their tools. As Brian took his toolbox out to the truck, I got up the nerve to ask Dave for his number. I told him I didn't know if I would ever get the balls to call him but just in case. He seemed to understand and indicated he'd had a great time. I reached out to shake his hand, but he had one more surprise for me. He reached the back of my head and pulled me nose to nose. Our lips met and he firmly but gently penetrated my lips with his tongue.

WHAT JUST HAPPENED. A 10-second kiss by an acquaintance that I had met this morning. That was totally unexpected; not in a bad way but I hadn't ever 'frenched' a guy. I had never even fantasized about it. Soft, rough, wet ...Icing on cake.

We broke apart and he gathered his stuff and ran out to the truck. My mind was swimming.

Three hours, many memories and a ton of feelings later, my boat was docking at the cottage once again. For me it was back to the familiar.

What a thrill! Who could have anticipated a day off like this? But would I, could I, should I do it again?...Can I possibly stop myself?

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous08/07/18

Once you’ve tried mansex...

He’ll definitely be back for more! And the more he goes back “for more” the less he’ll want to fuck his wife. Oh well, too bad!

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by Anonymous08/05/18

Jim should call Dave & have Brian join them for future fun. This won't be a one time experience for him.

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by Anonymous08/04/18

If this were a true story, he’ll be back for more very soon.

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by Anonymous08/03/18

This is a hot story and every guys fantasy

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