Cheerleader Betrayed


"Sure thing, Daddy! G'luck," Jenny said, hugging her father. She stepped away and waved to him as he walked into the house, then returned her attention to the spread that lay on the picnic tables before them.

Steak, burgers, chicken, potato salad, baked beans, and chips were strewn out over both picnic tables. The cheerleader corps dug in, ravenous from their early morning practice.

'This is an awful lot of food,' Ella thought, taking a big bite out of a cheeseburger. She ate her food away quickly and efficiently, replenishing the fuel her body had burned during the prolonged morning drills

Before long they were all in the pool, talking about whatever came to mind, including the football team and how great it would be to go undefeated for the year. Naturally, some horseplay started, mostly light splashing. Ella was the only one wearing a t-shirt over her suit, but the others didn't seem to notice.

Suddenly, Anna was behind Jenny; she leapt up, landing with the full force of her weight on Jenny's shoulders. Jenny had no say in the matter as she went under the water's surface, her hair streaming out around her shoulders. Submerged she turned and reached out to grab Anna, but only managed to knock her scandalous bikini sideways, freeing Anna's twin C cups. The breasts were high and firm, marked by dark tan lines and tipped by tiny pale pink nipples. Anna leapt again, attempting a body slam of Jenny. It worked—both cheerleaders were now under the water where they stayed, grappling each other before coming back to the surface, laughing. Absently, Anna straightened her bikini top and bottoms, looking around for the next victim.

Ella backed up against the side of the pool, sliding over one of the jets. She felt it pulsing against her bottom as she spread her arms out and rested them on the cement sides of the pool. 'She won't get me,' Ella thought. 'I'll—oohh!'

Ella's body position had shifted slightly; the pulse of the jets went between her legs and curled around, swirling a small concentrated flow of water over and around her outer lips. She shivered—not cold—and felt an electric current flowing down her spine and deep between her thighs. The feeling was more than a little stimulating. She closed her eyes as she felt the hum begin, the little buzzing sensation beginning to tick away in her brain.

Ella knew what an orgasm was, the definition of it in a detached, clinical sort of way—but had never experienced one. The one time, with Stone, she was sure she could have, it felt really really REALLY good; but then things got out of hand, way out of hand, and went so terribly wrong...

While she wanted an orgasm, wanted to feel that terrible release, she couldn't bring herself to masturbate—not even lying in her bed, completely alone. She wouldn't allow her hands to drop down between her thighs and begin to do that to herself, she couldn't... But this... well, this was different. She wasn't actually playing with herself, was she? She wasn't really doing anything; she was just leaning back, letting it all wash over her. Ella separated her legs ever so slightly, positioned her waist so the pressure of the jetting water played more openly across her sensitive outer lips. Gradually she spread her thighs further apart, focusing the fluidic pressure, feeling the flow of water run along the channel of her lips up and over her clitoris. Her eyes closed, head fell back.

"No," she thought, not realizing she spoke the words aloud, "I'm just relaxing a bit. This is... this is fine..."

Casually (at least, she was trying to look casual) turning around, Ella grabbed the sides of the pool, her knuckles going white as she moved her body so that the jet was facing her clit directly. She paused there a moment, positioning herself so that the pressure was firm, insistent—direct.

Stars filled her vision; her breathing quickened. Ella felt a heavy sensation in her belly, felt beads of sweat slowly rolling down the sides of her face. She grunted softly, clenched her jaw. Closing her eyes, the only sound she heard was the steady hum of the pool pump and a single bird, chirping—

Suddenly she turned, red-faced, and saw the others staring back at her from across the pool. They all wore small smiles; several of them were chuckling softly. She counted: three, four, five... where...

There was a sudden splash behind her. Before Ella could turn, she felt hands grab her around the waist, pushing up under the t-shirt. They were moving over the bikini top, over her breasts, fingers searching for the nipples, tracing them and squeezing. It all happened so fast.

"Wanna play?" she heard Anna whisper, right into her ear. "Yeah, you wanna play."

Anna trailed one of her hands down Ella's waist, down to her bikini bottoms.

"Oh, you called it 'just relaxing a bit,' didn't you?" Anna hissed, shifting her hand inside Ella's bikini bottoms, her fingertip sliding down, searching for the little nubbin she was ready to experiment with.

"Did I—" Ella stopped herself, tried to move. 'Did I say that out loud?' she wondered. She was desperate to escape Anna's grasp. Her mind still reeled from the sensations that had flooded it only seconds before; she was unable to free herself. Anna's fingertip found what it was looking for, began softly flicking against it.

Ella swung her head back and forth. Her pussy was suddenly on fire, a blistering sensation that threatened to explode, taking her—

Ella was able to get an arm under Anna's and pry it from between her legs, stepping away quickly in the process. Ella headed towards the steps, ostentatiously pulling out and resetting her ponytail.

"Ha, Ella was too good for me!" Anna announced playfully, immediately setting her sights on Audrey and pouncing. She dunked her unceremoniously, backed away and slumped down in the water, following Ella with her eyes up and out of the pool.

Ella, towel in her hands, sat confused on one of the chaise lounges. She watched intently as Anna made the rounds, in turn trying to get her digs into everyone. Obviously, she was only dunking the others, not trying to...

Why had she done that? What was she up to?

"Jenny," she heard, in a deep, throaty voice; Ella's heart sank. A guy. John Boy. He was here, which probably meant—

"Hey John Boy! Stoney! The rest of the crew! Fucking swweeeetttt!" Jenny announced, running into John Boy's arms.

Chapter 4 -- Arrivals

"Ella," Stone said, a knowing smile on his face as he nodded her way.

They were all here: John Boy, Stone, Ricky, Stu—and two guys she had never seen before.

"These must be the new recruits," Jenny commented as she walked over to them. "Hi, I'm Jenny Thompson, cheerleader captain, and here's the rest of the squad. Anna, Maggie, Audrey..."

Terror lit through every atom of Ella's being. This couldn't be happening, not again. 'It's daylight,' she thought, trying to get control over her raging emotions. 'We're outside, it's the pool, everything's fine.'

"—and Ella, of course."

The two young men walked over to Ella.

"Hey, I'm Dave," the smaller boy said, crouching and extending his hand. "I'm a senior over at Sarasota High School. Looks like my ACT isn't gonna get me into a big school right away, so I'm thinking about Key Biscayne JC. I heard they need some DBs. Watcha think?" he asked, his eyes devouring the sight of Ella's body beneath the clingy white t-shirt. He may have been the 'smaller boy' but he was still tall, 6 feet, and 180 pounds. His eyes drifted down, devouring her body.

"It's... a good... school..." Ella muttered, taking and shaking his hand meekly.

Dave nodded, eyes fixated on the nipples so prominently displayed under the soaked t-shirt. He licked his lips.

"Roscoe," the big guy said, stepping in front of Dave. He was positively huge, 6 foot 8 inches of muscle—with practically no brains. He was the most dominant defensive tackle anybody had ever seen, but only half as smart as a box of rocks. "Daddy says Roscoe hafta go to little school, to KB JC, and den he can go ta big school." He nodded down at Ella. Her eyes were downcast; she practically ignored him.

"Hey, Roscoe talkin' to you," he said, placing his hand on Ella's head. He twisted it back until he could look into her eyes.

Ella looked up at Roscoe apprehensively. She managed a weak smile. "Hi," she whispered, lips barely moving. Roscoe continued his steady gaze down into Ella's brilliant sea green eyes, waiting for her to turn away. Of course she would; they all did. None of them could hold his look. Nobody could stare down Roscoe, not his brother, his teacher, opposing football players, and certainly not any of the females he fixed with his predatory glare. A crooked grin spread across Roscoe's face.

Stone stared at Ella with a deep sense of inevitability. She was like a small doe in a field full of ripe young stags. This day would guarantee Key Biscayne two solid recruits—and Jenny's father would be very grateful, the Alumni Association was looking forward to continued success and counted on the current players to be proactive in bringing in the kind of replacements needed to make that happen. All of the 'jobs' and 'perks' were payment; a quid pro quo for delivering wins and recruits.

"Ok, let's eat up, fellas," Stone said. The others quickly followed suit, devouring food at an astonishing rate. Somehow, a cooler full of beer turned up and started to flow, tongues got loose, and the shit-talking began.

Everyone was drinking: beer mostly, a few mixers, a little Jager, and wine-coolers for the less adventurous. The backyard was abuzz with the sounds of bragging, giggling, laughing at an obscene joke about a blonde, her doctor, and her mechanic...

Ella stood, tried to discretely slip away to the house.

Strong hands closed around her arms, lifted her effortlessly overhead.

"Geronimo!" Roscoe yelled, his voice booming as he leapt into the pool. Ella looked like nothing more than a giant Barbie doll in his corded arms. The two of them disappeared with a terrific splash into the water. Roscoe was the first to gather his footing. He took Ella in a bear hug, wrapping his arms around her back, squeezing her firmly into his chest.

'Big titties,' he thought. 'Damn these feel good.'

"Why the t-shirt?" he asked, looking down into Ella's eyes. Always, the eyes; always, looking down.

Establishing dominance.

"I... well..." Ella tried to answer, twisting her head around. Nobody seemed to be paying them any attention; they were all busy talking and drinking.

All except Stone—looking at her, he lifted his beer, nodding his head her way. "She's a wild one, Roscoe," Stone said, taking a big swig of Budweiser. "But she'll take care of you." He laughed and turned his attention to Dave, who was sitting across from him, his back to the pool. Stone said something to Dave and they both laughed.

Chapter 5 -- Roscoe Begins

"This gots ta go," Roscoe said, roughly pulling the shirt over Ella's head. She had no choice but to lift her arms, afraid they would be ripped them her sockets if she didn't get them up over her head fast enough. After he removed the t-shirt she dropped them back down quickly, covering her breasts under the now-sheer bikini top. She tried to back away from him, ran out of room when the small of her back hit the side of the pool. He advanced on her, fording the water easily with long strides of his thick legs.

Ella looked him up and down, noted the farmer's tan that colored his arms darkly while leaving his hairy chest a much lighter color. Roscoe possessed a long face punctuated by a stubby goatee on his chin, with sideburns that extended down to the jaw-line. Dark, hungry eyes loomed under a heavy brow that was furrowed in concentration.

"I like you," he whispered, reaching his hands out and around Ella's upper arms. He dropped down into the water until it was at neck level, putting him eye to eye with Ella. "I said I like you." His statement demanded an answer.

"I... uh..." Flustered, Ella couldn't articulate a response. She gulped, intimidated by Roscoe's sheer size. She had never seen anybody this big before.

Roscoe grinned again, the same crooked grin as before. Bringing his hands up, he placed them on Ella's breasts, squeezed. The sight of them pushed together, the massive cleavage under the little pink bikini, was spectacular. He slid his fingers up, dipped the fingertips down into the bikini top, started easing it down.

"No, please," Ella whispered, still looking down. She watched the thin material roll down the swell of her breasts, wanted to bring her arms up, wanted to stop him, wanted to do something, anything—

"Please what?" Roscoe answered blandly as he continued the downward pull until half the areolas were exposed.

"Damn, you got big ol' dark nipples," Roscoe said, his voice surging. "Roscoe likes that, ain't never seen none this big before."

He pulled the bikini top all the way down, tucked it under the balloon-shaped breasts. They floated right in his face, the nipples teasing the surface, surrounded by wide areolas. He looked up, found Ella's shocking green eyes, and stabbed them with his own.

"I like you," he said again, lifting Ella until her upper body cleared the water. He leaned in, flicked his tongue against her hardening nipple. Roscoe let her down then, reached over and grabbed both nipples between his thumb and forefingers, pinching them softly. He rolled the nipples around, felt his cock begin to stir. He slid in closer, wrapped his arms around and down, grabbing Ella's ass. He pulled her to him quickly, noticed that she had her legs locked tightly together.

"Hey, open them legs," he matter-of-factly commanded. When Ella failed to comply, Roscoe let go of her ass, dropped his hands behind her thighs and took a firm hold. He parted them smoothly, overcoming any resistance even her runners-legs thought to provide. He was just too strong.

Sliding up between the V of her now separated thighs, Roscoe moved his hands back down, this time inside her bikini bottoms, again taking Ella's supple cheeks in his hands. He enjoyed the feel of his palms and fingers smoothly sliding her bikini bottoms over her rounded ass. He gripped the cheeks with his fingers, pulled her closer to him, felt his manhood press snugly against her pelvis.

When Roscoe lifted Ella out of the water, images and thoughts of the night after the first game forced their way into her consciousness ... Memories of everything that had happened came rushing back: Ricky straddling her chest and spewing his load all over her; Stu towering over her as he put his filthy thing inside her mouth, the flood of sperm he unleashed in her throat; Stone, especially Stone, the triumphant look as he mounted her, as if there were no question about what his place—and hers—was and would be. She remembered the exam by Dr. Tarsal, too, how she had just... taken it. She couldn't escape the momentum of it all, the finality. It was like she was an observer, hovering over her body as these things happened to her.

As this next thing seemed certain to happen.

She felt a lump in her throat, fought back the tears that threatened to take her over. 'I can still stop him,' she thought. A surge of rebellion coursed through her. 'I just have to—'

Then she felt it, the length of his long cock settle against her. It was larger than anything she had ever experienced, bigger than of the other guys had been. It felt almost like her forearm, lengthy and thick. 'No way,' she thought. 'That can't be a penis.'

Panicking, she raised her arms, put her hands against Roscoe's chest and tried to push him away.

"You like me too?" he asked, mistaking her movements. He thought she was touching him, responding.

Ella shook her head. "No," she whispered. "No..."

Roscoe pulled her closer, began to grind against her. Sliding his thumbs into Ella's bottoms, he started slipping them down with his long arms. Ella jerked her hands down, trying to stop him. Roscoe leaned into her, pinning her against the side of the pool.

"Hey," he said, raising his voice, "I said I like you." He shoved downward, moving the bikini bottoms past her knees. Lifting his foot he hooked them with his toe, pushed them all the way down. Just as quickly, he shucked off his own trunks, freeing his substantial meat.

His long tool moved back and forth in the water like a cobra, poised to strike. Grabbing Ella's waist, he pulled her to him again, felt his cock press against her trimmed bush, up against her soft belly.

Twisting her head, Ella looked around, desperate for an intervention.

Nobody else was outside; she and Roscoe were all alone.

Roscoe looked around too, nodded.

"They knew we was gonna need some privacy," he commented. Roughly he pulled Ella in close, tried to kiss her. Ella turned her head away. Roscoe turned, still holding Ella tightly against him, and headed for the steps in the shallow end of the pool...

From the upstairs bedroom, Stone looked down at the pool, beer in hand. Anna saw the big shit-eating grin on his face and matched it with one of her own.

"Looks like she's caught on," Stone commented, turning his attention from the scene outside to Anna. Anna nodded agreement. "We'll give our boy Roscoe plenty of time, let him finish up. After he's done, we'll let Dave slip out there. Now, get your ass over here."

Anna slinked out of her bikini, commanding all of Stone's attention with the sway of her rounded hips, the smooth lines of her abs, the up-thrust breasts jutting rudely from her chest.

"Yeah baby," Stone whispered, smiling around another chug of beer.

From the kitchen window, Jenny could barely contain herself, transfixed by the scene playing out before her eyes. 'This is like King Kong,' she thought to herself. 'This dude is fucking huge.'

She looked to the den, where the rest of the crew (minus Stoney and Anna, she noted) were sharing stories about the road, the playoffs, the virtually non-stop partying...

Jenny took one last look outside, nodding with satisfaction. 'Fuck yeah, bitch. He's got something for you, time to learn your place.'

Quickly, Jenny snatched another beer from the fridge and headed back to the den, planting herself by John Boy.

"Did you hear the one about the Topless Cheerleader?" she asked, looking squarely at Dave. Everybody roared as she started to tell the tale...

Chapter 6 -- Roscoe Finishes

"Roscoe, please... I'm... I'm not..."

Ella was propped backwards on the steps, which dug mercilessly into her back.

"What the fuck? Stone said you were gonna play ball," Roscoe said, his voice getting progressively louder. "PLAY BALL, BITCH! FUCK!" He practically shouted the last.

Ella twisted uncomfortably; Roscoe grabbed her ankles, pulled her to him quickly. Placing one hand under her back, he guided his dick with the other, moved it between her thighs and up, rooting around...

"I... don't..." Ella pleaded. Waves of hot shame washed over her body. She felt her chest tense up, felt the humiliation deepen.

'Just keep going for it,' Stone had told Roscoe on the drive over. The words still reverberated in Roscoe's tiny little brain. 'She'll make you work for it but believe me, she wants it bro, she's all about that shit. So don't give up. Just tell her, "Here it comes, bitch" 'cause she eats that shit up.' Stone had grinned like a madman the whole time. 'She's a sure thing, bro, you just gotta deliver.'

Roscoe repeated the words: "Here it comes, bitch. Damn I like them titties, so fuckin' big."

Roscoe found the opening, pressed in. The dark crimson head of his cock disappeared between Ella's outer lips.

A tear gathered in the corner of Ella's eye, started to run down her cheek.

Roscoe exhaled forcefully in her face, the stale smell of burgers and beer overpowering her senses.

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