tagIllustratedCheerleader's Mom: A Power Shift

Cheerleader's Mom: A Power Shift


Summary: Mom is caught on her daughter's bed and made a submissive.

Note 1: Thanks to < a href="https://www.literotica.com/stories/memberpage.php?uid=2133551" target="_blank">hfernandez1983 for doing the visuals for this story and potential multi-part series.

Note 2: Thanks to Robert, goamz86, and Wayne for editing.

Cheerleader's Mom: A Power Shift

Michelle walked to the laundry, bored and annoyed.

She was sick of her boring daily routine: coffee with neighbours, watching the View and the Talk, cleaning house, doing laundry, blah, blah, blah.

She had married fairly rich, so she didn't have to work, but not quite rich enough to get her own maid.

And at 39, she felt ancient.

"I am way too fucking young to have an 18-year-old daughter," Michelle sighed to herself as she took her daughter's cheerleading outfit out of the dryer.

Looking at the royal black, red and white outfit, the same colors she had worn twenty years ago, she reminisced about her glory days. When she was the head cheerleader, like her daughter was now, and she had all the power.

The boys fawned over her and the girls all wanted to be her. In many ways Michele had been reliving her high school days by living vicariously through her head cheerleader daughter Allie. In truth, her daughter was the spitting image of her when she was young: the same blonde hair (mine was fake though), the same hypnotic eyes, the same killer lips, the same seductive smile, the same long tanned legs and the same perfectly fit body.

God she missed her high school days. She was the queen and all the rest were her peasants. Now, she seemed to be a peasant for her domineering and bitchy daughter. She smiled as she reminisced forcing nerds to eat her out in the locker room, making her fellow cheerleaders massage her feet before a game, fucking the quarterback after the game and ruling the school.

Michelle looked longingly at the cheerleader outfit and suddenly had the urge to put it on.

She took off her conservative dress, leaving her beige pantyhose on (cheerleaders today didn't wear pantyhose or tights with their cheerleader outfits, but back in the 80s it was all part of the allure. Boys loved the pantyhose-clad legs and the dark beige really highlighted the cheerleaders' legs).

She pulled the skimpy outfit over her head and onto her still very fit 39 year old body. She went to her daughter's room to check herself out in the full length mirror she had bought her daughter back when she turned sixteen.

She stumbled on the stairs and ripped her pantyhose. Cursing, she took off the pantyhose and tossed them aside before she reached her daughter's room.

Looking in the mirror, she couldn't help but flash back to her high school days as all her memories of her wasted youth reappeared. Memories of when she was the center of the universe and not her daughter; where every boy drooled over and jerked off dreaming of fucking her, while now her husband did her missionary once a week like clockwork.

She remembered fucking the all-star quarterback, Sam Sanderson, after they won the state championship, two days after she turned eighteen and then fucking him and others every chance she got the rest of her senior year.

She turned around and checked out her ass in the mirror.

She bent over and smiled at how she had kept her body in such great shape.

She turned back around and checked out her tits. They too had been kept in great shape, as had her stomach. Swimming, yoga, Zumba and a dozen paid infomercial products (she was a sucker for infomercials) had kept her 39-year-old figure almost as perfect as she was when she was 18.

Reminiscing about her popular cheerleading past, and thinking how much sluttier the outfits had gotten over the past 20 years (and they were slutty back then), the sexy mother closed her eyes, put her hand in her panties and began rubbing her pussy, replaying in her head when she was fucked by two college studs at a party. Soft moans escaped her lips as she made herself wet.

Suddenly deciding she needed to come, her pussy on fire from long terms of sexual Siberia, Michelle went to her daughter's drawer and grabbed her daughter's pink vibrator (she had found it there while putting laundry away one day), pulled her panties down to her knees, lay back on her daughter's bed and slid the toy into her bubbling volcano.

Closing her eyes, she replayed that wild kinky night:

-The two college guys plying her with alcohol and teasing her all night with soft touches that became more aggressive as the night progressed.

-The whispers that she was the hottest girl there and how both badly wanted to give her the night of her life.

-Kissing them both.

-Being led to a room by one, while the other's hand was on her ass the entire time, even as she sensed others following her and knowing what she was about to do... have a threesome.

-Dropping to her knees and fishing out two already hard cocks. Stroking one cock, while sucking the other and vice versa.

-Her entire psyche burning with hunger to please these two college studs as her pussy juice leaked into her panties.

-Having her pussy sucked while she sucked on a big juicy cock.

-Sucking on the one cock, while the other slammed into her pussy.

-Watching as they swapped positions and again fucked her from both ends.

-Being called a dirty slut, an eager cocksucker, a cock hungry whore and other nasty, derogatory names that somehow turned her on, something that would have made her rip her high school boyfriend's nuts in two.

-The inevitable attempts at convincing her to get double penetrated and her, quite drunk and horny at the time, reluctantly agreeing, willing to do anything to please these two college studs.

In her fantasy, as the vibrator buzzed inside her, she forgot about the excruciating pain she originally felt that killed her enjoyment of the threesome as she became just a vessel of pleasure for the two oblivious college guys (the only time she ever had anal sex) and focused on the thrill of being wild and kinky.

Her orgasm was building quickly as she recalled being on her knees like a porn star with her mouth opened wide as both boys pumped their cocks to give her two full facials.

"Oh God," the horny MILF moaned, as she relived a forgotten youth, a time when she was the center of the universe.

Meanwhile, Allie and her friend Kim were coming home early, cheerleading practice cancelled because Coach Williamson wasn't at school today. Allie figured she would get a nice orgasm from her submissive fellow cheerleader before her date with Alex, quarterback of the football team, tonight.

As they walked up the stairs, Allie heard moans coming from her room. She asked Kim, "Do you hear that?"

"Yeah, I do," Kim nodded.

"Quiet," the cheerleading domme ordered, as she continued towards her room.

Kim obeyed, like she always did and followed behind.

Allie, who had already learned that many women are not what they appear to be, still wasn't ready for what she was about to witness. She peeked around the corner and gasped. Her mother was in HER cheerleading outfit, on HER bed, with HER vibrator, pleasuring herself!

Immediately going into domme mode, she walked into her room with a furious frown on her face.

Michelle was so close to coming, the lava of lust slowly building, that she was oblivious to the reality that she had spectators.

The nearly erupting mother was brought back to reality when she heard her shocked and angry daughter's voice, "Mother! Oh my God, what are you doing?"

Startled and mortified at being caught in such a precarious position, she hastily pulled the toy out of her wet pussy and hid it behind her back. The mortified mother stammered, "A-A-Allie, I am s-s-sorry."

Allie demanded, even as a devious plan popped into her head, "Stop!"

Her Mother froze, realizing Allie was not alone. Allie's good friend and fellow cheerleader, Kim, was staring at her with a look of utter shock.

"You obviously need to come, Mommy," the daughter said, her tone condescending, having not referred to her mother as Mommy since she was a little girl.

"Allie," the humiliated Mother began, refusing to make eye contact, "please don't talk to me that way."

"What way should I speak to my slut Mommy?" Allie asked, walking towards her Mother, taking on the usual domme persona she did with her cheerleading pets, her three teacher submissives and her couple of MILF sluts.

The compromised Mother defended herself, embarrassment shifting to anger, even in the vulnerable position that didn't cover her leaking pussy, "I am not a slut, Allie, and how dare you speak to me like that!"

Allie reached the bed and grabbed the toy. "You are on my bed, in my cheerleading outfit, fucking your pussy with my toy...I think that makes you a slut."

Michelle began to sit up and her daughter quickly pushed her back down.

"Here," the pretty daughter said, handing her Mother back the toy, turning it on full speed. Finish what you started."

Looking over at Kim, the still horny, but embarrassed Mother stammered, not taking the toy, "I-I-I can't." She couldn't believe what was happening.

Allie chuckled. "What? Because Kim is here? Kim, go lick my Mother's clit."

"Yes, Mistress," the pretty cheerleader and submissive to Allie replied, immediately joining the stunned and disheveled Mother on the bed, pulling the skirt off the latest prey.

The mother, in a daze of confusion and horniness, watched in silence as the sweet 18-year-old friend of her daughter moved between her legs. She was just about to protest when she felt her clit get sucked into Kim's mouth. Instead of arguing and attempting to stop the compromising and humiliating situation, the next sound out of her mouth was an incomprehensible moan. "Nooooaaaaaahhhh."

Her husband never licked her pussy and the feeling of a tongue down there, the first in twenty years, was instant mental mush. The mother wanted to protest, to resist, but the teen's tongue lapping at her pussy broke her moral mother persona completely. She was completely at the mercy of Kim's tongue

"Oh God," the mother moaned, as she watched the surreal scene of the redheaded best friend of her daughter between her legs.

Kim announced, "Your mom's cunt is leaking like a sieve, Mistress."

The word 'Mistress', which she had heard Kim say earlier, finally registered with the horny disheveled mother. Why was Kim calling Allie 'Mistress'? And the word 'cunt' usually would have made her erupt in anger, she hated the word, yet as she had hers licked, it somehow turned her on more.

Allie laughed as she took off her shirt and skirt. She demanded, as she handed her mother the vibrator a second time, "Fuck yourself Mommy! Don't make Kim do all the work."

The horny Mother should have stopped the young girl between her legs and should have stood up to her overpowering smug daughter, yet she wasn't thinking with her head, but with her vagina. Without thinking, she took the buzzing toy and slid it back into her wanton pussy. The double sensation of the vibrating toy and the young girl's mouth on her clit was easily the most intense pleasure she had ever felt. Her moans instantly increased as she closed her eyes and allowed the double pleasure to overwhelm her.

Allie, now only in a bra, panties and thigh highs, watched her mother. Should she add her mom to her growing collection of submissives? Why not? She already bossed her around all the time anyway, making her a pussy pleasing live-in pet would have lots of benefits. She took off her bra and panties as she continued watching her mother get pleasured.

The horny Mother knew her orgasm was imminent when she was shocked back to reality when she felt the bed move. Reluctantly opening her eyes, she was greeted with her daughter's shaved pussy being lowered onto her face. Michelle began to speak and say this was wrong when her daughter's pussy landed on her lips.

She could barely hear her daughter's words. "Kim was supposed to be getting me off. But since she is busy pleasing you, I guess you can please me." Michelle could barely breathe, her daughter's thighs and pussy surrounding her. Defeated and realizing the only way to get her daughter off her was to get her off, she licked her first pussy in almost twenty years. One lick and she flashed back to college and her few lesbian trysts. The sweet taste of pussy juice was so much more appealing than the sticky semen of a man. Licking from this position was awkward, but she continued pleasing her daughter, while her daughter's friend continued to suck on her clit.

Suddenly, Kim took the vibrator from the distracted MILF and began to pump it in and out of her friend's mother while she continued the concentrated clit teasing. Confident the mother was close, she shoved the toy all the way inside the older woman's sopping wet cunt and held it all the way in her while she quickly tapped the clit with her tongue.

Michelle let out a muffled scream instantly as the toy filled her so deeply and she knew her orgasm was inevitable, even under these strange and inappropriate circumstances. Suddenly her daughter began moving her pussy back and forth, literally fucking herself on her mother's nose and tongue. Helpless in every sense of the word, she just closed her eyes and allowed her daughter to fuck her face and focused on her burning desire to orgasm herself. Her muffled moans increased and became constant until the tidal wave of thrill hit her like a tsunami and she screamed into her daughter's vagina. Her juices flooded her daughter's friend's face, Michelle always being a gusher.

Kim lapped eagerly, enjoying the sweet taste of the MILF, who tasted almost identical to her Mistress. Kim, being a devious girl herself, moved away from the MILF pussy, and closed the MILF's legs together, the vibrating toy still lodged deep in her cunt.

Allie approved of the act, "Good one, Kim, we are starting my Mother's training now."

"Delicious," Kim replied, knowing that this was just the beginning of a lot of fun, although she wondered how Allie planned to train her own Mother. It was incest. It was wrong. It was sick. It was fucking hot.

Allie getting close herself, began rubbing her pussy faster on her Mother's face. The naughtiness of having her Mother get her off was so sweet, a thought she had only considered fleetingly before today, that she knew she would come hard. A couple quick bounces on her Mom's face and she was coming.

"Yes, Mommy, lick all your daughter's cum," the dominant daughter demanded.

Michelle, so overwhelmed with lust, eagerly licked her daughter's juices as they covered her face, the vibrating toy in her pussy keeping her brimming with pleasure and her only desire was to come again.

Allie, her legs numb from straddling her Mother for so long, got off and looked at her writhing mother, clearly close to a second orgasm. "Do you need to come again, Mommy?"

Michelle was an emotional mess by this point, feeling the wetness and shame of her daughter's pussy juice on her face, humiliated by what had occurred, yet oddly sexually stimulated by it too. She moaned to her daughter, her desire for pleasure overriding her motherly moral obligations, "Yes."

"You are not allowed to come until I say, is that understood, Mommy?" Allie asked her mother, her hand slowly sliding up her mom's leg.

"Kkkkk," Michelle replied weakly, confused by the order, why she had agreed, and the excitement she felt with her daughter's hand moving up her leg.

"You are obviously a submissive woman, Mommy," Allie announced to her horny mother. The good news for you is I am a domme."

"A domme?" Michelle asked, confused by the labels.

Allie's hand reached her Mother's thigh. "A domme is a powerful woman, a Mistress per se, that dominates and controls submissive little wannabe pets like yourself."

Michelle wanted to argue against her daughter's assessment of her, to tell her to stop this incredibly inappropriate touching and talk, but her daughter's hand just inches away from her needy sin was a major distraction. "I-um...."

"Ssssshhh," Allie ordered softly. "Don't talk unless I request you to, Mommy pet."

Michelle wanted to respond, but instead obeyed her daughter's instructions, completely unable to understand her need to obey.

"Now Mommy Dearest," Allie began, her hand sliding between her Mom's squeezed legs. "I own you now."

"P-P-Pardon?" the bewildered Mother stammered, as she mindlessly opened her legs to allow her daughter access to her fevered, desperate pussy.

Keeping it simple, the devious daughter explained, smiling at her mom's involuntary actions, "You're my slut! You do as I say."

Michelle's eyes went wide both from the extreme revelation and her daughter's finger that had just reached her swollen clit. Instead of standing up to her daughter, her response was a loud moan.

"I'll take that as a yes, you agree to my conditions," Allie smiled, putting pressure on her Mom's clit. She could feel the vibrations of the toy at work in her Mother.

"W-W-What conditions?" the disheveled Mother struggled to reply, so distracted by the rising orgasm building inside her.

"Firstly, whenever we are alone, you are to refer to me as Mistress. Secondly, you are to obey every request I make and never question it. Thirdly, you will start to dress for convenience which means skirts, no panties and thigh high stockings, no silly impractical pantyhose. Fourthly, you are only to orgasm with permission. Is that clear, Mommy slut?"

Allie's finger slid inside her Mom's soaking wet pussy and easily found her Mom's g-spot.

The hornier-than-she-had-ever-been mother tried desperately to prevent her orgasm, but couldn't and her legs stiffened and she screamed as the orgasm spread through her like wildfire. "Oh God, noooooooo," she screamed.

"Bad Mommy," Allie scolded, her finger continuing to put pressure on her mother's g-spot. "You will be punished for coming without permission.

"Soooooorry," the still twitching Mother moaned, weak from her two intense orgasms.

"Oh you will be," her daughter warned.

Michelle didn't like her daughter's foreboding tone, but was too weak to even begin to stand up for herself as shame began to course through her at the reality of what had just happened.

Kim who had watched the whole incestuous act finally spoke. "Mistress, I need to get going home."

"You may go," Allie replied, before adding, "after my Mommy gets you off."

"What?" Michelle asked.

"Mommy-pet, get on the floor, kneel in front of Kim and beg to eat her cunt," Allie ordered.

"I can't do that," the mortified Mother replied to her domineering daughter.

"First, I wasn't asking your opinion, Mommy-pet," Allie replied, adding, "secondly, it's the least you can do since she already munched on your box, and thirdly, you already have one punishment coming, do you really want a second?"

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