Cheerleaders' Slumber Party


« Ooouh ! Thank you Timmy, it hurt a bit but it feels so good now ! », she purred. I flexed my cock, gripping it tightly by the base, ordering my gonads to relax. It was a close call ! I still had more fucking to experiment. You don't get five luscious teenagers in your bed every day !

« Let's see whose cunt will pop my boner ! »

« Oh, goodie, I love sex games ! », beamed Karlee. She joined Danielle and took position, thrusting her upturned butt towards me. Suzie, Kate and Lisa understood and kneeled side by side, similarly displaying their satiny posteriors. I was faced with five pulsating pussies, all eager to be pleasured by my relentless dong. On my far left, I recognized the unmistakable shape of Kate's narrow back and I plunged my tool deep inside her cunt without further ado. I brought her orgasm in no time and moved on to Suzie on her right. She took reached climax after only a couple of minutes. Now it was Danielle's turn. I hadn't tasted her sweet pussy my with my rod yet, so I eased it in slowly, savoring her tightness and her warm cuntwalls. Unbelievably, I bottomed out with only a couple of inches left to go. For the first time in my life, I could actually hear my huge balls slapping a woman's thighs as I penetrated Danielle's long vagina almost to the hilt. As I hit the back of her womb, she grunted like a wild animal and shuddered uncontrollably. An intense orgasm shook her frame and, just when it seemed to peter out, another one, even stronger, began to build deep in her loins. She was in multiple-climax mode, gurgling incomprehensively. Her spasming cunt nearly brought me over the edge. I ground my pelvis against her bare back repeatedly, my heavy balls bouncing off her thighs with each huge thrust.

« What about us, Timmy ? », complained Karlee, wiggling her tight buns enticingly. I guess I was lost in the exquisite sensation of my immense shaft brutally pummeling Danielle's womb. I somehow managed to disengage and aimed my ready-to-burst schlong at Karlee's labia. She gasped as I drove my lengthy meat up her vagina, her hips thrusting back to meet my forceful slammings. Again and again, I pile-drove about a foot of cock past her cervix. Soon, Lisa was begging me to pound her aching pussy. I could not decline such an offer and drilled her hole, with Karlee's sticky juices still glistening off my giant pole. Soon, she too was rocked by a massive orgasm.

I alternated between the five hotties for the next half an hour or so, sticking my dong no longer than a couple of minutes in each girl's raw cunt. Eventually, Danielle's tightness combined with the amazing length of her distended pussy drained my nads of their primeval essence. My buttocks clenched and my balls exploded while my shaft was rammed fourteen inches deep inside her overstretched cunt. I fed her wad after wad of my thick cream, the slime gushing out of her twat everytime my piston unloaded. Kate cheered me on and congratulated Danielle for sucking the cum out of my huge, swinging balls. Since I had plenty of my goo left, I pulled out and drenched each girl's face and tits with the voluminous leftovers. I shot at least two massive streamers onto each girl's countenance before my ejaculations petered out. I poured the last dollops of viscous fluid onto Danielle's outstretched tongue. She gulped down the cream like it was the nectar of life.

Finally, my shaft shrank back to its soft, eleven-inch state, unable to rise despite Kate and Suzie's heavy fondling. The cheerleaders would remember this slumber party for the rest of their lives.

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by Anonymous

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by mab4740004/11/18

Black Pussy Matters....

Please add more MELANIN to your storyline.....PLEASE/THANK YOU

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Proof read some more before posting so it is easier to read, but i loved the storyline.

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by Ginger110101/29/18

So. Hot.

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by auhunter0411/17/17

didnt finish

sick and tired of oversize boobs and stupidly long dicks

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