tagGroup SexChelsea Ch. 03

Chelsea Ch. 03


Chelsea turned on the player with a wicked grin on her face. The homemade DVD barely began when she turned and saw my wide-eyed stare.

"Really, Tommy? Stop playing innocent; I was the one who recently lost her virginity, remember?"

"I know all of you had been drinking, but making a threesome sex tape? Holy shit, Chels."

"I had to bring back some souvenir from spring break, Tommy," she said, nuzzling my neck.

Chelsea began laughing at the expressions on my face as we viewed the scenes between her, Sid and Julie. I couldn't believe what I was seeing when Julie pushed away Sid with "Not yet, baby. I want to play with Chelsea a little bit first."

"Oh my God," I groaned. "I can't believe what the hell we're watching."

"You ever think about having two girls in bed?" she asked, her hand brushing my crotch.

"Are you serious? Morgan would cut off my dick and feed it to the neighbor's dog if I even suggested such a thing."

"Be honest, Tommy. I'm aware most guys fantasize about it just like thinking about having two guys at once make some women horny. Come on, watch and enjoy. You may get some ideas. Drunk or not, I had the time of my life."

I watched their threesome unfold on the screen with Julie diving between Chelsea's legs and eating her pussy like a champion until Chelsea screamed in orgasm. Julie then flipped her over, planted her face between the cheeks of Chelsea's ass, and resumed orally ravaging her from behind as Sid stroked himself in the background, his eyes fixated on them.

"You never told me you liked having your ass eaten out," I said.

"I didn't know either until Julie started doing it." She nibbled my earlobe and sexily growled in my ear. "Do you like seeing another girl eat my ass and pussy, Tommy?"

"Uhmmmmmm..." I could only reply as her hand went back to my crotch.

"Maybe we can experiment sometime..."

"How about us first watching what a bad girl you were in Florida?"

"Looking for inspiration, huh?" she asked with a smile, her hand never leaving the rising bulge in my shorts.


Our eyes turned to the screen just as Julie beckoned to Sid. "Well, what are you waiting for?" she asked. "Get your sexy ass over here and join the party."

He jumped in bed within what seemed like seconds, ready for action.

Julie's voice became husky. "I want to watch you fuck Chelsea."

He raised an eyebrow. "In time, Jules, but you girls need to suck me first."

"You have a deal!" she and Chelsea chorused.

Julie slipped her mouth over the head of Sid's shaft and gulped much of him as she could. Her dark head bobbed up and down as she worked over his entire cock. Chelsea positioned herself beside Julie, sucking and playing with his balls. Their lips and and tongues went to work, taking turns sucking his cock, their sexy slurping sounds of good blow jobs audible on screen.

Sid moaned for several more minutes before he was ready to fuck one of them. Chelsea yelped when he grabbed a handful of her hair, pulled her toward him, and positioned her on top.

"You get up here too," he ordered Julie. "Sit on my face while Chelsea rides me."

Smiling, she did as told. As he began orally satisfying her, Julie kissed Chelsea passionately, playing with her ass and tits.

Chelsea impaled herself on Sid's cock over and over, her enormous breasts bouncing in time with every up and down movement. She continued bouncing wildly as if Sid was the last man left on earth for her to fuck.

"Sid!" Julie screamed, grinding down on his face. "Oh God, keep eating my pussy just like that!"

Her grinding soon slowed after she came in his mouth with a low moan of satisfaction escaping her lips. Julie removed herself from Sid's face, sat beside Chelsea, and began rubbing her clit.

Chelsea increased the speed of her bouncing as Sid lifted his hips, driving himself deeper inside her, which, along with Julie fingering, made her climax almost immediately.

He pulled Chelsea off his cock once her orgasm subsided. "Turn over and get on your knees, baby," he commanded. "I want to fuck you from behind."


Chelsea slid her hand under my waistband while we continued to watch her and Sid change positions on the screen.

"I think someone enjoyed watching me and Julie doing our thing," she whispered, snaked a hand over my hard cock, and began rubbing it. "You loved the girl on girl sex and seeing me ride Sid's cock, didn't you?"

"You're becoming one sexy little minx, Chels. I'll grant you that."

"So what do you think? You want to find out more about why having me and Julie turned Sid on?"

"To say the least..." I managed to say.

She slithered her tongue back in my ear. "I saw you getting aroused looking at her body and the things she was doing to me and Sid. You want to fuck her, don't you, Tommy? You want some of Julie's little pussy?"

"Oh God, yes," I finally admitted. "I wouldn't mind having an closer look at those tits either."

"Mmmmm, I knew you'd like Julie's natural big boobies. Since Morgan's going to be away with her boss for at least two weeks, maybe I can make your new threesome fantasy become reality. Imagine having much fun with me and Julie as Sid had. I'll have a chat with her later this week about hooking up."

"I can hardly wait," I replied before again focusing attention on the homemade DVD.


On screen, Sid loudly spanked Chelsea while fucking her doggy style. Julie sat nearby watching them and fingered her pussy.

"Oh, Julie, you need to have some of his cock too!" Chelsea squeaked.

Julie smiled knowingly. "I will in time. Looks like you're having too much fun for us to switch yet."

"Chelsea loves being my little fuck toy," Sid said as he roughly slammed in and out of her. "Give me more of that pussy, baby. If people only knew what a dirty bitch you really were beneath those innocent looks..."

"Yesssssssss," she moaned. "Don't stop!"

"Tell me and Julie how much you love taking cock from behind and getting fucked like a gutter slut."

"I do...I love it..."

Sid grabbed a handful of Chelsea's hair and yanked it, causing her to howl.

"We can't hear you!" he yelled and slapped her ass harder. "Louder. Tell us!"

"I'm your gutter slut and love getting fucked like this!"

"Yes...that's a good girl," he said in a soothing voice, trailing kisses down her neck and back. "You like how my cock feels inside you?"

"Yes...yes...I'm coming!"

"My sweet Chelsea, my filthy little girl. I've wanted you so much, baby..."

Her orgasmic cries descended into soft moans before Sid withdrew his cock and pulled her onto her right side. He spooned against Chelsea, lifted one of her legs, and pushed his shaft back inside her. Julie joined them on the bed; she and Chelsea fondled each other's bodies and shared another passionate kiss. Sid continued fucking Chelsea at an intense pace before both girls came within moments of each other.

"Damn," he panted, not letting up on his thrusts. "You girls are so fucking hot!"

He again pulled out and Chelsea flipped on her back. She spread her legs and Julie dove between them, eating her pussy with enthusiasm. Sid positioned himself behind Julie, buried his cock inside her, fucking her hard and fast for at least ten minutes, pulling hair and spanking her, while Julie continued licking, tongue fucking, and sucking Chelsea's pussy.

"Lay beside Chelsea, Jules," Sid panted as he quickly withdrew from her. "I'm ready to come."

Julie did as he requested; he positioned himself closer to them and began roughly jerking himself. Guttural sounds rose from his throat as copious amounts of semen shot from his cock and landed on the girls' faces, breasts, and stomachs. When finished, he flopped himself at the foot of the bed with a satisfied sigh.

Sid turned his head, grinning at them. "Thanks, ladies; I needed that."

"It's our pleasure," Julie replied with a giggle before she and Chelsea began licking his cum off one another.

Then the screen went dark.


My shorts were now on the floor as Chelsea's lips slipped around the head of my cock. Her eyes never left mine as she gradually took in almost every inch and sucked me with abandon.

I drew in a shuddering breath. "Damn, baby, your blow job skills are getting better."

She slid her mouth off my shaft. "I had good teachers."


"You and Sid, silly."

I made a face. "Oh...right."

"You're so cute when you're jealous, even if there's no reason to be."

Her tongue danced over my cock before she took the entire length back into her mouth. I felt her throat muscles contracting and relaxing around the head as she lavished her undivided attention on giving me the blow job of a lifetime. I don't know what more Sid taught Chelsea that added to the cock sucking lessons I gave her not long ago, but my envy of him transformed into respect.

Chelsea's mouth felt fantastic and I was amazed how it hit all my sweet spots. I tangled my hands in her hair and pushed down her head down until she practically swallowed my whole cock. She choked a little, but it didn't sidetrack her from the task at hand.

I removed my hands from her head. "God, Chels, your mouth feels incredible, but it's time to let up."

She looked up with disappointment in her eyes. "I thought you liked getting blown."

"Yeah, but I don't want to bust a nut before I'm ready, especially in your mouth."

"I wouldn't mind. I swallowed Sid's cum once."

"Never mind; it's my turn to pleasure you. Come up here, roll over, and spread your legs."

"Mmmmm, watching Sid fuck me doggy DID get you going," Chelsea purred as she got into position.

I kneeled behind her, doing a little teasing with my cock before completely pushing it inside her.

"Spank me, Tommy," she said breathlessly as I began to thrust.

I was taken aback by her request. "You LIKE getting your ass smacked?"

"Yes; do it while we fuck."

"I'm beginning to wonder if I created a monster the night I popped your cherry, girl."

I managed to keep a steady rhythm and gradually increased my speed while giving several whacks hard enough to leave red marks on her ass cheeks. Chelsea's yelps, cries, and moans of orgasm became louder with each slap and thrust.

"If your sister had any idea how naughty you really were..." I growled in her ear.

"All she probably knows how to do is lay on her back with legs open," Chelsea hissed, thrusting back her hips to meet mine. "Fuck me harder, Tommy. Make me come again. Show me how much you want me to watch you do this to Julie during our threesome."

I continue pounding her, giving her ass a few more smacks. Feeling a familiar heat in my balls and my cock swell as she reached her latest climax, I exploded inside her.

Emitting soft sighs of content, she slowly lowered her body on the couch. I followed her lead, never withdrawing my softening cock until just before I lay on top of her.

She giggled into the couch cushions. "Now that's what I call really great sex!"

"What, you didn't like what we'd been doing in bed before you left for Florida?"

"Of course, but all the new stuff I learned from Sid and Julie made it spicier."

I raised a suspicious eyebrow. "You wouldn't have been fantasizing about your new boyfriend while we were fucking, were you?"

"Tommy! You know me better! Besides, Sid isn't my boyfriend - at least not yet - but he and I did have sex twice following the night with Julie. That's when I swallowed cum for the first time."

I raised myself from her body and sat up. "Jesus, were drinking and screwing all you did on spring break?"

"No, Sid and I were sober those two times we slept together...though not much sleeping was done."

I teasingly patted her back. "You're quite the little nympho."

Chelsea rolled over and frowned. "Just because I've learned to like sex doesn't make me a slut."

"Of course not, baby; I didn't mean it that way. I'm glad to see you becoming more open minded."

"If you must know, you and Sid are the only men - and Julie the only woman - I've been with. I don't spread my legs for or suck any guy's dick the way Morgan did from the time she was sixteen until she met you."

"Speaking of Julie, from what I saw on the homemade sex DVD, she seemed really into you."

"Julie's bisexual; she loves women, but also does guys on occasion. She and Sid had a no strings attached 'arrangement' for little over six months while she was dating another girl. Julie's steady lover broke up with her after finding out about Sid. Neither he, Julie, nor I considered hooking up until drinking too much at the beach party. Call it booze talking, but Sid kept saying how horny he was since dumping his girlfriend and Julie ended their fling. I always thought he was cute in a geeky way and Julie kept hinting we should do a three way, and then...well, we ended up in Sid's room not long after and you saw what followed."

"So will you and she...?" I wondered.

"Maybe while sharing a guy or two," she replied with a mischievous smile. "My main preference is men; I also intend to keep Sid's dick happy between you and me sneaking away when Morgan's home."

"You are a very bad girl." I picked up Chelsea, put her over my shoulder, slapped her ass one last time, and carried her toward the bedroom. "Did you learn any other new tricks you'd like to share with me?"

"Hmmmm...maybe, but let's first start planning when and how to get Julie to join us."


"Tom," Morgan said during a phone call two days before she was due home, "I wanted to let you and Chelsea know soon as possible that I'll be here a few more weeks. Looks like the latest project will take longer than expected and Mike needs me."

"Sure, baby; we'll be glad to hold down the fort."

"How was her spring break?"

Oh, if she only knew the truth about little sister's wild adventures. "Chelsea and her friends enjoyed themselves. She hasn't stopped talking about it since coming home."

"Remember our first spring break trip together? You and I barely left the hotel room," Morgan said.

Now I'm lucky if we have ten-minute sex twice a month, I thought. "Yeah. Do you want anything else done while you're gone?"

"No, but I'll check in when I can to make sure you guys are okay."

"Sure; I'll let baby sister know you'll be gone a bit longer when she returns from class."

"Don't attempt to cook again. You nearly burned down the house last time."

"Will you knock it off? It was one little grease fire. Don't worry; the kitchen's mostly been Chelsea's domain. I won't burn anything else if you don't max out our credit cards again."

"Very funny, Tom. I'll talk to you soon."


"Hey, beautiful," I greeted Chelsea when she returned from class.

"Tommy, don't start. I'm not in the mood."

Her demeanor concerned me. "What's wrong? Is it something I said or did?"

She shook her head. "I'm just stressed about this class. The professor dumped a pop quiz on us today and I probably blew it. I swear she hates us."

"You said the same thing about last semester's finals and ended up acing all of them."

"Sure, but starting my period last night doesn't make things any better."

I stood and held out my arms. "Come here. Someone needs a hug."

She melted against me. "Sorry for biting off your head. You're so good to me."

"Don't worry about it, baby girl; I've taken far worse from your sister and lived."

My last comment made Chelsea laugh. "You always know how to make me feel better."

"In more ways than one," I teased and gave her ass a gentle pat.

"Well, you'll have to hold off on the 'more ways than one' until at least Thursday when my red river stops flowing," she joked back.

I gave her a quick kiss. "The wait will be more than worth it."

She then furrowed a brow and sniffed. "What's that smell?"

"An attempt at dinner."

"I thought Morgan said not to let you in the kitchen unsupervised."

"Oh, come on! Are you going to razz me about the grease fire too? That happened three months ago!"

"Hey, you must be doing something right if the smoke detector hasn't gone off yet."

"How does someone screw up a frozen pizza? By the way, I almost forgot to mention your sister will be gone a few more weeks. Something about current project delays."

Chelsea perked up at the news. "Really? More fun times for us! Maybe this day isn't a total loss after all."

"Speaking of which, did you ever..."

She eagerly nodded and smiled. "Julie can't wait to join us on Friday, but you'll need to do me a return favor."

"Sure, baby; anything you like."

"I want another threesome; the next one doing it with you and another guy."

"Are you NUTS?" I asked. "Chels, you know I'm only into women. I don't want to be anywhere near another cock and can't believe you'd suggest such shit."

She disengaged herself from my embrace and crossed her arms. "So I can have sex with you and another girl, but you won't bring a guy into bed for me? That's not very fair, Tommy. Besides,when did I say you and he would have to do anything to each other?"

"Now that's a relief...I think."

"I can be a little selfish sometimes," she said with a teasing smile. "I want both you boys to lavish all the attention on me. I even chose the perfect guy for our next encounter."

"Oh, God, please tell me you didn't..."

She eagerly nodded. "Sid's willing to do it! You have no reason for concern; he's not into touching guys either. I thought you two would enjoy double teaming me Saturday night."

"To think you and Morgan have the stones to accuse ME of being sex crazy." I pulled our pizza from the oven. "Could you get some plates and something to drink?"

"Sure. Having you and Sid at once is going to be hot!"

I sighed. "Just set the table, Chels."

She giggled. "You and I are going to have some wild times! I have a feeling neither of us will walk straight for a while once the weekend is over."


I used some vacation days from work to get things ready for the coming weekend. Since warmer weather arrived earlier than usual, I spent time opening up the pool in our backyard. Morgan loved sunbathing topless poolside when she wasn't swimming laps, and I wanted to surprise her when she returned home from the latest work trip.

Giggles and female chatter filtered from the pool area when I returned home at dusk. I walked toward the back, cracked the gate of enclosed high fence's I'd built for privacy, and spied Chelsea by the pool with Julie, towels spread out nearby. She wore only pink bikini bottoms and Chelsea's white one-piece was bunched at the waist, her naked breasts exposed.

They kissed with tongues entwined and fondled each other's tits. Julie then snaked a few fingers of her spare hand under the leg hole of Chelsea's suit and slipped them inside her pussy. Chelsea humped against Julie's thrusting fingers, clearly enjoying being finger fucked by her best friend.

"I'm so horny," Julie said when they broke the kiss. "Let's go inside. I want to fuck you so bad."

"No, we should wait for Tommy; I want you guys to meet first."

I swung open the gate and walked in with a knowing grin. "Such bad girls you've been for starting without me."

Julie yanked her hand from under Chelsea's suit, looked over every inch of my body, not at least self-conscious about being topless. "Well, who's this hottie?"

"Meet Tommy," Chelsea replied, "the last member of our planned threesome."

Julie licked her lips. "Wow! Chelsea said you were sexy, but didn't elaborate how much!"

I laughed. "Nice to meet you too, Julie."

"How about a swim?" Chelsea offered.

"Uh...I'm not exactly dressed for-" I began.

"Take off your clothes," she interjected.

"Oh, no; if I have to swim in the nude, so do you ladies."

Julie stood and removed her bikini bottoms. "You have a high fence, so no one is going to see us skinny dipping. Come on, Chelsea; take off yours too."

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