Chemistry Between Nerds and Sluts Ch. 02


"These are nice and big too," Stef said, using her fingers to knead his relaxed ballsack.

"Oh, that feels so good when you do that," Cole moaned.

"You like me to play with your balls?" Stef asked.

"Anything you do feels good," Cole agreed.

Stef glanced down at his cock and could tell it was recovering fast. The blowjob had only last about ten minutes, though it seemed longer especially to Cole. Stef was not anxious to just see things end so quickly. She'd had a mini-orgasm sucking him but her pussy was wet and ready for much more action. She wanted to play with him more but didn't want to come off as too aggressive. The deal had only been a blowjob but suddenly she wanted it to be even more. Even take his virginity. 'Should she try for it tonight,' she tried to decide.

"What?" Cole asked, reading the depth of thought in her face.

"I was just watching you get hard again," Stephanie said. "I bet if I kept this up you would be ready to go again, huh?"

"Yeah, but you already did enough," Cole said, remembering the original deal too.

"I know. But it won't be right to leave you still horny," Stef tried to reason, as much for herself as him.

"But, we said we would meet Mark and Michelle in an hour," Cole remembered.

Stephanie thought about that then reached for her purse. She produced her cell and hit the speed dial for Michelle's cell. Michelle answered after a few rings.

"Stef, what? It's not an hour yet."

"I know," Stef said, smiling to herself. "I just wanted to tell Mark and you not to wait for us."

"Okay, fine. Things going good?" Michelle asked, with amusement in her voice.

"Yes, definitely," Stef answered.

"Us too," Michelle said. "I'll call you tomorrow."

"Okay, good," Stef said, hanging up the phone. "They won't wait for us now."

"Great," Cole said.

Stef had subconsciously wrapped her hand around his cock while she had talked to Michelle and found herself stroking him to stiffness when she dropped the phone back into her purse. Cole moaned lightly as her hand jerked his cock. He was watching her intently as she stroked him. She gave him a smile then looked down and concentrated on the huge dick in her hand. She brought her other hand to his balls and tickled the underside of the sack making him groan more.

Stef played with him pondering what to do next. One side of her wanted to strip off her clothes and impale her aching pussy on his beautiful cock. The other side said the more prudent thing to do was just suck him off again. She loved giving head and the thought of sucking him some more appealed to her but the ache in her sex was powerful too. She decided to just suck it a little first and leaned down and took the head into her mouth again.

Cole gasped at the exquisite feeling of her warm moist mouth on his cockhead. The first time she had barely had him in her mouth before he came. She wanted this time to see how much she could take of his big cock. Stef sucked on the head a little making him moan. She then pushed more of the big cock into her mouth. She only managed a few inches before the head wedged into the back of her mouth at the entrance to her throat. Deepthroating Cole would indeed be a challenge.

Stef pushed hard down and the cockhead moved slightly but otherwise held fast at the entrance to her throat making her gag slightly. She had learned to control her gag reflex through practice but this big cock would be the biggest she ever tried to take. Instead she backed off and started bobbing up and down on it. She pushed it hard into the back of her mouth each time trying to get used to his girth. Cole was starting to tremble from the exquisite treatment to his dick.

"Oh, god, Steffie!"

Stef backed off his cock and looked up at him, "What did you call me?"

"Oh, sorry. I called you Steffie."

"No, it's okay. It's just that no one other than my dad has called me that in a long time."

"Sorry, I won't...

"No, it's okay. Sometime about having you call me that seems right," she confessed.

Cole had called her Steffie when they were kids. It had lasted up until junior high when she insisted all her friends call her Stef or Stephanie. She thought at the time that Steffie was for little girls but now having Cole call her that again, just seemed right.

Stef looked longingly at the big cock again. It was rock hard and pre-cum seeped from the little slit as she watched. She licked it off. His balls felt like rocks and she knew he might cum fairly soon if she went back to bobbing on his cock again and working him with her hands. Her pussy ached though something fierce. She couldn't get out of her mind the desire to do more with Cole's cock than just suck it. The deal had been just a blowjob. She was already working on number two but her own pent up sexual need begged for more and to be satisfied. Nothing short of cramming this beautiful big cock in her dripping wet pussy would do.

"Cole, you want me to just keep going until you cum?"

"What...what do you mean? You want to stop?"

"No, silly. I'll suck you off again if you want but is there anything else I can do for you?"

"I don't understand? What do you mean?"

'For a smart guy, he was acting awful dumb,' she thought.

"I don't know. I just thought you might want to do something else," she said.

Cole's mind was reeling a million miles an hour. What was she getting at? He never conceived of the fact she might want to fuck him. That had never been part of the bargain and he had never even considered it a remote possibility, as much as he would have in a heartbeat given her his virginity. He felt sure she had no way of knowing it, or sharing the same thoughts, but the date so far had been a wet dream come true for him. He had no thoughts of pushing her to do something that he felt only he might want.



"Could I...I mean, would it be possible for me to...ah..."


"Could I see your breasts?"

She smiled at him and had to nearly bite her lip to keep from laughing. Here she was ready to strip off her clothes and jump his bones and he was just innocently asking to see her tits. 'How cute,' she thought.

"Sure," she said, leaning back to unbutton her blouse.

"Could I do it?" Cole asked urgently, sitting up on the bench and leaning forward.

"Of course."

Cole's hands moved slowly and with a nervous edge to her buttons. She had gotten the first two on top undone before he stopped her. The next one was right between her breasts. His hands trembled as the backs of his fingers touched the swell of her mounds between her tits as he undid the button. When undone, the fabric of her blouse parted and gave him his first glimpse of the top of her white lacy bra beneath. Stef watched Cole's face and smiled because he seemed to have trouble swallowing as each new button came undone. She felt like a special present for him being unwrapped for the first time. Finally he had them all undone. Stef helped him pulled the blouse from her skirt. She let him push it off her shoulders. His fingers touching her skin sent electric charges through his body. His eyes feasted on her upper body like a starving man at a royal banquet. His eyes drank in the sight of her in her white lacy bra.

"The clasp is in the back. You want me to undo it or would you?"

"Can I?" he asked.


Stef leaned forward and put her pretty head on his shoulder. As her gorgeous brown hair hung down beautifully across his shirt, she realized she had forgotten to put her hair in a ponytail like she had planned. Her talented fingers curled around his stone hard cock again making him groan. The smell of her perfume and her closeness nearly made him cum on the spot from just her tender touch.

"It has two hooks. Can you see to get it?" Stef asked, her soft breath in his ear driving him crazy as well.

"I think so," Cole said, fumbling with the two clasps but eventually getting one and then realizing how they worked, easily undid the second.

Stef sat back again, the bra loose now but still covering her breasts. She reached up and popped the straps off her shoulders. As the straps slipped down her arms the bra started to come away from her body. Cole watched with complete awe in his eyes as more and more of her breasts became visible.

"Oh, fuck," he groaned, making Stef smile again.

When the bra was completely off and hanging on her lower arms, she took it off and set it on the bench beside him with her blouse. Cole's eyes were glued to her breasts. They were not huge but they were beautiful handfuls with the most wondrous nipples he had ever seen. They were deep pink, about the size of silver dollars, and with slightly puffy aureoles. The nipples themselves, when erect as they were now, stuck out about half an inch. They were the first real live tits Cole had ever seen but they were better in his mind that thousands from magazines. When he said nothing but just stared, Stef had to say something.

"They're not a big as Michelle's."

"They fabulous," Cole gasped.

"Really, you think so?"

"They're absolutely gorgeous, Stef," Cole exclaimed.

"Thanks, but they're a bit too small."

"No, they're not. They are magnificent!"

"Most guys like my nipples," Stef said.

"God, they're beautiful, Stef."

"Thanks. You can touch them if you like," Stephanie said to encourage him.

Cole didn't have to be asked twice. His hands slowly moved to below each breast and then up to touch the roundness of the firm mounds below each distended nipple. The softness of her pear shaped tits was like nothing he had ever felt before. His hands caressed the soft but firm tissue with amazement. Then his fingers moved up over her aureoles to touch the stiff nipples. His touch was tender and exciting. It made Stef moan too along with Cole.

"Geez, Stef! They're unbelievably beautiful."

"Would you like to kiss them?" Stephanie asked, hoping he would agree.

"Oh, god, would I," Cole responded and leaned forward.

Cole kissed each nipple in turn then without being told started licking one. Stephanie's hand went to the back of his head and held him to her breast. Cole sucked on a nipple bring a low moan from Stef's mouth. She encouraged him to move between them which he did. His passionate attention to her breasts had a further affect on her already aching pussy. She could tell her panties were probably soaked in the crotch from her desire.

Stef couldn't take it anymore. She didn't care how bold or slutty it made her look now. She eased Cole back on the bench, lifted her short shirt and sat in his lap on the bench so her tits were still at his face. Her legs were on the bench on either side of his. It looked like a move to just allow her to sit with her tits still in easy reach for him, but in reality it positioned his rock hard cock up against her panty clad cunt. She pulled his head back to her breasts for more licking and sucking of her sensitive nipples.

"Oh, god. That feels so good, Cole," Stef gasped.

He just moaned into the breast flesh and nipple in his mouth. Stef started almost unnoticed at first sliding upward and back. The action pushed his hard cock firmly into and over the cleft of her cunt. Each move back and forth rubbed the underside of his dick into her moist, thinly covered sex. The feeling to both was electric. After a while, Stef eased Cole back off her tits.

"Cole...would you like inside me?"

"You mean it?"

"We don't have to if you don't want to. I'll understand if you want to remain a..."

"How can we, Steffie? I didn't bring a condom."

"We don't need one. I'm on the pill," Stef explained.

"Oh, god," Cole groaned.

"You want to?"

"Yes...yes! Oh, god!

Stef sat up on her knees and pulled her panties to the side. She positioned herself over his big stiff cock and nestled it into her cunt. They stared into each other's eyes as she slowly sank down. Her wet cunt was ready for penetration but the size of his organ stretched her unbelievably wide. The big cockhead hesitated at her entrance before stretching her open enough to sink in an inch or two.

"Oh, geez! You're big," Stef gasped.

"Too big. Does it hurt?"

", just let me go slow until I get used to it."


She eased herself onto him, delicious inch by inch. She had never had a cock inside her this big and it made her feel like she was sitting on a pole. Her pussy lips stretched taut around the fat cock as she descended down. Cole felt like his cock was being forced into a warm moist velvety vise.

"Oh, god. You feel so huge inside me," Stephanie croaked.

"Geez, Steffie. It feels incredible," Cole gasped.

"God. Fuck me with your big cock, Cole. Oh, damn," Stef moaned.

She lowered further taking his cock deep inside her. She rested momentarily when her pussy was stuffed full of Cole's cockmeat. When she finally lifted off a bit, it felt like her pussy lips were being pulled away from her body. As she settled back down on him, she once again felt impaled on a stick. A few more movements up and down and her cunt started to ease and her wetness began to make the strokes easier. Stef started to ride up and down on him.

Cole was consumed by the blissful feelings to his dick. He didn't know how much more of this he could take. This was like a dream come true. He was fucking for the first time and it was Steffie, the girl of those dreams. His brain was on overload. His balls were already churning with need for release. He wouldn't last much longer.

"Oh, god, Steffie! I can't take much more," Cole gasped in ecstasy.

"I'll stop for a minute. That should help," Stef said.

"I don't know. You feel so good."

"You too. I love how your big cock feels inside me."

"You're so beautiful, Steffie!" Cole exclaimed.

She looked down at him in the moonlight. His face was a mixture of ecstasy and desire. She took his head in her hands bringing his face up to look at her. Stef then leaned down and kissed him for the very first time. It was a sweet short kiss and they immediate followed it with another deeper kiss. Her tongue invaded his mouth, seeking his tongue. They kissed passionately until Stef finally pulled back. Looking in his eyes again she moved forward and pushed a distended nipple to his mouth. He gladly sucked it in making her moan. She held his head to her heaving breast as he nursed on her tender nipple. His arms wrapped around her waist, holding her slender body tightly to him.

"Wow, Cole. That feels so good when you suck on my tit."

"I love them," Cole said, nuzzling his face into her soft mound.

"You okay now? Can I go again?" Stef asked.

"Yeah," Cole said, as the blissful edge had waned slightly.

"Here we go, Stef groaned beginning to move.

She went slowly at first but couldn't hold back for long as her own needs were too much. In moments she was bouncing up and down on him like a bucking bronco. Cole groaned constantly and as he tried to continue to suck her breasts, the sounds he made added extra pleasure to her tits. Stef could feel her orgasm racing towards its peak and by the sounds of it, Cole was close too.

"Oh, god, Steffie! I'm going to cum," Cole shouted.

"Cum in me, Cole. Cum deep inside me...pleaseeee..."

"Shit...I'm going to shoot...nowww..."

"Do it! Plant your seed in my pussy," Stef yelled.

"Oh, fuck," Cole growled and bucked up into her one last time.

Stef felt his cock expand to huge proportions inside her, triggering her own climax. Just as her orgasm started, the first hot blast of his cum painted the inside of her womb with warmth.

"Oh, shit," Stef called out as exquisite shockwaves of ecstasy radiated out from her tightly stretched cunt.

"Steffie," Cole growled.

"So good. So good...," Stef gasped.

Cole's cock hosed cum deep inside her for what seemed like forever. They rode their simultaneous orgasms out together. Both could feel the wetness escaping her as Stef's stuffed cunt coughed up much of the sperm being pumped into her. It soaked Cole's balls and formed a large wet spot on the park bench.

Finally their orgasms waned and Stef collapsed against him on the bench spent. Their heaving chests pressed together and they could feel each other's hearts beating. The coolness of the evening had prevented them from sweating too much but they still radiated heat as they clung together. They stayed like that until their breath returned.

Eventually, Stef pulled back and looked down at Cole. The strain of passion and ecstasy she had seen before was gone and had been replaced by a tired but satisfied one. She smiled at him and he returned the smile.

"You were magnificent for your first time," Stef said kissing him quickly.

"I was?" Cole said, but he was smiling with pride.

"Oh, god yes. Most guys would never be able to last to get their girl off the first time like you did," Stef complimented him.

"Thanks, but you were the one that stopped just in time before," Cole offered.

Stef could feel his cock, which was still up inside her begin to slip out as it finally went soft enough. She felt like her pussy was gapping open and cool air was rushing in. She backed off his lap, suddenly realizing how cramped and sore her legs felt from the hard bench. She tried to look down in the dim light to see if she had bruised her legs.

"What's the matter?" Cole asked.

"Nothing. My legs are just a bit sore from the bench is all."

"Not the most comfortable place to do it, huh."

"No. My knees are sore from kneeling on the boards."

"Sorry about that," Cole said.

"Oh, it's okay. I'll be fine," Stef said, as she fixed her panties and reached for her bra.

"Damn," Cole said with a broad smile.

"What?" Stef asked.

"I'm just sorry to see you covering those beauties up," he said, pointing to her tits.

"You are, huh," Stef laughed back.

"You bet," Cole laughed.

Stef put her bra and blouse on and started buttoning up the buttons. She watched Cole as he stood and pulled up his underwear and pants.

"Damn," Stef said.

"What?" Cole said this time.

"Just sorry to see you covering him up," Stef said, and she laughed aloud.

"He only comes out again when those do," Cole said, joking and pointing to her tits.

"Well, you just might have a deal there," Stef responded.

"Really," Cole shot back, thinking this meant another chance.

Stef laughed, "We better get going, Cole."

"Huh? Okay."

They started walking back down the path and she once again took hold of his arm. They walked silently for much of the trip back to her house, enjoying the nice night. As they passed by Cole's they noticed Mark's car was gone, meaning Mark and Michelle had left already. As they approached Stef's house, she tugged lightly on his arm.

"Cole. I had a wonderful time."

"You did?"

"Yes, thank you."

"I'm the one that should probably be thanking you," Cole explained.

"You don't have to. I enjoyed being with you tonight," Stef offered.



"Nothing. Just have a great night," Cole said.

Stef knew he had wanted to say more but let it go. He walked her to the door. It was nearly midnight and that was her curfew anyway. Stef turned to him on the porch landing and kissed him a bit longer than one might normally after a first date.

"See ya, Cole," Stef said, opening the door.

"Bye, Steffie."

End of Chapter II

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