tagNovels and NovellasCherry Hill Ch. 02

Cherry Hill Ch. 02


Natalie Meyers, lifted her large floppy hat from her head and wiped her sweaty brow, though it was still pretty early for the sun to be beating down on someone and making them sweat. Natalie had been working since the sun first started to peak above the horizon, casting its warm rays over her little house on Kumquat Lane. She arched her back and stretched her muscles, lifting her arms over her head.

Her knees were imbedded in the cool dirt and her gardening gloves were caked with filth, while piles of weeds here and there were scattered over her vegetable patch. Plopping her hat back on her head, she continued to pick weeds and harvest her green beans at the same time.

Natalie enjoyed living her quiet life, in her house in the peaceful town of Cherry Hill. She had her own flower bed, veggie patch and even her own fruit trees. Nothing could be better for Natalie. The residents of her lovely neighborhood enjoyed her dinner parties, and though she didn't mind being the one at the party without a mate, she did enjoy watching everyone eat and enjoy her home grown, and home flavored dishes.

She heard a sound coming from the front yard, standing up she stepped over her basket of goodies and walked down the row of beans to her left and corn on the cob to her right. Before she made it out of the row, she spotted a worm on a stalk of corn. "Damn critter, I don't need you eating my corn." Pinching the offensive critter off the ear of corn, she flicked it away. Her eyes checked out the ear, "This looks like it's ready to harvest."

Plucking the corn from it's stalk, she headed towards the gate that separated her garden from her front yard. Natalie watched the Allan brothers jog past. The eldest Brian, looked like he was barely breaking a sweat, where the younger looked as if he was doing all he could to keep up with his older brother. Natalie felt a tingle in her groin as she watched their firm ass muscles move with each lift and fall. She licked her lips imaging their thick cocks, buried inside her pussy.

Then, Natalie noticed the group of women following the men. Their breasts were bouncing and she saw their occasional pointing of fingers, toward the men in front of them. Natalie moaned as she remembered how it had been when she had a fresh pussy in front of her face. Her tongue would sweep down and lick the sweet hole, then suck the tasty nectar from the cunt that was laid open for her.

Natalie could feel the slick wetness of her pussy, as she thought about her past lovers, but none of them compared to her new lovers. That thought Natalie back to the present, and another moan escaped her mouth. Looking down she blushed, hoping the joggers hadn't seen her, and what she was doing with the ear of corn.

She quickly removed the corn from her crotch, and slipped over to her back porch. Sitting down, on her whicker chair, she ran the corn once more over her shorts. Pushing harder with the husk covered vegetable. Natalie bit her lip, and quickly undid her shorts, and pushed them down to her knees, lifting her ass just enough to ease her quest, then she slipped her fingers inside. Her pussy was so wet, she heard the slick juices covering her digits. Natalie groaned as she removed her hand, and removed the husk from the corn. She ran her hands over the soft, silky strands of yellow satin that hung to the ear of corn.

Imagining it to be the curls of a lover's pussy, she ran her tongue over the thin strips, then took the corn and deep throated it. She pushed the golden rod into her mouth, taking it deep, and rubbing her clit at the same time with her finger. Her tongue lapped at the corn, her mouth fucking it, soon she was thrashing and moaning.

Moving the corn from her mouth, she switched places with her fingers. She sucked her juice clean and quickly inserted the rod, that was both soft and hard, into her sloppy vagina. Natalie loved corn, loved the ridges of each row that the corn was lined up in. Her body enjoyed the tip when it would be soft and could tickle the walls of her cunt.

What Natalie liked the most about corn was the variety of sizes she could have. She could fuck her pussy with either a small ear of golden cock or she could ram it hard with the Indian corn she raised, she love that kind, it was so hard and the colors reminded her of her black lovers.

Ramming the tool deeper into her hot pussy, Natalie pinched and pulled at her perk nipples, through her shirt. Thrusting her natural cock into her cunt, she pushed her shirt up and toyed once more with her lush breasts. The hairs of her sex were slicked with the wet juice that the corn kept devouring to her body. Strands of the corn's hair, mixed with her pubic ones, making her pussy feel as if a lover's curls caressed her.

She felt the orgasm building up inside her, she forced the vegetable deeper, letting it hit the bone in her pelvis, "Ohhh fuck yes, my beauty," she called out as she fucked herself faster and harder. Natalie felt the first wave of cum rush through her body, as her legs went straight out in front of her, and stiffened. Her breath came in gasps as she forced her hands to push the yellow cock, completely inside her hole, only leaving the small end of the stalk to hold on to.

"OHHH... FUCKING... MAKE ME CUM... OHHHH FUCK YESSS!!!!." Natalie screamed out as the cum soaked her corn cob, her pussy walls, lips and her fingers that were holding the rod deep into her cut. She shivered as she slowly began to work the tool in and out, finally finishing the clutching of its kernels.

Natalie took her love veggie and smiled at the cum soaked member, the sun made each kernel glisten like her daisies after a morning rain. Her hand carried the corn to her lips, her tongue began its own tasty treat, as it began to clean the corn off. She ran her muscle from the base of the cob, all the way to the tip. She stroked each row of kernels, till she was satisfied that she had cleaned the cum from each one.

Looking satisfied she deep throated the object one last time, stroking it with her tongue and sucking the cum juice from the tip. Natalie shuddered, removed her lover from her mouth, and slipped her shirt back down, and pulled her shorts up from around her ankles. Placing a kiss against the vegetable, she stood up and gathered her basket of veggies, "I'll take care of the rest of you later," she winked at the unpicked beans and weeds.

Her face was glowing as she thought of the tasty corn cob she would enjoy with her supper later that night. The melted butter oozing off her hot cock, only excited her more, and when Natalie entered her kitchen and saw the almost ripened bananas, she almost came again.


Zoe had just woke up for the day. She was getting used to sleeping in now that classes had ended for the summer, but she needed to find a job; her parents were getting tired of footing the bill for school and rent, not to mention all the partying that went on in the house. The thought of work put a snarl in Zoe's lip, but she'd need something to do after college anyway, and she really wasn't learning much from fucking all her teachers to raise her grades. It did expose her to hidden talents that the once-innocent girl could have never guessed about when she was in high school, but that's been 5 years ago.

Zoe got a look at herself in the mirror. Her tired eyes focused slowly on the threadbare AC/DC shirt she was wearing, the black fabric so thin in places that her pale skin was a white shadow. The shirt ended, her thin legs extending down to her knobby knees and then out of site to her feet.

Following her gaze back up the mirror, she saw the gentle swell of her breast, wishing automatically that they were bigger, like her friend and roommate's tits. Both Heather and the new girl Yolanda had a bigger rack than she did, but Zoe took comfort in the fact that she sported a very comfortable, firm, perky nippled B-cup; it wouldn't be much longer and her roommates' tits would both start to sag. She noted with delight that her nipples were tenting the small swell of her breasts, and she got lost for a second in the feel of the shirt she was wearing against her sensitive skin; the cotton worn down so far it almost felt like silk against her skin. She tore her mind back to the present and continued her gaze up her slender neck to her face.

Freckles splashed across her cheeks and nose, and she hated those the most. Zoe still counted herself lucky to not have had acne like most of the girls in her class, but these Goddamned freckles! No matter how serious she was trying to look, they made her look like she was 10 years too young to do anything. The short, curly mop of tangled of strawberry red hair brought another curl to her lip. It was a bitch to take care of, a bitch to keep in place, and uncooperative in all the worst ways that hair can be.

Her eyes were a chocolate brown, standing in stark contrast to her pale skin and light red hair. They drew people in, almost hypnotizing them, and that was just fine by her; they got her almost every piece of pussy and every hard cock she wanted. Between that and the amazing shape she stayed in from fucking every piece of tail she could wrap her thighs or tongue around, she was overall impressed with herself.

There was still the ritual, though, everyday, check the mirror. Zoe heard herself sigh and she shifted her eyes back down her body again, getting a firm boost of reassurance.

"It's gonna be a good day," she said to herself, looking back at her face and smiling. "It's gonna be a....what the fuck?" she started to repeat, her own thoughts breaking her pep talk. Her eyes had caught something on the other side of her curtains; some thing didn't look right. She swore she saw the neighbor girl on her porch jacking herself off. Zoe shook her head and forced herself to focus on the image.

Just through the gap in the gossamer curtains, she saw Natalie in the "privacy" of her own porch, fucking herself furiously, her face contorted by moans and screams as her hands flew at her pussy, her naked chest exposed. Zoe was almost hypnotized by the dancing tits, wobbling in wild circles as her dildo fucked in and out of her pussy furiously.

Zoe's own hand slid around her thigh subconsciously, lifting the hem of her favorite T-shirt, softly teasing her flesh as her finger tips raked and tickled to her own super-heating pussy. She felt her liquid pleasure wet her finger tips and turn her thighs sticky; her eyes glued to her masturbating neighbor.

The brunette was working herself over faster and faster, her left hand pinching and pulling her nipples, her right was wanking a dildo in and out of her sloppy pussy. She could see the yellow cock stretching what Zoe could make out of her pink sex, and she could see it glistening with Natalie's pussy juice. The sounds of her own sloppy pussy drooling on the three fingers she was pumping in and out of her craven cunt filled the room. She felt her body start to shake, the heady aroma of her creaming box filled her nose and overpowered her senses. Her eyes were still locked on her neighbor's steaming snatch and that yellow rod she was plunging deep in her pussy. A voice inside her mind begged Zoe to open the window, to hear the sounds and filth being uttered and screamed from her neighbor, but she didn't want her hands to leave her body, she didn't want to stop molesting her body in the same way Natalie was.

She was on the verge, Zoe felt the orgasm start to build to its height; her toes started to curl and her brain started to go numb with the electricity coursing through her pussy. The neighbor girl finished first, pulling her fuck stick from her pussy, the hole not closing right away, the blackness in the center of the glistening pink drawing Zoe in deeper. Her mind barely registered as she saw Natalie lift the dildo to her mouth and watched her deep throat her own juices off the object.

Zoe's mind had a moment of clarity. The world paused for a second around her, moving in such slow motion she could see everything in amazing detail. Her neighbor's brown furred beaver in mid-twitch, the pink lips still wide open and shining with her girl juice, her tongue starting to reach out for the dildo; all in perfect clarity. Natalie's tiny pink nipples were at full attention, her light tan skin was glistening with sweat from working in the garden in the early morning heat and from the thorough fucking she just gave herself. The dildo, glistening and dripping with Natalie's cum was in perfect view; the long, thick cock, covered in rows and rows of tiny bumps.

Before Zoe's brain had time to register, her world caught back up to her and her pussy exploded, taking her mind with it. Her plunging fingers hit her G-spot, her mind reeled, her pussy spasmed, her juices ran down into her hand, down her thighs, and dripped onto the carpet. She was vaguely aware that she was moaning loudly as she collapsed under her shaking knees and quaking thighs.

Her body was still twitching as she came back to reality, her muscles still humming and her pussy still singing in orgasmic bliss. She leaned back, placing her sweat drenched back against the cool wall. Her mind puzzled through what she had seen.

"Was she fucking herself with an ear of sweet corn?" Zoe heard her voice ask. She replayed the scene in her head, instantly re-warming her eager cunt. Sure enough, she even saw the kernels teasing and stretching Natalie's overworked sex as it disappeared row by row into her. Zoe's own pussy twitched in want and need.

"Goddamn," she said to herself, trying to catch her breath. "I need to take up gardening."


Tonya Reese stared out the window as the beautiful joggers rounded the corner, she made out the Allan boys, and waved to them from her kitchen window. Then she saw Star, Lynn and Sarah pause. She watched young Star wave goodbye, and jog back around the corner and across the street back onto Kumquat Lane.

"I really should get my butt out there and jog with them," Tonya mumbled to herself, she watched the perfect bodies, move past her home on Melon Lane, knowing that Lynn would be heading into her house at the end of the block soon.

"Your ass is perfect, as is the rest of you," the deep voice of her husband came up behind her. His fingers slide over her thighs. "Do you have appointments today?"

Tonya turned around and pressed her 48 DD tits into her husband's chest. "Yes, I have three facials scheduled, and thanks for liking my ass baby." She kissed his lips, and stroked her tongue along his, tasting the remains of his morning coffee. "What do you have planned today?"

"Golf!" He told her, "I'm going to head over there and drive a few balls into the ponds, just for the hell of it."

She laughed, grabbed her purse and headed to the mall to start her Saturday morning shift at the beauty shop. Tonya hoped her day would go by quickly, actually she wanted her whole weekend to fly by quickly. Her monthly dental appointment was schedule for first thing Monday morning and she really wanted to be in that chair being drilled. Shivers coarsed through her veins as she thought of the Hygentist fucking her sloppy cunt. Tonya drove out of the neighborhood and headed toward the city.

It wasn't long before her husband Sheldon had left the house. He pulled out and headed to the country club. His mind thought of the Ladies Club that was meeting this morning, he hadn't met the newest member, didn't even know her name, but her golden hair that rested on her head, made him wonder if her pussy was just as golden.

He puttered along, enjoying the feel of the wind whipping at his salt and pepper grey hair. Running his fingers through it, he looked in his rear view mirror, "Not bad for 53," he told his reflection. He imaged his wife's features, and felt his cock stir. "She looks good for 45 also," he told himself. Her ass was perfect, rode and soft. He loved pressing into it with his hard cock. Her titties were more then most men could handle, but the way they wrapped around his shaft, was pure heaven.

Soon he found himself, parking his car, and heading into the club bar. "You golfing today?"

Sheldon looked at the manager of the club, "Nay.. think I'll just have something at the bar."

"Well their gonna start the Ladies Club meeting soon. So if I were you, I'd get my drink and head to the billiards room." The manager turned and walked away, leaving Sheldon to his own decisions. He went into the bar, and scanned the room. The little juicy peach was sitting there, fifteen minutes early. His cock ached with the idea of having the blond slut's pussy buried against his face.

He ordered his scotch and lime and headed towards the girl. "Hi, mind if I share this place with you?" The girl looked up at him, "You look familiar, have we met?"

She looked at him like he'd grown a horn from his head, "Mr. Reese! I'm Emily Krest, I live down on Kumquat Lane."

Sheldon smiled, "Oh, goodness me, how are you Emily? My you sure have grown," his eyes devoured the young woman, taking in her long exposed legs, and her beautiful gold curls. "I haven't seen you all year, what have you been up to?"

"School, thank God its over!" She laughed, "So here to play golf, or here to play?"

He looked at her questionably, "Play?"

Emily looked at him, cocked her brow, "Mr. Reese," she leaned over the table, her elbows rested on it, pushing her breasts together. "I'm eighteen, and I'm not an idiot, I know what happens here at the club, so are you here for golf or some other play?"

Sheldon shifted in his seat, "Well, I was coming to play with the newest member of the Ladies Club, but I believe that is you, so I'll have to find another form of play this morning."


His surprise was obvious, to Emily Krest, when she boldly stroked his rod, "I like to play, Sheldon, and I'm very good at it," she ran her tongue over her pearly whites. The dentist had given her a discounted price on her cleaning last night, and the Hygentist had helped clean her pussy as well.

"Emily, how much do you like to play?" Sheldon felt his cock stiff and hard, inside his shorts. He looked at her young tits, his fingers now begging to squeeze and kneed their flesh. Opening his legs he urged her onward, "So where would you like to play?"

Emily smiled and grabbed her purse. "I'll tell you what Sheldon, I'm going to fuck you on the 18th hole." Standing up she, brought her hands from his cock, and walked ahead of him.

Sheldon got one of the club carts, and he and Emily headed for the 18th hole. The club wasn't to busy yet, most of the husbands showed up after the Ladies Club dispersed. If a husband was around or even near the place, he was usually appointed some task for the next upcoming charity function.

As they headed out Emily worked open the fly of Sheldon's cock. "Slow down honey," she said.

"Call me daddy," he groaned.

"Mmmmm.... is that what you want?" Emily slipped her hands down his cock, "You and the Mrs don't have children, did you always want a little girl to call you "daddy"?"

He looked at the blonde, his cock hovering just a breath from his cock, "Yes, Emily, I want my blonde baby girl to call me daddy."

Emily put on a pouty expression, "Okay, Daddy, do you want me to suck your penis?" Emily said the term in a young innocent voice.

"Ohhh, yes sweetheart suck on Daddy's dick," Sheldon felt her young mouth move over his cock, and he felt the golf cart slow considerably. He looked around and drove it into the woods. Cutting the motor he leaned his arm back and watched his baby girl fuck his cock.

Her tongue ran over the head of his rod, tasting the skin. "Ohhh yesss Emily sweets, fuck Daddy's big hard cock." His hips lifted to her mouth, and he moaned when her tongue circled the head.

"Daddy,"she whimpered its so big, "I'm scared," she looked up to him, tears in her eyes.

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