tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCheryl In Chains Ch. 02

Cheryl In Chains Ch. 02


Previously -- Cheryl Cole, after willing being Alexandra Burke's sex slave consented to being put up for grabs to a new Mistress. Her former media rival Lily Allen won the competition at the UK's version of the D Club and so Cheryl had a new Mistress that she agreed to serve willingly. Having discovered the ecstasy and excitement of complete submission Cheryl was now determined to embrace it further...


Cheryl Cole gave a look both ways as she set off across the pavement. Not that anyone would have recognised her in how she was dressed. She had on a tiny white cut off shirt which was so short that it displayed the very bottom of her pert breasts. And she wore a black micro skirt and a set of high heels. Other than her hat and her large sunglasses that was it - no bra and no panties just as her new Mistress Lily Allen had told her to be when they met in this poor area of London.

Lily sat in her car and watched her newly acquired slave cross the road dressed like a crack whore and smirked, then she sounded her car horn and laughed as Cheryl hurried across to her. Cheryl trotted over to the pavement and leaned into Lily's car, only too aware that she must resemble a streetwalker approaching a client.

"Mistress Lily, may I please enter your car?"

Lily smirked again and pressed a button that unlocked the passenger side door.

"Get in before I change my mind slut."

Cheryl hurried around and sighed as she collapsed into the passengers' seat.

"You know what I want?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"And you want to please your Mistress, don't you pet?"

A silent nod came from the Geordie superstar. Oh, yes she wanted to please her new Mistress. She wanted to show her she could be a good little slave.

Of course they were hated rivals in public. Had called each other all the bitchy names under the sun. But now with Cheryl discovering her submissive side she had come into the possession of her most hated rival and it turned out both girls more than got off on treating Cheryl Cole like a piece of worthless shit. Cheryl was, in fact, loving this role finding herself in a constant state of arousal at her submission.

"Here's the cash. If he wants more then you are just going to have to find some other way to pay him. But whatever, don't leave that place without it. OK?"

She handed Cheryl £60 and they both knew that was never going to be enough money. Lily watched as the waif like slave moved off and entered the tattoo parlour. She couldn't wait to see her when she re-emerged.

The tattoo parlour was seriously trashy. Cheryl felt like such a skank coming into a dive like this, but that also aroused her and she had to fight off the urge to reach under her short skirt and finger herself. It was a one man operation and after a flush of a toilet he emerged from a battered door at the back of the shop and stared at his latest potential client. He was fat and bald and dressed in a greasy wife beater vest and ragged jeans. He indicated his tattered reclining chair and Cheryl tentatively staggered towards it on weak legs.

"You Lily's girl?"


"Good. I've been expecting you. I know what she wants, it's cash up front. Hundred pounds."

"I've only got this."

Cheryl handed over the cash Lily had given her.

"Then how you going to pay girl? 'Cos if I know little Miss Lily you don't want to go out there and disappoint her. Got a right temper that little Madame does and no mistake!"

Cheryl fluttered her considerable eyelashes at the disgusting man.

"Look love, we both know the score here don't we? You give me the cash you do have and then get on your knees and give me a nice blow job and I can give you the ink you need, OK? Good, I'll take that and you come in her and get on your knees!"

On her cheap heels Cheryl wobbled and was led into the back room and she dropped to her knees on a cold concrete floor right beside a disgusting looking and smelling toilet bowl. The Artist flipped his slimy thick cock out of his tracksuit bottoms and prodded it forward until it pressed against Cheryl's lips.

This was the absolute nadir for Cheryl Cole. She was a UK Superstar, one of the most famous women in the land and yet here she was about to blow a disgusting individual for the equivalent of forty quid. She couldn't explain why but this whole scenario was arousing her. Her Mistress had led her to this and Cheryl wanted to please her Mistress. She opened her mouth and he put his cock in until his heavy balls slapped against her chin and his fat belly pressed against her forehead. It was claustrophobic in there, in a that tiny, stinking room, surrounded by fat and flab while her mouth was working hard to get him off and please him. Even so she had to fight the temptation to reach down and touch herself while she blew him.

He was hard and fast with his thrusts into her mouth, obviously in a hurry to cum. This was not how Cheryl Cole was used to being treated she was always treated like a delicate Princess by her few previous lovers but this new life was something else entirely and her dark side was flushed with excitement and arousal. Drool was falling from the sides of her mouth, she was making strange noises as he pumped in and out and then she felt a hot jet of cum spray against the back of her throat and the sensation of it slowly draining down into her belly. He grunted and squeezed the remnants of his cum on her pouting lips then became all businesslike again as he zipped up his jeans.

"Right, get that shirt off and get on the chair, we'd better get on with this before anyone else turns up!"

Cheryl got up and pulled her short shirt off over her head and bared her chest to the man. Despite her thin frame her tits we pert and firm and the tattoo artist couldn't stop himself reaching out, cupping them and fondling them before pushing her on her ass in the large leather chair. Then he got to work on his latest artistic effort.

Two hours later Cheryl left the parlour. Again she was unsteady. This had been what her Mistress had wanted and she had done it. Surely that would please her young Mistress. It was getting dark now and this really was a shitty area of the city for a pretty young woman dressed as Cheryl was to be wandering about in. She stood where she had expected Lily's car to be but there was no sign and she crossed her arms over her breasts and started to slowly panic.

It was a panic only increased as an old, battered looking vagrant slowly wheeled a bashed shopping trolley along the pavement towards her. Cheryl hugged herself a little harder and prayed Mistress Lilly would appear soon. But she didn't and all too soon the tramp and his chariot came up to Cheryl and he, not too gently, rammed it into her side.

"Ow, watch out!"

Squealed Cheryl.

He flashed her a toothless grin.

"Got a problem Missy?"

For a moment Cheryl forgot herself and anger flashed through her voice, she was tired and annoyed, she had gone to extreme lengths to please her Mistress and she wasn't even here to see it and now she was being accosted by this old, smelly fuck!

"Yes I do actually! Watch where you're going with that fucking thing. You can't just go around bashing into people. Are you drunk? God you stink!"

He chuckled at Cheryl's ire and his voice turned slightly.

"I guess you are Cheryl alright. Well your 'Mistress Lily' told me to do that and she also told me to tell you that you need to follow me to meet up with her."

And with that the stinking vagrant pushed his cart on and turned into a dimly lit alley way. Cheryl paused a moment, stunned by his unexpected words than hurried after him.

"Wait Mister! Sorry! Wait up!"

She caught up with him and grabbed the sleeve of his tattered coat to halt him.

"Wait. What did you say?"

"You heard Missy. Your Mistress Lily gave me this (holding up a large bottle of vodka) and told me to give you the message."

"Ok. I believe you but what then? Where is she?"

At that moment Lily Allen stepped out of the shadows beside a large, metal dumpster in the alley. She looked breathtaking, clad as she was in a skin tight, rubber catsuit that clung to her figure. She was on high heels and held a riding crop in her hand.

"I'm right here slave. Did you get it done slut? Show me!"

Looking at her Mistress and trying to ignore the tramps presence Cheryl lifted up her shirt and showed her Mistress her newest tattoo. The words "LILY'S BITCH" now encircled Cheryl Cole's belly button.

Lily stepped forward and examined it, toying with Cheryl's breasts as she did. Then she turned to the tramp and enquired.

"Did she give you any trouble?"

He sneered as he replied.

"Yeah, skinny bitch swore at me and didn't believe me."

Lily arched her eyebrow at Cheryl.

"Is that so Sammy? Well I'm sorry about that. You are also sorry aren't you slave?"

Nodding obediently Cheryl said she was.

"Tell you what Cheryl. Why don't you make amends to Sammy in any way you choose. Choose well and you will greatly please me slave."

"If that is what my Mistress desires."

Cheryl spoke in a low, clipped voice and sunk to her knees submissively then undid the string keeping his trousers up then putting her face just inches from the vagrants hairy, dirty ass.

"It is what your Mistress desires slave so get on with it. Show this man how grateful you are for his assistance and then we can be on our way, you've made me late already!"

In the darkest depths of her consciousness Cheryl craved this humiliation. She reached out automatically and prised the tramps ass cheeks open and without hesitation she pressed her covergirl face between them and stuck out her tongue and sought out his anus. To rim a filthy, disgusting tramp in a dark alleyway was the lowest Cheryl Cole had ever sunk, could ever sink (she thought!) and yet it still gave her body an unmistakable buzz, a thrill, a heat in her crotch. And she had chosen this, her, herself, she had no doubts Lily would have accepted her doing other things but she wanted to show Mistress Lily the lengths she was happy to go to please her Mistress. She tasted the tramp and continued to tongue fuck his ass for nearly five minutes until Mistress Lily finally demanded she stop. They left a very happy tramp with his trousers around his ankles and Cheryl crawled over to Lily then had a collar and leash attached and Mistress Lily walked her to her waiting car at the end of the alley.


They drove for twenty minutes through the streets of London until the car entered a large drive and wound its way up to a large house surrounded by trees. Lily led her slave out of the car and up a set of stone steps that were hard on Cheryl's knees as she ascended them. This was the abode of one of the UK's hottest rising singing stars, Jessie J. The young woman had hit the music scene with a wealth of talent and attitude and was busy shooting her way to superstardom both here and across the Atlantic. When Lily arrived Jessie was busy with her own sex slave, fellow youngster Pixie Lott. Jessie had been perfectly eaten out by the blonde bimbo and had just finished shoving a large anal plug up her ass when the doorbell rang.

"Go and get that cunt!"

Spat Jessie displaying her legendary harsh treatment to almost anyone.

Pixie moved gingerly out, she was naked apart from the rings Jessie had so recently had fitted to Pixie's nipples, so it was a pleasant surprise for Lily when the door was opened. Lily took the chance to give both rings a nice hard pull and twist before entering the home and dragging Cheryl behind her. Jessie met them in the living room and they shared false pleasantries and kisses on the cheeks.

"Give Pixie the leash and she'll go and set your cunt up correctly while we discuss your fee for this."

Jessie was brash and brazen and Lily did not take well to being spoken to like this by the relative newcomer to the scene. She waited until both slaves were out of the room before answering.

"It's still £10,000 and I'd thank you not to take that tone with me. I'm not one of your fucking slaves, understand?"

Jessie sneered at the much smaller (though older) woman and made the most insincere apology. Right then both women were imagining dominating the other and putting them in what they saw as their rightful place. Both were headstrong young women and not likely to back down to the other. Still they had a deal, Jessie went to a drawer and handed Lily a satchel with the cash in it and then both left to go to the room Cheryl was being prepared in.

Pixie had led Cheryl into a darkened room with what looked like a gym horse in its centre. She lifted Cheryl to her feet then bent her over it. All the time Cheryl offered no resistance, she had forfeited control over herself long ago. Cheryl amazing body was over the horse, ankles on one side and wrists on the other so she was stretched over it and total exposed, legs nicely apart. Then the blonde stepped back into the gloom and dropped to her knees awaiting the two Dommes.

When Lily and Jessie entered the room though there was one major difference in their appearance from when Pixie and Cheryl had last seen them - they had both adorned large strap on dildo's!

Lily strolled around the bench, taking her time, giving Cheryl's firm ass a hard slap on the way until her dildo was pointing right at Cheryl's mouth.

"You remember my slave all those years ago when we were young and foolish we had our little spat in the tabloid? What was it you called me? Come on, what was that pithy name you came up for me? Come on, tell me what is was!"

"I called you a 'Chick With A Dick' Mistress. I'm sorry."

"And look at me now, I am a Chick With A Dick, aren't I? In fact both myself and Jessie are Chick's With Dick's. And bitch? Are we about to put them to good use in your holes!"

And with that they did. Lily Allen plunged the length of her long plastic cock right into Cheryl Cole's open mouth and began to fuck it. As Cheryl handled with that she also felt her thighs being eased apart and Jessie press her own plastic dick up against the entrance to Cheryl's asshole.

"I'm doing her shit hole."

Barked Jessie towards Lily.

"Whatever, been there and done that already love."

Scoffed Lily in response.

They glared at each other over the bound and spit roasted form of their slave and each pounded that bit harder and fast into their hole while holding the other's hate filled gaze.

Cheryl was helpless, all she could do was lay there and take the mouth and ass fucking she was getting. She enjoyed the helplessness of her situation, being exposed to these two cruel bitches was the ultimate in giving up control. Strings of saliva spilled from her over worked mouth and at least coated the dildo in there while also covering her cheeks and chin. From behind Jessie took a handful of Cheryl's hair and played with it before gripping it hard and pulling back as she hammered into her ass.

"Better use it while I still can."

Smirked Jessie as she toyed with Cheryl Cole's trademark gorgeous locks.

Pixie picked up on that comment but did not move or say anything. Could that be what all that money had been for?

After ten minutes of so the changed ends. Jessie gleefully plucked her dick from Cheryl's ass and marched around to offer it to her mouth. Cheryl knew what she was being asked to do and willingly opened her lips to allow Jessie to slide the dick , so recently in her asshole, into her mouth.

"That's it you old bitch, taste your own ass. Can't be too bad you always act like your shit don't stink, don't you!"

Lily chose to fuck her slave in the pussy this time, filling Cheryl up with the aim of making her climax. Lily fucked her slave and even used her hand to locate Cheryl's clit and rub it while she fucked her and sure enough eventually Cheryl could hold back no longer and came all over the plastic dick in her pussy. As soon as she had come Lily pulled out and Jessie followed suit. Jessie shouted at her own slave Pixie.

"Quickly slut get my scissors and shears, I left them out in my bedroom! Hurry now!"

Mistress Lily took the opportunity to come around beside Jessie and flashed the fan of cash she has just received as she explains everything.

"I told you the night I won you slave that I would take great pleasure shaving off these lovely locks of yours. Perhaps you've been waiting for it to happen? Well I decided I'd whore them out and offer them up for sale and Jessie here was the winning bidder. So she's getting the pleasure of shaving Cheryl fucking Cole's fucking head bald!"

Cheryl remembered the promises made upon her hair back when Lily had won the competition to take over as her Mistress from Alexandra Burke. She remembered the thrill of fear and shiver of awful anticipation that had passed through her body just thinking of having that done to her by her hated enemy. Oh what a sign of submission that would be. An ultimate surrender. And now here she had sold that most intimate of submissions to a young punk that she hardly knew. Ever since that day Cheryl Cole had imagined what it would be like to be shaved bald, had even fantasised about it and now it was about to happen.

Jessie J had such a wicked smile on her face as she brandished the pair of gleaming silver scissors and snapped them maniacally together. Cheryl cast a glance at Pixie and even managed to feel sorry for her with this bitch as a Mistress. And yet maybe that was the attraction?

"Last chance slave. If you want to you can back out of this and walk away. But you will walk away from me and this lifestyle entirely if you do. Is that what you want?"

Cheryl looked round at her Mistress and fought her emotions before saying.

"No Mistress. I serve you completely. She may continue."

Cheryl's words were quickly followed by Jessie sliding the blades of her scissors over a large chunk of Cheryl's dark brown hair and giggling as she slashed them shut. It was from the top and front and Cheryl watched as a large clump of her beautiful hair fell down before her very eyes before Jessie really started hacking away at that famous haircut. Cheryl could have got up and stopped this, she was not tied to the bench, rather held there by her desire to be obedient to her Mistress. Also, bizarrely, being shorn like this was turning her on, something she couldn't quite fathom.

Five minutes with the scissors left Cheryl looking a mess. Uneven clumps sticking up then areas hacked almost to the scalp. Gleefully Jessie put her scissors down and held up a mirror to allow the slave to see her new look. Cheryl could not quite believe her eyes. Her breath caught and she gasped at the sight that greeted her. She did not even register that off to the side Lily Allen had shoved Pixie's Lott's face between her thighs and was being eaten out as she watched her slaves transformation.

"But that's not fucking all is it you little cunt? No there's more to go isn't there? But I want to hear you beg me to remove the rest. Yeah! Thank me for what I've done so far and beg me to shave the rest off!"

For a woman who would regularly feature in most beautiful girls in the world polls it really was one of the most humiliating and humbling experiences for Cheryl to watch a large part of that perceived beauty disappear literally before her very eyes. And yet that stirred emotions and feeling inside her that were not exactly what you would expect. Cheryl knew she was a true submissive and to display this level of obedience to her Mistress was truly an amazing thing. She looked up through blurring eyes as the raven haired Jessie switched the electric shaver on and plunged into what remained of Cheryl's hair.

Jessie took her time over this. Savouring every last second. Relishing every piece of hair that fell from Cheryl Cole's scalp.

The room felt heavily charged, the sheer emotion almost overcoming all four young women. But that didn't stop or slow Jessie in shaving her bound slave of all but the shortest stubble from her head. Again, once she was done she took the mirror and ordered Cheryl to look at the carnage wrought on her tresses. Cheryl could not tear her eyes off the sight that greeted her, the skinhead staring back at her could not be her but it was. But Jessie was not finished yet, she had paid to remove Cheryl Cole's hair and she intended to get every single millimetre off. She snapped at Pixie.

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