tagFetishChesterbury Tales Pt. 19

Chesterbury Tales Pt. 19


It is Winter 1966. When five couples find themselves stranded at a remote high class inn by extreme weather conditions, they amuse each other by relating stories of an erotic nature, as well as taking part in all kinds of private and group sexual activities.

The Host began with a tale about a birthday orgy involving a current top film star. The Theatre Company Manager's tale was of her oral exploits with a famous actor and the Marketing Director's tale of how the 'Wife of Bath', with her daughter, had seduced a whole management team. The Politician's tale was about the husband's violent revenge, and the Model's tale about a country girl finding heaven between her legs - with the aid of her pastor. For the morning story of the fourth day, The Stockbroker's Tale showed how two resourceful women turned the tables on their partners who were trying to deceive them, whilst the Aristocrat's tale was about a sexual orgy, incest and murder in the stately home. The TV Presenter's related her experience of group sex with an African Chief and his bodyguards, whilst Jake, the actor, had a delightful story about an African tribe whose Princess found her Prince and enjoyed the sexual rites of marriage with the whole village. On the morning of the sixth day, the Author told her tale of two French pen pals vying to fuck their English correspondent - one of them got the mother instead.

Chapter Nineteen: Gerties's Fantasy

The sixth day saw an improvement in the weather. During morning coffee, the main topic of conversation was the prospect of the road being re-opened.

'Who was it who wrote the story of a party who left town to escape the plague?' Enid asked.

'Ah, that was The Decammeron of Boccaccio. Seven ladies and three men left Florence to escape the plague. They were away for ten days and nights!'

'Poor men! I'll bet they were shagged out when the got back!' Susan laughed at the thought.

'No! They each told a story every night. A hundred in all!'

'What! No time for debauchery?'

'Well, apparently not!'

'I doubt if ours'll last ten nights.'

'Huh, I doubt if we men will either!'

Julie asked the guests if they would dress for lunch in the Greek outfits they would find in their rooms. They would also take on the names of various Greek gods and goddesses which would be allotted to them. They would also wear eye masks. This, Julie explained, was to help them develop relationships, acting out their fantasies without fear or inhibition.

'But I don't expect you to remember all the relationships. They are complicated. I shall be Cassandra and Robert, Apollo. For those who don't know the story, Cassandra was touched by snakes in her sleep and, when she woke up, found that she could understand the language of the birds. Her great beauty attracted Apollo, who taught her the secrets of prophesy. But, because she refused his sexual advances, he placed a curse on her that the prophecies she made would never be believed.'

This provoked considerable response from the guests. Undeterred, Julie went on to tell them who their various characters were.

'Laurie will be Neleus, a King of Pylus; Martin is Odysseus, King of Ithaca. Jake is Theseus and George the hero, Nestor, who happens to be the son of Neleus. Theseus is, of course, the famous hero the King of Athens. As for the ladies, Enid is Queen Niobe, Delia the goddess of erotic love, Aphrodite.'

The response to this bit of casting was predicable. 'Gertie will be Hera, goddess of marriage, and Susan, Theseus's Queen, Antiope.'

There was a murmur of surprise from the guests, wondering how on earth they would remember the curious names.

'Don't worry,' Julie assured them, 'the names are not important. Wait and see! To complete the cast list, Emma and Bill are Venus and Adonis.' This raised a cheer before the guests dispersed to their rooms.

In the cocktail lounge at the appointed hour, the men appeared in simple tunics, or chitons, fastened round the waist with wide leather belts. Nothing else! The tunics were short, only just managing to conceal what lay hidden beneath them. Their partners wore flimsy white chitons, slung off one shoulder to expose a breast. A knotted cord was fastened round the waist, emphasising the seductive shapes of the buttocks beneath.

In the background, Greek music could be heard playing. As each couple appeared, Julie announced them by their Greek names to those already there. After some time at the cocktail bar, the names of the Greek gods and goddesses became more familiar to everyone. When the food appeared, everyone was fluent in calling the others by their new name.

The meal was set out on three low tables, the six couples sitting on soft cushions placed round them, to eat the from the many dishes. Julie opened the discussion on the role of men and women in society, insisting that the main purpose of the male was to fertilize the egg of the female.

'That makes we women the superior sex. Not in physical strength, of course, but in spirituality.'

'I think we may have a difference of opinion about the respective roles of the sexes, Cassandra,' Apollo confessed. 'But that need not spoil the enjoyment of our afternoon.'

'Surely not. For we women posses what you men most desire. Tucked away between our thighs lies the delicious entrance to the secret of life itself, which lies buried deep within us. It is the secret of existence. We are happy to allow those we trust and admire to enter us and share that secret, to experience the delight of our private paradise. But it is a journey man can make only through their devotion to female sexuality.

'Without it there is no joy! You men may shout and be aggressive, but we women are more subtle. We know how to tease you. Think of Lysistrata! She brought an end to men's wars by persuading her women to deny their husbands their connubial beds. I admit it was as difficult for some of the more randy married women as it was for the men, but, there, it worked!'

'Nonsense!' cried Nestor. 'Pure theory! A dramatist's invention!'

'Male chauvinism!' Aphrodite sneered, picking up Cassandra's argument. The two looked each other in the eye with a certain respect and amusement.

'We women can easily hold our own where wit and strategy is concerned. Men's only weapon is their strength.'

'Nonsense!' cried Nestor again.

'But my argument is already won, for see! For you men are all sporting stiff erections.' And the six men's tunics were, indeed, raised to a tent-like shape, the fabric of some having slid away to reveal the object of women's desire.

Theseus joined in the debate. 'Ah! But with such beauty to stimulate our fantasies, what man could fail to show his appreciation in the best possible manner.'

'Well, I am sure we ladies are more than willing to allow you to worship at the altar of the beautiful Aphrodite.' It was Hera taunting him. 'You must admit that the temptation is too strong to resist. You are all anxious to penetrate the secret of our all our womanly shines. And your weapons are a good selection. Theseus, in particular sports a monumental idol. Dark and menacing!'

Sure enough, the ebony shaft had pushed aside the folds of the fine cotton tunic to rear it's head proud and arrogant. The goddesses turned their gaze to the shaft.

'But you see, ladies, it is you who worship,' Theseus taunted them. 'You are fascinated by these idols. The penis. The great phallus itself! It is the ambition of most women to pay homage to the great idol of the phallus.'

'Nonsense,' Aphrodite responded. 'It is a mere toy for our pleasure. If we are attracted to the toy we play with, we will take it into our shrines for our own entertainment and delight. For you mere males to worship at our altar.'

'Yes, oh Queen. My weapon is ready to worship at the altar of Aphrodite. Ready to lay its prowess before it and to inject the seed of life deep into the shrine of lust.'

Sat beside him, Aphrodite clasped her pale hand round the stiffness, squeezing its warmth. Theseus leaned back on his haunches, propped up by his arms, thrusting his groin forward. Niobe, on his other side, unable to resist the invitation, leaned over to take tip of the tempting head between her puckered lips. Her tongue slithered over the eye, removing from it the warm pearl of Theseus's desire.

'But, there you are. You women must worship the sheer beauty and strength of the phallus. You kiss it. You fondle it with respect and charm.'

'Perhaps you would care to enter my secret shrine?' Niobe suggested, rather breathless.

Theseus slipped a hand beneath her tunic, where he found a wet, slippery vulva.

'It is certainly ready to be entered,' he smiled.

'But first, the sweet course!' Apollo interrupted, clapping his hands.

Anne, in a short, diaphanous tunic, revealing her full figure, brown tipped breasts clearly visible, brought in a trolley with a selection of fruits and a variety of sweets, with cream and other toppings. These were placed on the low tables and the previous dishes removed.

The guests' attention was captured by a change in the music. The urgent beat of 'Zorba the Greek' was heard. Mary, dressed as a voluptuous dancer appeared, moving to the rhythm of the music. With thighs swaying provocatively, she stepped onto the now empty central table. She held up before her a bunch of grapes taken from the fruit dish.

The music changed to a low roll of the side drum. Pulling one grape from the branch, she placed it between her thighs, inserting it between her own purple, grape-like, vulva lips. This was followed by a second, then a third. The men watched in amazed amusement as the belly-dancer inserted eight black grapes deep into her vulva.

The women were equally engrossed by the performance. Mary stood on the table, legs apart, her finger beckoning to the first man - Neleus - to bring his mouth between her open thighs. He did so, slicking out his tongue. A grape emerged from between Mary's labia, to drop into his mouth.

There was much laughter and applause at this. Neleus rolled away as the dancer invited Theseus to do the same. Positioning himself, head between her open thighs, open mouthed, another grape was deposited into his mouth. So with Nestor, Apollo and, finally, Ulysses. As everyone laughed and clapped with appreciation, the dancer expelled the remaining grapes, one by one, onto the table to great applause and a crescendo from the drummer.

The grapes were picked up by the women and eaten with relish!

Apollo turned to the table which had on it a plate of chocolate eclairs. Taking one in his hand, he opened it out, folding the cream filled torpedo around his stiff shaft, before offering it to Venus for her to bite. With the encouragement of the others, she managed to open her mouth sufficiently far to take in the first two or three centimetres, biting off the eclair, whilst sucking the knob end it encased.

She licked the chocolate from her lips with a smile as he moved to Athena, sliding the eclair forward to the head of his shaft. She had difficulty in getting her lips over the end of it and, amidst laughter from the rest, resorted to nibbling round it. This was repeated with Niobe and Aphrodite, but it was Anne who finished off the rest of the eclair, leaving his shaft smeared with cream.

Athena stood in the centre of the table.

'Ulysses has decided to take his strawberries and cream à la Athena.'

She lay on her back in the middle of the table, folding her knees open, doubling them back over her shoulders so that her genitals were facing upright, her glorious cheeks alluring. Taking a strawberry from the dish, she delicately popped it between the lips of her vulva, pushing it well inside the vagina.

'How many would you like, sir?' she asked, pushing more strawberries into the gash. 'Help yourself to cream.'

After they had overcome their initial astonishment, the guests began to enjoy the display, encouraging Athena to fill her vagina to the brim.

'Enough,' cried Ulysses. 'Leave room for the cream.'

He leaned over Athena, parting her labia wide with one hand, and pouring the thick cream into the orifice with the other until it overflowed. The excess trickled down the cleft, over her rectum.

'Before you feast on it,' Nestor called, allow me to make it into a strawberry fool. And he squatted against the cheeks of Athena's bottom before levering his body over her folded figure. Niobe took his quivering penis, aimed it at the brimming entrance to Athena's vulva, for Nestor to slide the stiff penis into the cream.

The guests cried out with admiration, Aphrodite clapping her hands together with glee. The cream sloshed out as the stiff cock displaced it, stained with crushed strawberry juice. After a few strokes, Nestor removed his penis, coated with strawberries and cream, offering it to Hera to taste.

'Strawberry sauce, ma'am?'

Ulysses pulled Athena on top of his face, scooping the fruit from her dripping vulva with his tongue before pushing her down to mount him, his elegant shaft sliding in and out of the vulva, frothing with crushed strawberries and cream, flooding his pubic hairs, staining them bright red.

Aphrodite pushed Neleus onto his back, squatting over his face as she took an eclair from the dish. She slowly inserted the chocolate-coated eclair between the parted lips into her vagina until most of it was immersed. Then, tensing her inner muscles, the cream was extruded from the eclair into Neleus's mouth.

He happily gobbled away at the eclair as Aphrodite expelled it out of her vagina. After gobbling it all, Aphrodite slid down his body to impale herself on his hard shaft. Melted chocolate coated her soft folds, assisted by the secret honey of paradise. She plunged herself up and down on his manhood with great vigour!

Meantime, after Hera had licked Nestor clean, he pushed her onto her back, lifting her thighs. Looking round he spotted the ice-cream logs in a dish. He thrust one deep into her vulva. After a few strokes, the outer layer of chocolate started to melt. With the shock of the cold seeping into her warm vagina, Hera cried out with an orgasmic shriek.

Nestor crushed the cream deep into her with his erect penis with a firm shove, before bucking furiously into her. The sensation was incredible. Nestor was unable to resist the effect it had on him. With a cry of surprise, his own cream spurted into Hera's lush receptacle, now awash with melted chocolate, cream and sperm, as she moaned and whimpered her delight.

Niobe had twisted sideways to face Theseus beside her, who was sat back, propping himself up with his elbows, watching the others with amusement in his keen eyes. Taking up the jug of clear honey, Niobe poured a generous helping over his massive, ebony phallus, straining proudly, adding a spoonful of cream, before going down on him.

As she did, Theseus reached over for the bowl of chocolate truffles, and stuffed five of them into Niobe's vulva. Then, rolling her over onto her back, he crouched across her so that she could continue licking away at his shaft. He took up a half-empty bottle of champagne, stuffing the neck between her soft lips, smeared with chocolate.

Jerking it in and out vigorously, the fizz almost brought Niobe to an orgasm. The sensation was like a thousand little tongues licking every little fold of her vaginal flesh. After the cool wine had quenched the fire in her loins, Theseus's tongue searched inside Niobe's vulva for the truffles, now melting to a sweet, thick sludge.

But Theseus was getting too aroused, eager to thrust his heavy weapon, of matching colour, into the mud. He rotated his body and slid his thick shaft directly between the coated lips. Niobe gasped with shock as the shaft stretched her chocolate-filled vagina. Once penetrated, she revelled at the sensation trickling through her loins.

Venus and Adonis sat to one side, watching the four couples roll on the cushions, fornicating wildly. Hands were everywhere, breasts were kneaded, vulvas filled with cocks, testicles squeezed. Cream and chocolate was smeared everywhere. Aphrodite and Athena dragged Theseus and Nestor from their partners, ruthlessly rolling them onto their backs to mount their stained penises.

The two other men moved quickly to Niobe and Hera, penetrating their dripping vacated passages without any preliminaries. Moans and whimpers, loud and uninhibited, filled the room as the couples wallowed in sheer eroticism, melted chocolate, crushed strawberries and cream, soft ice-cream and honey generously smudged over their bodies.

During the wrestling, Neleus scooped a handful of thick cream from the jug to smear it over Hera's olive-coloured breasts, massaging it vigorously as he thrust his cock heavily into her. Ulysses fell sideways from Niobe, found the chocolate sauce and poured it over her belly. Clotted cream was applied to Theseus' penis; strawberry puree coated Neleus's testicles.

Soon, the bodies were intermingling. Various sauces and toppings were emptied into the mass of bodies, eclairs crushed between clefts of buttocks. Cocks were thrust in and out of different vulvas, whichever happened to be empty at the time. The women grabbed with abandon at the swaying cocks, gobbling them voraciously before recklessly crushing them into their vaginas.

They turned into animals, growling and snapping. Thighs and tender cheeks of bottoms were bitten, breasts were slapped about, testicles pulled. Cries of pain began to fill the air. Cassandra and Apollo, now naked, armed themselves with leather straps. They set about flaying the seething mass of bodies, indiscriminately aiming for soft buttocks and thighs.

The sounds of the whacks mingled with screams, moans and whimpers, filling the room with sounds of sheer, wild sexual desire. Sprays of cream and chocolate rose from the thrashed bodies.

Niobe, bounding on Nestor's penis, was beaten over her back by the strap. Seeing Theseus pull away from Aphrodite, his penis spurting powerful jets of sperm, Hera reached out to catch the spray in her mouth before he threw himself on her shoving the massive shaft, still-dripping, deep into her vacant vagina.

Nestor was beginning to buck violently against Niobe. He was near exploding. Anxious to see the spurting sperm, her favourite sight, Niobe pulleded her loins away, pushing them at Nestor's face, taking his smooth penis in her hand, pulling at it as the muscles contracted. Nestor's tongue lapped furiously at Niobe's clitoris and labia, sending waves of excitement through her loins.

With a thrust of his hips, and a loud groan, Nestor's penis erupted, showering Niobe's hands with several bursts of thick, hot man-made cream. The sight of such an offering brought about a wave of pure lechery, triggering her own explosive orgasm and cry of joy as she ground her vulva against Nestor's eager mouth.

Neleus was being fellated greedily by Aphrodite, whilst Ulysses licked and nibbled her vulva and clitoris, Cassandra lashing her back with the strap. The screwed-up eyes and rolling head, twitching loins, showed Neleus to be nearing his climax. But Ulysses's teasing tongue bought about Aphrodite's orgasm first.

Her groin thrashed about wildly as the release swept over her, sucking recklessly on Neleus's throbbing shaft. With a yell, his vaulting hips thrust his cock deep into Aphrodite's hot mouth, showering sperm into her throat. After the first jet, she pulled it away, allowing the sperm to splash its globules over her shoulder.

Ulysses's penis was now being mouth-fucked rapidly by Athena, brushing the bare glans between her lips, as the foreskin was pulled back and forth. His sperm spurted against her teeth, dribbling over her chin and hand.

When their spasms had all subsided, the three couples watched silently as Hera, now in the dominant position, battered relentlessly against Theseus's groin, shuddering and bouncing her loins over the thrusts of the huge phallus beneath her. Her folds of flesh clung urgently to the driving shaft as it pulled out, to be crushed back into the opening as it drove back again.

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