tagNonHumanChildren of the Night

Children of the Night


Note: All characters in the following story are 18 years of age or older. Any resemblance to real persons, places, or events is purely coincidental.


Claire ran past the trees as fast as she could, needles scratching at her face and arms. Her lungs were on fire, but she kept racing through the forest at top speed. If she slowed down, even for a moment, she knew it would catch her. She knew what it would do.

The blood dripping from her arm was surely leaving a perfect trail. The slightest pause would seal her doom. If she could just make it to the road—

To either side of her, the trees parted, leaving her in the wide open space of a meadow. Exposed under the blue light of the full moon.

She stumbled on a gnarled old root but managed to keep herself upright. Her hands swept through the long grass, struggling to keep her balanced. She turned back for a moment and finally saw it.

The beast raised its head high, loosing a long howl into the still night air. From behind it, Claire soon heard a chorus of similar cries answer. She fell to her knees, the strength suddenly knocked out of her. Keeping low in the grass, she could only hope it hadn't spotted her in the almost featureless clearing.

Finally having a moment to think, the pain in her arm roared to life, bringing her close to wailing. But she knew enough to hold back and stay perfectly still. To leave the twigs in her hair. To restrain herself from wiping the dirt off her cheeks.

Her pursuer sniffed at the air loudly, still panting from the chase. She could feel her stomach knot as it loped into the meadow, the nearly human mass terrifyingly familiar to her young eyes. The creature howled once more, attracting another chorus from the distant woods and making Claire's teeth clench.

But she also felt an odd sensation in her chest. A rumbling of some sort. She clutched the grass in her hands, still holding onto the idea it'd miss her. It was so close now, she could smell the musk wafting off it. The rumbling in her chest grew louder.

Please God, no, she thought as the face of her tormentor, bathed in moonlight, seemed to tilt its head in her direction.


18 hours earlier...

"Emma! Girls! Time to get up!" Mike shouted to his sleeping family inside the tent.

The sun hadn't risen yet, and the moon just barely lit the trail leading from their camp. It was, without a doubt, the perfect time to head down to the river and catch some fish. Claire was too tired to even care. She snuggled deeper into her sleeping bag, curling up against her older sister, Hannah.

"Mmph... hun?" their mother groaned. "Why don't you go down by yourself. We need a few more winks."

"Oh, come on, Emma! This is the whole reason we came out for the weekend. Roughing it! You told me you wanted to see what the big fuss was. Well, this is why the guys come out here every month."

"Daddy, please let us sleep..." Claire whined, crushing herself even tighter against her snoozing sibling.

Mike grumbled and closed the tent flap, leaving his wife and daughters to their snooze. He would've pressed harder, but he knew it wouldn't do any good. Emma could talk a good game about wanting to camp out like he did with their neighbor Frank Sawyer and his son. When it came to actually roughing it, she was a lot less enthusiastic.

At least taking the family out like this would dispel any fears of Mike and the guys enjoying something they shouldn't be. Yeah... like that would last. Even taking Frank's son Tom along hadn't kept Emma from interrogating him about Vegas weekends.

He grabbed his rod and tackle box, gave the tent one last look, and trudged off into the woods.


"DADDY!!!" Hannah shrieked.

The scream woke Claire instantly. Noontime sun streamed through the open tent flaps, telling her she'd already slept far too long. The sobs from outside made her positive she had to leave her sleeping bag.

Outside, she found herself screaming.

Mike dangled limply over Emma's shoulders, his shirt slashed down the front and soaked in blood. Hannah stomped around the campsite, unable to contain her panic as their mother guided him to the blankets laid on the ground.

"M-Mom," Claire breathed. "What... what happened to him?"

Emma forced Mike to drink from her canteen. "I don't know, baby. He didn't come back this morning, so I went down to the river to look for him. He's been bleeding on those rocks for hours. I'm not sure how he's still alive."

Hannah trembled as she tried to clean their dad's wounds. They both loved him, but now Claire had to admit her little sister was more attached to him than she ever was.

"I... barely even saw it," Mike panted. "It just came out of the woods and knocked me to the ground. I think it bit me."

Emma frowned and tore at the remains of his shirt. "Where, honey? I see the claw marks, but no bites."

"It was... on my shoulder." Sure enough, the cloth covering his right shoulder had been torn away and what was left looked as blood-soaked as the front. But, when Emma probed at the rip, she could find no wound.

As Hannah finished washing the deep cuts in his chest, even those didn't seem as bad as they had when Emma had found him. Still, he was too weak to move, and she didn't like the idea of him getting infected out in the middle of the woods. Even if he didn't need stitches, that water was teeming with all sorts of disease.

"Claire, we need to get to the ranger station right now."

Her daughter nodded. They'd passed it as they'd hiked into the forest. Many miles back.

"I'll get ready."

Emma leaned down and kissed Mike hard. He tried to smile reassuringly, but it was a hard sell.

"Hannah," Emma turned to her older daughter. "I' taking your sister with me. You watch Daddy here while we get help. We'll be back in a couple hours, okay?"

The girl's eyes lit up in terror. "But, Mom? The bear."

Emma shook her head. "It wasn't a bear, baby. They don't have bears around here. Just wolves, and they stay away from people."


The sun was kissing the horizon when Emma and Claire decided they were well and truly lost. Navigating the many forks of the trail had been too much for them, and the ranger station had failed to appear around any of the turns they took.

"It's going to be dark soon," Claire grumbled.

Emma nodded. She hadn't planned on taking so long, but neither of them knew their way around Mike's weathered old map, even if the section they were camping in weren't missing from it.

"Well, I know we crossed that wide part of the river about half a mile after we left the ranger station..."

Claire nodded in agreement. "It was right before that picnic area."

"And I remember the sun was in my eyes the whole time we were crossing that river..." Emma squinted at the last rays flaring over the horizon as the sun sank out of view. She turned in the opposite direction and pointed at a lonely little hill. "If we keep that hill ahead of us and on our right, we should be going in the right direction."

She sniffed at the air, head twisting at something.

"Mom?" Claire said, eyeing Emma warily.

"It's nothing, baby." Emma shook her head. "I just... I thought I smelled... I don't know." She licked her lips, not noticing the how different it felt.


Hannah caressed her father's strong arms lovingly. She'd built a fire under his guidance, but it barely got high enough to illuminate the campsite. She hadn't even noticed how small his wounds had gotten, to the point where she'd have trouble even spotting them. She also hadn't noticed the way his eyes followed her around the camp...

The rising moon played over his hairy chest, defining the rippling muscles. She looked up to him, eyes wet with tears that still refused to fall.

Mike smiled down at his daughter, hugging her tight. He winked at her, making the girl laugh weakly. She loved him so. If anything had happened to him...

She shook her head, flinging tears around as she held back another round of sobs.

"Shhhh..." Mike cupped her face in his hand, tilting her chin up to face him. His eyes gleamed in the light. Something about that look froze Hannah in place. She knew instinctively that it wasn't the sort of glance a father should use on his young daughter.

He leaned down and kissed her lips gently. Despite her fears, Hannah responded, pressing herself against him as the embrace deepened. His tongue flicked at her lips, demanding entrance into her inexperienced mouth. She opened for him, letting her father explore.

Eyes heavy from the struggle within opened wide when Hannah noticed the increasing girth of her father's tongue. The lethargy of the seduction broke when she looked into his eyes and saw the gold flecks mirroring the moonlight.

The girl pulled back from the kiss with a wet slurp, her father's long tongue hanging limp far outside his mouth before he pulled it back in. With his lips parted, Hannah finally noticed the long points of his canines.

Struggling to get away, she found herself locked in the steely grip of her parent's muscular arms. His hands gripped her small hips tightly, pulling her hard against the erection developing in his straining pants.

"D-Daddy... please..." she whimpered.

"Shhhh... you'll understand in a moment," he growled. The feral gleam in his eyes sent Hannah's heart racing and she continued to wriggle as Mike lowered his head to her shoulder, pulling her T-shirt away from it with his teeth. He licked at her soft skin tenderly, as if he were cleaning her.

Then he took the yielding flesh between his jaws and bit into his loving daughter.

Hannah wailed miserably, beating at Mike's rock hard chest with her little fists and desperately trying to squirm out of his relentless grip. The struggling only moved her more rapidly against her father's cock, which now crowned over the waistband of his pants, glistening with precum.

Her father's canine tongue lapped at the blood flowing freely from her wound, cleaning the crimson away from the dual rows of teethmarks as his saliva filled the holes. The girl's crying reduced to sniffles. She trembled in his arms.

Mike ground his now foot long phallus into Hannah's stomach, his pelvis thrusting as the length continued to telescope out of his jeans. His clawed fingers massaged the girl's hips, urging them to match his rhythm.

At some point, Hannah's sniffles grew long and deep. Her nostrils drank in her father's masculine scent, filling her mind with greater conflict as something in the smell made her heart pound with excitement. She rocked her hips against her dad, somehow knowing it was the natural thing to do.

Brushing her tousled hair from her eyes with his deadly claws, Mike could see the golden shine already appearing in his daughter's gaze. Her arms no longer swatted at him. The fists gave way to the caressing hands of moments before, only now a sensuality defined their touch.

"D-Daddy..." Hannah breathed, wetting her lips as she looked upon his feral visage.

The 5 o'clock shadow of the afternoon had thickened considerably, framing his face in a soft pelt. His features were somewhat more angular and handsome; still human but noticeably altered. His ears had grown furry and pointed, rising through his unruly hair like those of a wolf.

Below his neck, the transformation was just as pronounced. His mundane arms and torso had grown lean and muscular, gaining a covering of thick fur that left exposed skin on the undersides of his arms and his prominent chest.

His angry red cock, now a solid 14 inches and as thick around as his human wrist had been, pulsed with desire. The blue jeans sheathing his altered legs strained around his thick new musculature, bulging and sagging where his anatomy changed more radically.

The wolfman growled low, licking his long fangs as he studied his daughter. Hannah cooed as his large hands massaged her round little ass. She arched her back, encouraging him to grope her sexually charged body. Her hard nipples poked through her T-shirt and dug into her father's chest.

The warmth in Hannah's chest swelled and grew, straining against the cups of her bra and the tightening shirt. She looked up to her father, panting hungrily. Her hands trailed through his grey fur, scratching along his shoulders with her sharp nails.

A growl escaped the girl's juicy lips, punctuated with a lick of her long tongue. She nuzzled into her parent's neck, inhaling his musk deeply. She licked at his jaw, groaning as her shorts rode up her newly voluptuous ass, digging into her slit.

"I feel hot, Daddy..." she cooed, looking up to him with her golden wolf eyes. Mike hardened further at the sight of her beautiful face, sharp canines revealed on every gasp, pleading for him to take her. He reached up with his bestial hands and tore her T-shirt at the collar, exposing the bulging expanse of her breasts.

Hannah keened, thrusting out her large new tits to entice her father. Her clawed hands tugged at the straining fly of his pants, freeing the entirety of his monster erection. Almost as if awaiting the signal, the seams of his jeans finally gave way, revealing his digitrade legs and the wolf tail sprouting above his muscular ass.

Mike responded by running his sharp claws along Hannah's wide hips, slicing away the tiny shorts and panties. The light scent of her aroused cunt drifted into the night, teasing her father's sensitive nostrils. The wolf girl ground her slit against his throbbing member, painting him with her pussy juice.

He leaned down to kiss her once more, slipping his lengthy tongue between her plush lips. This time, she sucked at him, wrapping her own canine tongue around his and exploring his mouth in return. Mike snarled and bucked beneath his voluptuous daughter, making her huge boobs and tight ass jiggle.

"I'm gonna fuck you now," the wolfish father growled, stroking his little girl's long curls, which tumbled around her shoulders and globular tits.

"Yesss.." she crooned. "Fuck me! Fuck me, and make me yours!"

Her canine ears twitched as they poked through her lustrous mane. She shivered with need as her dad's large claws slid down the fur of her back and slipped under her curvy butt. Her own animalistic hands wrapped around his pulsing cock, tilting it towards her dripping pussy.

Mike pulled her up in his arms, raising her high enough for his cock to meet her entrance. Hannah snarled, lining the head of his enormous cock up with her folds and undulating against him as he slowly lowered her onto his length.

As if a switch had been thrown, the humanity drained right out of the new werewolves. Mike slammed his rod in and out of his bitch's cunt, bucking wildly. Hannah gyrated and snarled atop her father, stroking her big tits while the grey-black fur raced over her arms and legs, leaving only her face and the front of her torso bare.

Her rear claws dug into the soft earth, giving her greater leverage to bounce upon the fat dick she craved so badly. Her more curvaceous form reveled in the sensations her tame human body had never imagined. She cared for nothing but the rut.

Mike barked at her, yanking her long hair back in his large fist to tilt her head. The sexy werewolf bitch whined in pain and pleasure, gyrating around his impaling length as he nibbled at her exposed neck.

She wrapped her arms around him, digging her claws into the coarse fur of his back. The smell of it... the feel of it rubbing against her own velvety pelt... She mashed her immense boobs against him, panting as her first orgasm ripped through her.

The wolfman licked up his daughter's silky neck, smothering her yips and growls with his drooling maw. Hannah's ears flattened against her head as her climax peaked. She thrust her tongue into her mate's mouth, tracing his sharp fangs as he sawed his enormous cock in and out of her.

Her pussy clutched at him, pleading for a load of hot cum to bathe her uterus. Her soft hands traveled behind her jostling ass, reaching down to fondle his big, furry balls. Mike growled contentedly but showed no signs of his own release.

His incestuous mate bared her fangs wickedly and rolled her luscious hips. Quickly dismounting her father, Hannah crawled down to his crotch on all fours, trailing her long tongue down his rock-hard abs as her big tits dragged over his furry lap.

She sniffed at his pulsating red cock, laving her tongue over his length and tasting her own juices all over her lover's rod. Some small part of her remembered that this was her father she was fellating. It was her own flesh and blood fucking her in the middle of the woods.

A much larger part yearned to be mated.

The wolf girl's head bobbed on top of her father's thick cock, taking half the length between her fangs and lodging it in her throat repeatedly. Mike gripped the ground in his deadly claws, humping up into his werewolf mate's hungry mouth.

The sight of his young daughter enthusiastically deep throating him made his loins ache for the release that just wouldn't come. Her lust-filled, golden eyes stared into his unflinchingly. The womanly form of her body, so much more voluptuous and desirable than her waifish humanity, bounced and jiggled as she serviced him.

Her grey-black fur shone like velvet in the moonlight, highlighting succulent shelf of her huge tits and her plush, toned flanks. Then, raising from the base of her spine, Hannah's lupine tail wagged over her heart-shaped ass. She snarled around her mouthful of cock as her bushy new appendage waved the scent of her arousal over to her lover's nose.

Mike's eyes peeled back as his senses went wild from his daughter's musk. His member strained in her throat, gaining a couple more inches as his blood pumped the phallus to impossible hardness. Hannah pulled away from him with a loud slurp, a knowing look on her feral face as her long tongue cleaned her fangs and puffy lips.

She leaned back on her haunches, jutting out her large, creamy breasts in the moonlight. She cradled the immense orbs in her furry arms, taunting her father with the gravity-defying melons. The horny bitch growled contentedly when she saw him rise to his knees, fisting his cock rapidly.

Hannah slowly turned away from him, cooing as she pinched her nipples between her claws. Her ears twisted around as she heard him crawl across the forest floor. Lowering herself to all fours, she arched her back, presenting her round ass to her mate. Her tail wagged happily as she heard his snuffling get closer and closer.

His long tongue licked at her smooth pussy, cleaning the juices from his daughter's lower lips. She moaned low, making her breasts tingle from the throaty vibrations. Mike snarled in return, sending a buzz through her clit when he nipped at it. She growled until he suddenly released.

Craning her neck up, she saw the wolfman's silhouette towering over her. His twitching member rubbed against her soft folds. His hairy form came to rest on top of her. His trunk-like arms gripped the ground on either side of her.

She tilted her cunt up to him, presenting herself for the mating. Mike brought his face against hers, inhaling deeply as he trailed his tongue over her lips. Hannah snarled, bracing her digitrade legs against the bed of pine needles. Her gigantic bosom hung beneath her majestically, dragging her nipples along the ground.

Her father took his massive, drooling cock by the base of his furry sheath, holding it rigid in one bestial hand. Hannah felt the swollen head piercing her and growled at the spine-tingling sensation. She rocked her ass back, putting her weight on the fat head of her lover's rod.

Mike snarled as his daughter's snatch sucked up his slick tool and lay on top of her, grinding his hips into her firm flanks. His mate humped back into him. She keened and salivated at the sensations tearing through her young body. Her heart raced as their rutting accelerated.

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