tagCelebrities & Fan FictionChillin Wild Safari

Chillin Wild Safari



Diana Devoe as Terri

Midori as Tanya [Has an anal scene]

Janet Jacme as Ieshia

Pebbles as Monica

Jeannie Pepper as Velma [Has an anal scene]

Vanessa Blue as herself (NON-SEX)

Lana Sands as Keisha [Has a DP scene]

Also featuring:

Mr. Marcus as Himself

Lexington Steele as Mubuto

Wesley Pipes as Steven

Byron Long as Aaron

Ron Hightower as Don

Sean Michaels as Ron

Peter North as himself

The story begins with shots of blue sky, wild lands, animals and an airplane coming in for landing as the credits role. The location would be somewhere in either Africa or perhaps the Bahamas. As the plane stops to unload, we see the gang for this film getting off the plane. It is Terri (Diana), Marcus, Velma (Jeannie), Ieshia (Janet), Sean (Ron) and Steven (Wesley). They are all together on this getaway trip. Terri is paired up with Steven, Marcus with Velma and Ieshia with Ron.

As they come into the airport to collect their baggage, another one of their friends comes in. It is Tanya (Midori). She came ahead of her friends.

TAYNA: Hey guys! Guys!

The others see her and run over to greet her!

IESHA: Hey girl! What's up?

TAYNA: A whole lot is up in this place! Wait until you see it! It's great!

STEVEN: Great huh? Well, if it is, then let's get too it!

Terri looks at Steven with an annoyed look and roles her eyes as they all head to the taxi that will take them to their hotel room. This couple obviously has issues that will come out during this erotic story.

As the group head to the taxi, two men get out to take their bags.

DON: Hey folks! This is Peter and my name is Don and we will be your drivers during your stay here. If there is anything you need, then let us know.

The group nods at them as they load up and get into the taxi. Soon they are at the plush hotel in which they will stay. As the group checks in, Steven's wandering eyes catches sight of Monica. She is wearing a tight fitting black dress with thin straps with strap high heel shoes on (the kind that you tie up to your calf). The dress barely covers her ample ass as she walks by. Terri catches Steven in the act.

TERRI: So, is that what you like?

STEVEN: What baby? (trying to act like he hasn't done anything)


STEVEN: Terri, you know you are all I want (trying to smooth things over).

TERRI: Well, that's not what I saw a minute ago!

STEVEN: Terri, you need to stop trippin'! I don't give a fuck about her!

TERRI: Oh, it's 'her' now! A second ago, you weren't looking at nobody!

STEVEN: You know what? We've checked in and all that. Right now, I just need some space!

TERRI: Yeah, go get your space with your sorry ass!

Terri shouts this as he leaves the lobby. After he is gone, Terri breaks down and starts crying. Tanya comes over to comfort her friend.

TANYA: What's wrong Terri? We are supposed to be having fun right now!

TERRI: Its that sorry ass boyfriend of mine!

Terri then sighs and frowns.

TERRI: I love him so much but he is such a complete dog.

TANYA: Girl, I told you a long time ago that he's sorry! Why do you put up with him?

TERRI: I don't know, I.....

Tanya stops her friend from responding.

TANYA: Well, you need to loosen up and have fun because obviously, he's going to do what he wants to do. If I were you girl, I'd have me some fun. Like I am about to do right now. Excuse me.

With that, Tanya went to go introduce herself to the tall, dark skinned man that just walked by. Leaving Terri by herself. As Terri just shook her head, she picked up her bags and went to her room.

As this was going on, we cut to see Marcus and Velma crashing in their hotel room. Marcus is wearing a black tank top shirt with aqua blue shorts and sandals. Velma is wearing a red bikini bra with a matching bikini thong with a sunflower sash wrapped around her waist. She is wearing no shoes.

MARCUS: Man, I am beat! That was a long ass plane ride!

VELMA: Yeah, I could use a nap myself.

MARCUS: That's a good idea so that we'll be rested for later on.

Velma is now moving in seductively on Marcus, rubbing his shoulders while nibbling on his neck.

MARCUS: Oh, baby! I'd..I'd love to but....you know I may not be at my best and....

VELMA: Stop fronting Marcus, you know that even at your worst, you are still the best and I can't think of a better way to get us to sleep.

Marcus has a big smile on his face now. He now turns to Velma and kisses her deeply in the mouth. As he does this, he starts to remove her bra to kiss her ample and beautiful titties. He lays her down onto the bed as Velma pulls his shirt off of him to feel his muscular upper torso. She also kisses his neck and works her way down to Marcus' nipples, returning the favor that was done to her nipples.

She then turns him over onto his back and does a strip tease for him on the bed. Dancing seductively, she slowly removes her sash from her waist and then her thong, revealing the sweet, delicious pussy that laid within them. She then turned around and "mooned" Marcus, showing him what she had waiting for him. Marcus wasted no more time as he sat up and began to eat her from behind. Velma bent over and balanced herself on the bed with her left hand as she played with her clit with her right. Marcus, meanwhile, was alternating between her pussy and her asshole, eating her real good and making her cum with his tongue.

After this, Velma gets on her knees and pulls off Marcus' shorts, revealing his hardened cock that stood at attention. She at first teased it by licking around the head of it and the slit of the cock. Then, she took it all in her mouth as she began to suck it up and down, caressing his balls as she did this!

After several minutes of sucking Marcus' ample dick, she lays on her back and spreads them for him to enter her. Marcus does just that as he penetrates her with his cock, filling up every inch of her insides! He moves back and forth, giving her everything he's got. He then puts her on top of him and lets her take a ride ;)! As she rides him, she makes a verbal request of him.

VELMA: You know what I want now baby? I want you to fuck me in the ass!

Marcus' grin now has to be surgically removed as he had her bend over doggystyle to receive his dick in her tight lil butthole! She has a look of shock at first but then it turns into a devilish grin as he slides himself in and out of her bowels! Velma plays with herself to make the sensation greater as she cheers her man on to drive his thang into her booty!

Finally, Marcus can't hold it in anymore as he is ready to cum. Velma turns around quickly to receive all of his cum on her face and in her mouth!

Velma sits up to drain his dick of any excess as she blows him some more as he lays down on the bed. After getting every bit of his cum, she lays beside him, all tuckered out!

MARCUS: Oh, man. You were great as always.

VELMA: So were you. I think I am ready for that nap now.

Both share a light kiss before cuddling together to go to sleep.

We now see Terri walking to the outside of the hotel onto a deck, wearing a nice red and black bikini top with matching G-String bottoms and black high heel shoes. As she gets ready to go to a table, she sees her man Steven all hugged up with the woman she caught him eyeing earlier (this is Monica by the way) in another room across the street in full view! Consumed with both anger and heartbreak, she simply runs off. Meanwhile, not knowing that his woman just caught him cheating, Steven continues making out with Monica.

Monica is already naked while Steven is naked except for his feet (he still has his socks on). He is sucking on Monica's generous chest as she massages the back of his neck! The exchange kisses in between his sucking on her nipples. Steven then makes his way down to her clit and begins licking it up like good ice cream or like a dog would some water. He circled and teased the clit, making Monica shiver with delight as he fingers her as well.

He then goes over on his knees to her face as she takes him in her mouth. She sucks his dick vigorously back and forth, concentrating manly on the head of the penis while alternating with the shaft and the slit of the dick. Steven lets out a laugh of delight as Monica seems to take great pride in her "work."

Finally, we come to the penetration as Steven mounts this dark beauty in the doggy style position. Her pussy seems to hug his dick as he moves it back and forth, in and out of her. She also moves herself, giving it back to him as he does to her. Steven then changes positions into a form of the missionary. He places a pillow under Monica's ass and thrusts deeply into her. This makes her shiver and moan as the dick was reaching places that she has rarely felt before.

Finally, we come to the cum shot as we see Steven dump his load onto Monica's face and chest. She takes every drop of cum from him with extreme pleasure.

Back at the hotel, Tanya sees Terri at the bar downing a few drinks. Tanya knows that Terri rarely drinks so she walks over to see what was going on.

TANYA: What is this? What the hell are you doing?

TERRI: What does it look like I'm doing? I am having a good time?

TANYA: Yeah, having a good time loading yourself up! Stop this girl!

TERRI: Leave me alone Tanya!

TANYA: Is it Steven again?

TERRI: It is none of your goddamn business!

Finally, with those words, Terri breaks down a bit and sobs. Tanya comforts her.

TERRI: I didn't listen to you. I just caught that bastard fucking another bitch!

TANYA: I'm sorry Terri. I told you though that he was no good! What you need to do is "what the Romans do."

TERRI: What does that mean?

TANYA: I mean is, you need to find someone to get down with!

TERRI: Now, who would I find for that even if I wanted too.

TANYA: Well, if you would get your head out of Steven's ass long enough, you would see all the good "fruit" running around here.

At that point, the gentleman that we saw earlier that Tanya went to pursue has returned.

AARON: Hey Tanya.

TANYA: Hi Aaron.

AARON: Listen, I am having one of my boys come over. Why don't you and your friend here come over?

TERRI: Listen, it sounds nice but I don't think.......

TANYA: Oh, she would be glad to come along!

AARON: Great, see you outside!

TERRI: What the hell are you doing!? We don't know this guy or anything!

TANYA: Well, you do what you want but I ain't moping around here! I am going where the beef is!

TERRI: Tanya, wait! I can't let you go by yourself!

TANYA: Now you are starting to make some sense! Let's go have a good time.

With that, the two women follow Aaron to his car. It can be whatever you envision but let's say it is a pretty nice vehicle. They are now off to Aaron's place.

We now go to the poolroom where Ieshia and Ron are playing a game of pool. The two have played for about an hour and are getting bored.

RON: You know honey? We've been playing this pool game for awhile now. Let's say we go back to the room and play another kind of "pool."

IESHIA: Let's say we don't.

This draws a look of disappointment from Ron. Ieshia just laughs.

IESHIA: Hahahahaha! Don't look like that honey! Not that sex with you is boring because it isn't. Its just that I've always wanted to try something different.

RON: Hmmm! Tell you what? Why don't you go back upstairs and why don't I surprise you?

Ieshia nodded to him with a big grin as she strutted her way back to their room. Meanwhile, we see Ron run outside and spots Don and Peter.

RON: Hey guys!

DON/PETER: Hey man!

RON: Listen, I know this going to sound strange but you said if we needed anything, you'll be able to do it, right?

PETER: Yeah, we try to help out.

RON: Well, what's going on is this, my wife wants something out of the ordinary in terms of sex.

DON: What did you have in mind?

Ron calls them closer and whispers in their ears. Both back away with big grins on their faces.

PETER: Give us 10 minutes. We know just the woman and we are the two guys to help you.

RON: Great! Thank you!

We finally get back to Terri and Tanya who is riding with Aaron back to his place. They arrived there and go inside.

AARON: Here we are ladies! Help yourselves to some drinks if you like.

TERRI: No thanks! I think I've had my fill.

TANYA: I'll have a beer.

Aaron gets Tanya a beer as Terri just has a seat. At this point, Aaron's friend comes in.

AARON: Terri, Tanya, here is my bud Mubuto.

Both women greet the tall man that walked in. He especially eyed Terri and while nervous at first, Terri returned the look to him.

Aaron then turned his attention to Tanya.

AARON: Now, Tanya, how about that 'negotiation' on that deal?

Aaron said that with a wink. Tanya knew what time it was.

TANYA: Well, why don't we go somewhere private to begin the 'discussions.'

The two got up and left to the back, leaving Mubuto and Terri alone.

MUBUTO: So, what's your story.

TERRI: Well, I am supposed to be on vacation with my boyfriend.

MUBUTO: Oh, I see. Where is this man now?



TERRI: Yes, out.

MUBUTO: Then if you don't mind me saying this, he's out of his mind! He should be all over you right now because damn you are fine!

TERRI: Thank you.

Terri is blushing at this point. She does tell him that the reason her man ain't around is because he's out running around with another woman.

MUBUTO: Oh really now? Well, why don't I see about changing that frown into a smile, eh? Let's take a walk outside.

Terri took the strong but gentle man's hand and walked outside with him onto the beach.

Meanwhile, 'negotiations' had started between Aaron and Tanya in the form of her being on her knees giving him a blowjob! Aaron's pants are all the way down around his calves while Tanya's dress is partially removed, revealing her breasts. She massages them, playing with her own nipples as she continues to suck the "sausage" in front of her. She then did something that Aaron didn't expect, she licked the "G-spot" area between the balls and the butthole! Aaron was taken by surprise about it but was wordless to say anything because he was frozen by the sensations!

After a good blowjob, Tanya stood up and removed her dress and her panties, leaving nothing but her shoes on! Soon, Aaron had his pants completely off and was tasting the goodness of Tanya's "honey pot" from behind. As he did this, he gave back what she did earlier and alternated between the pussy and the butt hole, licking both of them. This made Tanya cringe with delight as she moved her backside up and down to match Aaron's flickering tongue.

After softening up her "openings", Aaron mounted Tanya while she laid on her stomach and entered her vaginally. He moves his hips and ass back and forth with each stroke getting him deeper and deeper inside of her. Tanya moaned with delight at Aaron's work as she moved her bottom against his groin, taking in all of his cock into her pussy. After several minutes of this, Tanya turned to Aaron who was still stroking her down.

TANYA: Lay down baby. I want to ride you with my ass!

AARON: Really baby?

TANYA: Yeah!

So, Aaron lays on his back while Tanya mounts him and places his cock into her bowels! Both of them began to moan as the sensual woman's tight asshole gripped the big cock of Aaron. Tanya's clit was also rubbing against Aaron's groin area, making her cum as she used her butt to make him cum. Finally, Aaron exploded as he came on her butt and even in her butthole! When the wave of dizziness subsided, Tanya laid her sweaty body on Aaron, who was also bushed.

AARON: Tanya, I think you have closed a deal :)!

TANYA: Well, I've always been good at these "deals" :)!

Both share a lingering kiss as we fade to another scene.

Ron has just come back up from downstairs to find something shocking but not surprising. Velma and Marcus had come down to visit and apparently, Ieshia couldn't wait to get started so he comes in to find both Ieshia and Velma giving Marcus head!

RON: Oh, getting started without me eh?

All three just laugh. Ron giggles as well. It was all good since they knew each other.

IESHIA: So, you find anyone?

RON: Actually I did. They should be up here any minute now.

At this point, Ron gets a knock on the door. In walks in Don, Peter and a new visitor.

DON: Hey man! What's up!

RON: Hey, you guys showed up just in time! Who is this?

PETER: This is Keisha! She's going to join us.

Keisha walks in with this tight fitting tank top shirt and "daisy dukes" shorts that barely covers her ample butt!

DON: So, what's the plan?

RON: Well, Marcus, what do you think?

MARCUS: I think me and Ron should introduce ourselves to our new friend. What about it baby?

VELMA: I agree. Ieshia, let's make the fellas feel at home! :)

Ieshia and Velma then walk over to Don and Peter and take them to another part of the room while Marcus and Ron get busy on Keisha. Marcus is already naked and is kissing Keisha while Ron is taking his clothes off. Keisha already has Marcus' dick in her right hand, massaging it up and down while she reaches for Ron's dick as well.

On the other side of the room, Velma is paired off with Don while Ieshia as Peter on a sofa. Velma is getting her pussy eaten by a shirtless Don while Peter is getting his dick sucked by Ieshia. Ieshia is fingering herself while she blows him. Peter stands at attention taking in every suck and kiss that she is giving! Velma, meanwhile, fingers herself in her asshole while Don eats her pussy.

Back in the main bedroom, Keisha is now fully naked and is giving both Marcus and Ron blowjobs. Both men are fully erect and there is no lack of "meat" here! She then gets up and bends over on the bed. Ron takes first dibs on it as he enters her pussy. Keisha lets out a moan as his long cock slides into her, filling her up. He moves back and forth as Marcus stands back and watches from the sidelines. He then goes to her face and Keisha sucks his dick while Ron fucks her from behind.

In the living room, Velma is now sitting up and is sucking Don's dick while Ieshia is getting fucked "buck"/missionary style by Peter! Peter uses his legs and groin to drive his hardened dick into Ieshia's pussy hole as deep and fast as he can. Ieshia's feet point upward with delight as she takes him and everything he's got.

Turning our attention back to the bedroom, Ron is now getting his dick sucked as it is now Marcus taking Keisha from behind. Marcus was rocking her booty but she withstood them every step of the way as she continued to blow Ron at the same time.

Then, Ron laid on the bed on his back and motioned for Keisha to get on top of him. Keisha mounted him and put his penis inside of her. After a couple of minutes of this, Marcus joined them by putting his cock into her asshole! Both men where getting their rocks off on her!

Back to the other room, Velma was now being penetrated as she mounted Don in a reverse cowgirl position while Ieshia was now being fucked doggystyle! Both women were getting their rocks off as well as the men here.

In the bedroom, Marcus finally came onto Keisha's ass and butthole while a few minutes later, Ron came on her butt as well.

Back in the living room, Velma was back sucking Don's dick until he let out his load! He came all in her mouth but she continued to suck his dick as he came. Meanwhile, Peter spilled his load all over Ieshia's stomach and chest area!

We now move to the beach front where Terri and Mubuto are laying on a towel in an isolated area of the beach. The area has sand and plenty of trees as well as water and brush.

Terri, during the previous scenes, has been opening up to Mubuto about her relationship troubles.

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