China Doll


Lei and her mother Ling worked in their flower bed. It may have been because they were Chinese and had knowledge of such things, or maybe it was because they were women, or maybe just because they loved flowers, but whatever the reason or mixture of reasons, the two had the showplace of the neighborhood. Delicate flowers covered their yard. A mix of plants, fountains and statues drew your eye and assaulted your senses. People from all over the city came to view their work.

Lei had been married, but when he had beaten her she had divorced him. She came back to live with her mom and dad.

Dave lived next door, and would sit on his porch and watch them work. He never got tired of it. He became friends with Ling's husband. The two would talk over their shared fence all summer. Chen had introduced Dave to Chinese philosophy and Dave had introduced Chen to Budweiser.

Chen was away on business a lot, so Dave made sure he checked on the two women when Chen was away. When Chen was there he would have Dave come over and be their handyman if something broke, and Dave just continued to do it when he was away as well. Dave did it to be nice; Chen did it because he could see his daughter liked Dave.

Lei reached in to get a weed that was trying to hide, and whispered, "Mother, why does he not see?"

Ling didn't need to be told who the 'He' was she was referring to, "What do you mean?"

"I work out here because I love our flowers and the joy they bring to others. I also work out here because I know he will be watching."

"Maybe he doesn't like you, the way you mean."

"I don't know if he likes me any way. He's polite to me, but never pursues any openings I hint at."

"Perhaps he is shy."

Lei was getting more aggressive pulling at the weeds, "Perhaps he is an idiot."

"Well you aren't going to find out anything talking to me. I think I will go inside and take a break, just in case you want to do some weeding over near where he is."

As she worked her way towards him, Lei's temper was focused on Dave and the situation he had put her in. The more she thought about it the more ticked off she got. All right, okay, she didn't look like a model, but she was still nice to look at. She kept trying to send him the message that she was interested in him, but it was no good. They hadn't done anything except exchange a simple "Hi".

"Remind me not to piss you off." Lei jumped, she was so intent on her problems she hadn't realized how close she had gotten to him. "Those weeds don't stand a chance."

She smiled, in spite of herself. "Hi, I didn't know you were there." She liked her neighbor, and even though he was much older than her, she found him attractive. He had always treated her and her entire family respectably.

"Lei is something bothering you?"

Her brain shouted at her that this was her chance, and she froze, "Oh, it's nothing."


Lei just looked at him in shock, and did a slow boil, but was still reluctant to say anything.

"If I noticed it, it must be pretty obvious. You're out here and mad as hell, something has had to cause it."

She went from slow to fast boil, "How do you know that?"

Dave smiled, "Been there, done that." When she was still not telling him anything, he smarted off to her, "Oh for Pete's sake, what's up?"

The Chinese volcano "Lei" erupted, "You are what's up," she knew her mother would be concerned at her public display of anger, but Lei had been raised in America, "I've tried to approach you several times, because I feel you are attracted to me. Yet each time you reject my friendship but continue giving me the same feelings. I'm confused, why are you avoiding me?" She saw him get sad.

"I won't lie, I am attracted to you, but it is something that can't happen. I don't think I should come around you anymore."

Lei watched him walk away and mumbled to herself, "Well I certainly handled that well."

Dave stayed away from his back yard for the next two weeks except to cut the grass. He saw that Chen was back and purposely didn't visit with him. But, a knock at the door, made him face the problem. Dave opened the door and there stood Chen. He smiled at his friend, "Hi, come in."

Chen was not one to hope a problem would go away; he met it head on, "So you have decided to stop being friends with my family."

"Of course not, I like you all very much."

"My daughter is very upset with you, and I am upset with her."

"Yeah, she probably is mad at me, but you know it is better this way. Why are you mad at her?"

"She did not handle the situation in our back yard very well, and how do I know it is better this way?"

"Chen, you are the reason I must stay away."

"I do not understand."

"You are my friend and I respect your wishes. I know you want your daughter to find a nice Chinese man and settle down."

"You are wrong my friend. While I would like Lei to find a Chinese man, it is more important that she find someone who is honorable and will love and respect her. I am pleased that you two are attracted to each other."

"I thought you would be angry and I didn't want to lose you as a friend."

"As I said, she has found someone that is honorable. You are invited to supper...6 o'clock." Chen turned and left.

Dave showed up in plenty of time, but was extremely nervous. The meal was served by Lei. She took great care to act the part of a dutiful daughter who was trying to please a suitor. She was humble and had her eyes cast down the whole evening. She acted as if serving Dave his food was the greatest honor. The conversation during supper was pleasant, and the food was good. Ling took great pains to make sure Dave knew that Lei had prepared the meal. Lei acted meek and subservient.

Finally, Dave couldn't take it anymore. As she came near him to pick up the dirty dishes, he grabbed Lei and pulled her on his lap, "Will you please be you!"

"I thought you would be delighted to have me behave that way."

"I want the woman that can do battle with any weed. The one that isn't afraid to tell me I'm acting like a jerk."

Chen cleared his throat. Lei smiled, "You were right father. He told me that many men would want a slave and they would enjoy having a woman ready to obey their every whim. He also told me you were not one of them. I had to find out; I can't be that type of woman."

"Good, I'd rather have you back."

The next several months Dave and Lei went everywhere together. He still watched her work in the yard, but a lot more than "Hi" was always exchanged between them. He was regularly invited to supper. He always had been, but now he was coming as more than a friend and neighbor.

Dave had received a written invitation for Chuang Shang de Gong Fu. He got to his friends house at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, as the invitation requested. He figured it was a specific type of Chinese food, most of which he found delicious.

Lei opened the door for him dressed in an elaborately decorated Chinese robe. When he entered the home, he seemed to be transported to another time. She handed him a cup of tea. He said, "Thank you," she bowed to him, but didn't say anything. Once the door was closed behind him, he was in an area solely lit by candles. It gave the feeling that he was safe because somewhere a Chinese warrior stood guard and protected him.

Incense filled the air with the aroma of being in the deep woods and breathing air just after a spring rain. Dave knew that the aroma was specifically for him. She had tried other scents during their meals but he'd had trouble breathing the perfumed air, and his friends kept trying until they found one that wouldn't bother him. They were good and caring people, and he also noticed, Chen and Ling were not at home.

Lei led him by the hand, to the bathroom. She handed him a robe, "Get undressed please."

Dave was little embarrassed, "Ah -- what?"

Lei smiled at his discomfort, "You are to have a bath, and you can't do that with your clothes on." She went to the tub and as she ran the water she heard him Changing. As he watched Lei, Dave caught some scent from the water. When she turned around she held out her hand, and gave him an innocent look.

"I need you to give me the robe and get into the water, please." He swallowed, hard, and it took a lot for Lei not to laugh. She was handed the robe and was pleased at his discomfort.

Dave stepped into the scented water, and sat down. Lei sat down behind him and put her legs around him. He could feel that she had also taken off her robe. He felt her start to wash his back, and turned his head to her, "You don't need to do this because you think you have to."

Lei kissed him, "No, but I do need to do this because I want to."

Dave relaxed as she started to wash him again. The warm scented water and the soap she was using made his muscles relax. He felt her hands on his shoulders pulling him back to her. He moved against her and laid his head back on her soft shoulder. Her touch on his chest was delicate and light, especially when she twirled the hair on his chest.

Lei heard him suck in his breath as she started washing between his legs. This was something she knew he would like; and she was enjoying his awkwardness more than she thought she would. His being embarrassed meant he had never experienced this with anyone before.

Lei felt him reacting to her. She pushed him away from her so that she could move. Getting in front of him, his hard erection ached to be touched some more. Instead, she teasingly pushed her breasts near his face until she felt him try to put his lips to her nipple and then she moved just out of his reach.

She washed his legs and feet and hoped he liked it, she also hoped he liked what he saw. With the bathing done, Lei stood and stepped out of the tub. She dried herself, then put on her robe, grabbed another large towel and waited for him to get out.

Dave had never had anyone wash him like that, and it felt wonderful. He got out of the warm scented water and stood there as she toweled him dry. He was hard, and it stood out from him. He felt her wrap the towel around him and give him a squeeze as she dried between his legs. He looked down as she dried his legs, her face was near his cock but she purposely avoided any contact. When he was dry, he was given his robe to put back on.

Lei took his hand and led him to her bedroom. Dave encountered a light amber glow in the room. Everywhere he turned there were votive candles with dragonfly cutouts casting dancing dragonflies upon the walls. The flick of the candles made it absolutely beautiful.

As the months had past two had steadily gotten closer, but in the past few weeks it was obvious they had fallen in love. He put his arms around her, looked into her eyes, and his lips found hers. Lei returned his kiss, then made him take his robe off and lay face down on the bed. She took her own robe off and sat on the bed beside him.

Placing some heated oil in her palm, she started to massage him with a light touch and explained to him what she was doing, "I am concerned with the circulation of your Qi energy. Imbalance and blockages in the flow of Qi are seen to be the root cause of all illness in the body. Chinese massage is designed not only to relax the person and release muscular tension but to correct the imbalances in the body of Yin and Yang."

She let her hands roam over his body progressively ranging to a deep tissue massage. She applied oil to her breasts and stomach, and then rubbed herself against his legs, butt and back. Stopping to kiss him, she whispered in his ear, "Of course, there are some things I do because it feels good to me as well as you."

Dave knew he was experiencing an amazing massage, but much more than that, he was receiving a most luxurious gift from a woman he had come to care for very much. With her own two hands he was being given a relaxing, sensual, connection with her on a much deeper level, and he hoped it would lead to more pleasurable experiences.

He was allowed to turn over on his back, and then Lei made him sit up in bed, put his feet close to his buttocks and then she massaged the kidney point at the bottom of each foot. Starting with his left foot, she massage deeply 50 times, then massaged the right foot the same number of times. Doing this would not only cause his energy level to rise, but would raise his sexual energy to a peak.

She had him lay back down and massaged his arms, hands, legs and feet. She accented this with more oil and rubbing her body against him. She didn't want to expose him only to Chuang Shang de Gong Fu; she didn't feel he was ready, so she mixed in some shiatsu massage and some old fashioned sensual moves that were sexually suggestive.

Every woman knows that pressing herself against a man will drive him crazy, which was why they do it. Starting at his lower legs, Lei moved slowly up his body until she sandwiched his penis between her breasts. She saw him watching what she did and knew he was being both physically and visually stimulated.

Dave was one big sexually stimulated nerve. As her lips pressed to his, he knew that what she had done to him had affected her the same way. He felt her reach behind her, slip her hand around his hard cock. As soon as she had guided him to her, it slid inside.

He felt her pussy muscles grip him, causing an extraordinary sensation. Instead of riding him because she was on top, she actually had used enough oil for her to slide up and down his body causing him to move in and out of her. It felt incredibly hot and unbelievably amazing.

Lei controlled the muscles of her vagina, grasping his hard penis. She moved so that he went in as far as he could and she would squeeze and hold. Then she would release her grip and move so that he slid back out, and she did it again and again.

Dave had never experienced anything like this. She was soft, yet strong. Her body was giving him everything she could and yet taking everything he could give her at the same time. She wasn't asking him to take her as high as he could, she was demanding it, and wouldn't except anything less.

She started bucking him, going faster and faster. Lei knew she was going to explode; she wanted the self satisfaction of knowing she had made them both get to that point. Even though she was concentrating on giving pleasure her own body was reacting. The sexual heat had built inside of her as waves of electrical energy coursed through her.

Reacting to the most incredible sexual experience in his life, Dave arched his back and started cumming, "AAGGHH!!"

Lei used her vagina muscles to milk his hard cock, she wanted him to realize that she could give him much, much more and wanted to for the rest of his life. Even as she felt him throbbing inside of her, her own orgasm blended with the feelings she was getting from making him climax.

Both of them enjoyed seeing the look of satisfaction on the other's face. Dave finally stopped cumming and Lei was slowly coming down from her orgasm. Both were concentrating on breathing and the fact that he was still inside of her, but now was getting soft.

Lei lay her head on his chest, listened to his breathing and his heart beating.

Dave absently ran his fingers through her hair. He had to admit, he loved the Chinese way of making love. He couldn't wait to show her the American way, and hoped she liked it.

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