tagErotic CouplingsChloe and Mathew's First Night Ch. 02

Chloe and Mathew's First Night Ch. 02


All characters are 18 or over, Any feedback is much apreciated.


Light streaming through the open blinds in Chloe's bedroom window, a sweet aroma drifting through her apartment from the kitchen as Chloe began to wake from her slumber after her night with Mathew. Slowly she got out of bed stretching her arms she looked around her room for her alarm clock still lying on the floor from the morning before.

"Hmm its only 7:00am looks like I won't be late today," Chloe said looking at her clock. "I wonder where Mathew is..... At what is that smell?"

Chloe got dressed and started for the kitchen, happy not to miss breakfast for once. In the kitchen she found Mathew in front of the stove in his phat pants and no shirt.

Sneaking up behind Mathew and leaning down Chloe whispered in his ear, "What are you up to my pet?"

"Just making you some breakfast, all I could find was bread and eggs so decided to make French toast," Mathew said smiling up at her. "Its almost done."

"Last night was amazing, I can hardly believe the things you can do. How did you even learn to do that stuff?" Chloe questioned Mathew.

"Not exactly something I learned, just found I could do. I never really thought about it since all I care about is pleasing my master," he said gesturing at Chloe as he set the plates down.

As they ate they discussed their classes for the day, planning to meet up for lunch since Mathew didn't have any classes till the afternoon but Chloe had morning and afternoon classes. They both finished their breakfast and Chloe took both plates to the sink, before coming back to the table and kissing Mathew on the cheek.

"Come on, come join me in the shower," Chloe whispered into his, playfully biting his earlobe. "But we can't have anything like last night or I might not want to go school."

"You sure about this?" Mathew said as she pulled him along to the shower. Before he could say anymore Chloe pulled him into her kissing him passionately.

"I want to see you again, I've never been so attracted to someone. I can't resist you. You're so loving, so devoted" Chloe said as she lifted her tang top over her head once again revealing her huge breasts to Mathew. "And how you look at me, like I'm your entire world."

"You are my master therefore you are my entire world. I've never felt this connected to anyone," Mathew spoke softly in-between planting kisses from her stomach up to the bottom of Chloe's neck, unable to reach any higher due to their height difference, and running his hand slowly up from the small of her back.

"Remember we can't go all the way like last night," Chloe taunted as she removed her panties and jumped into the shower motioning Mathew to follow.

Mathew removed the rest of his clothes and followed her lead as she turned the water on and adjusted it to an acceptable temperature. There they stood, taking in the sight of each others' naked wet bodies.

"Even though I look much younger than I really am you still find me attractive?" Mathew questioned Chloe his eyes unable to move from her, the most beautiful woman in the world by his eyes.

"Of course, it doesn't matter how you look it doesn't change what I feel for you," Chloe spoke as she poured soap into her open hand and began to wash Mathew's stomach holding her breast against his chest.

Mathew took some of the soap off himself and began washing her shoulders and back as she began to press herself more firmly against him. They continued teasing each other like this as they washed one another trying their best to refrain knowing they couldn't go any farther at this point in time.

"We..... Best stop...... before we lose ourselves..... and you and up late," Mathew said between breaths, watching Chloe's chest rise and fall with her heavy breathing. He got out and offered her a towel.

Chloe dried herself off, not wanting to have Mathew's touch set her off again and began to dress preparing for her classes.

"Remember we're meeting for lunch same place as yesterday and Jessica will be there," Chloe reminded Mathew as she about to head out her apartment.

"I'll be there, I have to stop off at my apartment for my class things," Mathew replied, and with that Chloe was off to her first class of the day.

The first class of the day Chloe shared with Jessica, she couldn't wait to share her news with her after the class ended. The entire class Jessica seemed to stare at Chloe with questioning eyes as if she knew something had changed. When they finally got out of class Jessica rushed to Chloe's side.

"So, how was your date with Mathew?" Jessica asked Chloe searching for her reaction.

"It went great, I really like him," Chloe answered blushing. "He'll be joining us for lunch today."

Jessica suddenly stepped in front of Chloe taking a long hard look at her, "You two had sex didn't you?"

Chloe stared at Jessica mouth agape with surprise at her intuition, "How the hell did you know that?!"

"You can't hide these things from me, I just know you too well," Jessica snickered. "I wasn't expecting someone like Mathew to work so fast."

"He didn't, I was the one who took control. I couldn't help it I've never met anyone as amazing as him. He makes me feel like the most important woman in the world," Chloe explained to Jessica.

"So what was he like in bed then?" Jessica asked hoping to get an answer out of her friend

"I'm not sharing that with you, its private," Chloe answered.

"I'll get it out of you eventually, I have to know," Jessica stated in a matter of fact tone. "For now lets head to lunch, I'm going to have to bug Mathew about this too."

They set out for the sandwich shop outside the college, Jessica hoping to get a little more information out of Mathew and Chloe hoping she wouldn't scare Mathew away with barrage of question after question.

Mathew sat at the same table from yesterday staring up at the sky waiting for Chloe and Jessica to arrive. All a sudden he heard some loud hollering and what sounded like cat calls coming from the sandwich shop. It appeared to be three guys from the local public college, judging by their attire, harassing the girl that worked at the shop. Mathew decided to just ignore them being as there was nothing he could really do.

"Hey look there's a kid over there!" one of the guys shouted to his friends standing mere feet away. All three walked over to the table Mathew sat at. "Hey kid aren't you a little out of place here?"

Mathew only shot them an annoyed look and remained silent to their questioning.

"Are you gona answer me or we gona have to get rough?" said the crew cut idiot who appeared to be the leader of the three as he put Mathew in a headlock. He was clearly about two feet taller than Matthew.

Chloe and Jessica were walking up to the sandwich shop as this happened and rushed to see what was going on. Chloe about blew her lid when she saw it was Mathew the three were preying on.

"Hey you dumb asses let go of him before I....... Oh god what the fuck are you doing here Brad!!" Chloe screamed in anger at the guy holding Mathew.

"Chloe?" Brad said in surprise loosening his grip enough for Mathew to escape and run to Chloe. "You know this kid?"

"He's no kid, he is my boyfriend and he's ten times the man you are," Chloe said a tone of disgust in voice due to Brad's presence.

"Get the fuck out of here Brad and take your shower buddies with you!" Jessica shouted clearly not too fond of Brad either.

"Who is this idiot?" Mathew asked Chloe.

"He's Chloe's ex-boyfriend, a real grade A asshole," Jessica answered for her, Chloe too filled with anger to answer him.

"What do you two bitches think you're doing talking about me like that?" Brad snarled walking up to them. "And you go and start dating kids now Chloe? What's the matter couldn't handle a full grown man?"

"Full grown man? I wouldn't go around repeating that to any girls with that pencil dick you got, all the girls will get the wrong idea," Chloe said as her temper was beginning to reach it's boiling point.

"You fucking bitch, I'll teach you to talk to me like that!" Brad said through gritted teeth as he started reaching out to grab Chloe.

Mathew stepped in front of Chloe, a look of pure anger and distaste in his eyes, "You don't lay a finger on her. People like you have got to the most disgusting scum on earth. So far behind in the evolutionary cycle yet you remain just like the cock-roaches you are."

"Am I gona have to mess you up kid? Fine you asked for it sticking up for that bitch," Brad said with a laugh thinking he was about to knock Mathew out in one blow as he started to swing at Mathew's face.

Quickly moving out of the path of Brad's fist Mathew struck him in the chin with an open palm hard enough to knock him down on his back.

"DAMN IT, AAHHHG WHAT WAS THAT?!" Brad said in agony, his jaw unable to open all the way and a few teeth clearly broken. "I'll get you for this you fucking kid!"

With that his two buddies picked him up and ran away in complete and utter shock at what they had just witnessed. Their alpha male getting so easily hurt by someone so small.

Chloe and Jessica just stared and smiled as Brad and his goons ran with their tail between their legs, glad to be rid of him.

"That was EPIC, I can't believe you just did that to Brad," Jessica said trying to suppress fits of laughter.

Mathew stared off in the direction Brad had left, "I can't stand people like him, and I wasn't going to sit here and...."

Chloe cut Mathew off grabbing him and immediately kissing him snaking her tongue into his mouth. Jessica turned away in an attempt to give them some privacy.

"Come on you two we're in public," Jessica teased them both after a moment. "lets go get our food and eat."

Together they all headed to the sandwich shop, and having seen what happened outside the girl that worked there gave them all free lunch thankful to be rid of Brad and his buddies harassing her.

"I swear Chloe it looked like you were about to jump Mathew earlier," Jessica teased her.

"I can't help it, you saw it yourself that was amazing," Chloe said turning to Mathew. "You got rid of Brad with such ease, and just seeing you knock him on his ass. Just seeing that I really was about to jump you in public."

Mathew sat there embarrassed at this public display of affection, until Jessica spoke up, "Someone's getting lucky tonight, just like last night from what I hear."

Mathew turned to Chloe, " You told her about last night?"

"She got it out of me, but that's all she got, no details," Chloe answered

"I can only imagine, especially with what I just heard you say to Brad when you first noticed it was him, you're a lucky woman Chloe," Jessica said, almost envious of how lucky Chloe was.

The trio of friends finished their lunches and were on their way back to classes. Chloe and Mathew kissed each other goodbye, at least for now, they had plans to meet at her apartment again later tonight. Chloe and Jessica shared the same classes today, heading off in the opposite hall as Mathew.

"You really are lucky to have found someone like him, I see the way he looks at you, he adores you and how you look at him I know you're serious," Jessica told her with a hint of jealousy.

"You're right I am lucky to have him, I love him and he makes me feel like the luckiest woman in the world. Don't worry you'll find your special someone too, " Chloe consoled her sensing Jessica's jealousy.

Mathew sat in his classes unable to concentrate on any work, his imagination running rampant with thoughts of what Chloe had in store for him when he arrived at her apartment later tonight. Considering the events of the day it would probably make the previous night look like nothing, even with how great that night had been.

The classes finally passed, it was time to go and meet Chloe at her apartment and see what she had planned for him. Mathew knocked on her apartment door, she answered the door only poking her head out.

"You're finally here, I missed you during the last two classes of the day. I've been waiting for this ever since this afternoon, come in, meet me in my bedroom," Chloe told him, preserving the surprise just a little bit longer.

Mathew obeyed Chloe, going to sit on her bed in the dark waiting for her to reveal what she had planned. Chloe turned the light on in the bedroom, and the sight was truly one to behold. Chloe stood there in red lingerie, a see through bra revealing her hard nipples yearning for his attention and a red thong showing a wet spot already forming.

"Off with these clothes," Chloe ordered already mounting Mathew not willing to wait one moment removing his shirt for him and going for his belt.

Getting on her knees at the foot of the bed she removed Mathew's boxers and untied her top, "We need to get you ready my pet," Chloe said lustily staring at Mathew popping the bulbous mushroom head of his dick into her warm mouth and wrapping her huge breasts around the thick shaft.

Chloe was in heaven with just the taste of Mathew's sweet pre cum flowing copiously out of the tip. Popping him out of her mouth Chloe removed her drenched panties and slipping the condom over him, "With neither of us having classes tomorrow and that display you put on this afternoon, I'm going to ride you all night and all morning as long as possible."

"I am yours my master, and there's nothing I like more than to know I'm bringing you pleasure," Mathew said watching Chloe as she hovered over him posed to have him enter her.

Chloe began to descend upon Mathew's dick screaming out in pure ecstasy pulling him to her chest, his tongue finding her delicious breasts and her hard nipples. Moving one hand down her stomach towards her pussy to play with her clit as she thrusts him in and out of her savoring the feel of the head pressed against her inner most walls.

The upstairs neighbor begins to knock on their floor, Chloe's screams keeping them awake as she rids her pet through the throws of orgasm after orgasm.

"This time you'll have a proper release instead of holding it in, but not in my pussy. I'm going to drink all the delicious nectar you have to offer!" Chloe screams as she hits another orgasm. "Switch with me, my legs can't handle it anymore tonight."

As Chloe dismounted momentarily from Mathew to switch positions he stood at the foot of the bed waiting for her. Chloe lying on her back, pushing her breasts together, Mathew began to push into her as she brought her legs around his back bringing him closer and deeper into her.

For the first time Mathew was in control of the tempo, his hands holding her slender hips and he thrust deep inside her making sure to pause and hit her g-spot on every in stroke watching her breast bounce and her heavy breathing enjoying her pleasure.

"Chloe.... I'm about to....," Mathew pleaded with her.

Chloe immediately pushed him away forcing him back onto the bed and removing the condom from his throbbing dick. "You better have a lot stored up for you me my pet," Chloe said popping the flared mushroom head into her mouth and wrapping her breasts around the shaft and squeezing tightly.

Chloe could feel the cum start to flow up his shaft and into her waiting mouth. Just one shot was enough to overfill her mouth as she desperately swallowed making room for shot after shot. All the excess spilling from the corners of her mouth onto her ample breasts.

"Your cum is even more delicious than your pre cum and even with how much I drank you managed to cover my breasts," Chloe said in complete awe as she began to scoop up some of the cum on her breasts with the head of Mathew's dick and licking it off.

Using Mathew's dick Chloe rubs the remaining cum into her skin enjoying the feel of her pet's cum soaking into her flesh as they both passed out as the sun began to rise.

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