tagExhibitionist & VoyeurChloe's Internship Ch. 01-05

Chloe's Internship Ch. 01-05


I'm old to erotic stories, but new to writing. I like it when new writers give intros, so here is mine letting you know what to expect. This story is heavily inspired by dlsloan's stories, which I think are better. The main theme is exhibitionism, but there's also a bit of reluctant sex, anal sex and my own variety of bondage. Mostly these themes will come up in subsequent posts, and I'm not teasing; there will be subsequent posts. This story is completely fictional and not very realistic. I've noticed these qualities bother some people, so I disclaim.

This is the first of several parts and I might put the following segments under different categories. This is also the first story I post, so please be cruel. If you like it, let me know. If I get enough good feedback I might turn this into a cartoon : )

Other stuff: don't read this if you're under 18 or if it's illegal where you live. Don't go around making money off of it. Reposting is okay, just let me know where you put it. I might get angry if this ends up somewhere really sketchy or with popups (especially the kind with audio).

Chapter 1

"Last summer I worked at a summer camp in Marin. Before that, I babysat on weekends and waited tables back home."

Chloe was nervous. She had bused all the way out here from Southern California and the man interviewing her didn't seem like a pushover. "Out here" was way out in the boonies: a small town named Sugar, named after a long forgotten pioneer and buried in the woods of Washington State.

"Why did you decide to apply for work here?" Most people thought Brian Stevens was a nice person, though kind of forgettable, but he believed in being tough at interviews. He was a smart guy, trained as an engineer, not a manager. He didn't have much experience being a hardass so maybe he was overcompensating a little. This might explain why the girl looked so nervous. He thought it was kind of surreal since it was usually him that was nervous around pretty girls.

"Well, I think I'm a good match for your company. I'm very interested in the software industry and I think working at a startup will give me a lot of exposure."

"I see. It says on your resume that you're only minoring in computer science. Your major is political science." Brian's brow furrowed with disappointment. He made an effort not to stare at her sizable tits.

"Well, originally, I was interested in political science. I started looking into comp sci after a survey project when the results came back and we had to analyze the statistics. I realized that there was as much to learn from the tools we used to examine our results as from the results of the survey itself." Chloe breathed with some relief. Maybe she could pull this off.

Brian nodded pensively. He knew he was going to hire this girl. The job was simple and didn't pay much, and while there were a lot of people looking for work, very few could match this candidate. The blond nineteen year old, a rising junior from San Diego, was pretty, smart enough, eager to please, and willing to come way out to the middle of nowhere to work at his little company. Dedicated. He had a lean, nimble team of ten men who worked nonstop and a female face could, if nothing else, brighten things up. He could feel some power in this situation, and he liked the feeling. Power over a hot coed! He relished the pause in the conversation. She looked adorable, so nervous. It would boost morale to have a hotty around. A nice girl who wasn't a snooty bitch. Plus the guys deserved a reward. After struggling for a couple of years, they were finally starting to turn a profit.

Brian pushed the budding dirty thoughts to the back of his mind. This was a professional interview, dammit.

"I think we might have an opening for you. Now, don't get excited," he held up a hand, "To be frank, I don't think we'll have much use for you on anything technical. What we do need is someone to take care of the team. We're a bunch of guys, we don't get out much, and we have a ton of work. It would help if we had someone around to clean up and keep us fed, and smart enough to answer phones, take messages and know what crumpled pieces of paper are trash and which are the napkins with the genius sketch for the Next Big Thing. We'll try to teach you some things when we can, but don't get your expectations up. Like I said, we're very busy."

Chloe was beaming. Her first office job and it was with SoftTec, just the sort of dynamic little company that made the news with cutting edge technology. She'd actually used a couple of their apps on her iPod, which she had, sadly, had to sell early the previous semester to pay for books. She knew entry level positions involved mainly grunt work, but she was determined to make opportunities for herself to make meaningful contributions.

"Since you're only going to be around over the summer, you would be an intern. Our first actually, so there is going to be a trial period. We also don't have much of a budget for the position, but we can offer student credit and $3,000 for the 12 weeks that you'll be around. $1,000 paid out every four weeks. I suppose you'll be needing some money to get set up in town so I can give you $500 now and another $500 on Monday for your first month. Another thing, we're 24/7. I obviously don't expect you to be around all the time, but you should expect to be available at all times if something important comes up. Your standard workday will be from eight to approximately six, but we might need you to stay later. You'll get one day off a week. If we make you work through it, we'll pay you for it, or you can carry it over to the next week."

"That's great!" Chloe was too relieved to get the job to pretend to play tough negotiator. As she thought on it further, she realized the money wouldn't actually go very far. It would get her through the summer, but it wouldn't put much of a dent on her massive college bill. She'd still have to get a job during school. At least this would pad her resume with some real experience.

"Good. Good." He opened a safe under his desk and brought out a stack of bills. He counted out twenty-five twenties and gave them to Chloe. "Here is the advance on your first paycheck." The new hire could hardly contain her excitement. She had been worrying about how she'd make ends meet before her first check.

Brian then pulled an envelope from a stack of boxes next to his cubicle. "And take these home and go over them carefully. They're basic employment forms and the employee handbook. I'll need you to fill everything out before you start work tomorrow."

Chloe wasn't too surprised that she would be expected to come in tomorrow, even though it was a Saturday. He had said they were 24/7.

Brian had hired a labor lawyer to put together a standard package to give new employees as his company grew. He had no idea what was in there. Watching her take the envelope, his eyes caught on her large breasts. He had trouble looking away and quickly thought of a plausible cover for his wandering gaze.

"Also, as you probably noticed, we're pretty casual here. That said, I appreciate the way you've dressed today and I think it would have a good effect on the atmosphere for you to maintain a similar high standard in your attire while you're working for me. Part of your role will be to improve the appearance of this office and dressing professionally will definitely help." Brian hoped none of that came off sleazy. Chloe flushed a little, but seemed to take the instruction as it was intended. "Since I'm asking you to introduce a level of formality, I think it also makes sense to use formal forms of address, such as sir and mister. I hope that's okay with you." Chloe nodded.

Brian figured the interview was over, but for a moment couldn't think of what to do. He knew instinctively that he needed to take the initiative. After a slightly awkward pause (he hoped she didn't notice his indecision), he stood up and stuck out his hand.

"Chloe, welcome to the team!" Chloe wondered at being addressed by her first name after what Mr. Stevens had just said, but wasn't about to start questioning her boss. Besides, he had said it was her responsibility to bring the formality, not his.

"Thank you for the opportunity, Mr. Stevens. I won't disappoint you."

Mr. Stevens sounded good coming from her and he was glad he had thought of insisting on the title. "Be sure to come in tomorrow at 8."

"Yes, sir." Brian sat down and Chloe walked out of the office.

Chloe had been a bit unsure about what she should wear to this interview. She'd always heard that it was important to dress up for interviews, but since this was a software company and a startup, and both were famous for casual attire, she had doubted if formality would be appropriate. When the petite blond had walked in and seen a bunch of guys wearing shorts, Hawaiian prints, Star Wars characters and other geekery, she had not been reassured by her choice of a wool knee length skirt and jacket, white blouse and two inch heels. Walking out through the same nerd menagerie, she felt buoyed by the boss's reassuring words, but dismayed that she only had a couple of reasonably formal outfits before she would have to start getting very creative with her student clothes.

Moments after she left, Brian realized the office was eerily quiet. He stepped out and looked over his crack team, looking back at him from behind their workstations. The stares were somewhat unsettling. Brian was never too comfortable being the center of attention and moments like these tempered his shred of guilt over having the only cubicle in the office.

"Yes, we hired her."

The office erupted into hoots and cheers.

Chapter 2

Chloe swayed as the bus hit a small pothole. She was glad there was public transportation and was a little surprised this many people were commuting on a Saturday. All the seats were taken. Clearly, working on the weekend wasn't exceptional in the little town of Sugar. She dreaded what it must be like on the weekdays. Standing 5'2" and slightly built - apart from her breasts - she was apprehensive about being smothered by a large crowd. She already missed her car, or more accurately, the car her mom let her borrow to drive to classes. At least it would save her a bunch of money over the summer. She was also starting to miss her bedroom a little. A lot of students got to enjoy the liberty of dorm life, but Chloe wasn't one of them. Costs had forced her to study close to home, and that meant living with her parents.

Now she had her own place; the realization made her smile. Even if it was a tiny box in a small new complex half an hour from work. At least she hoped it was half an hour. Fortunately, she had been able to find something cheap and on the town's only bus route that very same evening. Unfortunately, she had had to sleep on a blanket on the bare floor.

Chloe walked through the open door. Two of the guys were already in there, focused on some project. They looked up at the sound of her heels walking to the back corner where Brian kept his cubicle. She had opted for a fitted short-sleeve blouse and slacks for her first day on the job and she had kept her long, curly blond hair loose across her back, hanging to just below her butt. She'd been growing it for ages and was very proud of it. What would she wear tomorrow? Maybe she could get out and do some shopping, but the limited options in a town seemingly populated entirely by men meant she would probably have to order online and wait for days.

The office was quite large for the small team. It took up half the second floor of a small office complex and was almost square: fifty feet wide and sixty from the door to the far wall. There were two support columns and two small enclosures next to the front door: on the left, the kitchenette/break room and bathroom, on the right, the conference room. The right side of the room had two rows of computers lined up on either side of Brian's office and set up along the long side of the room, facing away from each other. The left side was empty. Chloe wondered why she hadn't noticed the smell of mold and beer yesterday. She was probably too nervous and excited. Today however, she could see plainly how much these guys needed taking care of.

Brian stepped out of his cubicle, looked at his watch and smiled. "Three minutes early! Let's get you started. Let me introduce you to some of the team." He took the papers from the smiling intern.

"This is Mark Harris and Carlos Magnini. They've been here overnight working out some problems we found that are making our applications crash on the new Xcorp OS." Mark and Carlos looked tired and wired. Whatever coherent thoughts they had weren't directed to handling social chit chat. Mark stared in a way that some part of his mind considered polite for a period that same part of his mind told him was the acceptable length of time. Meanwhile, the part of his brain that sent blood to his penis reinforced the instruction to continue staring. After a weirdly long length of time, he said "hey" and turned back to his monitor, his face slowly migrating closer to the screen.

Carlos went through a similar, slightly more sentient process and managed to ask her name and welcome her to the company before turning back to his work.

"Well, I guess we should start with the obvious." Brian indicated the cans of beer and energy drinks, snack wrappers, pizza boxes, etc. decorating the desks. "Just keep a lookout for scribblings. These guys have been known to scratch epiphanies into coke cans."

Chloe spent the rest of the day cleaning, bringing food and refilling coffees. By ten, the whole team had come in and she had her hands full. It soon became apparent that her hair would get in the way so she tied it off into a long ponytail. Because of its length, she had to tie it off at a few points along its length with rubber bands to keep it under control.

She noticed a lot of looks as the day wore on, especially when she got on her hands and knees to clean up a stain, or bent over to drop off a plate of pizza. She was used to guys staring, and it kind of creeped her out. On the other hand, she realized she would have to work with these guys all summer and there weren't any other girls in the office. They could hardly be blamed for looking. Why make it an issue? She caught the looks and smiled back. She'd waited tables, and remembered to simply be nice and forgiving.

The guys were pretty confused at first. None of them had all that much experience with women, and no one had ever gotten a smile from a girl this hot - except maybe from a waitress at an upscale strip club. They also weren't used to being addressed by their last names, but the small token of respect didn't hurt their morale any. It took some getting used to before they started to smile back. Brian noticed what was going on, and how the mood in the room improved noticeably throughout the day. At first, part of Brian worried that the guys would get distracted, then he considered that the bulk of the work was finding creative solutions. Happy people were more relaxed, and relaxed people thought more creatively. On balance, keeping the guys in a good mood was probably better for the bottom line than keeping them stressed. There was also the fact that these guys worked enough as it is, and any more stress would likely drive half of them away.

Brian noticed Chloe standing around just after lunch, fidgeting at the end of the double lines of workstations. He figured something might be wrong and called her over. He noticed Craig and Peter snuck a glance at her tight ass. Craig bit his lip.

"Is something the matter?" Brian worried the stares were making her uncomfortable. Damn his luck to get a hot intern and have her run away scared because his company was full of lechers.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Stevens, but I've cleaned up everything and gotten everyone food, but there's nothing to do now."

"How about I have you answer phones? It shouldn't be very busy today, so you should be able to ease into the task."

"Great! Where do I sit?"

Brian couldn't believe he hadn't thought of that. No wonder she was standing around. "Good question. All the desks are taken and we don't have any chairs in the conference rooms - it turns out having everyone stand at meetings make them go faster, anyway... The stools from the kitchen!"

They walked over to the kitchenette, which had a small bar with several tall stools. Brian placed it where Chloe had been standing earlier and gave her a smart phone and a head set. The smart phone had wifi access and he showed her how to check his calendar. She would be able to take calls and keep an eye on the guys' needs from her perch. Brian thought his solution was ideal and went back to work.

The afternoon passed slowly. A couple of calls came in, and she picked up lunch trash. The guys looked up at her from time to time. She smiled back, feeling pretty exposed sitting high up in a stool around a bunch of tense computer dorks. Some time had passed since lunch and the guys were getting immersed. The rate of curse words rose as the guys got into their projects and ran into their respective brick walls and hurdles. One of the guys, Jeff Postolski, spilled a coke on his pants and shot back from his computer swearing. Chloe ran to the kitchen in her two inch pumps and grabbed the paper towels. Between the spill and the clicking heels, everyone had turned around (except Mark, who had been engrossed in his assignment since yesterday and catatonic to the outside world) in time to look at Chloe's tight bubble butt hurrying to the kitchen. On the way back, they were treated to her generous boobs bouncing around as she brought the roll of paper towels. She gave the towels to Jeff, who inwardly groaned. If only she would dry him personally.

"Oh, Mr. Postolski, we should really get you to the kitchen to clean you up. Please stand." She knelt down to mop up the spill on the floor. Realizing she was getting a lot of looks made her feel self conscious, but also a little turned on. Being gawked at all day, even by this crowd, was a little flattering. Maybe she wiggled her ass a little more than mopping required. Moments later, she walked to the kitchen with Jeff in tow. A few of the guys were tempted to spill drinks on themselves if it meant alone time with the hotty.

Chloe went behind the bar to the sink and soaked a wash cloth. She passed it back to Jeff, still smiling. Smiling was important. He looked sheepishly at her.

"Thanks, that was pretty clumsy of me."

"Don't worry about it. I know you must have been focusing pretty hard. I haven't even seen you go to the bathroom and you've had like three cans of..."

"Oh right, now that you mention it." Jeff suddenly realized just how full his bladder was. "I really do need to go."

He rushed past her, blushing and feeling like an idiot. He was the first guy alone with this chick, and he had to pee too badly to enjoy it. Aside from that, this was the longest conversation he'd had with a girl in.... He definitely didn't want to finish that thought.

Chloe walked back to the work area. She realized Jeff was probably pretty mortified. What he needed now was to feel respected. She finished cleaning up the spill and put a fresh can of coke by his keyboard, then went back to her post. Jeff was hesitant to come back and took his time soaking up the coke from his jeans and emptying his bladder. He came back as nonchalantly as he could. Chloe turned to him and gave him a genuine smile.

"I got you a new coke, Mr. Postolski. Please let me know if you need anything else."

He heard the words and felt the honesty, and he saw the new can, but Jeff was used to being teased. Part of him told him she was mocking him. Another part clung to her last sentence. Anything....

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