tagNonHumanChocolate Ch. 02

Chocolate Ch. 02


Thanks so much for the comments and votes! It makes me feel so so happy to find out people like my writing! I was going to make this chapter longer but I had a change in plot so I cut out the second half. But hopefully more will start flowing out of me so I can make the chapters longer. I hate when I read a chapter that is only like one page...so I'm sorry! Also, I'm big on establishing a relationship before there's sex so don't expect any extreme stuff for a little bit. Maybe just some teasing! I've been gone for a while because I dropped my laptop, but I just found out that I can hook it up to an external monitor! So I get to write again! Sorry for the wait....ENJOY! -HayloKitteh


The window was wide open, the curtains were floating with the wind and my skin was raised with goose bumps from the chill. I jumped out of bed and rushed to close the window. It made a loud thud in the dead silence when it closed, which sent more chills down my spine. I wrapped my arms around myself to get warm then shut the curtains.

Before I even had the chance to turn around all the way my arms were grabbed and I was pushed back against the wall to the side of the window. I couldn't scream because the breath I would have used for it was knocked out of me when I hit the wall. But the thought of screaming left my mind when I looked up to see blue eyes. I felt a pool forming in between my legs when I saw the way he was looking at me. I could see what looked like hunger in his eyes, but all I felt were waves of desire rolling into me. I could feel his raging erection against my stomach, which made me believe the desire part, was right.

He reached up to grab a lingering lock of my hair and put it behind my ear. "I don't want to hurt you..." He said while running his fingers down my cheek to my neck.

Around this time of the horror movie is usually when you run screaming, but I didn't want to. I felt as safe as I ever would be. In the back of my mind I knew that he wouldn't hurt me. I didn't even know what he meant by 'hurt' but I trusted him.

I put my hand in his path leading down my neck, "You won't."

I didn't have time to catch my breath, but I didn't care. His lips crushed against mine so hard that I knew there would be bruises in the morning. He grabbed the back of my head and opened my mouth to let himself in. Our tongues were in a long dance until he pulled away to give me a glimpse of those glowing blue eyes. I gasped.

"You taste so wonderful." With that he began kissing down the side of my neck, making blood rush faster within me with each kiss. When he reached just above my left breast he ran his tongue up to my chin. A shiver ran through out me leaving my toes tingling and other more intimate parts tingling also.

I put both hands at the back of his neck and pulled him in closer making my now soaking pussy touch his hard cock through my nightgown. He moaned against my neck and pulled away to look down in between us.

I felt a need forming. One that had never been fulfilled before.

When I felt his hand cup my mound through my nightgown I knew that I wouldn't hesitate to give myself to him. I would probably beg for it if he didn't speed up. I looked down at his beautiful face that was admiring my body. He lifted my dress and kissed below my navel. He looked up at me and stared. "Do you want this?"

"Please." I begged.

His eyes lit up brighter and my panties were yanked to the ground. I felt his warm breath over my mound and closed my eyes while holding my breath.


I awoke to an ecstatic Annabelle knocking on my door. The sun had barely come up and she was waking me to go shopping. I swear, I'd never met an old woman more excited about shopping than her. I got up stumbling tiredly to the door and opened it trying to look as happy as she was, but failed miserably.

"Oh my, you look as if you've been partying!" She smirked, "I hope you haven't started sneaking out just yet."

"Just crazy dreams last night. Sleeping in a new place and all." I mumbled out.

"That or you were sleeping with a tiger last night! Your hair is a MESS!" I blushed remembering my dream. She dismissed me to get ready for the day.

The first half of the day went by very fast, it was 12:30 when we finally had everything we wanted. We visited many different clothing stores but I only found one that I liked. It was a very fancy clothing boutique called Veronika's. Besides the clothing and various bouquets of flowers, it was the whitest store I had ever seen. I couldn't help but think about how many times a day they would have to clean in order for it to look so spotless.

Our little basket was piled up with jeans of every shade, the plainest tops I could find and shoes. But mostly it was full of dresses. I always used to love trying on my mom's dresses and dancing around whatever house we lived in at the time, pretending I was a princess at a dance. Dresses had always made me feel better about myself. I have a slight obsession with lace so every dress had lace somewhere on it. My favorite one was a deep blue knee length dress. The upper part was the same color lace and stopped right under my bust. I took 10 minutes just modeling it in the dressing room.

After we spent all morning shopping, Annabelle dropped me off at the hotel I stayed in while she visited her husband in the hospital. Had I known that the hotel manager had all of my things removed from the room already I would have asked Annabelle to wait. Leaving the hotel empty handed brought a wave of sadness over me. Everything I had was now gone. I took a deep breath and tried to look on the brighter side of things. I had somewhere comfortable to live and someone to care of me for the first time in a long time.

I glanced up at the sky just enough to see masses of cotton before I was blinded by the brightness of the sun. Fortunately, the weather was a lot warmer than the day before so I started walking back towards Annabelle's house.

My house.

The street was lined with various types of blooming trees on either side, making my walk home feel like I was in another world. I cherished the teasing of the wind on my skin and the smell of pollen tickling my nose. There were no sidewalks on the back road I was on so I was stuck walking on the grass. The smell and look of the freshly cut grass tempted me into taking my shoes off and running my feet through it, relishing in the feel of it in between my toes.

Mother Nature is one of those things people like to take for granted, until the beauty is ripped away from beneath you and all that is left is death. At least that's how I feel. Pain and darkness always seemed to find its way to me and snatch everything good I had away, leaving me sad and broken to fend for myself. I never let it hold me back for too long though.

Once I reached my neighborhood I put my shoes back on and started sprinting towards the house. I don't really know what made me want to run, I never liked running before. For some reason it felt wonderful today. I let my hair down and let the wind flow through it and ran my hand along the white picket fencing that lined each house. When I reached the front gate I leaned against it to catch my breath. The smell of flowers filled my lungs with each breath I took.

Annabelle wasn't there, but thankfully she gave me a set of keys the night before. There were too many keys for the 2 doors that the house had, I said nothing though. Sometimes things are better left unanswered. Who knows? What if she had bodies locked in a closet somewhere. I surely didn't want to know. It took me five tries to figure out which key fit. When I heard the familiar click of a lock turning I busted through the door shutting it quickly behind me and rushed upstairs to my bathroom. The urge to relieve my bladder never fails to hit me as soon as I reach the front door of any house.

I rinsed my face and pulled my long hair back up before going back downstairs to search for something to eat. When I went to check if I had locked the front door I stole a glance out of the little, thin window beside it. A boy was standing in the middle of the street gazing at the ground. His head snapped up towards me so fast I found myself taking a step backwards. It was the boy from the night before. What was he doing here? I blushed deeply, realizing I was staring and reached for the curtains around the window to close them. With the thin white material between both of our views I felt more at ease. Seeing those eyes, after what I dreamt about last night made my body feel thirty degrees higher than it was. After a couple seconds of calming myself down I peeked through the curtain to see an empty street.

Of course, it must have just been my mind playing tricks on me. I hadn't run that much in years, it must have taken a lot out of me. Who is that boy anyways? I'd have to ask Annabelle later. I furrowed my brow and shook my head, turning towards the kitchen. I served myself a turkey sandwich and a glass of orange juice and sat at the little round table across the room. The area where the table sat was surrounded on one side with windows, in the shape of half a hexagon, facing out to the backyard. It was then I noticed how little you could see through them. They were almost completely covered in vines. Why I had never seen it before, I had no clue.

My meal was quickly devoured before I knew it and I found myself still staring at the windows. I put my dishes in the sink and went to open the backdoor. It was locked. I pulled out my handful of keys and got to work. Why wasn't there a normal inside lock on this door?

I finally found the key and pushed the door open slowly, expecting there to be something horrendous on the other side. Why else would there be a lock like that on the back door unless you wanted to keep someone in. The door swung open wide hitting the wall behind it with a loud thump.

My eyes couldn't take in what they thought they were seeing. So many colors filled my vision. I walked down the back porch stairs almost falling on the last step from not paying attention to where I was walking. Once my eyes adjusted to the amount of color, I took in everything around me.

The stone pathway I was on lead to a huge wrought-iron gazebo in the middle of the yard. The gazebo had to be at least 15 feet from side to side. It was covered almost totally in dark green vines with big purple flowers spotted in places. There were hydrangeas of blue, pink and purple lining the walkway to the gazebo on either side. More little stone paths branched out from the main one I was on and lead to another path that ran along the outer edges of the yard. I was mesmerized at what I was seeing.

There were built-in wooden corner benches inside the gazebo with thick white cushions on them. In the middle was a stone fire pit that looked as if it had never been used once. The roof was only partially covered in vines, leaving the middle open to the sunlight. I wonder what it would look like being under it at night time.

I spent the next hour roaming around the masses of flowers, barely believing the extensive amount there was. Names of flowers popped into my head and I eventually found every single one of them. My favorite was just behind the gazebo. On the right side of the pathway there was about 10 feet of just daisies. Every single color of daisy, even some colors I had never seen before. I wanted to pick some so badly, but I knew Annabelle might not like that very much.

"I see you found my pride and joy!"

I jumped up, inhaling sharply and turned to see Annabelle smiling widely at me from the back porch.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to come back here. I just...kind of couldn't help myself." I managed to get out, trying to sound as sorry as my voice would let me.

"Oh, Arianna," she made her way down the back steps towards me, "You're too nice, honey. I was going to show you my garden later on anyways, don't be sorry." She reached down and picked one of the blood orange daisies I was closely examining when I had the wits scared out of me. She placed a handful of them in a basket I hadn't noticed she had. "Aren't these just lovely? They have the most interesting shade of orange to them. Almost like orange mixed with bright red blood."

I raised one eyebrow, thinking how she read my thoughts. "They would go perfect with that purple over there." I pointed to the back left of the mass.

She gasped and put her hand to her chest. For a second I thought she was going to have a heart attack, but she just smiled and said, "Oh my, I think you have the touch!"

The touch? I stared at her blankly until she responded.

"I mean...I would have never thought to pair the two. I'm sure you'd be good at arranging flowers." She bent back down and continued picking the orange daisies.

I stared at her hands moving skillfully and fast cutting each flower at the exact same spot on each one. "Oh, I've never done that before. I'd probably be terrible!" I laughed a little, picturing a horrible bouquet of flowers that looked as if they were murdered.

"Don't worry, I'll teach you all I know. I won't be here for much longer. Can't just let all my beautiful babies go to waste out here, now can I?"

I scratched the back of my neck and put on a fake smile, "I guess not...maybe you should consider someone else though?" I made it a question.

"Never! These flowers tell me you are the right one!" She seemed so confident in herself for someone who had basically said that the flowers talked to her. Before I could say anything else she stood up fast and walked over to another bush behind me. "Now, help me pick some before it gets too dark." A pair of scissors was handed to me and I nervously started cutting flowers beside her.

Just as the sun was setting behind the trees in the distance we made our way inside with four baskets full of flowers. Annabelle taught me how to correctly remove any leaves from the stems without damaging them. Together we experimented with different colors and flowers to see which would look best in a bouquet. After another hour, between the both of us there were seven medium sized bouquets of flowers scattered across the kitchen.

The smell of the flowers still lingered even after Annabelle prepared dinner. The new smell of pork chops and sautéed onions made my stomach growl up at me. Annabelle and I ate in silence, both of us enjoying our meal. She had just finished eating and was collecting our plates when I remembered what happened earlier.

"Who was that boy that came over last night?" I said while playing with the ring on my finger.

"I was wondering when you were going to ask me about him. Cute little thing isn't he?" I blushed a little thinking how not cute but gorgeous he was. She saw my red cheeks and busted into laughter. "I'm sure he's not taken, maybe I should introduce you two!"

"Annabelle!" I said exuberantly. She threw her head back in more laughter with my reaction.

"Oh my, child you are too innocent!" she giggled, trying to calm her laughing down. "His name is Nolan and he comes here every week for fresh flowers."

A boy who buys flowers every week seemed kind of funny to me. "Is he...does he like...boys?" I managed to get out, the last part ending in a whisper.

"Oh heavens no! He's a real ladies man. Don't worry, you still have a chance." She exclaimed and returned to her dish-washing. "His mother owns that little store we were at earlier, Veronika's. I went there one day and there were no decorations. Nothing at all. So we made a sort of deal with each other, to help both of us out."

My eyebrow raised an inch, "A deal?"

"I take her bouquets every once in a while to brighten up her store, in exchange I get free publicity! I'm selling much more now than I ever have! I can never thank that woman enough, none of the other store owners agreed to let me do it with them."

I wondered why I never knew before that Annabelle had this hobby. It seemed like there were many things I didn't know about this old woman. "How long have you known her?"

She sat the glass down that she was washing, "It has to be around 3 years I've known her and her son. She's an excitable little thing, looks like she hasn't aged a day after 25." She started washing the glass again, but stopped once more, "Now that I think about it, Nolan looks the same age he was when I first met him." She made a humph sound and rinsed the dishes.

I thought back on how he looked. His eyes were the first things I saw. They were a staggeringly deep blue. His hair was the darkest brown could get without being black. It was long enough to reach his shoulders, but in the front it was cut just right so it didn't block his amazing eyes. He looked to be my age, but if what Annabelle said was true and he looks the same as he did three years ago, I really had no idea how old he was.

So many questions ran through my head. What was it that happened the night before? Was it really him that I saw earlier? Why was he so gorgeous? Does he have feelings for me? Has he been thinking of me? My mind was going wild with the questions and possible answers.

What was I thinking? How could he have feelings for me, he doesn't even know me. Except for the staring contest we had, I had never laid eyes on him before. Then I remembered. Why were his eyes glowing?

I sighed and rested my head in my hands. I felt the dull aches which usually meant a headache was on its way. I excused myself from the kitchen to run upstairs and take an ibuprofen before jumping in the shower.

The steaming hot water felt amazing running down my body. It had been a while since I could enjoy a shower without worrying about the hot water running out. I definitely will never take showering for granted again.

I closed my eyes and threw my head back letting my thick hair get soaked. All I could think of were his eyes. Bright blue orbs piercing into me before being covered by those dark lashes. A hand on one side of my neck and warm lips on the other side, kissing downwards towards my chest. The other hand slowly making its way to my most private place.

My eyes shot open just as a moan escaped my lips. I looked down at my hand in between my legs. I didn't even realize what I was doing. My nipples were hard and my hand was covered in my own juices. Never had that happened before. I pulled my hand away and quickly put it under the running water to rinse away the evidence of what I was doing. The first and last time I touched myself like that it ended in me only feeling shameful. No one has ever touched me intimately and I felt like a floozy when I did it.

When I saw my bed it felt like every muscles in my body started aching. Remembering how good my sleep was the night before made me want to jump in it right away. Unfortunately my hair would suffer terribly through the night if it isn't brushed. I'd wake up with so many knots I'd have to cut my hair. I never wanted to cut my hair ever since I was five and to this day I still don't. I love my long hair, it reaches just about where my bellybutton is, just the way I like it.

After brushing my hair for about half an hour I threw myself onto my fluffy bed and felt all those aches drift away. I was asleep in no time.

I woke up staring at my open window. The images of last night's dreams flooded my mind. I got up and shut the window and sprinted back to my bed. I lay there for what felt like hours replaying the dream, trying to remember what happened next but I couldn't. I rolled over and closed my eyes seeing nothing but those blue eyes.

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