tagLoving WivesChoices Ch. 04

Choices Ch. 04


Hello, everyone. Here is Chapter Four of Choices. I certainly hope you enjoyed the previous chapters. Thank you for continuing to read this story.

Thanks to my friend Jim for simply being there and offering to listen and help when I call. Also for beta reading for me.

It is self-edited, so any mistakes are my own. But please don't let any errors you may find distract from the story.

Please read and comment. Your thoughts are welcomed and I really want to know what you think. So now, on to the story "Choices, Chapter 4".


Tom sat with his brother admiring pictures of his niece. He had to admit, she was a beautiful little girl, but what else would you expect from the Golden Boy. Laughing at his own pun, Tom decided to let it go. He was a grown man and it was time to stop envying his brother.

Stephen had just finished pleading with him to call Terri. Tom started to tell him to back off when the doorbell rang.

"Get the door boys!" Momma yelled from the back of the house.

A reprieve, he could get away from Stephen and his pitch for Terri. Tom went to answer the door.

Tom opened the door and standing there on the doorstep stood, Terri. His heart raced as he took in her beauty. He stared so long that he barely heard Stephen clearing his throat from behind him breaking his trance. Standing right behind Terri stood Lottie, his first real girlfriend.

Tom, chuckling, moved aside and quickly invited both women in.

Stephen, even though he wanted to see Terri and his brother connect, was struck dumb by the appearance of the two women at his mother's home.

Stephen never liked Lottie. Not even when she dated Tom. Something about her annoyed him. She and Terri were best friends and had a sexual relationship when they were in college. He had no problem with her being gay, but he felt that she influenced his wife in a bad way.

When they married, Stephen discouraged Terri from being around Lottie. Eventually, their friendship died. Now that she and Stephen had divorced, her best friend, Lottie was back in her life.

Terri was so much happier. She realized that even without Stephen life goes on. Seeing Tom again only added the last part of the jigsaw that she was sure would make her happiness complete. She wanted to leap into Tom's arms, but not with Stephen standing there. Even though she wasn't married, she couldn't bring herself to be that spiteful to Stephen .

Terri! What was going on? What was Mom up to? "Hey, Terri, Lottie, welcome." Tom greeted his sister in law and her friend, kissing first Lottie then Terri both on the cheek much to an annoyed Stephen.

"Oh my goodness, Tom!" Lottie greeted her old friend with a bear hug. "How have you been? Old Stephen here didn't even hint that you'd be home. Terri neither."

Terri felt a stab of anger at the familiar way her girlfriend hugged her ex brother in law and irritation at the fact that he seemed to actually enjoy embracing the other woman..

"Hey Tom, welcome home." Terri chimed in as soon as he and Lottie parted.

Tom pulled Terri into a quick embrace and felt his pulse quicken but knew he couldn't hold on too long.

"Terri, how are you? You're looking good girl." He greeted her in a friendly manner, wanting to hold her longer but not wanting to show Stephen just how much he wanted her back in his arms after such a long time away from her.

The feel of Tom's arms encircling her was all she'd dreamed about for the past year. She never wanted to let him go. Then her brain registered his question.

"Tom, I'm good. It's so good to see you. I, um we really missed you." She added staring deep into his brown eyes.

Lottie, walked over to Stephen, much to his vexation. She decided to mess with him, "Hey old man. Or should I call you pops." A big smile spread across his face at the thought of his little angel.

Stephen barely noticed her teasing; he was watching the interaction between Tom and Terri. They looked so good together. He'd do all he could to make that happen.

Lottie realized what he was staring at. "Um, she's not available son. Besides, you blew your chance."

Stephen looked at Lottie and smiled. "Are you two serious, or is your relationship just FWB, friends with benefits?"

Lottie looked at him. She and Stephen had always had a tumultuous relationship which had culminated months earlier when she and Terri moved in together as roommates. The two parties reached a stalemate and decided to simply not cross paths. Stephen still cared for Terri and didn't want to see her hurt.

Stephen accused Lottie of taking advantage of Terri when she was vulnerable, but that wasn't the case. They were both single women with needs. And they were already familiar with each other. So making love with each other was easy for them.

What he failed to realized was out of the two women, Lottie was the one with the most to lose. She and Terri had a history and were lovers in college. Since they'd been living together for the past year, they'd resumed their relationships as lovers.

She knew that Terri could be insatiable and they spent the first two weeks in some state of nakedness. But she knew Terri's heart wasn't hers. It belonged to one man now. And that man was the guy holding her so close as if he never wanted to let go.

Lottie knew a day would come when her relationship with Terri might end. She'd miss the sex, but they'd still be friends. So for now, until Terri said something, nothing would change.

Lottie wondered would she be willing to share. One look at the way she gazed at that man disabused her of that notion. Lottie didn't blame her. If she could find a partner like Tom, she'd be the same way.

"Ummm hmm mmm!" Stephen cleared his throat interrupting both Terri and Tom.

When Stephen cleared his throat, she looked up and her eyes landed on Lottie. Terri loved her friend and knew she'd understand. Besides, they'd already talked about it and Lottie said that if she got

Tom was here, standing right in front of her. She didn't care what it took; he was not walking out of her life again. Tom could not take his eyes off of her. She was pure perfection. She was going to be his.

At that moment, Patricia walked in and greeted both young women.

"Lottie, Terri, I'm so glad you could make it. Lottie, let me introduce you to my sons." Patricia turned to face her boys.

"I know you know my oldest Stephen, but this is my youngest son, Tom." Patricia boasted.

Lottie laughed and then said, "Patricia, Tom and I are old friends, aren't we buddy." She said as she embraced her old friend.

Terri knew exactly what she meant and for the first time in her life, she was ready to actually hurt someone. Tom was hers and she had no intention of losing him again. Not because of something she'd done and definitely not to another woman.

If Lottie thought for a second, she would stand aside and let her have Tom, well she'd better think again.

Stephen noticed the gleam of anger in Terri's eyes. She was jealous. He'd been married to the woman for twelve years and never, not once did she become jealous. He was a notorious flirt. He even tried to make her jealous, but she never became possessive. Even when his affair with April was revealed, she wasn't jealous, pissed and mad as hell, but not jealous.

But Lottie hinted at a relationship with Tom, and his ex-wife was ready to rip the girl's face off. Smiling inside, he knew how she felt, because he felt the same for April.

Terri and Tom belonged together, just as his heart belonged with a young girl, he'd met on a business trip a long time ago.

Everyone moved to the den to sit and chat while the dinner was slowly finishing. Then the doorbell rang again, Patricia answered this time with a loud squeal.

"April, Edith, you made it.' Smiling she added excitedly, "Here's my little angel. You have to meet your uncle. Ladies, this way." She led her guess.

Soon Tom saw the girl that his brother ruined his marriage for, April.

She was lovely. She stood a little over five feet tall, thick and long dark hair, and the prettiest green eyes. Her daughter, his niece was breathtakingly beautiful as well.

Tom, get over here, I want you to meet April and her mother Edith. This little angel in my arms is your niece, Isis.

Isis took one look at her uncle and reached for him. Tom gathered the babe in his arms and held her close. "You, little one, are simply beautiful."

April had heard about Tom, and knew that he left because of the messed caused by Stephen. "Thank you." April whispered.

Edith then greeted Tom as well. She and Patricia had become friends over the past year and she knew how the absence of her son hurt her.

She wanted to speak with Patricia and see if everything was alright.

Patricia excused herself to check on the dinner and set the table. Edith went to help her bring out the dinner.

"So that handsome young man is your son, Tom?" Edith queried.

"Patty, are you sure inviting all of us here was a good idea."

"My son walked away from me last year because he was hurt. I need to fix this, Edith. I need to fix our families. Isis needs to know her uncle and aunt." Patricia explained.

"Wait unless, you have another daughter, I don't-" then she just happen to see Tom watching Terri as she talked to April.

You'd have to be blind not to see the love he had for that woman. Soon, Isis saw her daddy and she wanted him. Stephen gladly rescued his daughter from the strong safe arms of her uncle.

Lottie was smiling at Stephen's antics. She thought she'd never she the day Stephen would be jealous of Tom. But he couldn't stand the idea of his daughter preferred her uncle over him.

So when Isis reached for him, he quickly moved to rescue her from his brother.

"Hey, Stephen, can't lose another woman to Tom, right?" she teased.

"You're the one to talk. Come talk to me when Terri dumps you for him." He grumbled holding his daughter close.

"Terri loves him. When she's ready I'll step aside. We'll always be friends, and damn I'm going to miss the sex with her." Then they both laughed.

April walked up and asked what was so funny.

Lottie explained, "Daddy Stephen here is scared his baby brother will steal his little girl's affections."

April joined in with Lottie's laughter.

Then gently April stroked Stephen's cheek. "You're her daddy. No one will take your place, not in her eyes." Stephen placed a gentle kiss in the palm of her hand. April pulled away reluctantly.

Stephen smiled and for a second he believed he could win her back. Then April stepped away from him, and a feeling of longing ensued.

Lottie carefully watched the exchange and felt bad for Stephen. He needed to let this girl go. She wouldn't be taking him back.

"So, April, Stephen tells me you are a Junior VP in the company now." Lottie stated.

April nodded, "Yes, but I don't travel as much as some. I'm working on my MBA and hope to have a top office one day."

Lottie was impressed. Tom and Terri had finally stopped staring at each other long enough to realize other people were there.

Patricia and Edith called them into dinner and they all sat down to eat. April placed the baby in her playpen that Stephen had set up in the next room.

Dinner was delicious. Edith watched her daughter carefully, but she was fine. She and Terri even exchanged greetings and everyone took turns holding the baby. Isis seemed to instantly attach herself to her uncle.

Soon it was late, and Terri and Lottie were heading home. Tom was about to call a cab, when Stephen offered to drive him back to the hotel.

Edith, April, and Isis were staying overnight and driving home the next morning. Stephen would join them for breakfast to spend extra time with his daughter.

He actually invited them to stay at his home,, but April quickly declined. She had no intention of giving him any idea that they would reconcile.

As they were leaving, Lottie slipped Tom her and Terri's address. She invited him over the next tonight.

Tom took the paper and said he'd think about it. Lottie knew he'd be there, simply because Terri would be there.

Stephen drove his brother back to his hotel.

"You know Tom, I have a big empty house. You're welcomed to stay. There's no point to spend money for a hotel room when you can stay with me for free." Stephen offered.

"That's nice of you Stephen, but I'd rather have my own space." Tom explained.

Stephen was hurt, but he wouldn't let it show. He wanted to rebuild his relationship with his brother, reconnect. He knew it would take time. Soon they arrived at the hotel and Stephen walked with Tom to his room. He wanted to talk to him. Stephen and Tom sat in his room and talked for hours.

Once Stephen realized the time, he bid his brother good night, and headed home. He had to be early to see April and Isis off the next morning.

The next morning, Tom awoke early and fished Lottie's number from his pocket. He decided to take her up on the offer to hang out with her and Terri.

Tom and Lottie spoke for a good while and decided to get together for lunch. Terri had to work, but Lottie would make sure to tell her.

"Terri, Tom and I are having lunch at Toro's today. It won't be a problem for you, will it?" Lottie asked. She didn't want to have resentment build between the two of them, for they'd been friends for too long.

Terri abhorred the idea of Lottie spending time with Tom, but right now he was free to see who he wanted. Even in her relationship with Lottie they agreed to be open and date other people.

So logically, she had no reason to object, but emotionally, her heart was screaming "NOOOOO!"

So she replied "He's a free agent, and in a sense so are you; have fun." Then she returned to her crossword puzzle she was working on.

At lunch, Tom and Lottie talked with Lottie wanting to know of his intentions toward Terri. True, she and Terri were lovers, but they were best friends first.

That night, Tom and the two women decided to go out and just relax. He arrived at their home in a cab ready to take the two gorgeous women to a local night club for an evening of dancing, frolicking, and fun.

Over the past year, Terri had changed. She was always outgoing, but a bit reserved. But now that she was free, she wanted to have fun. Tonight, she planned to just enjoy herself and clear up any doubts of her intentions toward Tom. No one would stand in her way.

Tom was the envy of everyone in sight. With two very attractive women on each arm, he walked into the dimly lit club as if he owned the place and people noticed. It didn't take long for them to be seated, as a lovely young woman led them to a privately enclosed booth in one of the secluded balconies of the establishment.

She waited a moment as they ordered drinks, with Terri sitting next Tom on one side and Lottie on the other.

After the waitress left the three friends, took time to catch up.

"So, Tom what have you been up to in Canada?" Lottie teased her friend.

Tom laughed, "Wouldn't you like to know, working mostly."

"Well, whatever you were doing, it worked." Terri chimed in admiring his firm build.

Tom blushed. He wasn't used to women looking at him and admiring his build. He wanted to take the focus off of him. "So Terri, you're free now. I can tell you've been having a great time." Tom teased.

Terri laughed at him. She liked this playful version of him. He was so much more relaxed and carefree. Sure she'd seen him hang with his friends in the past, but there was always restraint.

For a second she recalled how wild and unrestrained he was when they made love the first time. She realized that she wanted this man. No wondering, no questions asked.

Soon the waitress brought their drinks and the music was entrancing. Terri and Lottie began to sway to the music.

"Come on, Terri. Let's dance." Lottie pulled her girlfriend to the dance floor.

Tom sat and watched the two women dance.

Lottie and Terri swayed to the music. Both women were extremely happy. They were out with an old friend, and they were together. Lottie wanted more. She wanted to see if Terri was still turned on by her and wanted her.

So she pulled Terri close and kissed her. Then Terri turned, pressing her body back into Lottie as she held her close and nibbled on her ear and neck.

Tom was riveted. It seemed as if the girls were performing a private show just for him. His eyes were glued on the spectacle before him.

The three friends sat finishing their first drink when they ordered their meal. They quickly ordered a second drink then a third. By the time the meal came to the table we were all quite merry and a little light headed.

The meal was fantastic, as was the company. It was like Tom had never been away. More drinks followed as both Terri and Lottie were asked by a number of very young beautiful women to dance.

It was then that Tom recognized they had come to a gay club for women. Besides Tom, there were only two other men there.

The music pounded and the drinks flowed freely. More and more drinks followed. Terri was watching Lottie with Tom, and she had just enough alcohol in her system to make her daring. "Excuse me, Tom, Lottie, I'm going to powder my nose." She stood and walked away a sultry sway to her hips. Lottie watched her lover walk off, and she knew Terri was horny.

She'd been extra horny ever since Tom came home. Lottie flashed back to last night. She and Terri fucked each other almost into oblivion.

Now tonight, Lottie knew she was primed and ready. She wondered if they could get Tom to join them, but now wasn't the time. Her girl was going into the bathroom, horny, hot and waiting. She had to take care of her before some other stud stepped in.

Terri walked into the bathroom and quickly went to the sink.

"Hey, baby. I can help you with that." A gorgeous brunette butch offered walking up and grabbing Terri by the waist. Lottie walked in just in time to stop the woman's advances.

"Dean, you know she's mine. We don't poach. What in the hell are you doing?" Lottie addressed the woman.

"Sorry, Lottie. Wasn't poaching, just checking on your girl." Dean explained backing away hands extended.

Dean left leaving Terri and Lottie alone. As soon as she left Terri shoved Lottie against the wall and kissed her desperately. She felt as if her body was blazing. She needed release and needed it now.

Sliding her hands beneath Lottie's dress, Terri caressed her naked pussy. Lottie was hot and wet. Terri fingered her cunt causing Lottie to moan. Terri covered her lips with hers to hide the moans as she fingered her furiously.

Lottie loved how aggressive Terri could be. Most people taught Lottie was the dominant, but they were mistaken. Both women took turns dominating each other. Their relationship worked because, they both strived to meet the need of their partner.

Terri guided Lottie into a stall and led her to the top of the toilet. She then closed and locked the stall, and lifted Lottie's dress exposing her neatly trimmed bush to her view.

Terri looked at Lottie's wet dripping pussy and she salivated. She wanted a taste. So ever so gently she fingered her and then extracted the fingers to lick the juices off of her hand.

"Put your leg up on the toilet." Terri whispered. Lottie quickly positioned her legs opening her core for Terri's assault.

Terri hissed into Lottie's ear, "Do you want to cum? Do you want me to make you cum?"

Lottie moaned, caught up in the sensation of being pleasured by her lover.

Terri kissed and nibbled Lottie's neck, then whispered in her ear, " You are so very wet. I love that about you. You're always turned on with me every bit as much as I am with you. You never fail to make me want to have sex with you, making me feel very excited and horny.

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