tagErotic CouplingsChoosing My Prey

Choosing My Prey


That's him... and he doesn't even know it yet.

I spotted him across the bar. Unassuming yet attractive. I knew he'd work. He wasn't with anyone else and he wasn't getting a lot of attention. I stood up and crossed to the ladies room. Sashaying my hips against the lycra miniskirt. I made sure that he noticed me walking by. I was already feeling the heat of his attention. I could feel my cunt warming and getting moist at the thought.

I stood in front of the mirror of the ladies room and adjusted my double D's so that my cleavage was even more pronounced in the leather bustier I was wearing. I turned to look at my rear view. Not bad, I thought. It was a good thing I didn't wear any underwear tonight. It'd make things easier later. I headed back out to the bar.

As I scooted back into my seat, I noticed him watching. I purposely caught his eye, cocked my eyebrow and proceeded to cross my legs. I noticed his eyes moving down my legs. Just as his eyelevel caught my crotch, I un-crossed my legs, giving him ample view of my cunt. He was practically salivating. I turned my body inward to my boyfriend, Mark.

"I've found him" I whispered.

"Oh yeah? Is he hooked yet?"

"Yes. He's just enjoyed the view of my cunt I gave him."

With that Mark's big hand, which had been resting on my thigh, slid upward. I felt his fingers tease my clit. I pressed my breast to his chest and turned my head in the direction of the bar. Yes, my prey was watching. I could see he was getting aroused.

"I'm going to ride your hand till I cum all over your fingers" I whispered to Mark.

He then expertly fingered my cunt. I slowly and methodically rotated my hips. Making sure to feel the full extent of his fingers deep in me. Mark was a pro at this. He had my cunt gripped and his thumb was working magic on my clit. I could feel the walls of moist pussy begin to rumble. It wouldn't be long now and oh, oh... ohhhhhhhhhh... I was cumming. I pressed my tits to him tighter and he smiled his devilish smile. He ran his hand slowly up my thigh and then lightly caressed the top of my bulging cleavage. I could feel my juices still dripping from his fingers. He then ran his hand up my neck and grabbed my chin. I leaned in and he just pulled his fingers across my mouth. I lightly licked them as they ran across my lips. I could taste the remnants of my orgasm. I wanted his cock so bad.

I turned my head back to the man at the bar. He was still watching. We knew he would be. Mark instructed me to go get him. I did.

I walked over to the bar. I made sure to stand directly across from him. I was there to get him but to anyone else, I was just buying a drink. He was watching me, earnestly but not ogling. I liked that. Mark was watching too. From his vantage point, he could see my ass as I was leaning forward against the bar. I could feel a breeze on my still wet cunt so I knew exactly what Mark was watching. I looked across the bar. He was watching me too, from his perspective, he saw my breast leaning against the shiny enamel of the bar. We made eye contact. He smiled. Nice, I thought. I cocked my head ever so slightly, inviting him to come over. It worked well. I picked my cocktail up off the bar and by the time I turned around, he was standing in front of me.

"Think your boyfriend mind if we danced?" he asked

"I don't know, why don't you ask him?" I responded.

I started to head back to the table. I knew he was following me, I could feel his eyes watching my ass. He was getting a real show. Mark was smiling broadly as we approached and I winked at him while sliding back into my seat.

"Can we help you?" Mark asked.

"Yeah, man. You have a problem with me dancing with your woman?"

"No, not at all," Mark extended his hand, "be my guest."

I got back up. "Thanks" he said while I was lead to the dance floor.

Well, I had to hand it to the guy, he knew how to move. On the dance floor, we were close. He smelled good. While I caressed his arms, I noticed he had a nice build. The music was a sexy Latin beat. We danced close and I could feel cock hardening. He grabbed my ass and pulled me close.

So...he knew what I was feeling. He wanted me to feel it. I looked over his shoulder and could see Mark watching us. Approvingly, he nodded in encouragement. I ground my hips into this stranger, he caught on instantly.

"You are so fucking sexy" he whispered in my ear. I just looked up at him and smirked. We continued to dance and his cock continued to harden. The music broke for a second. I looked up at him. Then a slow erotic beat began.

"Mind if I have another?"

"Of course not."

We moved closely. I was sure that it was just a matter of moments. He was eating out of the palm of my hand now. He was guiding me to the back of the floor. I looked in Mark's direction. He was waiting, patiently. I then looked up at my dance partner. Thinking we were out of scrutiny, he leaned in and kissed me. It was a great kiss. He knew how to stroke my tongue and suck my lips. I had a feeling he'd know how to work magic on my other set of lips too. At this thought, I could feel my cunt wetting again.

My partner then led me out the back door of the bar.

"What'd you have in mind?" I asked him. He knew that I was well aware of what he had in mind. He let his hand run down my back. His hands rubbing the curve of my ass. He pulled me close, my cunt nestled to his crotch. His cock hard and solid and ready for action. I looked into his face. It was apparent what he had in mind.

"Lead the way" I instructed.

He took my hand and led me to the near by ally. Once out of the street, he hungrily took my mouth. His hands knew their way around my body. He had one hand on my right tit and was stroking it as my nipples were hardening. He soon had both of my tits free and was masterfully pinching my nipples. Hard and forcefully, he pulled them. The mix of pain versus pleasure was mind blowing. I could feel my cunt responding.

He then lowered his head and his tongue was circling my nipples. He pinched them with his teeth and I was groaning with pleasure. My hand had found its way to his cock. It was solid already but I grasped and began to stroke it. It was a matter of moments and he had my skirt hiked up above my waist. He was now looking at me appreciatively.

"I've been waiting to Fuck that pretty cunt since you first showed it to me."

"Well, why are you still waiting?"

Then he was standing in front of me. His cock fully exposed. It was hard and big. Bigger than I would have guessed. He grabbed the back of my neck and drew me close. He then whispered hoarsely in my ear, "I know your wet pussy wants my cock but before I give you the pleasure, I'm going to fuck your mouth."

He was more dominating than I had expected, not a problem. He pushed me down to his cock and I licked him from base to head. I swallowed his cock in all its glory. I could hear him moaning approvingly. He was enjoying this and, so was I. My hand was grasped around his massive shaft and my mouth was sucking the tip. I was fondling his balls with my free hand and I could feel them constricting as he was close to orgasm.

He pulled away abruptly, "No, I'm not going to cum in your mouth. I'm saving that for your cunt."

He then led me to the nearby stack of discarded crates. He guided me down and knelt in front of me. He pulled my legs open and dove into my cunt. His tongue darting in and out of my lips and then he was sliding it up and down. I was so consumed with desire, I hardly noticed the dark figure in the shadows. He then began play with my clit. The man was trying to make me cum and I was about to. Oh... I grabbed his head and pulled him closer... Oh... I began moving my hips in rhythm to his motions... Oh... Ohhhhh... UHHHOHHH... "I'm cumming" I moaned. With that the convulsions ripped through me and I enjoyed my second orgasm of the evening.

He pulled away and smiled up at me. I started to get up. "I want to ride your cock and cum till you feel my juices flowing down your balls." I told him.

We exchanged places. He was now resting atop the crates. I straddled his rock hard cock and began fucking him. I noticed the figure in the shadows again.

I couldn't see the face but I knew what he was there for. "Yes, Now" I directed. In a moment's time, the stranger from the shadows was behind me. I could feel his hard cock rubbing my ass cheeks. Then, just as I thought I couldn't take any more taunting, the stranger found what he was looking for. I wanted this so bad.

I was riding two cocks. One hard in my cunt and the other in my ass. It was a pleasure I couldn't begin to describe. I was rocking back and forth on my two cocks. My whole body writhing in pleasure. It was so much better than I thought it would be. I felt hands on my clit, I felt my nipples being bitten, I felt big masculine hands wrapped around my waist. I was in heaven. My orgasm was beginning.

Their cocks were tightening my pussy and ass were so wet with desire. They were going to cum too. It was better than I could have ever imagined. I felt them both get harder and then release deep inside me and at that exact instant, I came. I came so hard, my body was convulsing and my cunt was pulsing with pleasure. It was the most mind blowing orgasm I had ever experienced.

When it was done, the three of us lay there, too tired from the incredible fuck we'd just had. Then he noticed what was going on.

"Hey, get the fuck off of me! You guys had this all planned didn't you!"

I jumped up and turned to Mark. We both chuckled.

"I wanted you both. I've always wanted two men at once. Mark told me it'd be better with a real cock. till now, your position was filled by a vibrator. Feel grateful, I chose you." Then I pulled my skirt down and entwined my arm with Mark's. We began to walk away. I turned over my shoulder to see him sitting on the crate still pantless and confused. I winked at him and turned back to Mark.

"Well baby, was I right?' Mark asked.

"Yes. Yes, you were." I agreed.

And we continued home.

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