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Where pepper would explain exactly what this is about, she is still unsure but she was taken to SH to serve Master Porir where she was promptly but to doing chores by Mistress Tehya. Unfortunately, pepper lost part of the scroll. This is what remains:

*pepperTPS sets the stone aside as a soft sigh erupts from moist lips and begins at the far end of the kitchen, bending low to thrust the broom bristles beneath the countertop and begins with hard but sure strokes to bring out any missed debris beneath, pulling it out from the cabinets to make small piles*

*TehyaSH looks for pepper*

TehyaSH: pepper what are you doing at this time?

*pepperTPS moves slowly but effeciently down the length of the furtherest line of cabinets, taking care in the corners and then sweeping the hearths that heat the kitchen, the wafting smell of blackwine, paga and sullage filling her nostrils, adding to the sting of her still puzzling punishment but continues to sweep down the end of the counters, stopping as she hears her name*

*pepperTPS moves to the doorway of the kitchen to answer*

pepperTPS: sweeping as you commanded, Mistress

*pepperTPS stands quietly in the doorway as she waits for her next command*

TehyaSH: just stay there for a min pepper

pepperTPS: yes Mistress

TehyaSH: with Me being pregnant I tend to forget what I was thinking from time to time

TehyaSH: so bare with Me

*pepperTPS smiles gently from across the room*

pepperTPS: yes Mistress

*CrimsonFW chuckles quietly.*

TehyaSH: ok pepper go back to sweeping I lost all train of thought

pepperTPS: yes Mistress

*pepperTPS moves quietly back into the kitchen, taking up where she left off near the hearths and the line of cabinets along the wall with the fireplaces and begins once again her dutiful job of sweeping out from beneath, following the perimeter of the room, not leaving one place untouched with the stiff bristles*

*pepperTPS carefully moves around the expanse of the kitchen, pulling out from beneath the cabinets and in corners missed small amounts of dust bunnies and debris, making small piles near the cabinets where she worked before going back to combine the piles into bigger ones until only one small pile remains in the middle*

*pepperTPS moves to gather up the cleaning stone and carefully bends from the waist to sweep the debris onto the cleaning stone, not leaving any behind and then carefully straightens to take it to the trash receptacle near the back door and then moves to the supply closet to replace the broom and cleaning stone, looking for a bucket and stiff bristled brush in which to begin the mopping*

*pepperTPS moving back out into the kitchen with the bucket and brush, glides to the countertop near the sink and sets the bucket on the ground, pulling the brush out to set on a countertop and then rises, blue eyes looking about for a large kettle in which to gather hot water from the kettle over the hearth*

*pepperTPS finds a medium sized copper kettle and pulls it from the shelves to begin a couple of trips to the hearth, gathering the steaming water from the kettle over the fire to dump into the bucket near the sink, adding just enough cool water to make it bearable and then tosses in a few tefs of soap chips, stirring to create bubbles, straight white teeth worrying lower lip as she works*

*pepperTPS taking up the filled bucket and the stiff bristled brush in her other hand, moves to the back side of the kitchen, kneeling down to hands and knees and begins the hard labor of scrubbing the floor with the soapy hard brush ... back and forth ... back and forth, scrubbing as she works*

*pepperTPS inching back from the place where she was working, slides back as she dunks the brush in the hot soapy water again and starts the next section, blowing away an errant curl that slipped from the piggy tails holding back her curls, glancing up to see the Free serving themselves with a slight frown but continues with the command that she was given, turning her attention back to the task at hand*

*pepperTPS inching back again, slow but sure progress as she cleans the floor of the holding's kitchen, looking to Mistress Dem stabbing the sul and slinks down a bit, hoping she is not next as she hurries up her task a bit *

*pepperTPS washes the floor carefully around Mistress Dem, praying she doesn't slip on the wet floor and continues working carefully, scrubbing with all her might, giving her all as she would in any other task set before her*

*pepperTPS finding herself at the entrance of the kitchen, settles back on bared heels to survey her work, a soft smile appearing to find it gleaming and almost a silver color in the light of the fire's warmth*

*pepperTPS rising upwards, taking the bucket of now lukewarm water and the hard bristled brush, tiptoes around the edge of the kitchen, taking care to stay clear of the Free Woman stabbing the poor sul and slips out the back door to toss the remains of the bucket into the snow*

*pepperTPS inching back along the back wall, blue eyes wide as she glances to the Mistress attacking the sul, feeling her pain with a bit of a grin at hearing her words, moves to the supply closet to replace the bucket and stiff bristled brush, glancing again to the kitchen before slipping back out into the main part of the holding to kneel*

*pepperTPS glances to Mistress Crimson as she settles back into a kneel on the slave mats*

CrimsonFW: come here pepper.

pepperTPS: yes Mistress

*pepperTPS inches to hands and knees, crawling to where Mistress Crimson rests and settles into delicate tower, silken thighs pressed together as one as her palms kiss downwards on their planes, blue eyes shielded beneath long lashes as her voice lifts upwards ...*

pepperTPS: how might pepper please you, Mistress?

*CrimsonFW reaches down and gently tugs on a piggie tail of pepper's stroking her cheek softly and whispering job well done.*

*pepperTPS smiles gently, hearing her words, the sparkle returning to her blue gaze as she dares a peek upwards to her beauty*

pepperTPS: thank you Mistress

Shortly thereafter, pepper was released to kennel. she is to continue her punishment until a Free of the tavern comes to pick her up.

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