Chrissy: The Wedding Night


Chrissy didn't protest but her lips were pouting and she began mewling and sobbing. She tearfully said, "Ted, don’t spank me anymore. I’ll try to be good. But just let me suck you and rub you. I will make it feel good for you. Don't stick it in me please. You are too big. You will tear my little cunny. Oh Ted, please don't push my legs that far apart. Oh, my poor cunny, it's so puffy and tingly. Oh God, the head is going in. You’re stretching me open. Oh, I’ve never had a c-cock in me before. Joey, help me. He is sticking his cock in me." Ted began a steady thrust with short strokes. Chrissy moaned, "unnghh, Ted just put the head in, don't push it all in." He pulled the head of his cock out and I saw Chrissy's ass hunch up off the bed. Then he pushed the head back in and Chrissy moaned, "unnnghh". Then he pulled the head back out and again Chrissy arched her pelvis off the bed trying to recapture his cock.

She whimpered, "Ted, don't do this to me...please stoppp! Let me do ‘it’ with Joey first. I’ve never done ‘it’ before. Don’t do ‘it’ to me."

Ted teasingly said, "Don't do what?"

She said, "You know...don't stick it in and pull it out."

Ted said, "You mean don't tease you or don’t fuck you. Do you want me to stick it in you and not pull it out?"

She said, "Yesss, please don't......f-f-fuck me. I don't want to be f-f-fucked." Ted continued to push his cock in and pull it out and I could see her stomach muscles rippling and her toes curling each time he put the head of his cock in and out of her pussy. He didn't break her cherry with one enormous thrust, but let her moistening, flowering pussy slowly give way to his gentle assault. When her cherry broke, Chrissy gasped, and kicked her little feet in the air. "Oh Ted, I thought you were going to just push the head in a little. It is too big! Take it out! Oh, I knew you would go too far. Please take it out!" Ted confidently grasped her waist and pulled her the rest of the way onto his shaft. I could hear Chrissy moaning into his chest as he settled his weight on top of her. Her legs bent back and opened widely around Ted's body. My wife's breasts pressed against Ted. Her pussy was tilted up at the perfect angle for fucking. Her feet kicked a little as he settled his ball-sack against her ass. "Oh, Ted, you are in so-o deep. Am I f-fucked now? I didn't know it would go in so-o far. I didn’t know it would feel like this. I can feel it way up in my tummy."

Ted whispered, "Feel what?"

Chrissy whimpered, "You know, your 'thing'. Oh, it's so big. I can feel it throbbing."

Ted said, "You mean my cock?"

Chrissy moaned, "Yes-s, your c-c-cock. Pull your c-c-cock out some. Don't f-f-fuck me with it."

Ted rose up by extending his arms beside Chrissy so that she could see where his cock was penetrating her pussy. “Chrissy, look down and see where my cock is fucking you. Your juices have my cock shiny. Do you see?”

She looked down and said, “Oh Ted, look how your c-cock is stretching me. I can’t believe it fits in me. It is so big and hard. Do you like the way my cunny feels around your cock?”

Ted leaned down, kissed Chrissy deeply and whispered, “Your pussy feels so hot and slick around my cock. When I really start to fuck you it is going to feel so good.”

Carol worked the buzzing dildo into my asshole. It stretched and violated me as I watched my wife being masterfully fucked by my childhood bully. Chrissy looked over at me and said, "Ted, don't let them hurt him. What are they doing?"

Ted said, "Don't worry. He is just getting cock fucked just like you."

Chrissy said, "You mean in his bottom?"

Ted said, "Deep and hard and he likes it. Look at the way his little dick sticks up."

Chrissy said, "Oh, I see. Are you sure it doesn't hurt? Joey, baby are they hurting you? Does it feel good? Why is your little 'dicky' sticking up?"

I moaned into the stocking gag and humped against the carpet. Carol must have worked nine or ten inches of the thing into my gut. I could feel it vibrating deep inside me. She pulled it out and made me roll over on my back. Brad lifted my feet and they turned me so that my ass was facing Ted and Chrissy on the bed. With my feet up in the air my ass was totally exposed. Carol began to push the dildo in and out of my ass...fucking me very slowly. I could not help myself and began to hunch my ass up when Carol would fuck me. My dick was sticking straight up and leaking. I wanted to cum so bad. Carol touched the tip of my dick as she fucked my ass with the dildo. Then she circled my dick with her hand. I hunched and came, shooting cum straight up and back down on my chest and stomach. It felt so-o-o good.

I heard Ted whisper to Chrissy, "Look at Joey, see how much he likes being fucked. Look at him squirt. All of that cum was meant for your pussy. You will like it just as much once I have fucked you a little while and I have some cum for your pussy. Do you want me to fuck you a little? Do you want me to fill your pussy with cum?"

Chrissy whimpered, "I don't know. I-I can’t think. Your c-c-cock is so big and it is so deep in my cunny. I don't want you to f-f-fuck me. Oh, I can feel it throb. Oh, don't make it do that. It makes my cunny feel so funny. It makes my cunny want to feel something sliding in it. Oh, there it goes again. Oh, are you going to f-fuck me? Oh, it makes me want to open my legs. Oh, it makes me hunch. Oh, there it goes again. How did you know I was in 'heat'? Oh, I don't want to be fucked but could you just slide your cock in and out a little? You are not fair. You know I can't stop you when you make it throb. Oh, there it goes again. Could you rub it against my clitty a little bit? You are going to f-f-fuck me good…..aren't you? Are you going to make me come? Oh, there it goes again. I can't help it...I have to hunch when you do that. Are you f-f-fucking me now? Oh, Joey baby, help me! He is f-fucking me. Can you see his big c-cock sticking in my cunny? Can you see it f-fucking me? Joey, he is going to make me come with his c-cock. Oh, I don't want him to f-fuck me but I can't stop him. Joey, can you see what his cock is doing to my cunny? Joey, help me, make him pull it out. Oh Joey, I know he is going to squirt cum and breed me."

Carol pushed the dildo in to the hilt in my ass and more duct tape was used to hold the thing in place. She said, "Would you like for me to pull on your 'dicky' a little more?" I nodded my head and cried into my gag as the tape was wound around my hips. They taped my feet together and then got up, and laughing quietly, left the hotel room.

Ted pumped his cock in and out of my wife. Chrissy moaned with each stroke. The veined shaft glistened with the moisture he pulled from her. Her pussy lips folded in and out with each stroke of his big cock. He wrapped her legs around his waist.

She whined, "Ted, please don't. You are f-f-fucking me…aren't you? I don't want you to fuck me. Just put the head in and hold still. I will squeeze your cock."

Ted knew that he was in complete control and could do as he pleased but he said, "If you want me to stop I will!" With that he pulled his cock out with a 'pop' and said, "Now is that what you want?"

Chrissy was humping off the bed and said, "Ted, baby, maybe you can put it back in a little. My cunny feels so empty and needs something in it. It needs something hard sliding in and out. I’m so hot. I need ‘it’ so bad. I-I just can't think. I-I don't know what to do." Ted teasingly said, "So you want me to fuck you with my cock?" He knew she was too hot to stop and he wanted to hear her beg to be fucked.

Chrissy whispered, "I'm so confused. I don't know. It seems like I can’t think with your cock in me. OK…..f-fuck me a little with your big c-cock." Chrissy was moaning and squirming but had surrendered to the fuck. "I know I shouldn’t but I can’t help it. Joey, I’m sorry but I just have to get fucked right now. Please fuck me. Fuck me deep. Fuck me hard. Make me come! Please make me come. I need to come so bad."

Ted nibbled her ear and whispered, “Do you want me to squirt cum in your pussy and make you pregnant? If I fuck you I am going to squirt cum in you and make a baby.”

“Oh God Ted, I need to be fucked so bad. Please fuck me. I-I don’t want you to squirt cum in me but I have to be fucked. Oh, I don’t know what to do. If you need to cum in me I-I guess it’s OK. Please just fuck me now.”

With that Ted pushed his cock into Chrissy until his balls struck her ass and I saw his ass muscles clench several times. I heard him muttering to her, "Can you feel that, Chrissy?"

"Yes..." She replied.

"Here, lift your legs higher so I can put it against your cervix."

"Oh Ted, it will go too deep, don't cum in me...pull it out...Oh, it's too’s OK to fuck me but don't cum in me. You'll make a baby-y-y! You'll get me pregnant." I saw her bend her knees again and point her toes, her eyes went wide and her mouth opened in an "O" as he shot his cum into her. "Oh-h, TED I feel it twitching. You are filling me. Your cum is so hot. You are fucking me so good! You’re putting a baby in me!" My wife cried out as Ted injected her with cum. Her legs began to quiver and I could see her asshole clenching, her stomach rippling, her toes curling and I knew that she was coming too.

They didn't separate. Ted rested on his elbows, softly kissing Chrissy. His softening cock was still in Chrissy’s pussy preventing any sperm from draining. After a short while Ted turned on his side and Chrissy snuggled up to his back spoon fashion. Her little hand reached across his body to hold his wet cock. I heard her whispering, “Ted, baby, you used ‘this’ to fuck me so good. Does it feel good for me to keep rubbing ‘it’? Will ‘it’ get hard again if I keep rubbing ‘it’?”

Ted rolled over on his back and put his arm around Chrissy. She snuggled into the crook of his arm and continued to rub his cock with her little hand. “Chrissy, baby, my cock will get hard again if you keep rubbing it. Then I am going to fuck you again, if your pussy is not too sore. Do you want me to fuck you again?”

Chrissy straddled his thigh with her legs and whispered, “Oh, I don’t know if you should f-fuck me again. Can you feel the cum running out of my cunny onto your leg? You filled me so full. I just didn’t know that fucking could feel so good. Mom told me that once I started I would want to do it all the time. But I didn’t believe her.”

Later Ted pulled the covers over them and I saw the shape of his ass humping up and down. I heard my wife cry out from somewhere in there. "Ted, not cunny needs a rest. Your cock is so hard. How much are you going to fuck me? Oh, it feels so good. You’re going to make me come again. You’ve put so much sperm in me. I know you’re making me pregnant."

The covers came off and I saw that he had both hands on her firm ass cheeks and was really fucking her hard. He would give her long slow strokes and then quick short strokes making sure his cock rubbed her engorged clit. Chrissy could not seem to get enough and was fucking like a bunny in heat. She was hunching her ass off the bed driving Ted's cock deep into her pussy. I could hear the wet squelching sounds as his cock went in and out of Chrissy's cum filled pussy. Chrissy was truly being fucked out of her mind. Her body had taken over and all she cared about was the hard cock fucking in and out of her pussy. She was coming in an almost a continuous stream of orgasms and her body gleamed with perspiration.

Ted said, "I'm going to fill your pussy really full one more time and then I will teach you something else."

Chrissy whimpered. "Teach me what? You don't plan to f-f-fuck my bottom like Joey, do you? I don't know if I would like that. I don't think my b-bottom could take your b-big c-cock."

I was reminded of the time when I was little and peeked into my parent’s bedroom to find out what was making the bed spring squeaking noise. My asshole was stretched and pained. The vibrator continued to throb in my belly. Even though I had come once my balls still ached.

I think I may have passed out. I could see the moon outside. When I opened my eyes, Ted and Chrissy were doing it slowly. He had her bent over on her hands and knees, her young firm ass in the air, and against him. I could see his ball-sack swinging between her legs. His cock was embedded in her pussy. She didn't appear to be fighting him anymore. She had completely surrendered. She said, "Ted, what are you doing? I-I think I like it better when I can see you and kiss you when you fuck me. Oh, this makes me feel like a bitch in heat. You don't think I am a dog do you Ted, baby? Why are you fucking me like a dog? Don’t touch me there!"

Ted said, "Where?"

She said, "You know bottom."

He said, "You mean your ass?" He rubbed his moistened finger tip on her anus pressing inward very lightly.

She said, "Y-yes my a-a-ass." He pushed his finger into her ass at the same time he pushed his cock into her pussy. "Oh Ted that makes me want to clench my a-ass and my cunny. Can you feel me squeeze? Oh Ted, you have to stop! It feels too good. How did you know I would like something sticking in my a-a-ass? Oh God, you are making me com-m-m-m-e again! Fuck me, fuck me good, fuck my cunny, fuck my ass, fuck me deep." I remember seeing her arch her back as he thrust forward and grunted again. She kicked her legs again as he did this. I knew he was injecting her with cum one more time. "Squirt cum in me. Fill me! Fuck a baby into my tummy!" I could see cum foam out of Chrissy's pussy around Ted's cock and run down her firm inner thighs. I could see Ted's ass muscles clench again and again.

The door slammed. My wrists were free, [the tape was cut]. I hurriedly worked the damned duct tape off my wrists and ankles, and extricated the dildo from my butt. I had worn the batteries out. Sunlight was streaming in. Chrissy and I were alone. I ran to the bed and woke her to see if she were alright.

"Chrissy! CHRISSY! Wake up for Gods sake! Are you okay!!?" She moaned and rolled over, putting her arms around me slowly. I pulled her into me and gently kissed her.

"I'm alright, dear. I hope you didn't see and hear what that Ted Baxter did to me last night. It was awful. He just fucked my little cunny so much. I tried to stop him but he got between my legs and worked his big cock into me. He made it throb and twitch inside me and it made me come and come. I was really fucked-out when he finally left us alone." Her voice sounded strange and detached.

I kissed her and kissed her and ran my hands around her and pushed a finger into her pussy. She felt wonderful. She smelled musky. I could still smell Ted's aftershave and his cum on her. She said, "Did they hurt you, Joey baby? Let me see what they did to you. Did they f-fuck you in the bottom?" She touched my sore anus with her finger and said, "Poor baby. Did they get you all hot and bothered? Let me rub it and make it better." With that she pushed her finger into her pussy and moistened it with cum and began to finger-fuck my ass. She said, "Does this feel a little cock f-fucking you? You know, you could fuck me while I fuck you. Would that be fun?"

Even though I had come one time when Carol touched me, I found myself aroused. I was kissing my lovely new wife and feeling her bare, secret places for the first time. She was kissing me back. I rolled myself on top of her as we embraced. I confidently spread my wife's thighs. "Stop Joey..." she said. She smiled at me sweetly as I stared agape at her. "Go get a condom from the bathroom, please. I don’t want to have different cum in me right now." She brushed some hair out of her face.

"But....but..." I stammered.

"GO, get a condom!" She said firmly, and then kissed my cheek.

I returned quickly with the condom, fumbled it on, and tried to resume our former passion. She lay back, calmly, as I slipped my gloved pecker into her pussy. Even through the condom I could feel the heat and incredible moisture. "Is it all in...? You can fuck me as hard as you want to you know. That nasty Ted Baxter really stretched my little cunny when he fucked me last night. I guess we can at least thank him for that. At least you don't have to worry about hurting me with your little 'dicky'. Later I might want to fuck that black plastic cock that Carol used to fuck your ass. Will that be OK? How did it feel in your bottom? Maybe you would like to stick your little 'dicky' in my bottom so I could see how it feels," she said.

Two years later we have a little one-year old running around the house. Chrissy is happy. She still retains her child-like beauty and her body is still firm from her twice weekly tennis outings. Her family is ecstatic. I am the breadwinner, and little else, it seems. The kid is a brat already. Chrissy insists that he looks like me. Ha. Ha. We always use condoms. ["I must be careful, Chrissy says!"] To make matters worse, at the last big family gathering, her folks mentioned that Ted Baxter was back in town and her father suggested another grandchild. Chrissy said, "Oh Daddy, I haven't forgotten what you got Ted to do on our honeymoon. It was so awful. You remember, don't you, Joey? Daddy, how could you have done such a thing? Is Ted married yet?"


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