tagGroup SexChristina's Journey Ch. 01-02

Christina's Journey Ch. 01-02



Christina Rocca was of mixed heritage, her mother English, her father Italian. She was slim and fairly tall at five nine, and in heels almost made it to five eleven. Her build was from her mothers genes, which was just as well, she didn't want a fat arse to replace her nice small tight one she had now. She had nice big firm boobs, and had inherited her fathers colouring, having beautiful dark long wavy hair, dark brown eyes and olive skin. She was a killer babe, that could have made a fortune as a model, particularly in lingerie or swimsuits, but she had other idea's, she wanted a degree as a Economist. She was highly sexed, very aware of her sexy image, even though she couldn't see it, and she dressed accordingly, she knew what effect her braless tee shirt breasts, had on the boys, and teased them almost daily. She had a friend Josh, whom she met at a party held by one of the Uni guys, not a frat party, but close, they had clicked immediately, and on this particular night, when she had realised she was too drunk to drive home, she asked him if he would help her.

"I'm not hitting on you," she giggled. "I just need a ride."

Josh grinned. "That's okay, I understand."

When they got to her place, she wouldn't let him go, she kissed him gently, and then erotically. Within five minutes, they were fucking each others brains out.

At the time, Josh couldn't believe his luck. Like most of the guys, he had fantasised

about fucking Christina, watching her walk the corridors of the university, her boobs free swinging under her tee shirt. If she was approaching him, by the time she had passed, he had a hardon, she always smiled and greeted him.

"Hi Josh."

"Hi Christina," he croaked. He wondered if she knew how she was effecting him. She did, it was her little game.

The morning after the party, they had more sex, showered, she cooked him breakfast, eggs toast and coffee, and he drove her back to pick up her car.

She leaned over and kissed him. "Thanks, for everything," she giggled.

The kiss got a bit hot, and she pulled back, tearing her lips from his.

"God, you've got great lips," she said quietly, studying them. And a great tongue," then she laughed, and put here hand to her mouth.

"I've finally met a guy who makes love, and doesn't just fuck," she said, her voice going husky. "You've made me so horny."

She took his hand, and put it between her legs, Josh was surprised to find, she wasn't wearing anything. She moaned and opened her legs, when she felt his fingers in her wet slit.

"Make me come, one more time," she whispered in his ear.

"It's daylight, somebody will come," he warned her. It was the sort of area people walked their dogs, and kids rode bikes.

She frowned. "At the end of the street, there's a park with a carpark, go there, be quick."

He was. He turned into the carpark, and went to the far end, it was deserted. He wondered how she knew about it, but quickly dismissed it, he didn't care.

"Back seat," he said, as he stopped the car. Christina quickly hopped out and got in the back seat. By the time he joined her, she was nude. She pulled at his clothes, and in seconds, she had him nude.

She opened her legs. "Use that magic tongue Josh, and make me come."

She alternated between holding his head, as his tongue worked her clit, and pulling her nipples. Within two minutes, she was gyrating and moaning.

"Oh God, yes Josh, lick me, eat my cunt, you're wonderful, I'm gonna come."

She moaned and bit her fist, trying to keep her calls of pleasure quiet. Josh worked diligently, his tongue now pushed hard on her rigid clit, as she thrust. He was ready to blow over the seat of his car. She grabbed his head, and pulled it up to hers, kissing him hard, savouring her love juice.

"Fuck me now, oh God yes, fuck me, fuck me," she groaned. "Fuck my cunt with your lovely cock."

He slid his cock, into her saturated hot hungry hole, and fucked her hard. Half a minute later, he came, and shot his own love juice deep inside her. She felt his cock explode, and his cum shoot into her cunt, but instead of him slowing, he kept fucking her, and fucking her, still rock hard.

"Oh God," she called, and didn't care who heard. "I'm coming Josh, I'm coming again, fuck me, fuck me."

It was two weeks before Josh saw Christina again, he thought that for what ever reason, he had done something to offend her. He called by her place, she wasn't home, so left a note. She called him.

"Hey, sorry I haven't called or been in touch," she said, and Josh was suddenly calm, she wasn't angry, actually the opposite.

"That's okay," he replied. "I thought something might be wrong, that I might have done something."

She laughed. "You're kidding. That was the best sex I've ever had, it's kept me going all week. No, I've flat out with assignments. Can we get together Saturday night?"

"What about mid afternoon," he suggested. "We can have a few drinks somewhere, something to eat........"

"And then go back to my place, to complete the night," she interrupted him. "I have a couple of movies we can watch, one I know you'll really like."

"Sounds like my sort of date," he chuckled.

Christina had pretty much worked Josh out. After all he was a guy, all guys liked sex, so she wasn't concerned the movies might shock him, but she didn't want him to figure out she was a bit of a slut, he gave her great sex, and she didn't want to lose him. They arrived back at her apartment at eight, after drinks at The Garden, both half pissed and feeling good.

"I think you'll like this one," Christina giggled, slipping a DVD into her player. "All guys fantasise about two girls having sex with each other, don't they?"

Josh laughed. "Oh yeah, a lot."

She pressed play, and then kissed him. "If you weren't ready to rock before hand, you will be after this."

The film was an hour, but Josh missed half of it, being otherwise occupied, his cock sliding in and out of Christina's cunt.

It was some weeks before Josh saw Christina again, as quick as she came into his life, she left, just as quickly.


The moment Josh was in Christina's presence, he got horny. He didn't know if this was a normal reaction for guys when they were near a sexy female, or if he was over sexed, but regardless, this was what happened with him, and becausew he couldn't keep his eye's off her body, hehad a lot of trouble not getting an erection. I mean, how could a guy control his emotions, when Christina was having one of her braless days, walking towards him, with her magnificent boner producing wobbling breasts, short muff level skirt, and long shapely legs, luckily most times he had some books to hidde his reaction.

Christina knew what influence she had on guys. She was amazed and flattered that they saw her as being that sexual. At first she couldn't see it, sure she knew she had good boobs, and guys liked good boobs, and so she flaunted them a bit, as a tease.

What she couldn't see, was her sexuality, that her girlfriend Anita tried to explain to her.

"Girl, you are sex on legs, you have so much sex appeal, it's scarey," she grinned at Christina, who gave her a blank look. "When you walk into a room, every guy wants to fuck you, and probably half the women. You have You have presence, and reek of sex."

Christina shook her head. "You're nuts, I can't do that."

Anita smiled and nodded. "You can, you do."

Christina picked up the bottler of wine, and topped up their glasses. "I know I have good boobs, and a hungry pussy, but that's all."

Anita laughed at her hungry pussy comment, she had one herself. She had found out about Christina's the previous week, thye had a few drinks with a couple of friends, and afterwards she and Christina had gone back to Christina's apartment, and she had seduced her. Anita was her first real female lover. Like a lot of teen girls, she had experimented with a couple of her school girl friends, some touching and masterbating, and although she had found F/F sex a real turn on, she hadn't gone that way, until she met Anita. At first she thought her friend was a bit perverted, when she confessed to having threesome's with sometimes two guys, other times with two girls, until the night she gave in. Anita organised a dinner with two guys she knew, promising them a great night. After dinner at a trendy restaurant, they went clubbing, and then back to Anita's apartment. Music and a little dancing ensued, during which Anita stripped to her gee string, danced with Christina, and took her top off, fondling her boobs, and sucking her nipples. Party time. The boys joined in, stripping them both nude. Jerry took over the fondling of Christina's boobs, and Jack looked after Anita. Christina welcomed the attention, she was horny as all hell now, and wanted to get it on. She pulled Anita's face to hers, and they kissed hotly. She felt a finger teasing her arsehole, and then opening it, as Jerry pushed his finger as far into her as he could.

"Ooohh fuck," she moaned.

"Tonight's the big night sweetie," Anita cooed, she didn't know it, but she was about to unlock Christina's deep sexual desires.

Christina was really wasted, her mind muddled, she didn't really know what Anita meant, but smiled. She soon found out.

Christina was on top of Jerry, his cock buried deep in her cunt. As he played with her swinging tits, she felt Jack fingering the rim of her arsehole, and a moment later, she moaned with pleasure and pain, as he forced his cock into her arse. The pain subsided, and pleasure took over, a she felt both cocks sliding in and out of her holes. She had never felt such sensations before, and started to come.

"Oooooohhhhh God yes, fuck me, fuck me," she groaned.

They did, she was fucked like never before. Positions changed, Jerry fucked her arse, and Jack shoved his big cock deep into her cunt. Anita straddled them, and thrust her dripping cunt into Christina's face, she licked it hungrily, and started to come again.

Christina's eye's opened slowly, she felt like shit, he mouth was like the bottom of a sewer. The room was familiar, of course, her bedroom. She moved, oh God, her arse was sore, memories flooded her head, erotic memories. She lay, reliving some of previous night, at first horrified, then turned on. She started to masterbate, her clit rigid, her nipples hard. Soon her body surged with pleasure, she paused and opened a drawer in her side table, grabbed her vibrator, and fucked herself. Right then, she needed sexual pleasure, analysis and self incrimination could come later.

Christina is grossly unhappy. Suddenly sex is interfering with her studies, her main aim, until now. She needs to disperse her sexual energy, and heads for the gym to work out. In Chapter 3.

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