I stared at the screen again. What the... Fifteen years and no contact and now, now she's messaging me. fucking bitch, well you can wait sister, you are not my priority now. I shook my head and looked up at Mum, she lay sallow faced and still in the hospital bed. A massive heart attack, floored her, luckely old Mrs Williams was there, she called the ambulance and then me. We arrived together, they went in and made Mum confortable then we both went to the hospital in the ambulance. And here we are, half a day later, she's not regained consciousness and I haven't slept.

I glanced down at my phone again. Tempted to send a flamer to her, but no not with Mum like this. I patiently tapped out a response, just giving her the facts, no bull. Prognosis wasn't good, the Doc said she was lucky to be alive. But and it was a big but, she wasn't capable of surgery. We had to wait and see, she might recover, she might not. My phoned pinged, I looked down. Fuck, she was on her way over, why? Hadn't the bitch done enough? I tried to politely say that there was no need. There was no response this time. She'd come anyway. Bitch! Then I realised just how childish I was being. I knew she visited Mum regularly, just careful to make sure I wasn't there.

I must have dozed off, a hand touched my shoulder, I glanced up, there she was, my little sister, older, sure, but still a looker, trim, well dressed, light makeup. I nodded and rose, we hugged, briefly, I stepped back, she sat down. I muttered about coffee and a bun, she nodded, then took mum's hand, why hadn't I thought of that? I slouched off and found the cafeteria. Took a doughnut, asked for a Latte and sat at a table in the darkest corner. The doughnut disappeared in three bites, the coffee in four gulps, yet I tasted nothing. I rolled away and walked back to Mum's ward.

Chris nodded and moved the chair, so I could put the spare next to it. I twigged and duly moved the chair next to the bed and her chair. We sat looking at Mum. She hadn't moved and the battery of machines by her head, bipped and the traces moved across. I could see her pulse was slow, her blood pressure way down. I heard her shallow breathing, saw the oxygen tubes in her nostrils. I hung my head. A small warm hand closed over mine. I looked at my sister, she smiled sort of. A nurse came in and said we would have to take fifteen minutes as they were about to change and re-medicate her. Chris and I left the room. I looked back as the curtain went round her bed.

Chris touched my arm, then looked at a row of seats in the corridor. I nodded and we wandered over.

"I'm glad to see you Keith, although I had hoped for it to be in better circumstances."

"Wish I could say it was mutual, but I'd be lying." I answered flatly.

"Look I can understand you being cross..."

"Cross? Cross? Cross doesn't even begin to come near what I feel about you... You lying, conniving, two faced, evil little shit."

"Like I said, I can understand..."

"Understand, you understand shit lady. You cannot ever understand how I feel." I gazed at her with a malicious look. I could kick the shit out of her.

"OK, I can sympathise with how you feel."

"I don't need your sympathy bitch."

"Oh for Fucks sake get over yourself Keith, we were kids, not really adult at all, either of us. It was a stupid, stupid error, OK. I admit it, I fucked up big time, OK, now leave it alone."

"You humiliated me, in front of everyone, I was the butt of every wanker for miles. You made me a prize prick in front of my friends."

"Some friends then, well I got hurt too, so leave off with the sob story will you."

"How the fuck did you get hurt? Answer me that, how did you get hurt?"

"I loved her Keith, I really loved her, she used me and got between the pair of us. So yes I got hurt too."

"You loved Cathy? what you mean like love? like hugs and kisses, hearts and flowers love?"

"yes, all that, her name on my books, etc, etc, etc."

"Wow, ha, I never knew that, she shafted you too."

"Well thanks bro, yes she fucked me over good. Ohh Christine, I so love you, Oh Christine, why don't you introduce me to your brother, I'll be nice to you, if you be nice to me..."

"And you fell for it?"

"hook line and sinker, reeled me in, sucked me dry."


"Yeah, Oh! indeed. So big brother, what you been doing lately?"

"Hiding from you, mostly."

"No lady in your life?"

"Only Mum, you?"

"I live with my wife Edie, we have a place out Hampton Wick way, two cats and a mortgage."

"Married huh? she good for you? You guys settled?"

"Like old slippers, we fit. Met her eleven years ago, we had fun, moved in together and about three years ago got married."

"Well good for you, me I'm just a homeboy. Still living with Mum, she does all my cleaning and stuff and occasionally she let's me cook dinner. I go to a dance class on Wednesday and quiz nights Monday at the Eagle."

"Settled man, what dance class do you do?"

"Tap, why?"

"Crazy, I do tap too."

"I blame Ryan Gosling by the way."

She laughed and I touched Chris's hand, nodding up the corridor I stood.

"Let's go back, they might have finished by now." She nodded and we held hands walking along the passageway. As we got closer a red light above the door flashed and an alarm rang. We were beaten to the door by four figures moving with intense speed. A fifth closed the door and stood in front of it. We watched the red light go off and the sounds of someone giving precise instructions. Suddenly the figure in front of the door stepped aside and the four figures ran out pushing Mum's bed between them.

"What's happening?" Chris shouted, as the figures disappeared down the corridor.

"Your Mum's arrested; her hearts stopped. They are taking her to the crash room to try to restart it. Wait here." She pointed to the row of chairs again.

The door was open, the room empty, I looked round, no one at the nurses station. We waited and waited. Finally when I looked again, there was a nurse, I strode towards her, she looked at me and shook her head. I slowed, Christine's fingers gripped mine.

"Mr Peter's, Miss Peter's, your mother's OK she survived but ... Well she'll be in ICU for the time being, I'm afraid that you'll not be allowed in at the moment, but there's a window, you can see her through..."

She faltered, I nodded, tears filled my eyes, Chris wailed and grabbed me, her body heaved as she sobbed against my shoulder, I put my arms round her. After a while we were led to a small room. A senior nurse came, she brought us tea. A doctor came, he explained the situation and offered his opinion, it was fifty/fifty on her surviving and forty/sixty she would recover sufficiently to be allowed out of ICU in a week or so . I remember one of us said thank you. We held each other desperately. We were given tea and sympathy then suddenly found ourselves in the car park, after deciding nothing more could be done today. They had both our numbers, so if anything changed they'd call.

Chris had her car and we set off for home. She had a bag in the boot, enough for a few days she said. I let her in and we had more tea. I phoned work and left a message, garbled probably, I don't remember it that well. Chris phoned her other half and then work. We sat in the lounge, me on the sofa, her in dad's old chair. I looked at her again, it was my sister, but now she looked older, tired, down, but still beautiful. She said we should go to bed, it was getting late, so we took ourselves upstairs and I went to my room. Undressing, I went to the bathroom, cleaned my teeth, pee'd and went back to my room. I turned the alarm off and lay back on the pillow. I heard Chris go to the bathroom, then back to her room. Funny how the bed was made up. Mum regularly, stripped it and washed the sheets and pillow cases.

I must have dozed or something, but suddenly I was aware of another body in my bed, my sister's. I rolled over and put an arm over her shoulder, her hand reached mine and she pulled me to her. I inched in until we spooned. Then suddenly I felt so tired, the world went black and I lost myself in my dreams. I awoke about eight hours later. I was turned away from my sister, but she was spooning with me, her hand across my waist. I could hear her purr as she slept. I lifted her arm gently and slipped out of bed. Making my way downstairs I made coffee and sat in the lounge.

I heard her feet on the stairs, she called a morning "Hi", I rumbled a response. She went to the kitchen, the kettle began to make its boiling noises. The cabinets opened and the chink of china came out. I heard her spooning coffee into her mug and then the blip as the kettle boiled. A minute later she was there with me. She looked, I suppose the word is good. She had tangled hair, no makeup and wore a kind of thin strappy vest and pants, she looked cute I suppose. She plonked herself down in a sort of girlish way into Dad's old chair.

She looked at me with a twinkle in her eye. I grinned stupidly, she laughed and winked. As she laughed I couldn't help but notice her nipples moving under her vest. Two tiny upthrusts in the white fabric. Bloody hell I was perving on my sister and oh God no! getting a stiffy. I tried to move a little so the fabric of my shortie pyjama shorts would appear more baggy, mistake! The movement gave mini-me more room and he wanted to fill it. I reddened, my sister took a sip of her coffee and her eyes bored into mine before lowering to my lap. She reddened and she put her drink down, in doing so the top tightened over her breasts and I could see their rounded outlines and the hardness of her nipples straining against it. My cock was now thrusting up and starting to appear through the opening in the shorts. Before I could stop it the head was out and a tiny speck of pre-cum was sat like a pearl in the middle of the slit.

Chris audibly gasped and flushed, she sat back and her open legs showed her perfect cameltoe squashed against the pretty cotton pattern. I had no escape, as if I stood my cock would push right out and be at eye level to her. I wriggled and grabbed the fabric trying to push it back inside. I smeared the precum over my fingers as I struggled to cover the head. I reddened deeper and grunted as I wrestled with my cock.

"Shit Keith, let it go, don't worry about it, Keith!"

"I'm so sorry, so sorry, I didn't mean to do this, it's just..." I halted how could I tell my little sister that I found her so hot? She stood. grabbed my arms and forced them to my side, I looked down in shame, as my cock wriggled and lurched about in the gap in the fabric. Looking up her cotton covered breasts were inches from my face. I panted and closed my eyes. I felt her arms relax, then warm fingers on my manhood, as she gently pushed it back into place and pulled the fabric together. I felt her hand on my cheek. Oh God! her fingers were sticky. I lost it, grabbing her waist and pulling Chris onto my lap, so her pussy was against my flattened cock. Burying my face in her chest I howled. Her arms came round me and she gently kissed my head. I could feel her tears in my hair as we cried together.

Eventually we disentangled and she touched my face again, I looked into her lovely tear stained face and she kissed my lips, ever so lightly. I pulled her close again. We sat locked together for ages, until she eased away and lifted off me. Standing she asked if I wanted another drink, I nodded, she collected the mugs and I watched her dainty rear end sway out the door. Minutes later she returned with two steaming mugs and sat on my lap facing me. She wriggled to get comfy and laughed as the monster stirred , she slapped my arm and told me to stop it. We drank in silence, then finishing she hopped off and said she was going to shower. I nodded and finished my tea. Chris went off and I took the mugs to the kitchen and washed them up. I left them to drain and went up to my room.

Twenty minutes later I heard her come out the bathroom with a cheerily shouted "Free now". I went to shower and shave, returning to my room in just a towel I was surprised to see her sat on my bed, also in a towel. She had combed her hair, but still wore no makeup.

"WE need to talk, " she had emphasised we, meaning I would also be expected to contribute.

"OK, so talk..."

"I had no idea what she was planning, I would never have agreed if I had known, but she caught us both on the hop."

"You could have said no, but then so could I. I was mesmerised by her, I so wanted her, I would literally do anything to have her and of course, I did."

"I regretted it every day since, not the actual sex, believe me that was good." she blushed, "But letting her do that to us, did she let you..."

"No of course not, she was never going to, it was all about manipulating people, she never spoke to me again."

"I'm so sorry Keith, I was so stupid, I will never, ever forget your face when she made me tell everyone."

"I died that day, I vowed I would get even with you and her, but of course I never did, she moved away, you went off to Uni, I drifted from job to job."

"Can we be friends again?"

"We'd better, we're all we have left in our family, since neither Mum or Dad had any brothers or sisters. We're almost orphans now."

"Ha! You're thirty six and I'm thirty four, hardly orphans."

"Yeah I know, but it sounded good."

She laughed and stood to hug me, her towel slipping down, I looked at her pale white body, with the tanned arms and legs, a scoop of tan from her neck to her upper breast-line. I goggled in awe, my manhood lifting the front of the towel I wore. She threw her head back and laughed, then reaching out she pulled my towel off. I stood there my cock pointing up towards my fairly flat stomach. Reaching down she pulled me to her by my cock. As we touched she tilted her head and we kissed. I felt her hard nipples against my chest. She wriggled slightly as she released my cock and allowed it to slip between her thighs. My arms were around her as we allowed our tongues to mix together.

Her mound began to grind against me and I pushed myself against her, Her breasts flattened against my chest, felt warm and soft against me. I moaned into her mouth as she began a slow gyrate which pushed my cock against her opening, I felt the warm moist juices coating the head. With a sigh she tried to lift herself higher, Stooping slightly I reached her firm buttocks and lifted her off the ground. My cock trapped between her thighs went with it. She spread her thighs slightly and I let her slip a little. I felt her opening around me and then with a little push I was inside her again after all these years. We balanced there for a few minutes until coming up for air, our lips parted.

"Let's get on the bed, that'll be far more comfortable," she gushed before covering my mouth with hers again.

I lowered myself a little, her feet sliding down my legs to the ground. She groaned as she pulled me out, we separated, but held hands as we walked to the bed. She sat on the bed and pointed to the mattress, understanding I lay down, she straddled me and in seconds that wonderful warm moist cavern sucked my willing cock back inside. I reached up to her breasts and cupped them lightly, feeling her nipples firming again. She looked down at me as she began a bewitchingly slow gyration. Then she added a rocking motion and I knew I wouldn't last long. I warned her but she "shusshed" me. I felt her moving faster and I tried to hold off, it would be touch and go. Then suddenly she was rocking hard and grunting, I flicked her nipples with my fingers as I crushed her perfect breasts in my hands. My hips were bucking and lifting off the mattress as she groaned and screamed. Suddenly she went limp and appeared to be asleep, then a sudden thrust of her hips and she was shuddering, I lost it and felt my seed welling up inside my cock, before it burst out into her womb. She cried and flopped forward, I lowered her gently, but she wouldn't release my cock.

We lay tangled together, panting and gasping. Slowly she eased me out of her and we lay in each others arms. I ran my fingers along her arm and held her close, we kissed gently. We both must have dozed off, when I woke it was dark again. There was a phone ringing, I gently disengaged from Chris and went to find the phone. In Chris's room her handbag stood open, I could see her phone vibrating. I picked it up and pressed the answer button.

"Hallo, Hallo Chris it's Edie, are you OK baby?" Edie, her wife, blushing I stammered "hallo".

"Hallo who's that, is that Keith, is everything OK?"

"Yes Edie, it's Keith, err... Chris is sleeping at the moment, but she's fine. We nearly lost Mum this morning, it's been a hell of a day, sorry we both fell asleep, I should have made her phone you."

"No, no problem I'm so sorry to hear about your Mum, I wish there was something I could do."

"Well if it's possible, if you could get a day or two off, could you come here please, I think Chris needs you." I hadn't thought this through, but after our lovemaking I was feeling so guilty about Chris's other half.

"I can try and get to you later, it's only a half hour ride and I'm finishing at five thirty, I know the address, thank you Keith and I'm really sorry about your Mum. She's a lovely lady."

I felt the tears welling again, but, as if by magic, Chris's hand ran along my shoulder and pulled me into a hug. I kissed her hair. She took her phone,

"Hi babe, Keith's right, please come over after work, I do need you so very much, bye my darling." She clicked the phone off and placed it on the bed beside her.

We held each other tightly and cried out our pain. Later we showered together and dried each other. Dressing we tidied up and went downstairs. I made coffee and we sat together on the sofa, not really talking, occasionally kissing, just gentle pecks. At six fifteen the door bell rang and Chris jumped up and ran to the front door. I heard the squeals and the noises of two lovers reunited, blushing I stood to await the two of them. Chris came in tugging Edie behind her. I stared in wonder, Edie was gorgeous and I realised my mouth was open.

"Well you could say hello, instead of just standing there with your gob open," Chris laughed.

"I would, but Edie's so gorgeous all I could do was stare and dribble." I moved towards her and gave her a hug and kiss on each cheek. "Welcome, welcome." We continued to hug, me grinning like a lunatic,

"OK Peters, you can put her down now, Edie, leave my brother alone, you don't know where he's been." Chris had a broad smile on her face.

"Well thanks for that welcome," she gushed as Chris stepped up to her and they embraced. I stepped back and looked down, I felt such a shit, she was lovely and now I had spoiled it for them. I looked around for something to do, but Chris reached out and we ended up in a sort of group hug cum waddle as we swayed together.

"Did you get some time off?" Chris eagerly asked. Seeing her smile as Edie nodded, I knew they were completely in love, then they kissed gently. I stepped back, feeling like I was crowding their space. Edie grinned and winked.

"So did you fuck him like you said you would?" she teased Chris, sucking Chris's earlobe between her lips. Chris giggled and blushed.

"Course I did, it was everything that's good about straight sex, you should try it sometime."

"Not me, yuk, all that bodily fluid leaking out, and rough and hairy bodies, give me a smooth sister any day." Edie obviously applied her teeth to that earlobe, as Chris screamed in pain/pleasure.

"Wait a minute, you knew she was going to fuck me, you bloody knew! Are you setting me up again?"

"Absolutely not, that was for you and for me, but I told Edie what I intended to do, if the opportunity should arise. You need to know that I've had straight sex twice in my life and both times was with you. No other man would even get a look in, let alone get that close to me. I did it for you mainly, you needed to know your desirable and a great lover, I told Edie, she agreed, you deserved a great fuck, which I hope it was. It's another way of saying sorry for what happened."

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