tagExhibitionist & VoyeurChristine and Megan in Florida Keys

Christine and Megan in Florida Keys


A previous story told of a nudist adventure on my boat, the S.S. Happy Place. This story occurs a few years later and tells of another boat trip in the Florida Keys and how we introduced two new friends to the nudist life.


My daughter, Melody, had just finished an intense senior year of high school and looked like she needed a well-deserved vacation. Her mother, Keiko, and I needed a break also, as our reward for making it through the entire graduation hubbub and Melody's 18th birthday parties.

We hadn't taken our boat on an extended trip in awhile, so I decided to take a week off work for a trip to the Keys. Keiko was a little reluctant, but since it was for Melody, did her best to reschedule her patients or refer them to other doctors. So, it was the three of us so far, although we always try to invite some friends.

Being that we were going for an entire week, most of the friends we invited couldn't afford the time away from work, even though I had full Internet access through a satellite link for those that worked remotely. Only two lady friends agreed to go along, Christine and Megan.

Christine was a 27-year old web developer I'd worked with occasionally over the previous few years and agreed to go only if we promised to leave her alone a few hours each day so she could get at least a little work done for her clients. She was excited to go though, for she had just moved to Miami a few months ago and had never been to the Keys. She had been over to our house a few times for website meetings and afternoon barbecues, and quickly became friends with my wife and daughter. She was always enthralled with my 40-foot cruiser moored to the dock behind my house, so it was easy to convince her to join us on this trip.

Megan was Melody's piano teacher and was a few years into her performing arts degree at the local university. She seemed a part of the family already, as she was over three times a week for Melody's lessons and would often stay for dinner.

Megan had lived in Miami for about six years, moving down from chilly New England after high school. She adopted the alluring Miami lifestyle quickly as she embraced her studies at the university. She had become Melody's piano teacher soon after arriving, which gave us the opportunity to see her grow away from her conservative Catholic upbringing. The Miami skin-culture lured her into more revealing clothes and beach scene. Luckily, she didn't get sucked into the party scene, but hung-out with the adventure crowd and became quite the SCUBA junky.

I don't know if she ever did the nudist thing before — easy, with all the nude beaches around south Florida — but I did catch her sunning topless one afternoon with Melody, who was sunning nude. Megan didn't seem to mind, or cover up, when I walked out onto the deck. I jokingly chastised them for blowing off piano practice, but since Megan wasn't bashful sitting there topless, I agreed to still pay her.

Megan had very much the bubbly, cute, American-girl look. She was tall, blond, blue-eyed and had a cute spattering of freckles on her fair skin. Her athletic body was honed from a life of basketball, softball and brothers. What people mostly admired though was her hair. She had a thick mane of naturally-wavy, sandy-blond hair. It was the classic mermaid hair, which I imagined looked great underwater. She was a welcome addition to our trip into the Keys, who I sensed would have no problem getting nude.

It was very normal for Keiko, Melody and I to shed our clothes on these trips and spend as much time as possible fully nude. The Florida Keys were so laid-back, and scarcely populated, that even if other people did see us nude, they just didn't care. Even the various law enforcement patrols didn't care. Most of our guests would eventually get nude with us, enjoying the excitement and realizing the frivolity of their prudeness. But we never pressured anyone, just showed them the freedom it offers.

We've converted many people to the nudist lifestyle, to which we received many thanks. And without fail, when it's our guest's first time cruising nude with us, they're always reluctant to get clothed again when we return to the dock. Some were even bold, and walked fully nude to their car when we dropped them off at the marina.

As for Christine and Megan, they both somewhat knew that Keiko, Melody and I go skinny-dipping off our boat sometimes, but I don't think they knew we spent our entire trips in the nude. Our nudist friends all keep the goings-on pretty low key, especially all the adult games that often take place late at night.

So, the five of us began our trip about noon on Friday. I wanted to beat the weekend crowd and get a good anchorage in our favorite lagoon. During the first part of the trip Christine spent most of her time with me on the bridge, while the others stayed below, in the main cabin. The bridge, being the highest deck on the boat, offered the best view and my tour-guide commentary. She was amazed at the beautiful scenery and all the tropical colors splayed out in the Florida Keys.

Christine was beside herself with excitement as I talked about what she'll get to see when we go skin-diving on the reefs. Ya, skin-diving!!! She accepted my cover explanation that it just means diving underwater a couple minutes at a time, with snorkel gear. But my excitement for skin-diving with her was a little more sinister. I was hoping to see her skin-dive in the literal sense—in just her skin.

Christine was a beauty, and didn't even need any make-up to stop men in their tracks. She was half Asian, taking the best attributes from her Korean mother and Norwegian father. I'm really enthralled by Eurasian women, and delighted at how my daughter has become a beauty herself, with my Irish and Keiko's Japanese genes.

Christine was a curvy 5'7", with beautifully soft skin, a gorgeous smile and flowing long hair. She had great legs and from what I could tell, very perky C-cup boobs. I had never seen her in anything more revealing than a tank-top and shorts, but her attributes were obvious, and on this trip I would do everything in my power to get her naked.

I didn't have a specific plan in mind for "Operation get Christine and Megan nude," but I would just let things progress as they will, and normally did. Keiko and Melody are very persuasive towards our female guests, no doubt by displaying their good-natured comfort and naked confidence. Usually by the second day our guests are nude, and by the third day the sexual teasing games begin. We usually sailed with a more even guy-girl ratio. So this trip will be interesting, with me the only guy amongst four women. Not that I'm complaining mind you.

Christine was still with me on the bridge, when about half way along the cruise to our favorite cove, she quipped at seeing a boatload of naked people anchored near the shore. After a confirming double-take, she turned to me in somewhat disbelief and said, "Hey, that was a boat full of neked people. There must've been at least ten... Are they allowed to do that here?"

With shrugged shoulders and a casual tone, I answered, "Ya, you see that all the time down here in the Keys. Everybody's casual, trying to stay cool and casting off all their cares."

A wide-eyed, and still disbelieving Christine asks, "But, but... wouldn't they get arrested or something?"

Continuing with my casual tone, I began to explain, "Na. As long as they don't get ornery with it, the law doesn't care. And it's even legal where we are now. We're cruising through a National Park, federal land... err, well in this case over an underwater park. And there is no federal law against simple nudity. But even outside the park, the law is more concerned with drunks and poaching than with naked people. Down towards Key West, most of the beaches are clothing optional. Oh, and Key West even hosts a festival, Fantasy Fest, where people wear only..." Christine sternly threw up her hand, gesturing for me to stop with any more sordid details.

We stood in silence, both gazing forward; me with a wry smile and Christine with a "what the hell did I get myself into" look. From the assorted looks that her very-expressive face was rifling through, she was obviously starting to connect some dots. It was becoming agonizing clear for her now. All she'd heard about the keys and the few offbeat comments from my family members are starting to finally make sense.

She then looked straight at me, shook her head in disbelieving disgust, and stormed off the bridge for the main cabin below, angrily mumbling something incoherent.

I stood in somewhat puzzled remorse. I only meant to plant a seed, at how nudity is ok in the Keys and how casual everybody treats it. But I fear that I may have just pissed her off, and she thinks I'm a dirty old man who wants to tie her up in a cabin and have my way with her. Over the years, I've learned she's an emotional one and readily jumps to gross conclusions quite quickly. Crap, here we go again.

But she's down with the other girls now, and if there's one thing I can count on with Christine, she's always very forthcoming with her feelings, albeit sometimes explosively.

Within a matter of seconds of her stomp down into the main cabin, I hear a muffled yet short scream. It was difficult to tell who the scream belonged to over the engines, but I suspected it was probably Christine.

Let's see. Since Keiko and Melody usually waste little time getting nude on these trips, Christine probably screamed upon discovering my nude wife and daughter. Hmmm, I wonder if Megan was already joining them. I was only hoping as much.

I didn't hear a peep for nearly an hour, when Megan startled me from behind, saying, "I thought I'd join you for awhile. The conservatism is getting too thick down there for this liberal."

I turned to find Megan casually leaning against the back rail, wearing only the small shorts she boarded with. I took a good long look at her bare chest and the mesmerizing jiggle caused by the motions of the boat. She broke my distraction, by saying, "Well, since you've seen them before, I might as well get as comfortable as I can."

I couldn't let that opening get away so easily, so I looked at her straight and commented, "Comfortable as you can, huh. Well, you can always get a little more comfortable from what I see."

She blushed in bashful shame as she dropped her hands in front of her still-covered crotch, and piped back, "Hey, I don't know if I can go all the way just yet. A girl's gotta have a little modesty left." I told her I'd drop it as I began playing tour guide again. Megan stayed on the bridge until we reached our lagoon. She became more bold with each boat we passed; first just waving, then shaking her boobs and even acting out a sexy groping. She wouldn't let me touch though.

We arrived at our destination just before sunset, and Melody helped me get the boat anchored in the lagoon. I suppose it was quite a sight for the few people nearby. An eighteen year-old Asian girl on the foredeck of 40-foot ocean cruiser securing lines and diving in the water to check the set of the anchor. Of course also totally comfortable, and proud, that she was fully nude. Melody had been raised a nudist and it never really concerned her to be caught in her favorite state. Her rebellious streak made for some interesting situations, especially with any deliveries to the house, but she never got in too much trouble. She even had a little fan club among the regulars around the lagoon, and had converted many of them into the nudist lifestyle.

Once the boat was secure for the night, my stress went the way of the breeze and I could finally begin to relax. Keiko had dinner almost ready when I headed for the main cabin for the first time since Christine stormed off the bridge. I didn't know what to expect, but my dick was twitching under my shorts in anticipation that the girls had convinced Christine to get nude. Not this time though.

My beautiful Asian wife was scampering around the galley, proudly waving those surgically-enhanced boobs for all to enjoy, as Christine and Megan sat at the counter. Keiko and Melody were both fully nude, which appeared to still make Christine and Megan a little uncomfortable. Although probably a little less so with Megan, for she had kept her top off from before. Christine was still wearing the clothes she boarded with though; a baggy t-shirt and cargo shorts.

All girl-talk quickly halted when I entered the cabin, as Christine glared my way in obvious contempt that everything was my fault. I've experienced that look before and know she'll be over it in a couple hours, but in the mean time I should just lay low. So I thought it best that I not get nude for a few hours at least.

Small talk ensued during the meal, with not a wayward comment about the six naked boobs on display. All were spectacular in their own way, but Keiko's of course always kept mine, and every other guy's, attention. My first sight of her, over twenty years ago, was of her walking away from me. Her perfect legs capped with a heart-shaped ass attracted me at first, but it was her air of poise and confidence that prompted me to leap from my perch and follow. We were on a beach, and I awoke from a nap just as she had strolled past me on a casual walk down the shoreline.

I quickly strode in tow, keeping a fair distance but glued to her sexily swaying ass. Her long, dark, silky hair caressed her back in rhythm. She looked to possibly be Asian, but that hair could've also been Latino. I loved the looks of both ethnic groups, but preferred the Asians for their cultures. I could tell instantly she had class beyond compare. For she was very elegantly wearing a white sun bonnet, and a few delicately placed pieces of body jewelry... and nothing else. To be dressed to so stylish, while proudly sauntering nude down a beach, was more than just tugging at my heart, it was yanking my heart and not letting go.... and I still hadn't even seen her from the front.

Needless to say, I embarrassed myself and lots of other people when I followed her right up into her hotel lobby still fully nude myself. She grabbed her wrap before leaving the nude section of the beach, but I just couldn't let her get away. The nice girls at the reception desk were a little aghast at my boldness, but took care of my immediate needs and sympathized with my romantic gesture. The outrageous gesture in the lobby worked though, when Keiko turned around to see what all the screaming was about. Our eyes met, and we've been madly in love ever since.

She's a beauty, and it always excites me to show her off, as she does me as well. Her boobs were naturally perky and sized as small B-cups when we met, but being a nudist all these years let gravity extol its wrath. About five years ago, she had implants installed. She now sports an awesome pair of D-cups, which she proudly flaunts to the delight of every man.

Around the dinner counter, the other two pair of bare boobs were also very appreciated. Melody's well-tanned boobs seem to have inherited her mother's Japanese traits and barely fill-out an A-cup bra. She's still able to compete against her more-endowed classmates though, by not wearing a bra at all. Her desires will be fulfilled this coming summer though, for Keiko and I promised to go half on the cost of a boob job after she finished high school. The gawkers around the lagoon won't know what hit em.

The last pair of boobs on display, Megan's, were interesting to watch. It must be her first time eating a meal topless, without her boobs mashed tightly against her chest from a sports bra. Every other bite or so, a utensil or hand catches a nipple, causing an interesting wobble and frustrating sigh.

After the meal and clean-up party, we settled onto the aft deck to enjoy the warm evening under the moonlight. The small talk turned to the nudist topic soon after my rum punch started working its magic. We all exchanged our views on the subject, which had a noticeable calming effect on Christine. It seemed she finally realized I didn't intend to tie her up in her cabin, but merely wanted to introduce her to a newfound freedom.

Although I still secretly wanted to have sex with both Christine and Megan. But that would have to wait for a few days of buttering up and the ok from my usually open-minded Keiko.

On about her third drink, Christine seemed to accept the week's dress code, no doubt realizing she couldn't stop us. I knew Christine had an open mind and enjoyed trying new things, but she just needed to feel in control and didn't like being surprised. She apologized about going ballistic earlier. And even though she respects our desire to be nude, she still felt very uncomfortable. Although she promised to try her best to get used to it.

The rest of us agreed to respect her wishes, even though it was still unclear to me whether she was going to try her best to accept us nude or actually consider getting nude herself. The next day will tell.

In the mean time, I took the cue and announced my brief departure to my cabin and get "more comfortable" before returning. We all knew what I meant, as all eyes were on Christine. After and awkward silence, she reluctantly rolled her eyes and gave me the nod.

I excitedly stripped in my cabin, but needed to wait a bit before returning. My semi-hard on belayed my pent up desire to show off for Christine. I've known her about four years, and since first meeting her, I've wanted to see her naked and possibly much more. But it would be very uncool if I walked back out with a raging hard on. So there I stood, in the master cabin, squeezing my dick hard to expel all the blood and filling my thoughts with baseball. It eventually worked.

Besides, she would probably catch me hard at least a few times over the next couple days. The going rule on our trips is: "if it wants to fly, let it." Too much the delight of our women guests of course.

I stepped back out to the group with a nonchalant attitude and drinks for all. The rest of the night was eerily casual, without any more mention of nude people. I kept an eye towards Christine, and didn't catch her even once glance my direction. We all crashed around midnight, but I still had plenty of sexual tension to release, much to the delight of Keiko.

The next morning found Melody, Keiko and I waiting in the galley for the two new girls to eventually join us for breakfast. I sent Melody down to hurry them along. She returned to report Megan was in the bathroom and Christine was just getting out of bed. From my past dealings with Christine, I knew she was not a morning person, so we decided to start breakfast as soon as Megan came up.

Christine had a small cabin to herself, and really didn't know if anybody else was up. But there were noises, and she needed to pee badly. She emerged into the hall wearing her usual night clothes, an oversized t-shirt and panties. Megan was already in the small bathroom, fussing with her hair and make-up. Christine stopped in shock though when discovering Megan was standing nude at the mirror with the door wide open.

Christine excused her intrusion and said she'd wait, but Megan would have none of it and insisted she just come on in and do her business. Reluctantly, Christine obliged and wedged her way past Megan for the toilet. Christine just stood there, waiting for Megan to get the hint and close the bathroom door. Megan answered the "ahem" with, "Hey girl, you might as well get used to the tight space on the boat. Besides, everybody else is already upstairs. Just go ahead and do what you need. Don't mind my naked ass."

Christine resigned her modesty, dropped her panties and sat for the task at hand. With Megan's naked ass filling her view, Christine said, "Um... you goin upstairs like that? With... um.... being naked and all."

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