I awoke happily to see my faithful straddling me naked and presenting me with her bountiful breasts held out to me in the early morning hours of Christmas morning.

I looked up at her happy smiling face and pulled her face to mine and kissed her tenderly, and then again very deep and passionately. I then whispered to her, "You are so good to me my princess!"

She smiled back at me as I began to fondle her beautiful breasts in my hands. She leaned into me as I felt her body in my hands. I began to roll her nipples in my fingers firmly and she leaned back with her back arched pulling away from me as I held her nipples in my fingers. With her pulling away the pain deliciously crept through her chest and deep inside her causing immense pleasure. Her moans were soft and sensual as I pulled and twisted at her tantalizing nipples.

I pulled her nipples a bit harder and pulled her again to my lips at which point I thrust out my tongue rigidly and she eagerly sucked it as if it were my hard aching cock. She slid her lips up and down the length of my tongue passionately, which aroused me greatly. She is a very obedient and passionate pet and I love her dearly for her mind, her body, her obedience and her passion.

With her straddling me naked I could feel her excitement building as her pussy became more and more wet as my cock hardened between her full pouty pussy lips. Her hips also began to rock ever so slightly as she and I played in the early morning light.

I stopped playing with her nipples in my fingers and I grabbed her breasts tightly pressing them together, causing her breasts to tighten and just outward tightly within her skin. Her moans gave way to gasps as I bite down on her areola with my tongue flicking quickly across her erect nipples.

Gently she curls her arms around my head holding me tightly to her breasts as I ravish them with pleasure and pain. Her passion increases as I can feel her nectar flowing over my rock hard cock. I can feel her drips of liquid excitement flowing over me in streams of hot wet pleasure, and I smile knowing I am pleasing her under my control.

I then pull her face to mine and I kiss her lips again and a second time deeply and more passionate than before. I whisper to her, "Do you want me inside you my dear sweet pet?"

She responds, "Yes Sir! I do want to feel you inside me if that is allowable?" and smiles back.

"No." Is my response. I smile mischievously back at her. "I want you to suck my toes Princess...enjoy them fully!"

She immediately responds by indulging in her favorite fetish of toe play. Sucking each and every toe gently and passionately playing with them with her tongue and lips. Her wetness is very apparent as she is still straddling me but facing away from me.

I grab her right foot and begin to gently bite and drag my teeth along the length of her big toe. Her body quivers at my touch and she more eagerly sucks and nibbles at my toes.

As I suck her big toe slowly and seductively I begin to slap her ass firmly. She lets out a sudden loud gasp as she feels the burning sting of my loving hand against her nice round ass cheeks. She arches her back a little to offer me more exposure to her sweet sexy ass.

Her pussy drips more than before as she enjoys my multi area stimulation. I know her inner fire is well stoked but I want to push her further.

I pull out some rope and gently bind her arms behind her back giving me full exposure and ability to do as I please with her and the vulnerability of her in that position drives her wild sexually. I adore her willingness to please me, and her trust in the control she has freelygiven me. I trust and respect her and am the keeper of that control and her provider of pleasure and love.

With her bound she straightens her back and sits up for me to gaze at her deliciously aroused body. Her nipples are firm and aching for my attention and her pussy drips down her thighs in anxious ecstasy.

I stand behind her pressing my hard cock against her captive hands as I embrace her from behind with my arms wrapped around her body. One hand across her breasts as I fondle one at a time and the other rubbing her pussy lips firmly without touching her sensitive clit.

She shivers again with excitement as I squeeze her pussy tightly in my hand and my other hand pulls at her sensitive nipples once again. I can feel her hands gripping my cock firmly and I pull away from her grip as I tell her she must wait till I say its ok for her to touch me...my fun with her has just begun.

I open the bedside night table drawer and pull our two clothes pins and place one on each nipple.... she moans in pleasure as the pain shoots straight through her making her even more wet than before. Her Moans grow to purely lustful cries of pent up sexual energy screaming within her to be released...but I haven't given her permission to release it yet. Obediently she awaits my command to cum for me, but yet I still don't give it.

With the clothespins on her nipples still, I spank her sexy ass hard just the way I know she likes it. Her ass becomes hot to the touch and I leave my hand resting on her ass cheek after every swat so she can feel the heat and tenderness of my spanking.

She begins to moan, "Please Sir may I cum now?"

"Patience my pet...soon...but not yet my dear!"

I begin to rub her sensitive crimson ass with my hand caressing her pain and I can tell I am nearly reaching her limits of both her patience and pain.

I release her nipples from the tight clothes pin jaws and her nipples turn a deep pink or nearly purple colour as I suck them in my mouth eagerly. I hold her nipple up to her mouth and tell her to enjoy her nipple. She does as I ask eagerly and I can see her enjoying it very deeply. I tell her to bite down on her breast and hold it up in her teeth as long as she can as I kneel down and taste her sweet soaked pussy lips. I slip my tongue between them filling my mouth with her flavor. I love her taste and her scent, and I lick her deeply again once more filling my mouth with her sweetness.

With her nectar still on my tongue I tell her to release her breast from her mouth and I kiss her deeply sharing the sweetness of our play as our tongues writhe together in complete excited passion.

Her pent up orgasmic energy is welling up so wildly inside her now I can see it in her eyes...I quickly pull my mouth away from hers and turn her around and bend her slightly over the edge of the bed as I begin to lick her pussy and ass rim which she gasps in desperation as her orgasm is so very close as she tries so hard to hold it back.

I quickly thrust deeply inside her wanting pussy so hard and so fast that my balls slap her clit which causes her pussy to clench around me tightly so as to hold back her impending orgasm.

I hold still for a moment with my cock fully enveloped in her luxuriously soft wet pussy. I then tell her..."Cum for me baby.... I want you to let go and cum hard and cum well for me my dear sweet pet!"

I thrust wildly inside her making her shriek in complete ecstasy. The world around her disappears as she becomes completely wrapped up in the moment screaming at the top of her lungs as her body convulses in waves of orgasmic pleasure. Wave after wave of fiery pleasure floods through her sexy body with every thrust of my cock.

As her orgasm subsides I unbind her arms and spoon her lovingly sharing warmth beneath the blankets of the bed and I kiss her neck sweetly assuring her she is my one and only princess and pet that I love so dearly, as she reaches around and whispers..."I'm not done yet kind Sir!"

She slips down under the covers with her feet at the pillows beside my head and she begins to hungrily suck my cock. I moan at the softness of her mouth and the eagerness of her hunger. She swallows me whole with every bob of her head with her lips stopping only at the base of my balls. She gives such sweet head she is absolutely heavenly. My body soon stiffens as I sense my orgasm reaching its fullness. My cock is so hard it feels like steel in her lips and swells to its absolute peak girth. With a twitch or two my cock unloads deep in her throat and she swallows it down as if she needed my hot white cum to survive.

She then curls up in my arms again and whispers, "Merry Christmas Baby!"

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