Christmas at Grandma's


Penny's scream of ecstasy echoed from the far side of the lake as Anita's ministrations raised an orgasm from deep within that made her back arch and she felt as if she would pass out. Anita continued fucking her until a second orgasm dropped her panting to the blanket where she lay with her head spinning.

Anita cuddled the shivering girl saying "Maybe we better get going, baby. It's getting cool out here."

"Not until I taste you again," Penny replied, sitting up. "Roll over and show me that yummy ass of yours. I want to lick your holes." Anita did as she was told, crouching on the blanket, trembling, with her ass in the air, awaiting Penny's eager mouth. She squealed in surprise as she felt a warm tongue working at her puckered star and a finger in her cunt. Penny pulled Anita's ass cheeks apart, then curled her tongue and probed at the wrinkled flesh until it allowed her entry. Anita was moaning in delight as she was penetrated; the very nastiness of the act exciting her.

Penny greedily licked mouthfuls of juices from Anita's wet hole, and then pushed four fingers in deep as Anita gasped at the sensation of being so full. She pushed a cum coated finger of her other hand into Anita's asshole and then another, pumping in time with her fist.

Anita thrashed and screamed as Penny's fingers worked in her holes; she could feel a colossal orgasm burning it's way along every nerve in her body until the relentless pounding made it explode, suffusing her body with heat until she felt faint. Penny continued fucking her until she howled in delight from a second orgasm and collapsed.

"It just keeps getting better and better," she gasped as Penny hugged and kissed her.

A chill wind was blowing off the lake as the afternoon sun sank below the treetops, encouraging them to dress, gather up the blankets and leave for home.

When they arrived, Penny explained that a semi had overturned on the state highway out of town and they had to wait until the wreck was cleared.


Finally it was Christmas Eve and the family gathered around the piano in the parlor to sing carols while grandma played merrily. Anita and Penny stood with their arms around one another, singing loudly as they celebrated their new found love.

Later, as the others were drifting off to bed, they went outside to sit in the front porch swing and talk.

"This has been the most wonderful Christmas ever," Penny said, kissing Anita on the cheek. They were careful not to be overly demonstrative around the family as someone could walk up to them any minute.

"Yes it has, my love," Anita replied, squeezing the girl's hand. "I know we've been discreet, but I can't help but wonder if anyone suspects anything."

"I have seen mom and grandma giving us some funny looks, but no one has said anything to me. Maybe it's because we always volunteer to wash the dishes."

"We've sat in on lots of the conversations, but I must admit I wasn't paying very close attention; I'm thinking about us all the time."

"Me too; tell me, do you feel guilty about what we're doing? I do, a little bit. I am fucking my brother's wife after all."

"And I'm cheating on him with his sister," Anita replied. "I love your brother dearly and I wouldn't want to hurt him for the world. What has happened between us must be destiny or fate, anyway, it is so different from my marriage it's totally separate in my mind. I love you as I have loved no one else."

"I love you so much it scares me," Penny said. "I've never felt this strongly about anyone in my life; certainly not another woman. You're right; it must be our destiny to be together."

Anita stood up saying "We better go inside, sweetie, and we need to sleep apart for a while. I don't want Roger smelling fresh fucked pussy every time I get in bed and figure something's up."

"You're right," Penny replied as they went inside and locked the door. She nuzzled Anita's neck, "Can we just have a quick fuck, please.'

Anita sighed in mock irritation, "You're impossible. C'mon, I know a place where we can be alone for a while."

She led her lover into the small bathroom off the kitchen and locked the door.

They were all over each other in an instant, kissing hungrily, their passion and desire taking over. Probing fingers slid into wet pussies as they finger fucked each other slowly then faster as their orgasms rose and burst within them, drenching their hands with cum, their cries muffled in their mouths.

"God, that was so hot," Penny breathed after a moment, "I'm still shaking."

After licking cum from their fingers, washing their hands and straightening their clothing, they opened the door carefully, but the kitchen was deserted.

"We better leave the door open and let things air out," Anita said, causing Penny to giggle.

They parted reluctantly in the upstairs hallway and went to their own rooms. Anita crawled into bed and was instantly asleep.


Christmas Day was a whirlwind of gift exchanges and cries of delight at presents given and received, followed by a sumptuous dinner and an afternoon of watching football on the big screen TV. Anita and Penny were in the midst of the fun, never missing a chance to touch or caress the other. "I have a special gift for you," Anita whispered in Penny's ear. I'll give it to you later."

When they were finally alone, Anita handed Penny a small gift wrapped package. She opened it and began to cry. Inside was a blue jewelry box containing a filigreed gold ring with two overlapped gold hearts .

"Oh, Anita, it's beautiful," she said through her tears.

"Whenever you wear this, think of me," Anita said, tearing up herself. "I can't bear to be without you, but we must be realistic. You have your studies and I have my job and my marriage to consider."

"I know," Penny sniffled. "I'll miss you every single day. We can still cam, e-mail and text each other though. We still can get together on Spring Break and during the summer and ..."

"Whenever else we can," Anita finished the sentence for her. "I don't think I can be away from you for very long either, but we must be careful until we can work something out. I will never give you up."

"I don't want anyone else but you," Penny replied, hugging her.


The intervening days between Christmas and New Year's passed by all too quickly for Anita and Penny. They remained involved in the family's activities and made love whenever they could be alone.

One afternoon when the parents had gone to a movie in town, the grandparents were dozing in the parlor and the brothers were off hiking in the woods Penny said to Anita "Have you ever been up in the attic?"

"No, I didn't know there was an attic."

"I used to play up there when I was little. The people who built this house around the turn of the Twentieth Century had servants who lived up there. There's even a stairway going up from the kitchen pantry."

"Sounds like fun, show it to me." The stairway was barely wide enough for one person with narrow treads and no railing. "I feel as if I'm in a lighthouse," Anita laughed as they climbed with her face close to Penny's gorgeous ass. They emerged into a cavernous room dimly lit on four sides by grime covered windows. Boxes, trunks, chairs and other furniture stood about randomly all coated with a patina of gray dust.

"I don't think anyone's been up here in years," Anita said as they explored the space, then Penny said "Goody, it's still here." It was an elaborately carved canopied bed of Victorian design, it's mattress covered with sheets, all gray with dust. Penny pulled the sheets away revealing a flower print mattress.

"Wanna fuck?" she said, unbuttoning her blouse.

In moments they were naked in each other's arms, hands stroking curves of silky skin, moaning happily at being together again.

"I want to suck your pussy," Anita purred, fingering Penny's wet cunt.

"I want to suck yours too," was the reply, "Let's sixty-nine and see who can get the other off first."

"Bottom," Anita said, stretching out and spreading her legs. "Get over here, I want to taste that sweet little pussy of yours."

Penny straddled Anita's face, lowering her moist slit to her lover's lips and tongue as she began to lick Anita's furry pussy like a madwoman.

Anita jerked and moaned as Penny ate her out and she lapped hungrily at the young girl's dripping cunt as Penny squealed in delight.

Slurps and moans accompanied the labial feast as the women worked to bring the other to orgasm, seeking the flow of love honey that would fill their mouths. Anita gripped Penny's ass tightly, pulling her wet slit against her busy tongue, loving the little shrieks as she hit sensitive spots.

Penny had hooked her arms under Anita's creamy thighs, licking and sucking on the swollen lips and engorged clit beneath her and swallowing the delicious streams of precum. She whipped her face from side to side against Anita's cunt, growling like a dog.

They humped wildly, bodies shining with sweat, skin glowing as their orgasms burned, then erupted inside them. Penny got off first, squealing between long licks and flooding Anita's mouth and face with warm juices which she gulped down. Anita felt as if she was going to pee; instead she screamed and ejaculated into Penny's greedy mouth, spraying her hair and face with sticky fluid. Penny loved it and wanted more, so she fastened her mouth on Anita''s pussy and sucked hard until another burst of cum overflowed her mouth.

Stunned at the intensity of their orgasms, they lay head to toe for several minutes until Penny lifted up, turned around and snuggled up to Anita who was staring dazedly at the bed's dusty canopy. "Jesus," Anita croaked, "I've never got off like that before in my life. Did I squirt?"

"Damn right you did," Penny sighed. "That was soooo fucking sexy I can't believe it. You almost drowned me and it made me cum again."

"I'd love to go to sleep right now," Anita said. "Then again I know the others will wonder where we've gone and we don't want to get caught now."

Penny rolled on top of her and nestled between her thighs. "Let's fuck again, babe. I'm still hot."

"The resilience of youth," Anita said with a grin, "How about a trib?"

"What's a trib?"

"Sit up and hook your leg under mine, that's it, now put your mons against mine so our pussies are together, now we'll rub and wiggle."

"Ooooh," Penny sighed, "That feels so good. We're really fucking each other now."

"Go slow at first. Then we'll really start grinding until your head explodes ... well, not really, but we'll really cum hard."

Anita raised her leg so Penny could grip it for leverage while she pulled on the pretty girls leg. They started slowly, feeling the heat rising in their bodies as their labial lips slid wetly against each other.

"Ahhhh, this feels so fuckin' good," Penny moaned. "Fuck me, baby. I love you so much."

"Ride me, lover, ride me hard," Anita hissed. "My pussy loves yours. Fuck me."

The old bed squeaked and shivered as they humped faster and harder, their soaked cunts squishing and slurping as they climbed to the pinnacle of feminine ecstasy and then flew off into the sky.

"Ohgodogodogod," Penny whimpered, feeling as if she was shattering into a thousand pieces at the intensity of her orgasm. Anita was right with her, moaning loudly and cumming hard as their pussies smashed together in a final burst of sticky love juices.

Penny lifted up from between Anita's legs and they lay together on the mattress soaked with sweat, covered with cum, thoroughly satiated and deeply in love.

When they were rested, they dressed, put the sheets back on the bed, walked on wobbly legs down the narrow staircase, took bottles of water from the fridge and went to sit on the back porch. Grandma Calkins appeared in the doorway to the porch and said "There you two are. We're going to fix some snacks and watch TV; would you two like something to eat?"

Anita smiled and said straight faced, "Thanks grandma, but we've both eaten already," sending Penny into a fit of giggles.

Grandma stared at them quizzically and went back in the kitchen, wondering what she had said that was so funny.

"Will you try to behave, please?" Anita said in mock irritation, snickering in spite of herself as Penny tried to catch her breath then continued to giggle.


Penny lifted her suitcase into her Mustang's trunk and sighed. It was going to be so hard saying goodbye to Anita and she just knew she was going to cry. They wouldn't be together again for months and she missed her already.


Roger could tell Anita was sad about leaving and tried to cheer her up.

"Don't feel bad, baby. The folks want us to come up on the Fourth for a couple of weeks, would you like that? I know you and Penny are close and I'm sure she'll be here."

"That would be lovely," Anita replied, brightening visibly. "Penny is like a sister to me and I so enjoy her company."


Anita and Penny stood holding hands, staring at each other, eyes wet with tears. "I wish it didn't hurt so much," Anita said, rubbing her thumbs on Penny's palms.

"I'm so gonna miss you," Penny replied. "I'll be in touch every day, maybe more than once. What will I do without you?"

"You'll be fine, we'll both be fine. We love each other and that will never change; for the present that will see us through. Goodbye for now, my dearest Penny."

"Bye, Anita sweetheart. I'll see you soon."

They held each other tightly, shared one last open mouthed, passionate kiss and parted. Looking back at each other, they climbed into their cars, and then drove away.


"That was a wonderful Christmas," Grandma said as she stirred the pot of dinner stew.

"Indeed it was," Grandpa replied. "It was great seeing all the family again. That Anita's a lovely person and Penny has blossomed into a beautiful young woman. She'll have the pick of young men on campus, that's for sure."

"By the way, Pa, I want you to check up in the attic when you have a minute."

"I'll do it first thing tomorrow, but whatever for?"

"I heard noises up there the other day and I think some critter may have gotten in."


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