tagGroup SexChristmas Candy Ch. 02

Christmas Candy Ch. 02


Holly knocked on the door. This was her sister Mary's house. It might have been hers if she had held onto Cole. Instead her sister had married her boyfriend and now lived in this lovely house in the suburbs. The house had been trimmed for the holidays - lights twinkled from the edge of the roof, reindeer frolicked in the dark yard, and a short Santa stood guard at the side of the door.

All this Christmas cheer was enough to make her want to escape to a dark bar somewhere with even darker music playing. Somewhere she didn't have to make nice. She stiffened her spine, running away was not an option. She was not sure how sick their mom really was, but she had been too frail to cook up a storm at Thanksgiving like she did every year. So Holly had agreed to make nice with her sister, just to comfort mom.

Not that it would comfort mom to know her daughter had just spent an incredible afternoon making love to a woman. What an experience, what a contrast! Cole was so impatient, a few pumps and he got off. Holly was left sweaty, sticky, and unsatisfied.

Not so with Candy. Holly had made the first move. Knowing what to do was easy, she just touched Candy in all the ways she had ever dreamed of being touched. She knew how to bring herself pleasure, it was the only sex she had enjoyed before today. Exploring Candy's body was a pleasure, it was like hers but different. Her breasts were fuller, her hips softer, her pussy tasted of peppermint. She was starting to get wet just thinking about it.

The door finally swung open. Her sister blinked at them. Holly decided tonight was worth the satisfaction of seeing the look of confusion and then shock on her face. The confusion because at first she had not recognized Holly. The shock when she did.

Holly and Candy were shining with body glitter. Holly's red dress flowed around her body, softening the angular lines of her lean figure and adding the excitement of appearing ready to fall off at any moment. In contrast, the white dress Candy wore clung tightly to every curve, promising a roller coast ride.

"You finally made it," said Mary.

Holly felt surprisingly calm, great sex could do that. "I was busy."

Candy giggled.

Holly's sister stood frozen in the door for a moment. "I guess I'll have to set a second place."

They followed her into the house. The dinner party had already started. The food smelled good and the wine was flowing. Everyone turned to stare when they entered the room. The only person Holly knew was Cole.

She was saved from the awkward entrance by Candy. Candy leaned in closely, her body pressing against Holly's side, and whispered, "mistletoe."

She was right. They were standing under a sprig of mistletoe hung over the entrance to the dining room. All her revenge fantasies against Cole had not included this scenario. She slid her body around so she was facing Candy. She ran her fingers through her long, soft hair. She slid her hands around Candy's face, paused for a moment to look her in the eyes and then leaned in for a long, leisurely kiss.

Candy's lips also tasted like peppermint. She was so sweet, Holly wanted to devour her again.

"I don't have another seat," announced Mary. Her voice sounded loud and harsh, but maybe it was just in contrast to the utter silence that had fallen on the room when the two woman kissed.

All the men quickly volunteered their seats, but Holly firmly declined. She slid into Cole's lap and Candy took the seat next to them.

Cole did not object, he did not protest the insult to his wife. Underneath her, she could feel his hard erection. She wiggled deliberately and he wrapped his arm around her waist.

"I can't believe this," objected her sister. "Why don't you just dance naked on the table?"

Holly considered this. She picked up the wine bottle sitting on the table and took a long shallow directly from it. The oak table look solid.

Holly stood up, braced on either side by Cole's legs. "Is that why you invited me? Was pictionary too boring? You needed some real entertainment."

"I did this for mom."

Holly laughed. She handed the bottle of wine to Candy. She pushed Cole's table setting aside, sending the plate, flatware, and remaining food crashing to the floor. Slowly she climbed onto the table so that she was kneeling on it. Her feet stuck off the edge and pressed against Cole's chest. Her ass was nearly in his face. She had felt how aroused he was, she hoped it hurt him not to touch her, not to slide his hands around her ass right now.

Still crouched like an animal, she turned to look at Candy. Candy smiled back. No one at the table move or spoke, the entire dinner party stared. Holly rose to her feet and stood on the white tablecloth in her red high heels. Without music, it was hard to dance but she did it anyway. She slowly pulled the dress off one shoulder, exposing her breast. She was not wearing a bra. Her nipple was hard and perky, anyone could see she was enjoying this.

Her sister was not. "Cole!" she yelled. "Stop this!"

Reluctantly Cole got to his feet. His erection was obvious to everyone at the table. "Holly," he said softly, "get off the table."

Holly crossed her arms and shook her head. Her bared breast bounced with the motion. Candy giggled, enjoying the spectacle.

Cole went after her, he pulled her off the table and held her pinned against his chest. Now his erection was hidden from the guests but Holly could feel it once more pressing against her backside. She squirmed against him, not in a real effort to get away but just to annoy him and to foil his effort to cover up her breast. .

"Get that slut out of here now!" ordered Mary.

Holly guessed Mary was overconfident in her possession of Cole. Otherwise she would not be asking him to haul away a half-naked, drunk woman that he used to fuck. This amused her.

Cole dragged her out of the dining room. After blowing the room a kiss, Candy followed them. He pushed Holly out of the front door and onto the cold porch.

"You made a fool of yourself, " he told Holly.

"Did she?" whispered Candy from behind him. "You seemed to enjoy her." She reached around and cupped his groin.

He jumped and stumbled away from her hand. Candy closed the front door behind her. The three of them were out on the porch alone except for the Santa statue smiling cheerfully.

"I'm going back inside," he said.

"Oh, really?" Candy leaned against the front door. She peeled off her white dress and tossed it over Santa. "I hear you have a fantasy."

He stared at her. Her dark nipples and aureoles showed through the sheer bra. Like Holly, she wore a thong with a smiling Santa over her crotch.

"Yes," whispered Holly. She reached around from behind him and unbuckled his pants. "It's time for your Christmas gift."

Cole groaned as her hand slide inside his pants and she caressed his hard length. Holly bet he had not been getting much sex. He was ready to explode.

He yanked down the cups of Candy's bra so her full breasts spilled into his eager hands. He squeezed them eagerly. While he was busy caressing Candy, Holly pulled off her own dress and slid off the thong so that she was completely naked on the front porch.

She got on her knees and slid between Cole and Candy so her head was between their groins. First she tugged down Santa's head so she could nibble over the top of Santa's hat. Candy was very wet and smelled sweet.

When he realized what she was doing, Cole moaned and press his cock against the back of her head which pressed her head further into Candy's pussy. Above her, he continued to explore Candy's lush body. One hand was still caressing her ample breast, the other one crossed over Holly's ear to squeeze Candy's ass. He was crushing Holly's face between his dick and Candy's pussy. It was a nice place to be.

She rubbed her nose against Candy's clit and ran her tongue inside the soft, folds. She tasted peppermint here too. Candy came, sighing with the soft shudders that shook her body as she climaxed.

"My turn." Cole's voice was harsh with lust.

His hands slid off Candy's body and into Holly's hair. He pulled her head around to face him. Candy knelt behind Holly and began to caress her. Holly moaned and leaned back against her, feeling Candy's nipples brush her back. She was very aroused.

Cole's grasp on her hair tightened. "Hurry up!"

Holly bet it he could not hold out much longer. She pulled down his pants and underwear. As soon as his cock slide into the warm embrace of her mouth, he began to come.

Unfortunately for him, Mary chose this moment to see what was taking him so long. She opened the front door and gasped. Cole saw her and jumped away from Holly. Since his cock was still pulsing, the milky white cum sprayed across the front porch.

Holly was glad Candy did not stop. The two remained crouched together, bodies pressed together. With some of Cole's cum warm in her hair, she climaxed as Candy's fingers slid in and out of her.

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