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Christmas Carol


I shouldn't have gone, I wouldn't have if I hadn't had a few too many beers. Looking back on it all I should have stayed in the bar in my comfortable seat not far from the heater. It's just that I had some hopes of bringing home some company for the night and when all the women in the bar decided that going out caroling was a fantastic idea all I could do was tag along.

"You coming Jack?" several called back to me.

"Already? Can't I at least finish my beer?" I hollered back but they kept going. I glanced around and noted all of the remaining drinkers were male, so I took one last gulp of beer, grabbed by coat and headed for the door.

By the time I got my jacket on and made it through the door the group was about a block ahead of me. Zipping my jacket up near my neck I walked quickly toward the group, running across the street just as the light changed. By the time they made it to the end of the next block I had caught up.

Strangely I noticed that almost the entire group had paired up. Several of them were couples, but I really didn't expect the others to slip into comfortable couples so quickly. I guess the cold made encouraged the cuddling. Suddenly from within the group, the last, unattached woman made her way toward me.

I tried not to wince as she made her way toward me. It was Carol, a not entirely ugly woman, but certainly the least attractive of the other women in our group. She was thin, with long, straight hair that always looked like it needed washing. Her eyebrows were thick and could have used a bit of plucking, but at least it wasn't a uni-brow. Her nose was long and slightly turned to one side, not as bad as a boxer's, but something like that.

Her lips were thin and when she smiled you could see her teeth were very crooked. Oddly, her body was nice. Her breasts were small, but proportionate with the rest of her and she had a nice tight ass that seemed perfect for squeezing. Perhaps if she pulled her hood up enough to hide her face some, I wouldn't look quite as desperate walking with her.

"It's so cold," she whispered, leaning against me some.

"Yeah, I didn't think this was a very good idea, I would have been just as happy sipping my beer at the bar and watch carolers on TV."

"Oh but where's your Christmas spirit?"

"Gone to Miami like all the smart folks," I replied, trying to keep from shuddering as I squeezed a bit closer to her. I eased my arm around her waist, trying to get warm.

Well, we hadn't reached any houses, but the group huddled up around a small bar and began singing, "We wish you a Merry Christmas." Unfortunately, it seems none of us remembered all the words, so halfway into the song we all ended up humming. The few bar patrons who peeked out the door groaned that they needed another drink and stumbled back inside.

The group of us moved on and as we crossed a long parking lot figured out that everyone knew "Deck the Halls," or at least we decided that with all the Fa-la-las it all really didn't matter. We were all shivering by the time we crossed the parking lot, but we grouped up in front of a house and began singing. Carol and I even joined in this time, swaying back and forth as we sang.

A man and woman came to the door and they actually clapped when we finished the song with a disintegrating flurry of fas and las. They did seem relieved as we moved on toward another house. Carol and I followed the group to the next few houses and did our best to sing along, but either it was simply too cold, we were all to drunk or none of us could carry a tune but each new carol we tried to sing was worse than the last. When a family of four disgustedly closed the door midway through the first verse of "Jingle Bells" we all figured we needed to give up.

Carol was shivering quite a bit by that time so we split off looking for somewhere we could warm up. We crossed the street to a gas station. It was obviously closed but I hoped the restrooms might be open. Carol and I walked around to the side and although the women's restroom was locked, the men's restroom wasn't so we stepped inside.

I turned on the light and although the heat wasn't on, the room had to be twenty or thirty degrees warmer than outside. We cuddled together for a moment until Carol's shivering stilled down a bit. Then, feeling the cold and all the beer I drank earlier I realized I needed to use the urinal.

"Do you mind if I..." I nodded toward the urinal.

"I don't mind I you don't mind me doing the same," she replied, moving toward the toilet stall.

"No, go ahead," I said, carefully unzipping my zipper. I watched the yellow stream splash onto the white porcelain and felt a wonderful relief rush through me. I quickly gave my cock a shake and then heard a musical tinkling coming from the toilet.

I hadn't thought about it before but, Carol and I had been pretty close all night and now, well we practically undressed with each other. I let the image of her tight ass run through my mind and immediately felt my cock begin to harden. Instead of slipping it back into my pants, I left it out and moved to the door, quietly locking it.

By the time I moved over to the stall and peeked through the small crack between the door and the partition the tinkling had stopped. Carol had just dropped a bit of toilet paper into the toilet and reached down for her pants. I pushed against the partition forcing it out just enough for the door to unlatch. The door slowly opened where I found Carol with her pants at her ankles. Her legs were a bit skinny, but nicely shaved right up to the curly bush of pubic hair.

When I looked back at her face I saw her looking up at me with a puzzled look. She asked, "Jack, what are you doing?" as her gaze moved from my face down to my erection and she suddenly gasped.

I reached in and grabbed her by the jacket, pulling her away from the toilet and through the stall door. With her pants at her ankles she struggled to keep her balance, falling forward, grabbing at me and nearly scratching me. To help her out, I turned her around and clamped my arm around hers to stop her from flailing.

She started to scream, but wanting to calm her down, I grabbed her scarf and jammed it in her mouth, keeping her hands from pulling it out. Carol continued to flail, I guess trying to keep from falling over, so I made sure I kept a tight grip as we moved over to the sink. I could hear her breathing hard through her nose and her whimpering quieted as she tried to catch her breath.

Moving my grip down her body I bent her over at the waist and felt my cock slide across the smooth skin of her tight ass. Making sure I didn't look at her face in the mirror, I kicked her legs apart and thrust my hips forward. After several pokes I found the spot and pushed hard, feeling her yield a bit. She moaned, so I knew I was in the right place.

She was a bit dry still, I guess it was the cold and all, but I just pushed a bit harder a few times and then was able to slide my cock into her. Once inside her wetness helped me and I slid back and forth easily, sliding deep into her before withdrawing. Her pussy was tight and felt so good on my cock that it surprised me. I never figured such an unattractive woman could make my cock feel so good.

I would have liked to hold off and make her come, but Carol simply felt too good and in just a few more thrusts I felt the pleasure shoot through me. I arched my back and spurted my cum deep into her pussy, resting my head on her back as I caught my breath. Keeping a firm hold of her, I kept my hips shoved forward until my cock finally slipped out of her pussy.

I whispered, "Oh Carol you felt so good, I wish I could have lasted for you." I felt her body suddenly shudder and she tried to pull away from me. I backed up as I released her, reaching down to slip my cock back into my pants. When I looked up I was hit by her fist, just a glancing blow, but it hurt a bit.

Grabbing her by the jacket I shoved her away, which made her fall since her pants were still at her ankles. "What the hell Carol, what did you do that for?"

Pulling the scarf out of her mouth she screamed, "You raped me!"

"I what?"

"You raped me you shit."

"I didn't rape you. I mean, why would you say that."

"You grabbed me and forced me. You held my arms..."

"You were falling down, I knew the floor was too cold to fuck on, besides it's all wet."

Still on the floor she pulled up her pants and screamed, "Why? Why did you rape me?"

"Carol, I didn't, I mean you were here in the restroom..."

"To get warm."

"You pulled off your pants, and besides, I took pity on you, the Christmas spirit and all."


"I mean look at you. I give you a pity fuck and you get all huffy and call it rape. You are lucky a guy like me even wanted to touch you."

"Get out, get out of here," she screamed.

"But how will you get home?"

"Certainly not with a rapist!" She screamed.

"Now settle down Carol, you know it wasn't..."

"Get out, get out," she screamed.

Shrugging my shoulders I unlocked the door and stepped outside. I walked quickly back to the bar, got into my car and drove directly home, all the while wondering how that crazy bitch decided that I had raped her. Who could possibly think it was anything but a pity... "Oh what the hell," I said to myself, I guess she really thought that I could want someone that looked like that. All I did was be nice to her all night and she comes up crying rape.

The next night I want back to the bar but didn't see Carol there. I didn't try and pick up any of the other women there figuring I needed a little time off. Carol never did return to the bar which was just as well since I could find much more attractive company. By the end of the week I took perhaps the best looking woman in the bar home for the night.

About a week later I did have a couple of police officers stop in to ask me some questions. All I did was answer as honestly as I could and after explaining what had happened that night, how she came into the bathroom willingly, and how she happily dropped her pants to use the bathroom they only nodded. When I leaned forward and said, "I mean what the hell guys, did you look at her face. It was a pity fuck all the way, I mean no other guy would have anything to do with her."

They nodded again knowingly and said they'd let me know if anything further was going to happen. I confirmed to them I had no plans to leave town. That was the last I heard of them and I had pretty well forgotten about it all, at least until the Christmas Carolers came by my house tonight, nearly a year later. After listening to them sing I walked into my kitchen and remembered. Grabbing a beer, I sat down and whispered to myself "Yeah that was one ugly, crazy woman."

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