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Christmas Discovery



This is my first story ever shared with the public so any comments are welcome.


I felt foolish, it's freezing and snowing outside, as I walk to my boyfriend's house. We're supposed to be going to a huge Christmas party at a friend's house but for some reason Tom, my boyfriend, didn't want to come pick me up but instead convinces me to walk to his house.

Why do I feel foolish you may be wondering? We'll because I dressed to impress, as always, but also because it's a themed Christmas party. Pimps and Ho Ho Ho's and I found this sexy little red Christmas dress at the adult store. It's a strapless red plush dress with faux fur trim along the top and bottom seams. The top covers my 32b cup breast with a little cleavage for show and hugs my curves tight and covers my shapely ass perfectly. If I don't watch myself tonight someone other than Tom will see my lace thong panties. I found these beautiful black high heeled knee high boots that are perfect for the Christmas look and make my legs look ravishing. Along with my long brunette hair layered and curled to make it flow around my face. I took a little more time in front of the mirror, applying my makeup, making my look just slutty enough without looking like a cheap whore. To top it all off I bought a matching red plush hooded cloak with matching faux white fur running the length of the edges. The cloak, thankfully, flows all the way to the bottom of my boots but needless to say I am not dressed for this trek. What would normally take me 20 minutes has taken my almost an hour considering the heavy snow and icy conditions.

I get to Tom's house and knock on the door, I'm freezing and can barely hold still and hoping he answers fast! I wait a minute before knocking again but this time I pound the door in hopes of getting anybody's attention.

"Coming!" I hear Tom's younger brother calling out with a sound of frustration in his voice.

"Please hurry I'm freezing out here," I call back as I literally feel like I might freeze to death at their door. Just as I finish the door opens up and a wave of heat from the interior of the house feels so inviting. "Oh, thank you Mitch where's Tom?" I ask as he lets me in. The look on his face is confusing as I don't know if he's turned on or worried about me but I don't care because I feel so good to get into the warmth.

"He left like an hour ago," Mitch offers me the couch to sit on as we enter the livingroom. "Are you ok?"

"No, I'm freezing wet and pissed that Tom isn't here, did he say where he was going?" I asked as Mitch walked to the hallway closet leading to the bedrooms.

"He said he's got a party to catch and don't wait up was all he said," Mitch replied as he came back with a fleece blanket, wrapping it over my shoulders.

"WHAT THE FUCK!" I was pissed as he knew I was coming over, he talked me into walking, and was gone before I even got here. "I'm sorry Mitch but he knew I was coming over so I don't know why he'd leave?"

"He told me to give you something when you got here," he hands me what looks like a Christmas card. I open it to find out that fucking bastard fucking dumped me! "I'm sorry Sammy, I didn't know otherwise I'd have brought it to you." Mitch obviously could read my facial expression as I feel my blood boiling. I must have turned red in a flash as I was no longer cold but now fuming with rage.

"I CAN'T BEVIEVE THIS SHIT!" Was all I could say as I kept reading the card over and over. Happy Holidays and written in Tom's quick scribble, Sorry It's not working with us.

"Mitch what's going on out there?" I hear a familiar voice coming from the kitchen.

"Tom's gir...Sammy's here and Tom broke up with her via me and a Christmas card," Mitch calls back.

"Dude, that's fucked up but it's your turn and I'm attacking you with my ogre horde!" The voice from the kitchen sounded irritated by the fact that their nerd game was being delayed by me and that made me feel so lonely. I wave Mitch off, letting him know he could leave me alone as I pull out my phone to call my mom. Hopefully she'll come pick me up.

"You can't do that Alan my fire wall prevents all ogre hordes from tapping so that means you can't attack me." I can hear Mitch explain some nerd rules to one of his buddies while I wait for my mom to answer her phone.


"Mom, Tom broke up with me!" I cry into the phone just after her answering.

"I never liked him Sam and I've told you he'll do you no good." I could hear the frustration in her voice but also a tone of concern at the same time.

"I know mom but he let me walk all the way here in the cold," I could feel the anger building inside of me again as I explain everything to her. "Can you come pick me up?"

"Honey it's snowing real bad and we're on top of a hill, your father already crashed the truck trying to get to work. Can you make it home or can you stay at a friends house and we'll try to get you tomorrow?"

"Let me see what I can do, I'll call you back and let you know," I answer.

"I'm sorry honey, please call me and let me know what you're going to do."

"Ok," I hang up the phone and feel completely screwed as everyone I know is at the pimps and ho ho ho's party and I really don't think I want to walk back to my house so soon.

I walk into the kitchen to see Mitch playing a card game with two of his friends Alan and Paul. I felt totally out of place here as these three guys are your typical nerd herd. Mitch was nothing like Tom as he was maybe 5'10" and packing 250 pounds of fat. His hair has always looked as if he just woke up showered and dressed. Meaning he took no care of how his bushy thick brown hair looked. Most of the time it was covered with a fishing hat and the rest of his appearance didn't look any better as his clothing consisted of t-shirts, jeans or sweat pants which he was currently wearing. Alan was the typical skinny nerd down to the blonde clean cut hair, glasses, polo shirts and khakis. While Paul was slightly overweight, long red hair pulled back into a ponytail, a t-shirt with some witty gamer saying and skinny jeans.

"Hey Mitch, can I talk to you?"

"Yeah what's up?" He answered not even taking his eyes from the cards in front of him. Alan and Paul on the other hand, once seeing me in my outfit, couldn't take their eyes off of me.

"Can I talk to you in private?" I ask as I can't help but feel like I'm in some kind of hell, going to be their little plaything just by the way Alan and Paul can't take their eyes off of me.

"Honestly..." Mitch pauses as I can tell he's contemplating his next move in their card game. "Whatever you talk to me in private I'll eventually tell my buds so you can talk to me here if you want?"

"Do you think I can hang out here for a while before walking back home?" I wait a sec as Mitch is still pondering his next play or if he's thinking about what his decision is going to be about me. "I can leave if you want but I'm still cold from the walk over here and my mom can't pick me up because my dad already got the truck struck." I finish pleading my case.

"I guess but if...ah fuck it," Mitch puts his cards down and walks past me and heads down to his room. It only took a second before he came back out with more of his nerd cards in his hands. "If you're going to hang out why don't you come play with us?"

"Ah man I don't want to teach a noob, that's going to take forever for her to understand the game and I don't feel like explaining it to her anyhow!" Paul chimed in obviously annoyed at the thought of me playing with them.

"Is this your house, NO, so shut the fuck up or you can leave!" A side of Mitch I haven't seen, I always thought of him as a passive type of guy but among his own he's an alpha...it almost made me laugh if I wasn't feeling so out of place.

"Fine dude, you don't have to get all bent out of shape." Paul was not going to argue any so I'm guessing he's not the alpha nerd but at the same time I wasn't sure I wanted to play anyhow.

"Its fine I can warm up on the couch if you don't mind, I don't want to be a bother anyhow."

"We can play something else then, how about some poker, you like poker Sammy?" Mitch offered as he pulled a deck of cards from a drawer from the kitchen.

"I've played but I'm not really good at it," I answered. To be honest I'd rather play some poker more than whatever card game they were playing.

"It's cool because we don't play normal poker we play Indian head poker," Mitch explained. "It's so easy even a child can understand it and its fun, especially when you turn it into a drinking game!" All three laughed as Mitch made his way back to his room once again but this time he came back with a bottle of Jack. To be honest a couple drinks did sound good but at the same time I wasn't sure I wanted to drink with these guys. "We were going to wait and play a little later but since you've had a rough day I think this is a good time to start."

"Ok, I'll play a few," a couple drinks and a game would help me unwind a little. I do notice that there were only three chairs but four of us and I can see Mitch taking notice of this at the same time. He gets up and motions for me to sit in his place and walks back down the hallway.

"If I have to walk back to my room one more time," Mitch says as he comes back with a wooden stool and places it next to me in the widest gap next to the table. He picks up the deck of cards and starts shuffling and as he does he motions for Alan to get something from the cabinets. "Alright, the rules are simple. I deal one card to each person and we pick up the card, without looking at it we place it to our forehead." Alan comes back to the table with four shot glasses, "thanks Al, and we place our drink in front of the person who we think has the lowest card. After the drinks have been bet we put the card face up on the table and see who the loser is. If you bet correctly then the loser has to drink the shot and if you bet wrong then you have to take the shot. Does everyone understand the rules?" Mitch asks but looks at me because I have a feeling this isn't a new game to these guys.

"Yeah, I think I get it," I let out a little giggle as it all seems like a game my friends would play but for some reason these nerds are playing.

Mitch shuffled the cards then dealing one to each of us just before pouring four shots to each of us. "Alright, let's see what happens," as he pulls his card to his forehead as do the rest of us. We all start looking at each other's foreheads and I can clearly see that Paul has the lowest card. I'm not the only one as Mitch and Alan place their drinks in front of him as well. Paul bets his shot on me so I must have a low card too.

"Alright girls..." Mitch pauses while looking at me. I find it funny because I can tell these guys aren't used to being around girls much so I giggle a little. "Sorry I always say that sometimes I didn't mean anyth..."

"You're fine," I laugh a little harder as do they before we get down to business. "I think you were going to say Alright bitches show 'em!" We all laughed as we placed the cards down on the table and sure enough Paul had the lowest card so he pounded them with a look that his throat was burning.

The cards are dealt again and the drinks poured as we pull our cards to our foreheads. Instantly three drinks are placed in front of me and I can see Mitch has the lowest card from my view so I place mine in front of him. When we pull the cards down I see that I had the lowest card and took all four drinks. I almost choked on the last one as the burning from the Jack was hitting me hard, "Coke?" I whisper as my throat suffered.

"Should we guys?" Alan asks the others as I start to realize that I think these guys do it strait no chaser.

"No, if that's not in the rules then I'll play along," I answer as my voice squeaks under the pressure of the booze. Man playing this game can really get someone drunk fast as I can already feel the effects of the alcohol hitting me.

"She's a tough one," Paul blurts out as we all can hear the booze taking its toll on him from the sound of it. Everyone laughs and more shots are poured, another round of cards dealt and pulled to our foreheads. Again all the drinks are placed in front of me, this time I see Alan has the lowest card I can see so he gets my drink. Again I do have the lowest card and I'm left to drink another round of four shots. I'm no stranger to drinking but not this fast and as I polish of the fourth one I can really feel the warmth of the Jack hitting me.

I get up and pull of the blanket that Mitch had given me as I was starting to get warm. The three of them take in my outfit as I also take off my cloak. I must have looked amazing to them because as I sat down I noticed no cards have been dealt and that nobody had poured any shots. All eyes were on me and my sexy Christmas dress.

"Are we playing boys?" I ask, trying to break the ice and also because I'm starting to feel oddly turned a little by all the attention being given me right now.

"Ah, yeah..." Mitch says as he raised from his seat to pour the shots and deal the cards. We all pull our cards to our foreheads and this time Mitch looks like he has the lowest card but this time all the drinks are placed in front of me.

"Is this game rigged," I laughed as we place the cards to the table. "I don't know if I can take four more right now, I'm still recovering from the last eight."

"You can't forfeit, it's against the rules!" Paul cries out, the tone in his voice sounds like he wants to see what happens when I get drunk. I can see why after all I'm already taking clothes off as I get more alcohol in me.

"She's had eight shots already and you can't expect here to take the whole bottle." Mitch jumped in on my defense. "You don't have to play if you don't want to and besides that gives me a chance to get some anyway," he laughs as he reaches for the shots.

"No I don't quit," I give a little drunken giggle as I reach for his hand. My hand holds his for a little longer than I expected but it felt warm and soft. I liked it for some reason and this was actually confusing me, maybe I should stop. I don't I take the shots and as I take the last one I almost fall from my seat.

"Wow," Mitch calls out as he reaches out and grabs my arm to prevent me from tumbling over. "You ok Sammy?"

"Yeah, I'm fine just a little drunk is all," I laugh at my near collapse. I notice the others laugh a little as well but are also watching me as I can tell I've already passed my limit. "Again!"

With that Mitch pours the last of the shots and places the empty bottle on the counter. "I guess this is the last round fellas."

"What? I haven't gotten a shot at all!" Alan calls out a little disappointed.

"Wait," I said as I got up to go get my bag. I had bought Tom a bottle of Makers Mark as a Christmas gift but obviously he doesn't deserve it anymore. As I stumble out of the room, grabbing my bag, and come back pulling out a wrapped box. "Merry Christmas boys," I call out with excitement. I, maybe a tad bit harder than planned, slammed the box onto the table and Mitch grabbed it. As he opened it he showed it to Alan as if saying stop your bitching and placed the bottle on the table.

The cards get dealt and this time Alan got his shots and the next round Mitch finally got his. I was feeling drunk, not the drunkest I've been but pretty close to it, and I was having a great time surprisingly with a bunch of nerds. I was also feeling very warm and couldn't shake the feeling that the heat must be turned way up.

"Hey Mitch, can you turn the heat down?" I ask hoping that would help my condition a little.

"The heat is down babe...Sammy but I can get you a cold drink if you want?" Mitch said, getting off of his stool to get me a drink.

"That's against the rule come back here and sit your ass down," I call him back to his seat. As he came back and plopped down his stool broke and he crashed to the floor. We all laughed, he was too, and as he climbed back up he started looking around for a new chair.

"Here," I get up, kind of wobbly in my knees. "Come sit," I point at the chair he originally offered me.

"No that's your seat I can go find a chair in the garage."

"Come on and sit," I tell him again as he was picking up the destroyed stool. "Mitch, get over here and sit you ass down so we can get on with this game!"

Mitch looked up at me and I think this was the first time he really looked at me hard. I could tell we was looking at my body and thinking about what he needed to do. Finally he came and sat and as his ass hit the chair I stepped between his legs and sat on his lap. I can't say why I did this but I'm 100% sure it was the alcohol but he was a charming guy I've been noticing tonight.

"Are you gonna deal?" I asked

"I...I can't reach the deck or the bottle," he said as he reached both arms around me in an attempt to show everyone he couldn't.

"That's fine, I'll deal," I rise off his lap and leaned over the table to grab all the shot glasses and the bottle. I pour the shots and place them out to everyone, I grab the cards and take my seat back in Mitch's lap. I notice I feel something poking me on my rear but I also notice that I feel the fabric of his sweat pants on my panty clad ass. It was easy for me to notice as I was wearing thongs and my ass was exposed. My dress must have risen up on me when I was reaching for everything but I didn't want to make a scene. But that also means Mitch got an amazing view of my ass in his face, which is probably why I feel his erection pressing between my ass cheeks. He was actually feeling larger that I would have expected and I couldn't help but get a little turned on.

"Alright I'm ready to get it on!" Paul said with a look of excitement in his eyes. I'm guessing he liked the view he got too.

"I'd like to be her chair!" Alan spoke out, not sure if he meant to say that out loud as the look on his face said, oh shit!

"Ah, yeah just give me a sec I need to go to the bathroom real quick," Mitch remarked. I drunkenly lift myself from his lap and I feel Mitch place his hands on my hips as if he was trying to help me. I can feel his pinky fingers touching skin, my dress must have raised more than I had thought, I reach down and pull my dress down to cover my bottom. Alan and Paul are both bug eyed as they watch me move from Mitch's lap.

"You want anything since I'm up?" I ask the boys, hoping that would break their trance but at the same time I was actually enjoying all the attention. Sure I did get a lot of attention when I'd go out to my standard parties but not like this and I was getting excited.

"How about some chips?" Alan speaks up with a smile. For some reason I feel he doesn't really want chips considering the perverted schoolboy smile he's giving me.

"Sure," I say as I make my way towards the pantry, "where are they?"

"In the cupboard above the fridge Sammy," Alan answers. I look over and see the cupboard is above a rather large fridge and I'd really have to reach to make it. I open the cupboard by the bottom of the door as I can't reach the handle and don't see any chips.

"I think they're out of chips," I reply.

"The chips are behind Alan where they've been all night," Mitch comes in answering, his stare at Alan is a look of annoyance. I look behind me, seeing both Alan and Paul turned in my direction staring right at my ass.

"Sorry, I forgot," Alan replied, breaking his stare to look to Mitch. "Did you change?"

"Yeah I spilled some water and it looked like I pissed myself so I changed into my shorts." I also notice that he was wearing swimming trunks and they looked kinda funny as they rode kinda high up his legs. I didn't laugh but I know I sure wanted to but the Alan and Paul had no problems.

"What the fuck are those?" Paul chirps up first as he points and uncontrollably laughs at Mitch.

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