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Christmas Madness


So do any of you remember the days of the Cabbage Patch Kids or perhaps you were one of those crazy people standing in lines for hours at Wal-Mart or Toys R Us in hopes you could barrel yourself through the mad dash and be one of the lucky ones to get your paws on Tickle Me Elmo.

It seems the mad dash is on again, but this time it isn't a heart felt doll everyone is fighting over, at least that would make sense to me. After all getting your young one the hottest present around gives you a sense of pride.

This year the hottest item around is a Playstation 3, a video game consol. And who are most of the games geared too in this new age of technology, boys ages 13 and up. Now if you tell me boys that age already know or should already know there is no such thing as a Santa so why do we need to go out and stomp on our fellow shoppers to be one of the "lucky" ones. Heck when it came out on the market there was even a shooting at one of the stores. I would love to see that trial; "Sir you have been charged with attempted murder while shopping at Wal-Mart, how do you plead?"

I use to venture out like everyone else right to the last minute trying to figure out what to get all my family but as I get older I just can't stand the crowds. Wall to wall people making their way down the endless aisle of product, buying nothing important but feeling it is the most important purchase in your lifetime.

At least most stores have the soothing sounds of Christmas carols playing on their intercoms. Such a shame that Winter Wonderland or Silver Bells has to be turned out when we hear the annoying "Attention Shoppers" come over the speakers cutting off our one joy when going through this hellish time.

Don't get me wrong I love Christmas. I love seeing the faux Santa's and the Nativity Scenes at the different department stores. I am not even bothered by the guy or gal ringing the bells to get your attention to put a coin in the pot for the less fortunate. And when I drive through the different neighborhoods and see all the pretty lights guiding the way for the night Santa takes his yearly journey, I am always left breathless. But some how Christmas has lost a little of its luster for me.

Maybe I am getting old or maybe it how "retail" Christmas has become has played a part in my little bit of bitterness. I do know the "minority" groups have played a big part in my breaking heart. Just today I was watching the news and saw the Seattle Airport taking down all their Christmas trees they had in the lobbies. And why did they do this? Because a Rabbi said he was going to sue if they didn't put up an equal sized Menorah to represent the Jewish faith.

Well last time I checked a Christmas tree is not even a part of Christian symbology. It isn't portraying Jesus it was just a place where one could put their gifts that became a custom many years ago.

Christ was taken out of Christmas years ago with the countless lawsuits we have seen. Schools being forced to change their concerts at holiday time, being forced to take down decorations, forced to stop singing certain carols. I am just glad in the time of forgiveness and giving that these so called "Minority" groups can be so heartless to the majority of people in our country.

Call me racist, call me Christmas hater, call me what you want...It is people like the Rabbi in Seattle that have crush my Christmas dreams these past few years. I'm surprised they haven't sued a church yet to stop Christmas service because they aren't teaching other religions too.

No one is born hating others; it is a learned behavior so when things like in Seattle happen it keeps that cycle going. But Jesus taught us to forgive so I forgive that Rabbi for being a pompous ass that is only being a selfish jerkoff. I would just like to thank him for making the headache of holiday travels that much more of of a headache. I just wonder how far this madness is going to go. It seems to never stop and I can foresee a future where we won't even be allowed to call Christmas, Christmas at all....such a shame.

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