tagExhibitionist & VoyeurChristmas Party Gone Astray

Christmas Party Gone Astray


It was one of those bummer days, when I found out, at our year end meeting on Friday, about our company merger a couple of weeks before Christmas. It bummed me out, because I didn't know if I was going to have a job after January. Saturday I was still stressed, so I just moped around the house. When Jim, a new guy that I've seen only once before, called me and asked me to a Christmas Party at the last minute, I happily accepted. Even though I wasn't in the mood for partying, I needed a distraction. What better way to get my mind off my problems then to celebrate my favorite time of the year? When he picked me up at my condo, he noticed something was wrong. He asked if I was alright because I wasn't my normal bubbly self. So I unloaded all of my job stress on him. He didn't say anything, but just let me vent as we drove over to the party. I did feel much better by the time we got there.

We drove for into this gated mansion in the Hollywood Hills. I thought it was going to be a Company party by the way he described it, but it turned out to be a huge Christmas Party that a movie mogul has every year. Oh my god! When I walked in, I was in awe from seeing all kinds of celebrities from actors to sport figures. As we walked around and being introduced to a lot of stars that I never thought meeting, I completely forgot my troubles. A lot of them asked a few questions about Jim and me. It seems like the one question from the guys stood out over all of the others, "So you are Jim's new girl that he's been promoting?"

Not really understanding the meaning of the question, I just smiled and said something like I guess so. As we talked, they told me that I was more attractive than his other girls he had promoted in the past and should be quite popular. I hoped they were talking about acting, but I got the feeling it was something else. They also made nice commits about my dress.

Maybe I shouldn't have worn the pink dress I bought in France. It was a very short with silver and white sequences. It had a front zipper that started below my boobs and could be opened down below my belly button. It tied around my neck and barely covered my assets. I had the zipper up to a few inches below my boobs showing just enough cleavage. I guess you could call it an easy access dress, at least that what Jim called it once we got to the party. In fact, it was Jim who took it from my closest, when he didn't like what I was originally wearing. He said I looked fabulous in it and guys would be very attentive.

After an hour of meandering, meeting celebs and drinking many Martinis, we went into a back room. There were maybe 10 to 20 guys and girls in there. The smell of marijuana was pungent. As soon as I walked in, I was handed a joint from this hot blonde naked above her waist. She was giggling as she told me to take a drag. So I did, while watching another naked girl sniffing a line of some white powder. I had two more drags and went to lean against the back wall. The stuff hit me very quickly and now I was floating. Jim asked if I wanted some coke too. I said no and told him I really don't do drugs.

As I was enjoying my high, Jim pushed me back against a sliding door and kissed me. Oh what a very hot passionate kiss. It instantly made me horny. His kiss just awoke all of my desires for loving. I had forgotten what pot does to me. I become so uninhibited ready for anything, when I smoke it.

I was giggling as he unzipped my dress all the down to the end. Slowly he moved the pink material off my boobs and exposed them to the smoky air. He began kissing my boobs and flicking the tips of my nipples with his tongue. My nipples were standing erect craving more. I couldn't stop him even if I wanted too, because it felt so good. When he went to kiss me again, he reached between my legs and began rubbing my pussy. I spread them apart because it felt amazing. Suddenly I felt another hand on my breast and a guy saying something like, "Is she your new Provider Jim?"

He stopped kissing me and said, "I'm working her up to that Carl. I hope by the time the night is over, she will be all broken in and ready for a career change." Carl laughed and asked if he could be first to break me in.

Jim moved back and Carl began feeling my pussy. As he did, he asked how much Jim was charging to fuck me. Jim laughed and told him that since it was his party, I was on the house, if he spread the word about me being available tonight for 200 a Christmas pop. Carl told him that he would be happy to help out.

Oh my God! I was so freaking high and now very horny. Being completely uninhibited and submissive, I didn't care or get the meaning of those comments, until I remembered what was said the next day. It was like my body was on fire for some loving. I didn't even care who was going to do me either, as long as he had a big cock pulsating in me. That is all I wanted.

Taking my hand he led me to an alcove (like a sun room without curtains) off the room I was in. It had a few couches and a view of the pool area. Another couple was on one of the couches and she was on all fours having sex. I was on the couch closest to the window. My dress was pulled up and I was kissing him, as his hands roamed my body. After a few minutes, he told me to take off my panty. As I was doing that, he took off his pants and stood in front of me so I could suck on his cock. When it became rock hard, he had me sit facing him so he could play with my excited boobs. It felt wonderful when he finally pushed his hard manhood into my wet passion. When I was riding him, it felt amazing with a cock buried in me. I was high and tipsy at the same time, while enjoying the sex more than ever. I kept telling him how good he felt in me and loudly moaned in sexual bliss. I came once and was building up to another as I was saying, "Oh yes! That's it! Right there! Oh yes fuck me! God you feel so good in me! Don't stop! I love what you are doing to me!"

He eventually turned me over on all fours. My head was over the back of the couch almost against the window. I had my eyes closed enjoying his cock buried deeply in me. I came again. Then I finally felt him squirting a huge load of semen in my drenched pussy. I do love the feeling of making a guy cum in me. Squirt after yummy squirt of his goo was drenching my insides.

After Carl finished unleashing his jism, I opened my eyes and looked out the window. There were many guys watching. I immediately stood up and covered myself up, although I almost fell down until Carl caught me. I could hear the comments of by those outside saying stuff like, "It sure looks like she was having fun. I wonder if I could have a turn too. Probably dude, that's Jim new whore, etc."

Jim came in and asked where he could put me to continue my licentious activities. Carl pointed to the small abode next to the pool. I was quickly taken in there, as his seed began oozing out of me and running down my legs.

Oh my god! I was now so freaking high, wanting to be fucked. Pot makes me so horny and why I don't usually partake in smoking that stuff. The last time I had pot, was my senior year in college at a fraternity party. I had more than just a few drags and found myself up in a room having sex with three guys. The next day I felt so ashamed and guilty. I didn't go to class for a week because of how humiliated I was. Wow! I forgot all about that event until now. So here I was high and horny again. I'm also now a different girl who just loves sex. Fucking is so fantastic when smoking a joint and I was about to enjoy some more incredible loving.

The abode was like a guest room. It had a double bed, couch, TV and a small bathroom with only a shower. After I came out of the bathroom, Carl closed the drapes and set me on the edge of the bed. Jim sat next to me and had me take another couple of drags of a joint. Then he put it out and told me I may need some later. Putting his arm around me, he said, "Kathryn the first time I laid eyes on you and fucked that hot unspoiled bod you have, I knew you would be ideal for this type of activity. You have a very beautiful face, easy on the eyes, and by what you told me, I know you have enjoyed lots of cocks. So I'm going to collect some money from guys to fuck you. I'll give you half of what I get. I don't know how many men will be partaking in fucking you, but we'll continue this undertaking until everyone who wants you, has a turn. Just think of it as a career change opportunity and this is your audition. I even bet you'll have a great time."

What was I to say? Jim was rubbing my clit as he talked to me. I was so high and still very horny with my pussy tingling for cock. Even though I had no intention of having lots of sex when I left for this party, the idea of having sex over and over again was now very appealing to me. Pulling up my dress, I pushed Jim's hand deeper on my clit and pussy, giggled, and answered, "Okay Jim! I'm so freaking horny. It sounds like fun too and I'll do what ever you want me too."

Then I laughed and told him that I couldn't believe I just told him that. He told me to take off my dress but leave my heels on. He smiled and said, "I knew you would love doing this Kathryn."

Jim left and I waited for a few minutes with my fingers playing with my clit. Then he walked in with this older guy. In the dim light I couldn't tell who he was, but I did notice him being tall with a little pot belly. I was told to spread my legs apart and I did. I could hear Jim telling this guy that I was a new girl being introduced to this profession. The guy asked what he could do to me. He was told that he could fuck my ass and pussy, but not to cum in them. Then Jim laughed and told this guy that I loved sucking a cock dry. The guy laughed too, took some money from his pocket and gave it to him. Then Jim said that he had 30 minutes to pop or it will cost extra.

The guy came over to me and sat down. I turned to look at him and almost screamed. Oh my God! It was a famous actor that I had a crush on growing up. I used to dream about being one of his girls in the movies. He was a lot older now and out of shape, but still handsome in my eyes. When he said, "Kathryn, I hope you are as good as advertised by your pimp. You are really very attractive and I love the look of your clean shaved cunt. Can't wait to stick you with my Hammer."

He told me his name was Derrick, but I knew who he really was. Giggling, I answered, "Hi Derrick. This is going to so much fun having you make love to me. And your Hammer will be happy too." I was really going to enjoy this, high or not.

We began kissing with him playing with my breast. When he went to suck on my nipples his hand roamed down to my pussy. He gently rubbed my clit and worked his thumb in between my pussy lips. Soon his thumb was in me and his fingers were rubbing my clit. I almost came right then. While he was enjoying my body, I reached over and undid his pants. He stopped, got up and quickly pulled them down. His nice big cock was standing erect right in my face, exactly what I had imagined. I grabbed it and put it in my mouth. He was getting harder by the minute as I sucked his tip. Then he told me that he had to fuck me before I made him cum sucking on him. So I laid on my back, leaned up on my arms and spread my legs apart. I wanted to watch his cock going in me just like in the movies. Instead, he took my legs and pulled me to the edge of the bed. Standing in front of me, he asked for a condom. I told him that I was clean and if he was too, then we didn't need any. I've had many dreams of him spewing his cum in me and I wasn't going to pass up this opportunity.

As I reached for his cock, he pushed my legs up over me. Slowly he pushed that lovely hard thing in me. I was in heaven as he slowly pumped me. I felt like I was in one of his movies being loved by him. Soon he was driving it hard in me. His groans of pleasure were music to my ears. I was moaning too, enjoying his rod plummeting me over and over again. I started telling him how good it felt having him fuck me. I even called him by his movie character name and yelled to fuck me harder just like one of his girls did in a movie. He stopped for a few seconds and said a line right out of that movie. I answered him back with the right line. Opening my eyes, I could I see him smiling and said, "All right then. Turnover and let me fuck that hot pussy of yours."

He pulled out and I flipped on all fours. Reaching back I guided his cock back into my raging hole. I wanted it to never stop. It was just like I used to dream about, him making love to me. Faster and faster he continued ramming in and out of me. I just moaned in ecstasy loving every minute of him. It was some time until he finally told me he was ready to explode. Pulling out, I quickly turned over to get his load, but he was already shooting it out all over my hair and face. I managed to take his cock in my mouth for the last few squirts of cum. Then I swallowed it just like Jim wanted me too. When he finished, I got up and got a towel from the bathroom.

He took it and gently wiped his cum off my face and hair, but that was after he took his phone out and took a photo of his handy work. As he was wiping my face, he asked me if I had a crush on him. I giggled and said I did. So he asked for my phone number and told me he would call me for a sequel, when he's back in town. Then he whispered that we could by-pass my pimp. So I took his phone and put my number in it. He was grinning as he left.

Jim came back in after Derrick left. He told me to clean up. So I did. When I came back out there was another guy waiting. I sat on the edge of the bed, opened my legs and motioned for him to come over. He gave Jim money and was told 30 minutes for the pop or it would be extra. It's the line he used all night long.

Just like with Derrick, we started on the action of getting him hard so he could fuck me. He had a condom and he did me with it on. After he finished another guy came in and we started the fun all over again. This went on the rest of the night. I still don't know how many guys I had sex with or remember each one. They all blended together except for my lover Derrick. I'll remember him forever. I just hope he does call me.

After many hours, I was brought back to the party, still high. I had a drink and was given a present by Carl who was dressed like Santa. The whole party was now opening boxes of gifts. I don't know what all everyone was given, but mine was a heart shape silver necklace about the size of a quarter. I saw a small inscription on it which said, "Kathryn is My Slut" We stayed another hour and I had one more guy, then Jim drove me home.

Jim followed me in. We went to my bedroom and we had sex, only in my ass, because I was still filled with cum in my pussy from the last guy. I didn't even go clean up afterwards, but fell asleep cuddling with Jim. When I awoke around noon, I had a huge headache. Jim was already up and had coffee brewing. I had a cup then took a long shower. When I came out, he handed me 3 aspirin and a glass of tomato juice, which I guzzle down. After I began feeling better, Jim said, "See Kathryn, I knew you would be the perfect girl for those types of activities. Here are your earnings from last night. There is a lot more to come, when you do this full time. "

He handed me $1000. Oh my God! I jumped in his arms, kissed him, and teasingly said, "So does this mean I'm now a whore?"

Jim laughed and answered, "Do you want to be a whore Kathryn?" I shook my head no. Then he said, "Well that's good, because what you were doing last night wasn't whoring. We don't call girls whores any more. That's offensive and impolite. We'll call them "Providers", because you provide a very valuable to service. Whores are usually referred to as street walkers and you are too beautiful to be a cheap street walker. What it means is that you are now my very attractive Provider and men are going to pay a lot for you. We'll get you started after the first of the year, maybe even New Year's Eve. You'll probably like providing so much, that after a few months you'll quit your job and only work a few nights a week making more money. Wouldn't that be fun?"

Oh my God! I see he has big plans for me. Even though it was fun and I came many times, it is NOT what I want to become. I like my job but I guess, if I don't have one, this may be a temporary option. So I can live with doing something like this on a short-term basis. At least it wouldn't be as bad as when I was on my French vacation. I guess I was a whore then, because I did do street walking with the van.

Anyway, this concludes my Christmas Party exploits. I just have too much going on in my life right now to make being a Provider an occupation. I'm still employed and may be promoted to a new position. The new director likes me. So all is well, although Jim has been bugging me to continue what he started for me, during that party. Last weekend during the Awards event, I had a few dates. It was fun, but I don't want to make a habit. It is illegal here and I have too much to lose. Not like it was when I was in France.

I hope you guys contact me and tell me what you thought of my story. I love hearing from you all.

Kisses Kathryn

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