tagGroup SexChristmas Shopping Detour

Christmas Shopping Detour


It was december 20, my wife Lynn and I were walking through the mall finishing our christmas shopping. I was carrying a bag in each hand and one under my arm. My wife also had an arm full of packages. We were both tired from doing a lot of walking. I stopped to adjust my packages, when I turned around and walked into Richard, an old friend from college. I introduced my wife and we talked for a few minutes. Richard is tall and muscular, with short brown hair and a nicely groomed mustache.

Richard noticed we were tired, and suggested we go to his place to relax in his hot tub. Pulling out his cell phone, he called his wife. He explained that he ran into an old friend and we were coming over. Richard gave us directions to his house in case we got lost following him. On the way over I explained to my wife who he was and how good of friends we were in college.

Getting out of the car at his house, he said "Well Jack how's the last ten years been treating you."

"I've been doing okay."

Going up the walk, I took in the decorations in the neighborhood. The whole street looked like a contest for the best decorated house. Richard's really looked nice. He had a santa clause on the roof, lights in every tree and a couple of wooden snowmen on the lawn.

Once inside Richard introduced us to his wife, Connie. She is tall with long red hair. She had on a pair of baggy jeans and a loose fitting sweatshirt. We all went into the living room. During the conversation, I could tell Richard was checking out Lynn. I kind of had mixed feelings about his interest.

At thirty two, Lynn is very beautiful. She is five foot five with long blonde hair. She has large round breast. Being a little over weight, she has a small spare tire above her belt.

After a half an hour of getting to know each other, Richard suggested we head for the hot tub. Lynn looked at Richard then Connie, and said, We don't have a bathing suit."

Connie thought a minute and replied, "Jack can borrow a pair of shorts from Richard, and you can wear one of my t-shirts." Turning towards the hallway Connie continued "come on I probably have a pair of shorts you can wear."

Richard came out with a pair of shorts for me. The girls seemed to be taking a long time. Richard suggested we get in. Going outside, it was cold. There was a roof over the patio, keeping us out of some of the elements. Looking towards the sky, it started to snow. The neighborhood christmas lights had a nice glow through the falling snow.

The girls came out. They were both wearing long white t-shirts. Their shirts were so long, it was hard to tell if they were wearing any shorts. My imagination started racing. I was wondering what took them so long, do they have anything on and with Connies red hair, I was wondering what her bush looked like.

Connie sat on one side of me and Lynn sat on the other side. Richard sat across from me. When we stretched our legs, it was hard to tell who was who. Richard leaned towards Lynn. Putting a hand on her shoulder, he said,

"I'd love to see what's under your shirt."

Lynn looked at me, then reached for the bottom of her shirt. I wasn't sure if I liked where the evening was going, but I was hot and horny and didn't want to say anything.

Lynn stood up as she pulled her shirt over her head. I looked in awe at my wife. Her breasts were firm and round. she had large round areola with large nipples. The top of her blonde pubic mound was at water level.

Standing there naked, she said "I don't want to be the only one taking something off."

Connie said, "I'll join you if the guys take off their shorts."

Connie took off her shirt. Connies breast were small, and sagged a little. Her flat stomach and wide hips were inviting. Being taller, the water level was lower. I could see Connie's pussy. It was shaved bald.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Richard stand up. He pulled off his shorts. I glanced at his cock. He was eight inches and thick. I looked at Lynn and noticed she was staring.

I stood up to take my shorts off. Losing my balance, I fell against Connie. Richard made a comment about her tits, but I didn't understand him. Connie put an arm around me. Reaching her other hand towards my cock, she said,

"Are you okay?"

As she started fondling my seven inch cock, I searched for the right words, and finally said,


Connie moved her hand to my balls. I was getting hard. I moved over and started sucking and playing with het tits. Reaching between her legs, I found the folds of her pussy and got more excited. I started moving my fingers in a slow motion, hoping to find the right spot.

Looking over at Richard, he was sucking one of Lynn's tits and playing with the other nipple. Looking up he said,

"Let's go inside and get comfortable."

We went in and dried off. Their king size bed had a nice bed spread on it. Leaving it made, Richard guided Lynn towards the head of the bed. Spreading her legs, he started licking her pussy. Connie and I stood at the foot of the bed watching. Lynn was wet. As Richard continued, Lynn started moaning. She rubbed the back of his head and moaned louder. I knew she was close to cumming.

I was mesmerized so much, I didn't realize Connie was on her knees, until she started sucking my cock. Connie's expert cock sucking had me close to cumming in no time. After taking me to the brink of cumming several times then stopping, she climbed on the bed next to Richard and Lynn.

With her hips at the edge I went to my knees and started licking her pussy. I got into licking and fingering her pussy. The more I moved, the more she squirmed. She started screaming,

"I'm cumming!"

Moving back on the bed she said, "come here."

I moved up and placed the tip of my cock at her pussy. Sliding deeper, we stated moving with a rythm. A short time later I started cumming. I pulled out of her jucy cunt and started pumping my juice all over her thighs, hips and stomach.

Leaning on my elbows, I licked her tits and looked over at Richard and Lynn.

He had moved behind her and was taking her doggie style. Her tits were moving back and forth with Richard. Lynn was moaning in ecstasy, while meeting Richards every stroke. Richard groaned, sighed and pulled his cock out of my wife's juicy pussy. Pumping his thick cock a couple of times, he shot his load all over her butt and lower back.

We rested for a short while, then got dressed and ready to go. In the living room, I asked, Connie,

"What took so long to get ready earlier."

Putting a hand lightly on Lynn's shoulder, Connie said, "If Lynn doesn't tell you, I tell you next time we see you."

On the ride home, we enjoyed looking at the christmas lights.

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