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Christmas Wishes


Cassidy sighed as she stared at her reflection in her medicine cabinet mirror. Her caramel cocoa skin, chocolate brown almond shaped eyes, her high cheek bones, and lush full lips were all good qualities as far she was concerned, but that didn’t stop her from being alone on the holidays. She hated Christmas, every year it was the same…she spent all of the year investing time and sweat into a relationship but for some reason they never lasted past thanksgiving, as a matter of fact the only constant man that was in her life was the crystal statue that stayed the corner of her room. It had been given to her by the last jerk she had dated. She ran her fingers through her silky black hair. She had just recently had it cut into a short bob, and she loved how sleek it looked and felt. The phone rang behind her and she looked back just as the answering machine picked up. She hoped that it wasn’t her mother. That witch had been calling nonstop nagging her about when she was going bring a man home to meet her. It wasn’t as though she was old or anything, she had just graduated from Bauder Academy of Design. Quite frankly she was ahead of the game this Christmas eve, she made more in one day than the average 21 year old made in two weeks. She owned a large loft apartment decorated in black and white. She walked over to the machine and pressed the play button.

It was her friend Tally asking if she wanted to join her and her girlfriend for Christmas dinner. They’d been roommates at school and now worked for the same fashion line. Tally had long blonde hair and a lithe pixie-like body that had been known to drive both men and women wild. She already felt like crap there was no need for her to spend the night with two women who were, in her opinion, more beautiful than her. She looked at the anatomically correct “David” and silently wished that he were real. She giggled at that, her very own Christmas wish, what a hoot. She went back into the bathroom and began to fill the tub with hot bubbly water. She held the spicy scented bath oil to her nose and inhaled deeply, she loved the heady scent of gingerbread and the faint sugary sweet taste it left on her skin. When the tub was full she sank down on her hunches and left the steamy bath envelope her. She ran the soft loofah over her skin coating her in bubbles she closed her eyes and sank further into the water. There was a knock her door which broke her silent reverie. She waited five minutes and after the knocking stopped she climbed out of the bath and began to dry her body. she looked out into her room and stared into the eyes of her statue. She was feeling naughty so she placed her foot on the edge of the bath tub did a little strip tease with her hunter green bath sheet. She walked over to him began to dance at his feet she rubbed her naked silky breasts against his cool crystal frame and kissed his lips. She turned away so that her back was to him. She swayed her hips to a rhythmic song that was only in her head. She grinded against him and was really getting hot when a pair of big, strong, encircled her waist. She went stock still as those hands crept up her ribs to cup her breasts.

“Do you want me to stop” he whispered in her ear as he gently pinched her nipples.

She gasped and shook her head. With that he started kissing her neck, moving up to her ears. He nibbled and gave her earlobe a quick nip. She squealed and twisted against his body with pleasure. She turned around and gazed deep into his eyes. They were blue like she had imagined they would be, he had short black hair and smooth alabaster skin. He bent to kiss her with enough passion to light a fire. Their tongues danced together as they darted from mouth to mouth. Her hands roamed over his back and strong shoulders. While

his hands found their way to her curvy ass, which he cupped and caressed lifting her from the ground. With that she instinctively wrapped her legs around his waist and clasped them together behind his back. She ran her fingernails through his hair and across his scalp. He bent her backwards and kissed his way down her collar bone. He carried her to the bed and sat her on the edge. Instinctively His hands once again reached out to grasp her tits. They fit perfectly in his hands as he pinched and tweaked each one. Cass sighed in contentment and eased backward allowing him more access. He bent over and gently kissed her right nipple then the left, exciting her even more. Then he licked each nipple. Her pussy was dripping. He loved teasing her like this. He put his strong hands behind her back for support and eased her back even more. With that her bent over her, and gently bit her nipple. This sent shock waves through her body. Goose bumps dotted her skin. She moaned out loud as he caressed her left breast with his hand. He kissed the narrow valley between her breasts and continued down past her belly button to her mound. His fingers ran up and down the slit of her shaved pussy. He playfully traced circles on her inner thighs. His fingers ran through her now open pussy lips, finding her clit. He rubbed it in small circles with his thumb while reaching lower to her sweet entrance. He slipped a finger into her wet snatch, and slowly pumped it in and out. He knelt quickly and kissed her sweet little pussy.

He stood up and lifted her from the bed. He turned her around so she faced the floor length mirror and wrapped his arms around her, grasping her breasts. He then positioned himself right behind her dripping cunt, sliding his cock deep within her pussy. She gasped at the first sensations, then shut her eyes and released out a deep moan from her throat. His cock was swelled in her pussy and his rhythm began to increase. He pumped into her harder and deeper. He grunted in contention, pounding her pussy hard, until he stopped abruptly and pulled away. She whimpered softly, staring at the glistening bodies in the mirror and wanting his cock back in her longing pussy. He turned her around held her face in his hands and crushed his lips unto hers. He grabbed her ass in his hands and lifted her up. She wrapped her legs around his waist. His cock was now

sliding between her pussy lips. She ground her clit against it, and slid her pussy lips up and down the shaft. She was getting hot and bucking wildly against him. He lifted her up and slammed her pussy on his cock. She screamed, and her body shuddered and writhed in his arms.

The waves of orgasm rushed through her body. Simultaneously, he shot his hot cum into her tight cunt. He bit down on her neck as he unloaded his spunk into her pussy. Cass’s head was thrown back, and her eyes were tightly closed as their orgasms subsided.

She woke up on Christmas day and walked into the kitchen to make her self a cup of coffee. She smiled at the though of her dream when she saw her statue leaning in his constant position. She took a sip of the rich mocha blend and noticed that a note had been pushed under her door. She knelt down and opened it. And smiled at what it said…… Merry Christmas, from Santa. She ran back to her room and there standing completely naked was her “David”…

Happy Holiday’s

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