tagExhibitionist & VoyeurChronicles of Danny Ch. 16

Chronicles of Danny Ch. 16


Normally Danny had their space, a personal bubble that close friends weren't allowed to cross. But as they searched the college website for the forensics team schedule, they didn't mind Natasha and Cammy hovering over their shoulder to stare at the screen. After revising several search terms, a link to a calendar popped up for Danny to click on.

"The next debate is near Emerson College at the Marriott. It's in a hotel?" Danny asked, finding it odd.

"It's probably a conference room. I wonder if Kara will be staying in the same hotel." Natasha said.

"She will be, and it will be the best suite in the goddamn place." Cammy said with a roll of her eyes.

"We still need to think of how we're going to sabotage her clothes before her debate." Danny said, the whole idea was keeping them up at night. They still hadn't quite cracked it.

Sighing, Natasha leaned back in her seat. "Well we need to get in the hotel without being noticed. I'm sure we could easily snag some staff uniforms so we can act like we're cleaning the room. I just don't know if we can hold onto those clothes long enough to sabotage the stitching."

"How long did it take you wreck one of Madison's outfits?" Cammy asked.

"A decent amount of time, but who knows if we'll have that much with Kara?" Danny said. Their eyes shifted away from the screen and when they looked back, they saw a headline that almost had them jumping out of their seat. "What the fuck?"

It read, "President resigning over sex scandal" and was in the top of the webpage, indicating it was a new development.

Cammy and Natasha also noticed it and waited for Danny to click on the link before reading the headline, "President Holmes has agreed to step down from her position in light of an audio recording that was released in which Holmes and a staff member of the university are engaged in sexual acts in her office. Vice President Mary DelaForge will be stepping in her place. "

"Holy shit." Natasha said, looking to Danny in concern, "How did she even get recorded?"

'Who would you think?" Cammy said in a bitter tone, "Kara's mom probably. She's been gunning for that job for years, I guess she found just the right evidence to come in."

That Cammy was chiming in on the expertise of recording someone's intimate acts didn't help Danny's mood, but they were too busy distracted by anxiety to let anger take over.

"She was the only one who was vouching for my re-enrollment...fuck." They knew they weren't alone and tried to put the lid on their rage, but it boiled too soon for Danny to ignore the impulse. The desk shook as Danny's fist came crashing down, making Cammy and Natasha jump out of their seats. "FUCK!"

Natasha and Cammy shared glances as they watched Danny bury their head on the desk. Natasha was the first to reach out and rub Danny's back in a slow manner, but Cammy was the first to break the silence. "God Kara's mom is such a fucking bitch, she just couldn't get over the President's business."

"What do you mean 'business'?" Natasha asked.

Scratching her neck, Cammy let out a deep sigh as she began, "Miss Holmes doesn't have a husband...and that bothered Kara's mom. You know she's like this fundamental Christian right? Well Delaforge had it in her head that Ms Holmes is a lesbian and started investigating into her private life. She found that Holmes was associated with these gay and lesbian organizations and felt that that was enough evidence. I guess her hate just overcame her to the point where she had to go after Holmes."

The words didn't help, all Danny knew was that Ashley was gone and now their academic future was gone as well. "...what the fuck was all this for?" they whispered, voice cracking as they swallowed to avoid crying.

Natasha and Cammy looked at each other again, both of them finding it hard to answer. From Natasha's perspective, in the initial stage this seemed like a way to get back at an organization that was protected by the institution and since it was clear Danny and Ashley were students, they had to do something to defend themselves. What was the point now that both of them were not going back and Ashley seemed like a distant memory?

""Danny, what else were you supposed to do at that time? let them get away with bullying you? But honestly, that institution was shit anyway. there are so many better schools out there that are LGBTQ friendly and have a better environment. You can still transfer"

Danny's head rose to look at Natasha, wiping their eyes, "Yeah where will a school accept me when i have a public indecency suspension on my record?"

"If students guilty of rape are able to find a new school to transfer to then I don't think they are as stringent against someone who had circumstances beyond their control force them into involuntary indecent exposure."

It was really poor comfort in Danny's current situation but then Natasha said, "Look, just know that right now, you have everybody here willing to be there for you. Mistress Victoria won't let you go out on your own without some support."

Danny's breathing relaxed, their perceived catastrophe seeming less likely but no less upsetting. "Thanks Natasha. I think I might need some alone time though if that's ok."

nodding, Natasha turned to head out the door, leaving Cammy standing in the room about to follow but then something pulled her back towards Danny, having her stand just behind their seat., "...Danny, I know I haven't given you any reason to like me let alone trust me. I don't expect this to make you feel better but...in a way...what you did opened my eyes to how shitty that sorority was."

Danny's body language froze, head still buried under their arms but they didn't struggle to cry. That they hadn't lashed out at Cammy gave her the confidence to continue. "I was a fucking idiot, but I was scared when I was a freshman and I just wanted to be protected. Kara's sorority offered that and it wasn't until they humiliated me that I realize how unprotected I was and how many people I hurt in the process. I..know that's stupid of me to say...but I guess you have my thanks."

Cammy saw Danny's clenched fist and expected them to stand face-to-face with her to give her a long deserved piece of their mind. instead they heard a soft, partially muffled, "Thanks" emitting from Danny's head being buried. Rather than add on, Cammy nodded and left Danny alone to ponder their next steps, both for their revenge and their life in general.

When Cammy entered the hallway, Natasha was waiting down by the edge of the steps. She waited for Cammy to join her before asking, "Did they say anything?"

Cammy shook her head, "I can't say that I blame them. I'd be pissed too. ugh, Fuck Kara and her mom. I almost want to continue with getting back at her even if Danny doesn't want to."

Raising an eyebrow, Natasha gave Cammy a side glance. "You know, if Danny doesn't, we could still do it. It's not like I don't have my own reasons for wanting to humiliate Kara."

"Good because I really don't like the idea of her walking away from this scott free." Cammy folded her arms.

"how would you do it? You've technically been doing it for years." Natasha said in a monotone voice, covering her own resentment towards her past with Cammy.

Sighing, Cammy resisted from apologizing again as she knew Natasha wouldn't want the pity. instead she ran through her list of things she'd seen or heard Kara do to others. "Well, there was one time Kara had us wash all of the freshman's clothes in this solution she had a sorority member make that made their clothes shrink into nothing."


Nodding Cammy continued, "Yeah, Kara was real excited about it. It is slow acting so she made the freshman run outside on campus, thinking everything was fine and then next thing you know...all those girls were naked screaming for cover. Of course, we made them continue running the whole route." she thought back to the day where parades of girls streaked on campus, all of them trying to conceal their breasts or groins as tears ran from their eyes while being mocked by the whole student body."

Leaning against the wall Natasha hummed to herself as she tossed that clue in her head. "So if Kara has her forensics debate, then we just need to get her special outfit. It's just a matter of getting in her room."

"Well, that shouldn't be too hard. The problem is the only person who knew how to make that solution is in the sorority, so it's going to suck trying to find her, let alone convince her to help us."

Natasha closed her eyes and ran her hands down her face, letting out an annoyed groan. "I just had an idea but it feels shitty."

"Well, she is one of the people that took part in stripping you, Danny and Ashley if that helps. What is it?"

"Chances are, we have a video of her doing something sexual thanks to Kara's hidden camera. If we threaten her with it, then she'll feel like she has to help us. We could bluff and say we are going to put it on the internet."

"Why don't we just tell her that Kara video taped her?"

"That could work too. Do you think she'll believe us?" Natasha asked as she paced back and forth, "I'm worried she'll think we're lying and rat us out to Kara."

Cammy had a hand touched over her mouth, playing out the scenario in her head. "If it had been me before Kara showed my own video, I'd probably not believe you. But if it was shown to me." her fist tightened as she relived that day. "Then I'd want to knock Kara the fuck out."

"Well that's one way. We can certainly show her. Question is if Danny will help us."

"If who will help you?" a voice from above them asked. Descending the stairs, Danny looked down at both of them. Their face was stoic but the redness under Danny's eyes did indicate some painful process they had to mentally endure.

"We were wondering if we'd lost you." Natasha said, approaching the bottom of the stairs to meet Danny.

With a smirk on their face, Danny said, "Never. My fate with that school has been sealed, but it doesn't mean Kara or her mom are going to get away with it."


The Chemistry labs at the university weren't as updated as the rest of the school. Science didn't seem to be a priority as its other departments. For Pamela, a student in her mid 20s, this meant she was stuck with equipment that hadn't been replaced since the 90's. With her golden blonde locks tied back in a bun, she hovered over several beakers as she documented her findings in a spiral notebook.

The sound of a Bunsen burner along with her own hyper focus on the smoking liquid while holding another beaker of liquid in her hand was what led to Pamela ignoring the sounds of the door behind her opening. The noise was followed by the footsteps of Cammy, Danny and Natasha. Tucked under Natasha's arm was a laptop. They tip toed slowly towards Pamela, the three of them circling around her so they blocked any potential escape. When they were close enough, Cammy stretched her hand to tap Pamela on the shoulder.

"SHIT!" she shouted as she threw her hands in the air, spilling a beaker of foggy liquid all over her purple shirt and blue jeans that were hidden under a white lab coat. "FUCK! Cammy?!"

"Hi Pamela."

Pamela had her arms raised as she looked down at her stained clothes, noticing a faint trace of smoke rising from the stains as they began to corrode." Oh my god! you idiot that's toxic! SHIT!" she ran from her desk, throwing off her labcoat and then proceeded to unbutton her shirt, revealing a white brassier with pink lace lined over the top of the cups. Next came the shoes, kicking them off so she could undo her jeans and pull them down.

Pamela had a slender physique, devoid of any muscle tone, just a smooth tummy that attached to a pair of long skinny legs. Of notable proportion was her ass, squeezed under a tiny pair of white bikini briefs with a pink bows lining the waistband.

Rushing to the emergency shower, a long metal tube that curved to hover over someone's head, Pamela pulled the chain and shrieked as she was doused in cold water. Her blonde hair fell loose as it hung over her face and the water soaking her undergarments made them transparent, revealing her light pink nipples and cleanshaven womanhood.

"Wow...i didn't mean to do that." Cammy said

"Grab her clothes." Danny said

Natasha hurried as she ran to gather the destroyed clothing and handed them to Cammy, by now Pamela had wiped her eyes and realized she was standing in front of three women with no clothes on. Turning to the side to raise her right leg, revealing her taut ass in the process, Pamela threw her arms over her chest and groin as her face turned red. "G-g-give me my clothes!" her teeth chattered as the air in the room made her soaked panties cling to her body, her nipples hardening as they poked against her bra.

"You'll get them back after you promise to help us." Danny said, folding their arms.

"W-w-with what?' Pamela asked, shuffling her feet to stay warm and to deal with the discomfort of feeling vulnerable against enemies of the sorority.

"Cammy told us you made a solution that shrinks clothes. I want you to make it again." Danny said.

Pamela's eyes widened, "You're going to use it on someone aren't you? Well I can't! Kara will punish me!"

"You're already being punished." Natasha said as she pointed to Pamela's groin, "You're half naked and will be for the entire day after we walk out."

"NO!" Pamela held a hand out as she bent forward, "Please! You don't know what Kara is capable of now that her mom is President!"

"We know exactly what she's capable of." Danny said, stepping closer to Pamela, the close proximity making her back against the wall. "That's why you're going to help us humiliate her, and I promise you after we're done, she won't be doing anything to anyone again."

With nowhere to go and no one to help her, Pamela became angry at feeling helpless, her face turning purple as her nostrils flared. "Oh yeah? Well, if I make it for you, I'll just tell Kara and she'll strip all of you again! S-she'll probably do worse to you!"

What unsettled Pamela most was the smile that spread across Danny's lips, as if they had ripped up her trump card and thrown it to the ground. "You want us to help you." Danny said, "We have footage of you doing something naughty in your room because Kara has every room in the sorority house rigged with cameras. You help us, I can promise it will be destroyed."

With a quivering lip, Pamela shook her head, "You're lying! She doesn't have a video of me."

It took Danny one turn of their head towards Natasha for her to open the laptop. A media window was already open with the cursor over the play button. With one tap of the mousepad, the black screen over the window lit up to highlight an overhead shot of a bedroom.

At first the image seemed plane, a white desk on the far right and a queen sized bed in the center. The head of a large stuffed horse sitting on the bed was facing the headboard and it was moving. At first, it looked like another stuffed animal was on top of it, but upon noticing the long, thin frame of a woman, it was clear that it was Pamela.

Her naked back faced the ceiling and she wore a black strap around her waist, this was because it was attached to a pair of leather chaps that covered her legs. Shaking was a fair skinned apple shaped bottom that was visible between the chaps, because she wasn't wearing anything underneath. Sitting atop her head was a black cowboy hat that she held in place with one hand as she gyrated her hips over the stuffed horse.

"Ohh. mmmmmm." she moaned, bucking her hips over the stuffed toy. "Oh my god...fuck..." she let go of her hat to reach back and give herself a hard spank on the ass. "Gidddyup!"

Pamela had a hand over her open mouth as she stared in horror at herself, fucking a stuffed animal. A tear ran down her blushing cheek as a high pitched whine escaped her lips. Reaching forward, she shut the laptop lid and tried to pull it from Natasha's hands. "GIVE ME THAT!!"

"Fuck no!" Natasha said as she pulled it from Pamela's hands. "Besides, this is a copy, the original is on Kara's computer."

Pamela fell to her knees sobbing as she hugged her half naked body. "That's not right! I did everything she told me to! Oh my god if that gets out I'll just die!"

Cammy knelt down to meet eyes with Pamela, "Take it from me Pamela. Kara doesn't give a shit about any of us, she only promises not to humiliate us so she can get what she wants, but as you can see, she's a fucking pervert who likes to take advantage of us anyhow."

Danny stepped forward, their shadow looming over Pamela. "So again, you can help us get back at Kara, and I will promise we'll do everything we can to destroy Kara's laptop."

Pamela didn't need to think about it. Instead she grabbed onto Danny's legs and looked up at them, "YES! I'LL HELP YOU JUST PLEASE DELETE THAT VIDEO!!" she hadn't had the time to find a boyfriend and that meant a lot of lonely days without any sexual release. Her cowgirl fantasy was something she held onto for years and now it had been exposed to at least 4 people."

Taking the labcoat, Danny threw it over Pamela and helped her up. They pulled up a stool for her to sit down and she pulled the coat shut to cover her see-through panties. By now she had calmed down as she said, "Give me a day to make the shrinking solution and I'll think of a way to get it to you."

"You can give it to me since I'm still on campus." Cammy said.

Looking to her, Pamela said, "That reminds me, How are you going to get past the guards?"

'Guards?" Danny asked

"Kara has two police officers following her around campus now. I guess Cammy's humiliation got Kara's mom worried."

Natasha and Danny looked at each other, thinking back to only two officers that could be assigned to Kara. "Those fucking corrupt guards that got you and Ashley?" Natasha asked.

"It has to be." Danny said before looking to Pamela, "Do you know if they'll come with her to the forensics debate?"

"Its a strong possibility." Pamela said, "When we found Stephanie.." her cheeks turned pink as she hesitated to speak, thinking back to when she heard about the equestrian rider, stripped naked and hands tied behind her back as she rode her horse to the stall. It was a good thing she had a labcoat on or they could have seen Pamela's panties get wet a second time. "...well found her in the stall, Kara's mom said that the cops would be with her at all times."

Sighing, Danny sat on a stool as they looked to Cammy, "How do we get past those two?"

Shrugging, Cammy said, "I'm not going to try knocking out cops if that's what you're thinking. I'm fine with getting back at Kara but not if it lands me in jail for hitting cops."

Natasha looked at Pamela, "I don't suppose you could make something that might knock them out."

"I don't know of anything specific to make" Pamela started to say and then her eyes widened, "Buut!" she rose from the bench, letting the labcoat open again. She squealed as she shut it once more, running to a nearby cabinet. "A few months ago Kara asked me to make a drug that was a strong aphrodisiac for women. She thought it'd be funny to put in the drinks of freshman and watch them lose control."

"Of course she would." Natasha said with a roll of her eyes.

Pamela opened the cabinet and pulled out a small metal box. She opened it and pulled out a small glass vial with what looked to be light blue crystals. "I was able to make something that could dissolve in someone's drink but we never got to using it. "

"Does it work?" Danny asked eyeing the vile.

"Of course it does." Pamela said in an annoyed voice.

"How do you know for sure?" Danny raised their eyebrows.

Pamela lowered her head, turning it away as her face turned crimson again. She hugged herself as she crossed her legs. "I erm...tested it myself...trust me, they won't be able to stand." brushing her hair out of her face she tried to change the subject "Maybe you could spike their coffee or something."

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