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"Excuse me, Joe isn't it? I'm sorry but Marie is with me tonight. I suggest you go elsewhere to find a woman for your friends."

"Who the fuck are you, Grandpa? Marie came with me and will do exactly what I tell her," replied Joe.

I stood up. Even though I was lanky I stood five inches taller than Joe. "Look you asshole! I said she is with me. In fact I'll be taking her home. I suggest you get the hell out of here before I kick your ass."

Joe looked over at Marie. "You dumb cunt! Let's see you make it on your own, you fat whore."

I put my hand on my Bowie knife.

I got ready to grab it when Amos stepped between us. "Guys, I think it would be best if we all went our own way." He looked over at Marie who was crying. "I'm sorry Miss, Joe was out of line to call you names in front of others." Joe had already walked away and Amos and Shantille turned and walked away also.

Instead of leaving, I told Marie we would play some of the party games. We tried passing an apple without using your hands, a pumpkin carving contest and a couple of other things. Later they were having adult game like musical chairs. Marie and I left before that part of the entertainment started.

We saw Joe fucking Shantille in one of the cubicles. I thought about going and beating the shit out of him but Marie asked me to not cause any more trouble. He wasn't worth it and she wasn't sure what she was going to do now.

She was sad and confused; she wanted out of the relationship and away from Joe but wasn't sure what her options were. She was surprised when I told her I would help her.

"Why would you do that? You don't know anything about me."

"It's the way I feel. I could never leave you and your child stranded with no where to turn. Come to my trailer and we'll talk. I promise you it will just be talk. I feel somewhat responsible for tonight and I want to help."

We went to the trailer and talked. I asked her if she would take the next couple of weeks and travel with me. She said she couldn't because of her daughter Trina. I smiled and told her we would take Trina with us.

She looked shocked. I said to her, "I understand in this day and age that there is a lot of creepy shit going on. Please, I have no intention of hurting you in anyway. I just feel you need to get away and this would be a good time. Please think about it. If you want to go, we'll go by your sister's tomorrow and pick up Trina. Right now we could use some sleep.

I opened up the second mattress and we both rested on separate beds. This wasn't exactly what I expected when I woke up this morning.


In the morning our heads were a little clearer. We headed out of the trailer park. She saw Joe's pop-up tent and then told me she was going to go with me for a couple of weeks. How much worse could it get? She had no life and was being used by Joe. A couple of weeks away would be a godsend.

I met her sister, Rachel, who wasn't sure about Marie leaving with me. She told Marie I seemed like a nice older man but she might be jumping out of the hot skillet and into the fire. I did my best to assure her that I had no intention of hurting Marie or Trina in any way.

I had to wonder myself what was I getting into. A young woman and a baby, Christ, I hoped I wasn't making a gigantic mistake. Was I thinking with my heart instead of my head?

Since Joe wasn't home Marie was able to retrieve most of her and Trina's things. She didn't have much; it was rather sad. I gave Rachel my phone number and told her that Marie would call her every day. I wanted both women to be okay about the situation.

While Marie and Rachel were gathering her things I was holding Trina. She was a sweet little girl and smiled at me. I kept asking myself what I was doing but my heart kept telling me I was doing the right thing.

Rachel asked what she should say to Joe if he stopped by. Marie told her to tell her husband Ray to shoot him. They both laughed as we drove away. I asked Marie if she wanted to stop by the store to let them know she was taking some time off.

She looked at me and said, "Joe's brother owns the store. He'll find out soon enough."

It was different having someone beside me to talk to as we drove along. It was nice and a lot more enjoyable. Trina was a doll baby, you couldn't help loving her. I had to wonder how many other women like Marie were out there being used and abused.

We became closer and closer over the next couple of weeks. We saw the Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon as well as many other places. We even drove around Las Vegas and played a couple of slot machines. One evening while we set up camp Marie told me this was the nicest time she could remember and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

You have to understand up to this point we had never had any sexual contact in anyway. It was just a joy to have her and Trina along. We were going to be heading back the next day.

Marie asked me "Where do we go from here?"

"Well, I have a suggestion. I can take you back to your sister's place or you can come home with me. Before you answer I want to tell you I've given this a lot of thought.

"I own a three-bedroom home. I could use a housekeeper and cook. You can have your own room with Trina. We'll buy her a bed. I'll pay you a hundred dollars a week plus room and board."

"Are you sure you want to do this? You hardly know me."

"It's completely up to you. You can leave at anytime if you're not comfortable," I responded.

"Ed, over the last couple of weeks I have grown to really care for you and I know that Trina loves you. Are you doing this because I look like your wife?"

"At first it shocked me but you both have your own personalities. I can't say that I don't think of Mary at times when I look at you. But I'm not crazy and I know you're not her. You're a young lady with a child who could use a little help. Please say you'll come with me."

"We need to discuss something else, Ed. You have been the perfect gentleman but yet we met at a swingers' party. You've never made any moves towards me. Do you not like me because I'm fat? I just need to know."

"Marie, Marie, Marie! No! Your chubbiness has nothing to do with not trying to initiate sex with you. Mary was even a bit heavier than you and I loved her dearly. To be honest with you, I was more concerned about your age. You're much younger than me and I didn't think you'd want to be with me.

"The other reason is my appendage is quite large and I don't know if you could even do it with me. The last thing I would want to do is hurt you in anyway."

Marie smiled at me. "I'll put Trina to bed and let's see how big this appendage is. I may be fat but I still like sex. I just haven't found the person that I can enjoy it with. As Joe said, 'I don't get much out of it', but it just might be his fault."

I was nervous as hell. I had thought about this a dozen times over the last couple of weeks and now it was going to happen. After putting Trina to bed Marie came to me in an older nightgown. She lay on the bed and told me she was ready. I could see she was as nervous as I was.

I slid her nightgown up her thighs and put my mouth on her pussy. She was already wet and I could smell her sex. She wanted this as much as I did. I patted her pussy and it became even more plump. I buried my face in it; she did her best to hold back her sounds as to not wake up Trina.

I tongued her pussy and felt her have an orgasm. She pushed her pussy hard into my face. "Oh God, it feels so good. I love you, Ed! I love you so much!"

I figured it was the sex talking and kept on licking. I pushed two and then three fingers into her. She kept moaning and asking for more. I figured it was time as I slipped off my shorts and began rubbing my hard cock against her pussy.

"I can feel it, Ed! I can feel your cock rubbing against my pussy. Push it in Ed, I can take it, I know I can." She hadn't even seen it yet.

I was surprised when the head of my cock went into her. She put her hand over her mouth to muffle her scream. At first I thought I hurt her but she was having another orgasm. "More, Ed, I can take it! I never knew it could feel so good. Fuck me, Ed, fuck me with your fat cock!"

That's exactly what I did. Before long I was buried deep in her and pumping like a man possessed. Then it dawned on me that I wasn't wearing a condom. I never did but Marie was so much younger.

"Marie, I'm not wearing a condom. Should I pull out?"

"God, no! I'm on the pill; I have been since Trina was born. Come in me, Ed, give me your cum, I want you so bad."

I came with gigantic spurt after spurt. I watched a smile come across Marie's face. It would be hard to remember a happier moment in my life. After both of our orgasms subsided I rolled off of Marie and she told me she wanted to see the greatest cock ever made. She raised up and leaned over and kiss my cock.

We fell asleep and the next morning we headed back to her sister's place. She wanted to tell her that she was going back to Ohio with me. Her sister wasn't surprised. Marie had called her every day and told her how wonderful she thought I was. Rachel was happy for her.

Marie asked about Joe and was told that he moved out in the last week. He did tell Rachel that Marie would never be able to find him and would never get a nickel of child support from him.

We headed for home and I knew that I would have a lot of explaining to do to my daughters.

Chapter 3

We arrived at my house a few days later. It was a week before Thanksgiving. Marie couldn't believe my house. She started crying and said she felt like she was in a dream. I assured her she wasn't and showed her to her room. It had a queen-size bed that would be more than big enough for her and Trina for now.

I told her that all of Mary's old clothes were still in the closet and drawers and that we could get rid of them and give them to Good Will. Marie said, "My God! What beautiful clothes. Would you mind if I tried some of them on?"

"Of course not. I was getting rid of them. Keep whatever you like."

Mary was always a neat dresser. She shopped and always looked good for her plus-size figure.

Marie came out in a couple of different outfits. I swear she looked like a young Mary but didn't want to tell her so. She would think I was paranoid or something. She decided to keep all the clothes and try them on at another time.

Marie and I talked and decided to invite my daughters and their families for Thanksgiving dinner. It would give them and Marie a chance to meet each other. I called Brenda first and she asked how my vacation was and I told her fine. I then said I was having Thanksgiving dinner at the house and was inviting her family as well as Cindy's.

"I don't know, Dad, we were planning on going to Ron's parents. You don't know how to make a turkey anyway," she laughed.

"Oh, I'm not making it; Marie is. She's my new live-in housekeeper and cook, but I understand if you can't make it. I just thought you might want to meet her and her daughter Trina."

"What? Dad, how old is she?"

"I don't know what difference that makes but she's twenty-one."

"We'll be there Dad, I guarantee we'll be there."

I had to stop myself from laughing.

"Good, I'll call Cindy now and invite them."

"She'll be there dad, I know she will. I'll call her for you."

"That's nice of you. Tell her we'll have dinner around two in the afternoon. You can bring a pie or something if you like. I love you, Brenda."

"I love you too, Dad. Don't do anything stupid."

I had to laugh out loud after I hung up.

I looked over at Marie. "That went rather well," I said.

"You probably gave her a heart attack. I can't imagine how she feels," said Marie. "Ed, I don't what to miss up your relationships with your family. Maybe I shouldn't be here."

"Bullshit! It's my life and I want you to be a part of it. My daughters live fifty miles away and have families of their own. It will be ok; you can stay as long as you want to."

A few minutes later the phone rang, no surprise that it was Cindy. "Hi sweetheart, I take it you talked to Brenda. Are you going to be able to make it?"

"Dad, who is this housekeeper that Brenda mentioned? She said it was a young woman with a child."

"Yes, she is. I met her on my travels and she needed a place to live and I needed a housekeeper and cook. You'll meet her if you come for Thanksgiving. Don't worry, Cindy, I didn't lose my mind. We'll talk more over Thanksgiving dinner."

After I hung up I looked over at Marie. "You can make a turkey can't you?"

She laughed. "Yes, I'll make the best turkey you've ever had. Is there anything else?"

"Marie, this is your home now. You don't need my permission for anything. We'll take it a day at a time and see how it works out. If at any time you want to leave, you can."

Life for the next week was interesting. Marie was right, she really could cook. She asked to use the car to go buy groceries. I gave her some money and told her I would watch Trina. I really liked the little girl.

When she came back she told me that she must have looked a lot like Mary because a few people were shocked when they saw her. Then they must have realized that Mary would have been in her fifties and Marie explained where she lived. Some people figured she was related to Mary. She said she just smiled.

On Thanksgiving, Brenda and her family showed up first and I introduced them to Marie. Next, Cindy came in and I introduced her family to Marie. The men went to watch football in the family room and the kids went downstairs in the basement to play video games. I mentioned to Marie that I was going into the living room to talk to Brenda and Cindy. She said she would stay in the kitchen and see to the dinner.

"Ok Dad, what's this all about. You know she looks just like Mom when she was younger. Why in God's name did you bring her here to live with you?"

"I'll let the two of you talk to her later. You'll understand why I did what I did. She's a very nice person. Yes, she resembles your mother when she was younger. She is also an excellent cook and housekeeper."

"Are you in love with her, Dad? Do you expect to marry her?" asked Cindy.

"Girls, I miss your mother deeply. I'm alone now and it sucks. Marie needed help and I'm helping her. Do I love her? I don't know, but I care for her and her little girl. Will we get married? No, I doubt it very much, there is just too much of an age difference.

"As far as my will goes, everything will still go to you two girls. You are my daughters but you have families of your own and I can't expect you to come running to see me all the time.

"How long is she staying?" asked Brenda.

"I don't know. As long as she wants to. You have to understand that she makes me happy and fills a void in my life. If it doesn't work out she will leave. You two have to trust me. I would never do anything to hurt you. Now, I'm going into the kitchen and watch Trina and let you two question Marie. When you get through hearing her story, I want both of you to tell me if I should ask her to leave."

I walked in the kitchen and Marie went and talked to my daughters. They must have talked a good half hour before all of them came into the kitchen and we set the table for dinner. No one said anything.

We called everyone to the table and I said grace before carving the turkey. Marie smiled at me but had tears in her eyes. It bothered me and I asked her if every thing was ok.

"I've never had a family like this before and I'm so happy and thankful." She wiped her eyes.

My two daughters had tears in their eyes also. I went to say something and Brenda said, "Just eat, Dad. Marie and Trina are part of our family now."

After dinner we all talked and played games. My daughters said they would be back to see us at Christmas and for Marie and I to stay in touch. Brenda stopped me at the door as she was leaving.

"Dad, after what she went through I could never ask you to ask her to leave. You always were a kind and considerate man."


It's been five years since Marie moved in. We never got married but we act like married people, but without the arguments. Today we took Trina to the local school and enrolled her in kindergarten. We just tell everyone she's my granddaughter since she calls me Pawpaw.

She started calling me that after hearing my grandchildren do it. Marie and my daughters talk at least once a week. They get their updates about me. They don't seem to have any complaints about Marie or Trina. One day they did tell me I should put some money aside for Marie in case something should happen to me.

Marie's sister Rachel has visited us at least once a year. She is really happy that Marie and I found each other. Joe has never been heard of again and we hope it stays that way.

As for Marie and I, she has her own bedroom and Trina has hers, but if you want to find Marie, you may want to look in my bed first.


Hope you enjoyed this story

Comments are welcome and appreciated.

DG Hear

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Loved the story, but ...

I was wondering about the protagonist's name. Considering his size, I was wondering if was named after our favorite palomino from the 60's Mr. Ed? ;)

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Stars Align

This was a incredibly great story! Please continue on with the holidays and family along with what is to come. 5 stars!

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