tagCelebrities & Fan FictionChuck! Fuck Ch. 01

Chuck! Fuck Ch. 01


Authors note: The following is a bit of fan parody fiction off of a hit television show called "Chuck". If the reader has never seen the show, this author strongly recommends checking an episode out before continuing, as being familiar with the characters parodied below will only enhance the experience.

This first chapter starts out slow, builds up at the end. If anyone reads this, likes it and wants more, I'll write chapter two, and it will be much hotter, faster.


Chuck knew he was in danger. True, he wasn't a trained spy, like his cover girlfriend Sarah or her creepy NSA counterpart Casey, but he'd gotten into enough tricky situations to have developed a sensitive set of hairs on the back of his neck. Hairs that were standing on end right about now.

He took a gulp, recalled the limited training he had received so far. He brought his pistol back up, turned his body a bit to make less of a target, and moved into the abandoned building. It was darker inside than it was outside, and he stumbled over a discarded piece of wood on the floor. The noise it made as his foot moved it made him cringe: the night was otherwise dead silent all around him.

He started wishing he could be somewhere else. How did he ever get himself into these situations? He'd even take a boring shift at the Nerd Herd desk right now, anything other than freezing his ass off, wandering around with a loaded gun in a dark, empty old building, looking for trouble.

His mind drifted to Sarah, her shining blonde hair, her beautiful blue eyes, the body you would expect from a twenty-something CIA agent. He felt a tightening in his crotch as his mind replayed various images of that body. They had never really...uh...consummated...their cover relationship, a thought the polite Chuck very seldom even thought. But a man, even one as polite as Chuck, could only take so much. So many glimpses, so many teasing moments...


That's certainly not Sarah behind me. Chuck thought forlornly as he dropped his weapon and put up his hands.

"Now, turn around." The voice ordered.

Chuck turned around, hands still up. Casey stood there, a disgusted expression on his face. Not that Casey ever really wore any other kind of expression, but, this time it was especially disgusted. The NSA agent was training a gun on Chuck's head, a thing that had happened many times before without (sadly, for Casey) the opportunity to pull the trigger.

"Bartowski!" Casey barked. "Idiot. Besides letting yourself be surprised and apprehended, you also turned around and surrendered without trying for my weapon. Do you remember anything we taught you?"

"Uh...yes." Chuck stammered.

"Good." Casey replied. "Now, turn around again, and this time, try to disarm me."

"Can we skip that part?" Chuck asked tentatively.

"Do it." Casey grumbled. "I promise, I won't break a bone in you." He added with a fake smile.

Chuck slowly turned back around, then almost instantly spun back, pivoted towards Casey, grabbed the gun and the arm holding it and twisted.

Casey reflexively shook Chuck off, but as Chuck fell he kicked out, knocking Casey off balance and taking him to the floor with him. That didn't matter much because Casey already had the pistol trained back on Chuck's head and this time, he pulled the trigger.

"Bang. You're dead." Casey said.

Chuck gave a very nervous laugh.

Lights started coming on all around and a door, previously hidden in a darkened corner of the room they had been standing in, opened. Several people came out, including Major Conant, one of the NSA's head agent trainers, and Sarah Walker, the cause of the softcore fantasy Chuck had been enjoying when Casey had struck.

Conant had some harsh words for Chuck's less-than-stellar performance. Actually, Conant reflected, Chuck had done alright until he entered the mock-up abandoned building in the NSA's giant training simulator.

Conant moved off to find several other trainee's and veterans who had been in the simulated operation along with Chuck and Casey. Casey, wiping mud off his face from an earlier part of the training, growled at Chuck: "See you in the showers, Bartowski."

"Oh...you go ahead. I'll catch up!" Chuck squeaked with another nervous laugh.

Sarah came over to him now, wiped some mud off his face and walked with him towards the exit. "You did really, really well, Chuck." She told him, looking at him with those beautiful blue eyes. "It was strange though, you seemed to loose focus once you entered the building. What were you thinking about?"

Chuck abruptly started to turn red. He laughed again. "Oh, nothing." He told her, trying hard not to look at her. For her day at the NSA training facility, deep within a rural, undisclosed location on the East Coast, Sarah had gone a bit more casual than she otherwise might have dressed had she been at her native CIA. She was wearing a casual, comfortable blouse and tight jeans. She had left the top three buttons of the blouse undone, and from Chuck's taller vantage point, it was clear that her soft, warm tits were filling out the shirt nicely. His cock tightened once more in his pants.

"I think I better catch up to Casey, get all this grime off of me. I'll catch up with you in a few minutes!" he told Sarah glibly, taking a sharp left turn and heading towards the men's locker rooms. He ducked inside, shut the door behind him and backed against it, breathing heavily and trying to subdue the massive boner tenting his NSA-issue camo pants.

From beyond the locker area in which he was now standing, he could hear the sounds of the other NSA agents, John Casey included, who were showering the dirt, mud and grime from the training sessions off of them. Chuck briefly considered hopping in, realizing that showering with burly NSA men would, most likely, calm him down considerably.

He stripped down to the nude and headed for the showers. This was going to be unpleasant, especially showering near Casey. But he had to get rid of that boner and he was pretty filthy. A shower would be nice. Then he could head back to his room for some much needed down time.

He moved into the communal shower and turned on the water. "Batowski." A voice growled. It was of course, John Casey. Chuck rolled his eyes, flashbacks of junior high storming into his supercomputer brain.

Chuck turned around. The two men eyed each other, naked. Casey was of course, twice as fit as Chuck. But Chuck noted with interested pleasure that his cock was a good big bigger than Casey's, or for that matter, any of the other NSA guys still in the shower room.

"Nice of you to join us." Casey growled after a pause.

Chuck laughed nervously. "Haha, well, have to get some of this grime off..."

Some time later, Chuck was driving back to the vacation house that he, Ellie and Devon were sharing. Chuck and Sarah had come up with a convoluted reason to take a vacation near the NSA training center. This led them, and Ellie and Devon, to a rather pretty resort right on the beach. The Atlantic Ocean wasn't quite as welcoming as the Pacific, but it was tolerable in August. Sarah had even persuaded the government to work an exclusive "discount" for the couples, so staying at the hotel wasn't nearly as expensive as it should be.

Chuck parked the rented convertible and leaped over the side. He strode through the lobby, then out along one of the wide, shaded veranda's that overlooked the beach and also linked the main building of the resort to every set of bungalows.

The two couples shared one of the larger bungalows, surrounded by shrubs at the rear and greeted by a warm, sandy expanse of beach in the front. Chuck entered through a side door and headed for his room. He needed to jack off, badly. Images of Sarah filled his head. Nothing his hand and a bit of time on the Internet couldn't solve, he thought with a grin. He pulled up a favorite porn site, and had just started unbuckling his pants, when he heard a distinct, muffled moan from down the hallway.

Intrigued and aroused even more, Chuck fastened his pants and moved quietly down the hallway towards the next bedroom. Devon and Ellie's door stood partially ajar.

Chuck peered around the corner. There, on the bed, lay Devon and Ellie. Or rather, Ellie was on her hands and knee's as her fiance pounded her pussy from behind. Even though Ellie was his sister, Chuck got an instant hard on. How could he not? Ellie's tanned, flawless body was a bit heavier and curvier than Sarah's. Her big, perfectly formed tits swung beneath her as she moaned softly. Devon's body was, well, awesome. Tanned, perfectly fit, with a large, circumsized prick. He teased Ellie now, sliding in and out slowly, grinding the big bulbous red tip of his cock against her g-spot as he did so. Ellie moaned and sunk her head into the pillows.

"Oh yeah baby, fuck me. Mmmm, fuck me goood." She moaned softly. Her long fingers searched out her cunt and she began playing with her clit as she was penetrated.

Chuck, stiff and quietly moaning to himself in pleasure, rubbed his cock through his pants. He noted, again with pride, that his cock seemed a bit bigger than the one he was staring at, the one teasing his sisters wet cunt from across the room. Chuck watched for another minute as Devon and Ellie moved a bit, and Ellie took Devon into her mouth, sucking his shaved prick and toying with his big balls. One pretty finger crept its way back towards Devon's ass and started probing there. Chuck's eyes widened at this, something he had never seen or even though of. He wondered how it would feel and his cock grew.

Suddenly, Devon was moaning. His cum filled Ellie's pretty mouth, her cheeks billowed out and some of his thick white spunk leaked past her red lips and trickled down her chin, then splattered on her aroused nipples.

Chuck, snapping out of his reverie, beat a hasty retreat to his room, where he hastily beat his cock to a climax. As he did so, he watched his big, nine and a half inch prick. His mind recalled the day, images of Sarah, images of his sister and Devon and their awesome sex. His thoughts moved about and his balls churned, just about ready to reach their climax. His mind turned to Jill, his ex-girlfriend now locked away as a FULCRUM agent. Even though that was a morbid thought, he pushed it aside and thought of the more pleasant times they had had. That time she snuck under a table at a dinner, pulled down his pants and sucked him off. Or the time she had let him fuck her for the first time. God, her cunt had been so, so tight...

Chuck was a bit lost in his reverie and didn't notice his pretty blonde cover girlfriend walk up to the bungalow. Nor did her hear her open the front door. Sarah Walker was a bit tired and thought a nap followed by a quick afternoon swim might do her good. She hadn't seen Chuck's car and the bungalow seemed pretty quiet. She walked towards their shared room, her hands unbuttoning her blouse and letting her hair down.

She got to the door, which Chuck had shut, and opened it.

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