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I went to the strangest prayer meeting ever last night. You wouldn't believe it.

I showed up at the parsonage at exactly 7:00. I rang the doorbell and the pastor's wife ushered me into the living room. I couldn't help but notice her nice full breasts pushing against the fabric of her blouse. She led the way up the split level stairs and gave me a nice view of her firm ass.

I quickly banished these thoughts from my mind. Sacrilege! I thought how could I possibly entertain such thoughts about the wife of the pastor.

In the living room there were 7 people plus me. The pastor, Tim and his wife Kim. There was an older married couple Dan and Ginger. There was a young guy named Joe and his girlfriend Heather. I think they were in their twenties. Maryanne was 50 something and then me. Maryanne smiled up at me and gestured. I sat down next to her.

My name is Miles. I am 40 and an accountant. I have been going to the church of the Wayward Child for a few months. The pastor Tim seems to be down to earth and I like his sermons. The music is good and I enjoy this church. The people have been friendly and when Kim, the pastor's wife, invited me to this prayer meeting I was quick to say yes.

Kim asked me if I wanted a drink and I said a coke was fine.

Tim got up in front of the group and started chanting. The others joined in. I tried to follow along as well as I could

"Love love love love. Love each other as I have loved you."

They kept saying this over and over.

My head started swimming and I felt really sleepy. I kind of slumped over and felt myself being caught by Maryanne.

I heard Tim saying, "Love is good. Love your neighbor as yourself." I could feel Maryanne's breasts pushing against the side of my head. I turned my head a bit and I swear I felt a hard nipple poking at my mouth. Then I felt a hand snaking its way inside my pants.

Someone gripped my cock and started stroking it. I felt my zipper being undone and it was like I was powerless to stop it.

Suddenly I was naked. I felt lips on my cock and I still had nipples in my mouth. I started to suck almost automatically. I could hear moans and sucking sounds from all around.

I opened my eyes and saw Kim sucking my cock while I sucked on Maryanne's full firm tits. She moaned mightily. I reached over and slipped my finger up in her pussy. She moaned and Kim redoubled her sucking. I could hear moans from all over the room. I turned my head a bit and saw Pastor Tim fucking Heather from behind. He was thrusting his large member in and out of her. Her ass and boobs shook with each thrust. I was shocked to see Joe with his erect dick being passed back and for the between Dan and Ginger.

I moved toward Maryanne. Kim followed and kept a firm grip on my dick with her mouth. I started moving my fingers in and out of Maryanne's wet cunt. Kim was sucking my hard prick.

Pastor Tim was fucking Heather hard and fast. Joe had moved to fucking Ginger from on top while she sucked Dan's cock. I could feel my cock start to tingle and swell. Kim popped it out of her mouth and said, "Praise God everyone I think Miles is about to cum."

She stroked me and I groaned. Everyone gathered around. I kept finger fucking Maryanne while Kim stroked me. Tim came over with his dick shiny with Heather's love juices. Heather crawled over and started sucking on my nipple. My dick swelled and suddenly I was spurting cum everywhere.

"Praise God!" they all yelled. I couldn't believe it.

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