tagLoving WivesChurch Friends Ch. 04

Church Friends Ch. 04

byPeter Duncan©

Penny walked ahead of me carrying a candle, her willowy body casting shadows on the wall. I carried two candles and as I walked, my erect penis protruding through my fly, waggling from side to side. I slowed as I went past the guest bedroom door, but heard nothing. My imagination of what my wife Charie and Penny's husband John were doing behind that door ran free.

She stood in the bedroom doorway anxiously scooping the hand that had been holding the sheet around her body, beckoning me to hurry up. The sheet came open and dropped to the floor. Even though the lighting was dim I could see her marvelously shaped body, her ample breasts, large circle areolas, and her light brown pubic triangle. Her legs were sculptured to arouse any male's passions. There was no part of her body that wasn't a turn-on—at least to me.

I closed the door behind me and set the two candles on the dresser. The mirror emphasized the light from the candles and washed the walls with a dusky hue. Penny set her candle on the night stand, sat down on the edge of the bed and said seductively, "get dressed for bed big boy."

I stripped off my shirt, then undid my pants along with my boxers, dropping them to the ground, sat on the bed beside her and took off my shoes and socks. Her hand was on my cock before I could sit back up.

"God, I've always dreamed of having a cock this big inside me. Jeez, I can hardly get my fingers around it," she said with a giggle and bent down touching the tip of my oozing head with her tongue as she jerked the loose outer skin of my shaft up and down. Her tongue slathered the silky precum around my purplish head, probed my slit for more, and then slid down and back in the groove on the bottom of my glans.

She knew the spot well and served it expertly causing me to "ooh" and splay my legs then wiggle them excitedly. She'd gathered saliva in a pool on her tongue and soon her lips were gliding smoothly through the moist coating, her tongue waggling back and forth on the underside of my shaft, taking three quarters of it's length until she gagged quietly when my head touched her soft palate. Then she backed off, her lips sliding repeatedly in shorter jabs, as her tongue swirled around my burning flesh.

I heard through the wall of the adjoining bedroom my wife's muted giggle, and imagined that John was eating her pussy. Not wanting Penny to think she had to ask I stood up and pulled my cock from her mouth. She responded with a," no," to which I assured, "I just want to eat your pussy while you suck my cock. Isn't that alright?"

Relaxing, she replied, "Oh, it's more than alright sweetie," and stretched out on the bed with her knees bent and her legs opened wide.

Just then I could hear the creaking of the bed in the other room. I realized that John was fucking Charie. The sound sent goose bumps over my entire body. This told me that I was truly excited about our new experience, and hadn't as I had expected become the least bit jealous. My passion intensified as I lowered my cock to Penny's mouth, wrapped my arms around her thighs, pulling them higher and wider, and probed my tongue into the crack of her luscious cunt. I'd completely forgotten that she and John had fucked before the pizza came, and was intrigued by the taste that his cum added to her luscious pussy making it taste like the Japanese sushi delicacy, Uni (Sea Urchin).

She sucked me deep and long and then in short slurps, moaning while I teased her clitoris, sucked her labia in and out, and explored all of her pussy that my tongue would reach. Her tongue was on my balls, licking, tickling and her hand stroked the loose outer skin of my cock. I felt like I was going to cum, but was able to forestall it by squeezing the cheeks of my ass tightly together. Once the first crisis passed I raised her legs high and began licking her puckered asshole, causing her first orgasm. It was a whimper more than a moan or a scream, but I was pleased that I had gotten off to a good start.

I wanted to do more but was restrained by the position, so I stood back up and then pulled her legs dragging her until her ass was resting on the edge of the bed. Getting on my knees on the floor I covered her pussy with my mouth and began tickling the underside of her ass with my pinkie finger. This evoked a loud moan and a, "Yes, I love it."

Through the wall, the creaking of the bed accelerated and I could hear John's muffled grunts as well as Charie's 'ooh, ooh, oohs." John screamed "Yes!" and then there was silence. I was beside myself, knowing that my wife had just been fucked in the next room—that another man had cum inside her one-man pussy while I was having my way with his most delicious wife.

I raised Penny's legs and puckered my lips on her anus, gathered saliva in my mouth and squirted it inside.

"I love it," She said.

Then I slowly slid my middle finger inside her ass, and put two fingers of my other hand in her pussy. With the thumb of the same hand I began caressing her slippery smooth clitoris, and moved my fingers in and out, making sure that the finger in her ass pushed through her anal wall and made contact with the fingers on the other side. Faster and faster my fingers moved and she undulated to match my thrusts, faster and faster, until she let out an "Oh God," and climaxed again.

"That's twice," she said, "and we haven't even fucked. This is better than I had hoped for."

I was feeling more and more like the lover I considered myself. Laying my head on her soft abdomen, listening to the quiet inner rumblings, I reached up and began caressing her breasts, feeling her hardened nipples, then rolling them between my fingers and thumbs. I knew that I could pinch Charie's nipples real hard but wasn't sure about Penny.

The other bedroom door opened and then the bathroom door closed.

"Harder she said," and I knew that it wasn't just a peculiarity of Charie's.

The toilet flushed, and the door opened, then closed again.

I squeezed harder, harder, harder, until she started writhing. Then I released and she climaxed again, this time with a long and high pitched, "ooh."

"You're doing marvelously well Gary," she assured me.

The toilet flushed again and the door opened, followed by the sound of the other bedroom door closing.

"Sound's like they're going for their second round," she said, paused and then asked, "Are you sure you're alright with this Gary?"

"I'm better than alright."

"It's funny," she said, it's usually the wives who have to be talked into this. But, Charie jumped at it. You two are very natural at this. I can't believe you haven't done it before."

"Maybe we have been waiting for the right couple to come along," I said, not believing this was true, but happy that they had.

I raised her legs again and spread them wide, pressed my thumbs on her labia majorum, parting them with a wet click, and licked from her asshole to her clitoris. I kept this up, my mouth and tongue becoming wetter, making sliding slurpier noises, then stopped, my lips puckering on her vagina. Gathering all the breath my lungs would hold I slowly expelled my hot air into her moist darkness, expanding her gradually. She lifted her head up and looked through her cleavage into my eyes, which were fixed on hers. They widened enough that I could see a margin of white. I was pleased, realizing that I had shown her something she hadn't yet experienced. Her vagina was now ballooned. As I sucked my breath out, collapsing her walls, sucking them tightly against each other, her head dropped and her fists struck the mattress as she expelled a primal grunt. I blew again and sucked, then again and again—and she fisted the bed and grunted, again, and again, and again."

"Oh my God! Oh God! Shit!" she yelled, her breath coming in short gasps, "Oh fuck; where did you learn that?"

I let it pass unanswered, positioned her back on the bed, spread her legs and kneeled between them. Holding my cock in my right hand I opened her pussy with the thumb and forefinger of my left and leaned forward until the head of my cock was positioned between her lips at the portal of her moist tunnel, then leaned gently forward. Realizing that she was tighter than Charie I took my time, making delicate probes until the rim of my had had popped inside her vaginal sphincter. Her eyes told the story. They were wide and unbelieving.

"Please be gentle," she said with caution in her voice, which caused me to laugh. "What are you laughing at?" she asked.

"I just wouldn't have imagined a woman with your experience asking me to be gentle."

"Well, I never knew what a cock this big would feel like Gary. It's nice to imagine, but maybe a little intimidating to anticipate."

Very slowly I continued probing, jabbing a quarter to a half inch at a time. Her eyes bugged out expectantly with each probe. All of a sudden there was no resistance and my cock slid deep inside until our pubic hair matted and laced together. I rested on my elbow, feeling the beauty of being inside this lovely woman's well fucked, yet tight, pussy.

"Gracious," she said, "This is really beautiful. You—are—so—God—damned—big."

I backed my cock slowly out until my head tantalized her gspot, then probed a two inch area until her legs flayed and her hips undulated in erogenous titillation, finally pushing, sliding all the way back in.

"I can't fuckin believe it, "she rasped."

I repeated the pull-out, probing and long slide, then slowly and deliberately fucked her cunt with long slow strokes, feeling her tight warm sponge open and close as it filled and evacuated. Her legs frog-kicked, her toes pointing to the ceiling as if they were trying to touch, and her head wagged wildly back and forth, her silky blond hair entwining into a disobedient mesh.

She wrapped me tightly with her legs pulling me toward her, reached her arms around my back and beckoned me to flatten against her nakedness. My cock tingled deep inside her moist tunnel as the compression of her breast on my chest and the total kiss of our skin sent elegant shivers up my spine.

"When we first met you and Charie at church it seemed that you two had something special. I imagined then that you were a wonderful lover and told John that we should pursue you as friends," she said. "I've cum three times and you haven't even popped your nuts once." Then she spread her arms wide and her legs opened their vise grip. In passionate enthusiasm she pled, "Fuck me Gary, fuck me. Fuck me with all you've got."

I wanted to make sure that I showed her my best, and, to her consternation, I pulled my cock out of her pussy causing a comical "pop." Then standing, I turned her over on her stomach and pulled her up on her knees.

"Doggie," she purred, as she laid her head on her crossed arms and thrust her heart shaped ass high in the air, allowing me to ease my thick length back inside her welcoming clam, "Oh yes Gary; I love fucking doggie," she hissed.

We fucked in long strokes, her ass loudly slapping my abdomen as she bucked back against my penetration. I put my middle finger in my mouth getting it wet and sloppy, then probed her anus, opened it and began finger fucking her ass, pushing through her anal wall, pushing my cock tighter into her vagina. She was wild with ecstasy, her head wagging uncontrollably, her hair flailing in unordered whips. Making pig-like snorts she met my thrusts my pendulous balls swinging under and hitting her hirsute mound. 'Slap, slap, slap.' The dam was ready to burst and I barked out, "Penny, I'm gonna cum!"

Air escaped from her lips in a razzberry buzz and she shrieked, "Yes Gary, yes, yes, yes. Oh God, yes!"

I felt the sharp stab of my first spasm as the trapdoor broke open, and my knees almost collapsed. Each spurt filled me with animal possessiveness and the thrill of performance achievement. Each stroke became slipperier as the walls of her cylinder took the lubrication of my piston. My stomach muscles ached from exertion, but I didn't want to stop. She was now up on all fours, her head vibrating wildly, her mouth blowing specks of saliva on my hands and on the bed. Our fucking now produced sloppy "futching" sounds and bubbles formed at the ring around my cock, forcing rivulets to sag down my scrotum. My strokes were now both agony and ecstasy, the contact of my tender head confusing pain with pleasure.

Penny collapsed on the bed, beating the mattress with her fists three or four times, her breath escaping with long ooh, oooh, oooohs. I fell on her back with my nose in her hair, protecting her from my total weight with my elbows. We gasped for breath feeling beads of sweat forming between our bodies, and came down slowly.

Rolling off her back I turned her back into the front of my body, bending her knees with mine and spooning, my right arm draped over her side, cupping and caressing her breast.

As we lay there we heard the other bedroom door open again, and then the bathroom door close.

Penny purred, "We're falling behind Gary. They've done it twice."

"Does that bother you Penny?" I asked.

"Not at all," she replied, "I've never had a better 'only once.' "She was quiet for a while, and then her body began to shake. I thought she might be crying, the peals starting almost silently, but building louder and louder into uproarious laughter.

I was tickled by her laughter and couldn't help adding my own, wondering what John and Charie might be thinking in the other room, if they heard. Then in a wave of confusion I drifted from self-satisfaction to self-doubt, wondering if I was being laughed at or laughed with. But the doubt was quickly clarified.

"My body is still tingling," Penny said with amazement. She started to laugh again, struggling to stifle her amusement, and said in a loud whisper, "I've never had so many fucking orgasms at one time," again breaking into laughter. Her laughter subsided but her body kept shaking and she began to sob.

I wasn't sure of the reason. So I just cuddled her, caressed her breasts, snuggled close and kissed the back of her neck until her sobs subsided into just a quick catch, and then almost total relaxation. I thought she might be falling asleep when she asked:

"Can I ask you to do something Gary?"

Before I could come out with my obligatory answer the other bedroom door opened again, and the bathroom door closed.

"I can't fucking believe them." Penny said shrugging her shoulders, "Does Charie have a small bladder?" Without waiting for my answer she asked, "Would you mind doing my clit again?"

to be continued...

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