tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCiara's Bucket List

Ciara's Bucket List


Daddy and I had been living a rather ordinary life having rather ordinary vanilla sex. We were satisfied with each others efforts but couldn't help but notice that something was missing. The other night we had been discussing that "something" that was missing from the bedroom and decided to come up with a sexual bucket list. Once completed we would make an effort of crossing off an item every month or special occasion such as birthdays or anniversaries.

One of the items on my list was a replay of a situation that happened when I was a freshman in college. I was a cheerleader for our local college and as we approached the end of the season we had an important game that was a must win. I told the team that if they won the game I would give the whole team a blow job. Well of course they won the game.

After the game I sneaked into the locker room and waited until the craziness had subsided, reporters gone, coaches off on their own, just the guys finishing their showers. They sneaked me into the corner of the locker room and I knelt down on a towel and proceeded to take them on one at a time sucking their cocks, (10 of the 12 were black.) This tiny little blonde hair blue eyed cheerleader was handling their mostly massive black cocks as they face fucked me and busted their nuts down my eager throat. My hair was tied into two pony tails that they used as handles and my face was well covered with drying cum as it all did not end up down in my stomach.

I finished off the final guy and was now covered in cum, my hair was a matted mess. Eye makeup running down my cheeks as a few of the studs got rough and brutally fucked my throat bringing me close to passing out from lack of oxygen. I was still kneeling down, felt woozy from being cum drunk after swallowing a few billion sperm from these strong stallions. I was kind of proud of myself for holding up my end of the agreement as did they by winning the game earlier. I figured it was about time to clean up a bit and then head home.

Suddenly without warning, my sweater was pulled up over my head and my skirt was pulled down as well as my panties and lollies(cheerleader panties) pulled down and within a couple of minutes my wrists were bound behind my back and a blindfold was covering my eyes. I was being man handled roughly and it sounded like the room was at a new level of excitement as the mob mentality was kicking in and I was about to get gang banged.

Soon I was being tossed around like a rag doll and I had cocks in all three of my holes and at a point or two I could swear I had two cocks in my ass and two in my pussy while a sword fight was taking place in my mouth. I can't understand how they did it but damn I was being split in two. My pussy was wet as hell as my body didn't fight off my offenders like I should have.

I was a willing participant and craved more and more depravity. I'm not sure how long it lasted but it was a good two hours or so before I passed out and was left on the floor with semen oozing out of all of my holes.

A while later I woke up as my battered and abused body was being dragged from the locker room into the showers. I was still blind folded but could tell there was at least two men dragging me by the feet (my shoes and socks were the only items of clothing still on me.)

They dropped me like a sack of potatoes and turned on the water and let it run all over me and the hot water scorched me, tearing into my scraped up knees, arms, elbows and face that had all been pushed into the locker room floor or benches as I was suffering from a severe carpet burn. I was thankful in a way that someone was kind of tending to my cuts and bruises.

Little did I know that their intentions were not to help me but to clean off the black man's cum as the two of them proceeded to take over where the others left off and they violated my ass, my pussy and yes my mouth until they both exploded in my mouth after pulling out of my ass. Yum.

Sad thing is I have no idea to this day who those last two men were, perhaps the coach and the janitor or perhaps the janitor and a buddy of his?

So back to the bucket list. . . One of my wishes was a repeat or something close to that night.

About a week later I was getting pizza at the local pizza place and ran into one of those basket ball players from freshman year. He was working the kitchen tossing pizzas, good to see he had done the most with his education. He recognized me and got a funny look on his face, probably remembering back to that night. I motioned for him to meet me in the dining room.

He came out to the dining room and I asked if he could take a break. He said "hell yes."

We went out back and he lit up a cigarette and we talked a bit of small talk. I asked him if he ever thought about me and that night. He claimed that he did. I handed him my pizza to hold and without even a request I dropped to my knees and pulled his cock out of his pants and proceeded to give him a deep throat blow job that would give him something to think about. After ten minutes of hard work he dropped a load of spunk into my mouth and half of it blew all over my face.

After I finished swallowing what I could and was wearing the rest of his prize, he gave me his number and I dialed it into my phone so I could save it. I told him I'd call him soon and we could discuss my bucket list and what he could do to help me with it.

I returned home with the pizza which was getting cold and did the walk of shame in as my dad saw me covered in cum and couldn't help but ask what I did to earn that load of jism. I explained that I ran into Jamel and couldn't help but go down on him. I saw Daddy's attitude change from his normal self to a reverting to submissiveness.

As we ate the pizza we discussed how we could mark off this item from my bucket list and decided that if we were able to get the whole gang or most of it back together, he would probably have to perform cuckolding duties if he wanted to participate. He seemed more than willing to go with the cuckold scenario. I think that deep down he misses sucking cock and eating cum as Mom had him trained to crave forced bi.

Over the next couple weeks I met with Jamel and we planned to invite the old gang and perform a replay of that night in the locker room. He was only able to secure 9 of the original twelve guys as one was in jail and 2 of them were married and did not want to risk losing their marriages over cheating on their wives. Two other married ones decided that they were willing to take the chance as were four others who had steady girlfriends. Jamel was friends with the janitor and had arranged to get access to the locker room the following Saturday night. I told Daddy that it was "on." He fucked the hell out of me that night.

In the past the two times I cuckolded my Daddy I was not really into it but I could tell that he missed his duties as a sissy cuckold. I gave him a list of things I expected from him. I made sure that my old cheer leader uniform was cleaned and ready to go for our rendezvous with the old basket ball team.

Saturday came and Daddy and I made our way to the old college basket ball building, the specified door was ajar as promised and soon the team would be following. We made our way to the locker room and set up shop. I had my face painted with the school mascot on my cheek and two pony tails with scrunchees holding my hair in place. My uniform still fit in fact it was a bit large on me as I had still not gained all my weight back as I was 99 pounds dripping wet on my five foot petite frame.

The locker room was equipped with a keg of beer, snacks and two tv's on with sports non stop playing for back ground noise/entertainment. Daddy was donning his sissy out fit, silk camisole, knee highs and thong along with a wig and full makeup.

The guys began to arrive and they began drinking and snacking on the chips, etc. Once they all arrived we had a pre-gang bang meeting to explain the rules(hopefully the rules would be followed.) Daddy had white poster board that he had the rules written on and proceeded to discuss the rules with the men in the room.

Daddy explained what a cuckold was and that he was indeed a cuckold and would be performing fluff duties and clean up after the fact. His mouth was open for service for anyone who was waiting their turn to have at me and wanted their dick sucked. Daddy also had two polaroid cameras and was to take 1-3 photos of each of them men for keepsakes. He would also tape their porn star action with their iPhones if they chose to have a record of the event. None of their faces would be shown but of course my face would be in the photo if they wanted.

Daddy then took a sharpie and wrote some things on me to further identify myself as a total black cock whore. Across my forehead he printed "BLACK COCK" and he circled my mouth with a capital "O" with "NLY" next to my mouth and arrows aiming at the mouth. 'BLACK COCK ONLY----> aimed straight at my mouth. Same thing for my ass hole and my pussy. Daddy seemed proud that his little white princess had turned into a BBC slut.

It begins:

The team began lining up at the front and the back as Daddy had brought a saw horse from home and I was laying over the top of it, head prepared to suck cock and pussy and ass sticking up into the air awaiting one or two cocks or more if they could figure out how.

Not many of the guys were taking Daddy up on his fluffer services as most of them were pretty hard without needing a sissy's mouth to get them there. So Daddy took pictures of the men as they fucked all my holes. He labeled the pics on the white strip at the bottom of each photo and had a table laid out that ended up with close to a hundred photos laid out drying and awaiting their owners to pick them up at the end. At one point Daddy had two phones, one in each hand, filming the taking of his daughter by that gang of black men.

My throat was killing me as they were brutalizing me without concern. My eyes were wet and makeup was all over the place, like a German Goo Girls whore who had just taken a dozen men in a bukkake rampage. By now my sweater was off and my tits were being tweaked by anyone who had a spare hand that was not forcing my head down on their cock or a beer in their hand. My eyes were welded shut with dried and wet cum. Daddy suggested that they take me to the showers and hose me off.

Without hesitation the group grabbed me and made me crawl to the showers on my hands and knees, making me squeal like a pig. "Oink Oink" I gave my best Babe imitation. They thought it was great that this cum pig was oinking for them. Daddy's tiny dick was hard as hell and pre-cum was oozing from it as he obviously was getting off on watching his princess being treated like the town whore.

Before they hosed me down Jamel thought it would be a good idea for them to relieve themselves all over me as they had been drinking beer for close to two hours now. Almost immediately there was a semi circle of men with dicks in their hands pissing all over me, hair, face, my mouth catching what I could, the rest of my body covered in urine. I finally tossed my skirt to the floor and was now totally naked except of course for my shoes and bobby socks. Just like the original night.

Jamel and Rodney were taking their time making sure I drank as much of their piss as I could swallow without spitting it back up. They had nice flow control, making sure as little as possible was dripping down my chin and chest. Their urine was warm, salty and tasted a bit like beer, not like apple juice which is normally what men's urine tastes like.

Before long the men began to disappear having used me for close to three hours of debauchery. They took their Polaroid pictures with them. Some of them even thanked me. "Same time next year?" Jamel joked as he groped my breasts one last time before taking off into the night.

Now just me and my sissy cuckold Daddy were left. Or so I thought. Suddenly there stood two older men, the janitor and the old coach. They wanted to take their turns as it was obvious now that they were the two men who had their way with me after the last gang bang.

"Sure what the fuck" I gave in without even so much as a question of a fight. They took turns fucking me hard on the coaches desk and I took each thrust wincing in pain, Daddy filming it all for his jollies. When they were done having their way with me Daddy gave me a shower and cleaned off as much urine and dried up cum as he could with his tongue. Daddy did his best to clean his princesses pussy out of that nasty black mans' cum. He then carried me to the car as I was torn up pretty good. He took care of me the rest of the weekend and nursed me back to semi normalcy.

"Cross that one off the bucket list Daddy" I smiled at him and he nodded and gave me a kiss.

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