tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCincinnati Chili -Two Ways Pt. 02

Cincinnati Chili -Two Ways Pt. 02


The timer pinged, breaking the tension. Brad handed Allison the pipe and attended to the film. I looked at her, gently urging her with my eyes to hold off smoking any more. She just smiled grimly, loaded the pipe and inhaled as deeply as she could. Fuck. I was fucked. She was fucking me and my dick wasn't even out. It was getting hard, though. Probably not as hard as Brad's. Shit. I took the pipe and took a toke.

Brad clipped the filmstrip to a wire crossing the room and reached over to a wall switch.

"Let's see what we've got." He looked over at Allison as the lights came on, ignoring the negatives to stare at her. With the lights full on, the room seemed much smaller. I tightened my grip slightly on her shoulder, as Brad's wolfish expression sent a shudder through me. Fuck. I'm fucked. Allison is going to be all over this guy in 30 seconds flat.

He turned back, grabbed a loupe and held one end of the drying film. "Nice shots, Allison. Hmmm...interesting. I didn't know someone could bend quite like that." He looked up at the two of us and grinned, the dope and testosterone making him bolder. "Here," he said, offering her the glass and the end of the film. "Take a look and tell me which ones you want developed."

He held the film away from us so that she had to move out of my arm. Brad's body was blocking me slightly, making me feel isolated from the two of them. In spite of the skunky smoke, I could smell her arousal as she took the two steps away from me. Shit! I was so fucked.

"Do you mind?" He looked at me, asking permission to hold her.

"Why don't we wait a bit, 'k?" I didn't want to push my luck, in spite of being about the same height, he was heavier than me, and I noticed in a bit better shape. The pot was making me paranoid, but I couldn't let it show - it could get really ugly.

He shrugged and kept the merest hint of air between them.

Allison gasped, looking over the negatives.

"Just tell me which ones you want - read off the numbers in the lower corner."

She slid along the film, giggling a little. That wasn't a good sign. The pot was definitely hitting her.

"I like them all," she said quietly. "Maybe it would be easier to tell you what I don't like." She looked up at him, ignoring me. I watched her licking her lips. Also not a good sign. At least for me. Her meaning wasn't lost on any of us. Shit, shit, shit! Why did this turn me on so much?

She read off three shots she thought weren't worth it and stepped back.

"Hold on," he stopped her. "It'll take about 3 minutes per picture - that's almost an hour and a half. You want to pick just a few to get started?"

She turned back and read off numbers, picking a few from the start, the middle and the end of the strip.

"This is really good shit," she said, inhaling another lungful. "I'm getting smashed."

That was not a good thing. I could almost count down the seconds before she moved into her stoned persona. Brad had turned back his equipment, sliding the strip into what looked like a projector, pointing down to the counter. He flipped the lights back off, bathing us again in a deep red gloom.


I looked over at her, her eyes hard to read in the light. Here it comes.

"You want to do me a favor?"

I held my breath. A favor. Her words for 'challenge.'

"It depends, honey. What do you have in mind?" I took the pipe and slowly dragged in a hit. I needed her to slow down a little.

She looked over at her pile of clothes and back at me. "I'm not sure what you and Brad worked out for payment, but I think he's hoping for a little more."

I shook my head, letting her know I wasn't amused. It wasn't going to matter what I said. She was on her own glide slope at this point.

Brad was concentrating on the film, slipping paper into a bath, watching the timer and glancing over at her every chance he could. "You got that right, Allison."

I could feel the sweat starting to roll down my neck. 'No,' I mouthed at her. Don't go there. She knew what I was thinking.

"But honey," the word dripped off her lips, a little slurred but not so much I couldn't hear the threat in her tone. "Don't you want to do me a favor?"

This was definitely not where I expected the afternoon to go. Even in the red gloom I could see how aroused she was, her eyes glistening, her skin flushed. She glanced at her clothes again and raised her eyebrows.

Fuck it. If I said no, it was only going to get harder. This wouldn't be so bad, I started to rationalize. Brad could be trusted to keep a secret. I shrugged.

"You're a sweetheart, sweetheart." She smiled dreamily at me, waiting.

I slipped my t-shirt off, undid my belt and pulled my jeans and boxers off before I could think about it. I turned towards her clothes as Brad turned around to see what was happening.

"Now what?" He looked at my naked ass and at Allison. "You guys are 10 kinds of kinked."

"An arrangement, Brad. It's part of the arrangement." I tried to sound nonchalant.

"Whatever, dude. I'm almost done."

I picked up her panties, knowing they would be too tight. I didn't have any choice since the size she had me buy were in my dresser at home. I slipped them on, careful not to tear them. They held my legs in a vice, coming up just enough to hold my erection against my pubic hair. This was not going to be comfortable.

Brad just stared at me as I put on her bra as best I could.

"That's good enough, honey," she said, licking her lips. "I don't want you to be over dressed."

I stood by, feeling foolish, humiliated and helpless, while Brad continued to move paper off the table into one bath and then another.

Allison handed me the pipe, but I'd had too much as it was. She took another deep drag and I winced.

Brad turned to take the pipe. "Okay. These are ready. Not my best work, but they'll do for your purposes." He took a drag and flipped on the lights. "What's next?"

I looked at the door, hoping to get out of the room into some place with a little more air.

"After you," he motioned, picking up the prints. I shuffled out of the room as best I could, the waistband of Allison's underwear squeezing just under the head of my cock. I looked down to see it swelling purple.

He pointed us to a den and sat on one of the overstuffed chairs, leaving the couch for the two of us. I was about to sit when Allison stopped me.

"Sweetheart? I realized I left my chapstick in the car. Can you get it for me?"

"Whaaaat. No way, Allie. It's not playing by the rules..." Before I could finish she wagged her finger at me.

"You should have thought of that before you had me do this..."

My mouth dropped and then I snapped it shut. Technically, she was right: our standard arrangement was only one challenge at a time - hers was to tell me about her trip and I had added the current scene with Brad. I gulped, looking outside. It was overcast and humid. Middle of the day. Even though no one knew me in this neighborhood, still...

I shot her a look and she just smiled dismissively, turning to face Brad. I skulked out of the room.

"Brad, it looks like you are uncomfortable...maybe I can help you..."

I grabbed my keys from the darkroom and ran as fast as the panties would let me up the stairs to the front door. I knew where she was heading. Head was right. I didn't want to miss her giving head. She'd have his pants down in a split second.

I clicked to unlock the car, peeled off the underwear, whipped open the front door and ran to the car, my cock waving for anyone to see. I couldn't see the chapstick from the passenger side...it could have been anywhere. Rummaging in the glove compartment and the ditty boxes I kept looking up to see if a car was coming or a neighbor might be leaving their house. It was sitting in the change box, I grabbed it, slammed the door and sprinted back to the house, locking the car on the way.

My cock was so hard I couldn't remember the last time I'd felt this turned on. I scooped up her panties, ran down the stairs and slipped them on before re-entering the den. As I suspected, she was on her knees between his legs, her long fingers pulling his cock out of his jeans, her face lit up.

"Brad's got a really nice cock, Ray, wouldn't you say?" She looked over at me, smiling wickedly.

I swallowed again. Staying quiet was the best way to handle this. Brad had a shit-eating grin looking at the top of Allison's head and back at me, shrugging. I shrugged back and took a seat on the couch to look at the prints. Ummmm, this was going to be an interesting story.

"Honey? I'm feeling a little...I need a little help." She had bobbed up off his cock long enough to cock her head to the floor. I knew what she was getting at, sliding off the couch onto my back. I pushed my head beneath her ass, she lifted up a little, and I ducked my mouth under her sweet pussy as she settled down on my face. She was as wet as I was hard.

As she worked Brad's cock, she rocked up and down on my mouth, my tongue pushing into her, onto her clit, sucking her juices. I only wish I could have seen her take him into her throat. She was such a great fellationista. I wasn't there for more than 30 cycles before she raised up - he must be close and then she froze - she was swallowing, and then she settled down on my mouth.

I waited a few heartbeats and then gently pushed on her ass cheeks. She lifted up, swinging her knee over my head, looking down on my wet face, smiling dreamily. Before she left me completely, she leaned down, planting her mouth on mine. I hated this part, but couldn't deny her her pleasure. Brad's cum combined with her spit and her cunt juices mixed in my mouth as she kissed me. She only released me when she was sure I'd swallowed it.

"Fuck, you guys. Fuck." Brad was too stunned to move. "What the fuck..."

Allison was back on the couch, her pussy spread open, pinkish purple and leaking. She reached for the prints as I tried to get comfortable next to her. After that little interlude, I couldn't believe she'd be shy telling us about Henri and Jim.

She took the stack and turned it over, looking at me. Her eyes were liquid and red, as if she'd been crying, but I knew it was a combination of the pot and her arousal. She reached a hand down and lightly stroked my cock head with the tip of her finger.

"You want to hear what happened this week?" She said it almost too quietly for Brad to hear.

I smiled and nodded my head, cocking it slightly to let her know she shouldn't exclude Brad.

Allison licked her lips, closed her eyes and collected her thoughts. She hated telling me her exploits - it was such sweet torture, but now, in spite of just sucking him off, she was petrified at going through the details with a stranger listening. My cock pulsed in anticipation. To make matters more difficult, when she was this stoned, she couldn't really keep a linear narrative straight. She knew what she was in for and braced herself.

"We got in on Sunday night - a bunch of us were at the bar in the hotel shooting the breeze. Jim had shown up, but I never did find out why Henri wasn't there." I pulled her leg closer to me, opening her to Brad's eyes. He just stared at us, completely stoned, his cock still out, lying to the side, rising slightly.

"Monday came and went. The classes are pretty boring. Both of them asked to have lunch with me. We all ate together, and both of them kept flirting."

"What specifically did they say?" I let my hand drift up the inside of her thigh and back to her knee. She shivered.

"'Did you do something different to your hair?' 'That's a great blouse, is it designer?' 'I'm thinking of taking a swim after class, want to join me?' 'What are you doing for dinner?' All innocent on the surface, but it was the way their eyes burned through me, stripping me." She swallowed and closed her eyes, breathing as my fingers touched the wet hairs on her cunt lips.

"I just smiled and nodded, suggesting it might be nice to swim, open to going to dinner with either or both of them....Ohhhhh....shit, shit."

My fingers played with her wet slit, sliding up to her clit. "How were you feeling when they stripped you with their eyes."

She moaned, hating where I was taking her. "I...I was trying to keep mental notes, 'cuz I knew you'd be asking me...gawd, gawd, oh gawd, please, please."

I had two fingers in her now, sliding easily up, pulling on her clit as moved into her. "If you please," I teased her.

She set her lips into a thin smile. "I was...I was trying not to squirm I was so wet. I knew I had to go back to my room to change underwear before I could go back to class. As I left them at the table I overheard them saying how hot I was and trying to work out which one of them was going to take me back to my room.

"With class over, they both came up to me suggesting we could do a little study hall after dinner if I was game. There was a ton of homework, so one way or another, I knew I'd be hitting the books. I excused myself, suggesting I was going to get started right away, but that I'd be open to join them for dinner and study hall." She looked at me and smiled.

"Were those your exact words?" The sound of my fingers sliding out of her was like a pair of boots in spring slush.

"It was something like that," she looked over at Brad who was staring at the two of us, about to light another bowl. "I think I said, 'I'd be open to the two of you coming after dinner to study with me." She giggled. She was so bad.

"So, yeah, I went back to my room and got it as ready as I could - threw my dirty clothes in drawers, got the camera out, and studied as best I could. I was pretty distracted by what you were having me do..."

I pushed on her g-spot right then and held it. "What I was having you do? I don't think so. You wanted this. You said it. I'm just holding you to your deal."

She whimpered, trapped by my fingers as they rubbed inside her, my thumb grazing her clit. Her hips pushed against my hand, her fingers trying to release my cock from their cotton and nylon harness.

"So...so, fuck, what happened? Oh yeah, so, we had dinner. They kept trying to push wine on me, but I don't do wine and homework, even though I was nervous as shit. They were practically eating me for the main course and it was pretty clear I was going to have them both afterwards."

"Clear? Why do you think they got that impression?"

She looked at me, her eyes pleading with me not to make her tell all the details. I just shook my head and glanced at Brad with my eyes. She blinked, trying to remember.

"I think Henri started off. 'You sure you don't want a drink? You look a little flushed. Are you okay?' I just smiled at him and said it had been a hard day, but that I thought the night might get harder." She smiled, remembering how easy it was to tease them. "Then I think Jim made some obvious come-back, 'I don't think the homework will be all that hard,' or something. I just raised my eyebrows at him, and put some food in my mouth. Henri said something else a little later as we were talking shop, 'I think the best thing to do is strip it down to its bare essentials.' As he said it, he stared right at me, without any doubt what he meant. I think I must have turned beet red.

"But then it got really serious. Jim turned to Henri for support and then turned to me. 'You serious about studying with both of us?' but I knew he didn't mean studying, and he knew I knew. I looked at them both and nodded. 'Shit.' He had the biggest grin on his face. 'What?' I asked all innocent, and that really confused them both. 'Gotcha,' I said after they stumbled all over themselves. They couldn't sit still, but I suggested we should get some dessert to go. That gave them some ideas..." She took a drag from the pipe.

"Damn that would have been good to get a shot - did you?" I looked at the stack in her hands.

She looked down, leafing through them, her cheeks flushing a little. "I got one or two, but they're not printed yet, I guess." We both looked at Brad who shrugged.

"So, I grabbed the dessert bag and headed to the elevators. I was nervous as hell, waiting for the doors to open, and then even more nervous when the doors closed. We were the only ones in the car. Before it had even gotten going, Henri turned to me and leaned in for a kiss, his hands on my shoulders. I was so surprised when he slipped his tongue into my mouth. Before I could react to that, Jim had wrapped his hand onto my stomach, pulling my blouse out of my skirt. I tried to swat it away, worried we'd be caught, but I only had one hand free, what with the dessert...and Henri's grip was too tight. I couldn't make my words clear with Henri's mouth over mine, and I began to panic a little."

I could tell it was an arousing sort of panic, her cunt had gotten even wetter during this part of her story. I pulled my fingers out, looking at them, showing them to her, and pushing them into her mouth. She licked them clean, blushing at exposing this little ceremony to Brad. I just grunted - this she should be shy about?

I pulled them out with a pop and moved down to her nipples. "Go on, it's starting to sound hot."

She gulped a little. "Yeah, they were pretty worked up by the time elevator stopped. I pulled away as best I could and snapped a little at them for being so over-eager. I really am not happy about what this might do to my reputation and I told them so. They looked a little like disciplined puppies and I couldn't help but laugh.

"We made it to my door without incident, my blouse half out of my skirt, their cocks clearly bulging in their trousers. I tried not to let them see I had noticed.

"'Okay,' I said as I put the dessert on the side table and they put down their bags. 'Let's do it on that table over there.' I could have died laughing at their expression - the photo doesn't catch it. 'Studying, you jerks. I definitely need to get some studying done tonight.' I had an idea of how this was going to play out, but I really did need to get through the material."

She laid the first print on the table. I took my fingers off her nipples to help keep the bottom edge from curling up; Brad moved forward doing the same. Allison leaned over to describe the scene, her breasts hanging free, her nipples dark and erect. I had her hold the photo so I could continue to hold her. Her breath caught a little as I pulled on the nipple closest to me.

"So that's Henri," she pointed to a youngish Latino guy, clean shaven, dark hair. Really handsome. "And that's Jim." A big jocko white guy, broad shouldered - a tight end probably in college. Couldn't see if had a tight end. "You can't tell from this shot, but their pants were bulging out they were so turned on."

We all looked for a moment squinting to see if we could make out their cocks. Brad offered to burn the print a little more if we wanted. Nice to see him getting into the spirit of the thing finally.

"So, yeah. So, we're at the table now, our books out, and we've got our assignments. Some stupid essay on leadership or whatever. We had to read about three chapters in a book, and there were quizzes at the end. It was like high-school. Ohhhhh, hnnnh, shit, shit, Shit, RAY!"

I had pulled her nipples out, on both sides, stretching her breasts apart from her chest - it was a move she hated and loved. I wanted to get her attention - she had been wandering. Brad looked alarmed and curious at how far her breasts could be stretched that way. Allison knew not to pull my hands away - she knew what she had to do to make me stop.

"Okay! Okay! Please stop! Please RAY! I got it..." She gulped in air as I relaxed my hands, my fingers rolling her nipples. I loved to feel her nipples. My cock was tired of being trapped, and in spite of the scene I was flagging a little. There was a case of the blue balls in front of me if I didn't get some relief soon.

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