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Cinderella and the King


King Chisulo looked out over the balcony on the stately gardens surrounding his palace and sighed. He had received yet another report through the papers that his only child and heir, Crown Prince Adebayo, was spending increasing amounts of time with his new crush, the racing driver, Ashton Speed. Chisulo was a liberal thinker. He did not have a problem that his son was gay. It had startled him, to be sure, but he had always told his son that he should never be afraid to do what he felt was right in his heart. At the time when he had been teaching his young son this life lesson he was thinking that it would be a useful guideline for his reign when he became king of the land in his turn. He did not think that Adebayo would apply his life lesson in such a way, but on reflection he was proud of his son for his courage in defending his conviction.

Chisulo had raised his son on his own since the death of his beloved Queen, Chioma, in childbirth. It was a bitter blow to the royal household, but the young king bore bore his pain stoically and tried to be both a good leader and a great father. He had proven to be both wise and fair, and the people had hoped that the king would marry again and find happiness for himself as he had brought great contentment and prosperity to his people. Chisulo had never wanted to marry again, for Chioma had been the love of his life and he felt that serving his people well was the way in which he would find greatest contentment in life.

It was into this household that Prince Adebayo was born. His father had given him a liberal education and taught him to live an authentic and fearless life. Prince Adebayo was handsome and talented, intelligent, hardworking, courageous and kind. In fact he was perfect, and would have made, in time, as good a king as his father was.

At age 18, he cautioned his father that he thought that he preferred men and that he wanted him to consider changing the laws of the land to allow him to marry a mate of his own choosing, even if that person was not one of the eligible socialites to whom he had been introduced. His father, King Chisulo, thought that this was a phase and left him alone to sow his wild oats. At age 21, however, the prince still showed no signs of wanting to marry a woman, and the High Council of Advisors became restive and demanded that the king give his son an ultimatum.

Chisulo was troubled. He knew that his son would make a good king, regardless of whom he chose to share his personal life. The problem was that the laws of the land said that the ruler of the land had to pass the crown on to his or her child or it would be the end of the monarchy. If Prince Adebayo insisted on marrying a man and having no relations with a woman then the monarchy would be over with him.

Chisulo examined the situation with the law, saw that it could not be changed and tried to reason with his son about his decision. He explained, again, the concept of doing one's duty for one's people regardless of the cost to oneself. Adebayo was sympathetic, but could not bring himself to think of governing the land without his companion, Ashton. He proposed a bold solution to his father. He offered to relinquish any claim that he had to the throne and urged his father to consider finding a wife for himself and have another child with her! That child would be the new heir to the throne.

The king did not wish to do this for many reasons: he felt that it was unfair for his son to have to relinquish the throne; he did not wish to marry again himself and there was no guarantee that his other child or children would not be gay as well and where would he be then? He thought to push for legislation that would change the laws governing the succession to the throne. This would take a long time, but King Chisulo was confident that he could do something to change the law since he could.

Adebayo smiled sadly at his father. He had made his decision. He was not interested in ruling the land. He wanted to be a race car driver and have Ashton chase him on all the race tracks across the world. He was confident that he was the better driver and he wanted to prove himself in a field of his own choosing.

Chisulo could not believe what he was hearing. He became angry with his son. He banished him from the kingdom; and after a season of sorrow, set out to find a wife and rebuild his dynasty.

News of the king's quest spread like wildfire throughout the land and far beyond its borders. People threw parties in order to introduce the king to their daughters. Governments the world over invited him to their shores hoping that he would choose a bride from among their citizens. Chisulo found himself among the jet set travelling from Jakarta to Jamaica, from Nairobi to Newfoundland. It annoyed the king how busy his social calendar became all of a sudden. He did not wish to align himself with anyone who wished to marry him in order to live a fabulously wealthy life. He wanted a woman who saw her duty to the people as her primary mission. She had to be fertile and have many children with him to be sure; but if she liked him enough to be kind to him and honour him in their marriage then that would be a welcome asset; but he was not hoping for love a second time in this life. It was the recognition of the importance of service to the nation that would be the deciding factor.

It was a year into his search and King Chisulo fell seriously ill. He was exhausted by his schedule of work and partying. His heart was never in it and he just could not settle on someone. He had begun to move about incognito in an effort to find someone who did not try so hard to impress him, but still he was unsuccessful. He had begun to despair because he saw an unsuspected ugliness in the world around him. He had been so successful in bringing prosperity to his people that they seemed to have forgotten the important things in life. Many of the women to whom the king had been introduced proved to be greedy, vain and shallow, their families ambitious for them to marry into the royal family. Their education was being wasted in the pursuit of money and pleasure for their own sake.

It took the king over two weeks to recover somewhat from his illness and all that time he had only one old lady and her granddaughter to look after him. He had been too ill to notice fully how the young woman had wiped his sweaty brow and how she had sponge bathed him and changed his sheets when he soiled himself. He did not realise how much patience it took to spoon-feed him the soup that restored his strength and he would never know that it was her voice that read and sang and talked to him, calling him back from the brink when he had slipped into a coma one night. He did not hear her tears or feel her lips as she kissed his the night before his security detail came to rescue him and take him back to his palace. He did not know that his Chief of Staff, frightened by the near loss of the monarchy, and shocked at how unrecognisable the sick king was, whisked him away without so much as a thank you to the two ladies for their hospitality!

The king had given up on being able to find someone who would be good and true and as he lay in his bed recovering he reflected that he would propose to the daughter of the Foreign Affairs Minister since she, at least, knew the rules of protocol and so would not embarrass him at stately functions. King Chisulo decided to throw a ball for his 41st birthday and make his announcement there.

Everyone who was anyone was invited to the ball, and the other members of the public thronged the streets hoping to see the good and the great pass by. Everyone felt, though no one knew for sure that the king planned to name his bride at the event. There was an excited sense of expectation in the air.

The king did his best to be his most charming on the night. He danced with several young women and joked with several others. He played the role of eligible bachelor to the hilt and caught many an eye. Many women flirted with him, some showing him their ample cleavage, others their long legs, still others their firm buttocks.

In his heart though he knew that what he was doing was wrong. He had been having dreams; sweet, wet dreams about a young woman who would look after him and sing and read to him when he was too tired. He had had a massive erection only the night before fantasizing about this woman and thinking about how she had leaned over his bed to taste his lips, and how he had had a delighted view of her full, round breasts. He dreamed that she had fed him soup as if he were a child and how she had squealed when he had naughtily slipped her chocolate-coloured breast from her blouse and nursed on her large rubbery nipple as if he were a baby. The king had groaned in embarrassed arousal at this image. He struggled to release his rigid cock from his pyjamas and fisted himself while imagining his spear piercing into her succulent pink folds. He could almost feel his knee force her thighs apart roughly so that he could rest between her legs, his steel-like plough dredging up the juices from her overflowing well of honey.

He heard her voice whisper sweet words of love to him as she nuzzled her face into his neck. He dreamed about how his large hands would slip under her round buttocks and how he would lift her so that she could meet him half way in their union. He imagined how her thick lips would taste as he nibbled them. He envisaged how he would sip at the scoop in her neck and under her ear and how she would allow him to rediscover the joy of impaling himself in a woman's ass as it was presented to him high in the air, her face among the pillows in the bed. He could almost see how tightly he would hold her hips as he entered her. Queen Chioma had had many bruises on her hips for which her husband had had to apologise many times, but still he could never control himself when presented with a woman's naked buttocks.

The king fantasized about all these things, and he allowed himself to remember what it was like before his wife had died. He fisted himself roughly, wanting to pull out the molten cum that tortured his cock and balls because he could not get it out fast enough. He played with himself until he came for the first time since his wife had died 22 years ago.

The king wept bitterly. He could not believe how good his explosive release felt; and he cursed the gods that they should choose to torment him like this with impossible dreams and painful memories. He wanted to call his son, Adebayo back and demand that he ascend the throne and do the job for which he had been groomed. He knew that despite appearances his life was desolate, he was lonely, he wanted to die. He would not give up though because he had never thought himself a coward. Despite everything, he felt that somehow things would get better for him.

The king had been sulky all day and so his Advisors were pleased when they saw that he behaved like a statesman during the ball. He and they all knew that it would not be the woman's fault that she was not Queen Chioma and that they would all just have to make do. He had told them that he had intended to name his bride that evening, but he had not told any of them who the lucky lady would be.

So, the king had danced and chatted, he organised charades in the drawing room, he played a song of his own composing and sang lyrics that he had written himself to accompany the music; he even performed a magic trick or two to amuse his guests! He did anything that he could think of to postpone the moment.

Soon, however, it was near midnight and the king could not postpone the inevitable any longer. He had spent the past few minutes rehearsing his small speech by himself in a little room to the side of the ballroom. He had on the televised broadcast of the crowds waiting for news of who their new queen would be for company and to remind himself why he was forcing himself to do this. Then he saw her! He saw the woman of his dreams standing in the crowd somewhere outside his gates!

King Chisulo nearly fainted with shock! He stood frozen, staring at the screen before he gathered his wits to call for help. He shouted for his secretaries, calling them desperately to help him contact the television station so that they could track down the young woman on the camera. Of course, the camera cut away to other scenes of the crowds gathered all over the country waiting to hear the good news and she was lost again to him, but this time, the king knew that his new queen was near him. She was here in the country, somewhere in the multitude; waiting to be discovered.

Of course, that was the end of the revelry for the evening. To the shock of the frightened nation the king declared a State of Emergency and no one was allowed to leave the country. Rumours that he had gone insane now appeared to be true. Chisulo, and small detail of very trusted friends from his security team, reviewed the hours of television film to find the young woman's image again and when they did they left with strict orders to find her. The king did not wish to broadcast her image to the nation lest someone should harm her because of his or her own dashed hopes. He decided that he would have to find her quietly so that her anonymity could protect her until he could do so himself.

It took weeks of scouring the country for the king's team to find the young woman and bring her to Chisulo. She did not believe the incredible story that the king, whom she had never met, wanted to marry her and so she was frightened to be summoned to the palace by two strange men.

The king was searching in another part of the country, heedless of the askance looks and his sinking reputation internationally, and so he had to return to the palace in a hurry when he received word that the young woman was waiting for him there. When the king saw her he broke into a run and gathered her up in his arms holding her high as if supporting a leap. He lowered her slowly, rubbing her body against his, embracing her.

"My beautiful, beautiful girl! I have found you at last! They tell me your name is Cinderella! I am Chisulo," the king whispered into her ear; his lips kissing her face repeatedly, his hands slipping along her body to cup and squeeze her buttocks.

"Your Majesty!" the startled Cinderella struggled to pull away from him; especially when she felt his hardening erecting pressing into her stomach. "What is the meaning of this? You dishonour me, Sir! Take your hands off me at once!"

The king was shaken back into his senses at her rebuke. What was he thinking? She was right. Queen Chioma had been offended also when his initial lust for her had threatened to overwhelm them. He had had to learn restraint in public before he had been allowed to sample her delights in private. He would have to work hard to earn this woman, Cinderella's love, but, he smiled to himself, he was more than prepared to try.

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