tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCinderella's Balls

Cinderella's Balls


Halloween was one of Matt's favorite times of the year. He enjoyed college as a brother of Sigma Tau; he had plenty of friends and enjoyed a great social life. His studies went well and weren't too demanding which gave him more time to focus on being the social chair of the fraternity. Matt took his position very seriously and over the course of his time in the position, he had made the Sigma Tau Halloween party the function of the season. This party was the social event of the year. Everyone just had to be there!

The part that he liked best was the sexy costumes the girls always wore. He had made it a point to make a cash prize for various sexy costumes to encourage such behavior, although there wasn't much need, and Halloween always seemed to be nothing more than an excuse for all the college girls to let out their inner sluts. The drinks would be flowing, the costumes would be sexy and as the girls would be looking for another excuse to misbehave, Matt was always happy to give it to them.

The social guru made his way through the fraternity house, making sure everything was in order for tonight's festivities. The party would have several drink stations ranging from different themed jungle juices to beer and a liquor bar. They had partnered with the Alpha Omegas for them to work as sexy bartenders for the event. They would also host a series of sexy Halloween games that would set the tone if the guests weren't quite ready for the dance floor. As Matt confirmed the last of his preparations were in order, he made his way up to his room to get ready for the big party.

As he walked in his room, he walked right to his closet and pulled out his costume. He was going with the Top Gun pilot costume this year. He would keep the front unzipped enough to show his bare chest and he knew the Ray Bans he was wearing would give him the mysterious appeal that would draw in some not-so-innocent females tonight. The slick pilot had a soft spot for good girls who gave in to their darker side, and Halloween was always the best time to find them. Not to mention, it framed his package in just the right way: it wasn't crude, but it did show the girls he had the right equipment to fill them up the way they always wanted.

It was another couple hours till the party hit full swing. The line started at about 9:00 and wrapped down the street before they started to allow the party goers in. Matt stood back and observed as he enjoyed his first beer of the night. This was the best part about being social chair. He functioned as the director and producer of the event, but once he had everything in place, he could stand back and admire his work. An advantage he fully intended to take advantage of tonight. As he watched, he saw them all, slutty cheerleaders and school girls, the classic playboy bunnies and kittens for those who weren't as creative. One by one they came in, but after awhile, the social chair got bored with seeing too much of the same and started to make his way around the house. The Alpha Omegas really knew how to step up for Halloween, showing up in sexy bar maiden outfits or game show host depending on what they were assigned. Matt's lower half started to stir just walking by some of those sexy outfits.

It wasn't till about 11:00 that he saw her. He was making his way through the hallway and saw her doing a shot on the ice luge with one of her friends. She wore a sexy Cinderella costume that was the perfect innocent baby blue color, and the dress came all the way down in the back but opened up in the front to show off her sexy tanned legs that would just feel perfect wrapped around his waist. Matt envisioned grabbing her ass as he fucked her while his eyes made their way up those legs to see the sexy, low-cut top that showed a generous portion of cleavage holding a crystal pendent necklace between it. Her tits wanted to burst out of the costume and her nipples betrayed their eagerness to do so as two large bumps in the front of the fabric. The pendent sat right in between her two voluptuous breasts, an image of defiled innocence. The silver chain led up her long sexy neck with its weight wrapped around her delicate skin.

His eyes followed her graceful chin bone that rounded out her face and was accented by two rosy cheeks begging to blush from the indecent thoughts he knew were in her head on the kinkiest of nights. Her voluptuous pink lips showed a slight moistness to them when she slowly ran her tongue across them. The shimmer it left just begged them to me wrapped around a nice, thick cock. Despite their allure, they were almost lost in contrast with the deep blue bedroom eyes that pulled Matt in. It was as though he could feel her ripping his clothes off with her stare as she mind fucked him with her eyes. Matt broke contact with them, and he realized he had started moving toward her before making a point to notice the beautiful blond hair that was tied up in a formal fashion to complement the costume. Lust emanated from Matt: this was how he always pictured the perfect Halloween costume and now, it was right in front of him. He planned to take full advantage of this slutty little outfit of hers, she was just begging to be fucked.

"Hey there," Matt said as he found himself right in front of her. "How do you like the ice luge?" he asked.

The princess wiped a drip of liquor and smiled at him in slight embarrassment before answering.

"It is quite good, thank you. Fit for a princess!" She joked as she gave him a small curtsy, holding out the sides of her dress.

"I am glad you like it, my lady," Matt played along and asked, "Princess, may I have the pleasure of escorting you to get a drink?" as he held out his arm in a formal gesture.

The princess looked at her friend, smiled, and looked back at Matt "Why, by all means, it would be my pleasure, kind sir."

The princess took Matt's arm and followed him as he took her to a drink station that was serving an orange punch out of a big pumpkin. The princess giggled when she saw it and Matt smiled as he took pride in her reaction.

"I see you like the pumpkin idea," he said as he led her to a nearby sofa where they both sat down to enjoy their punch.

"Oh, I just love it -- I love all the creative stuff here. Are you one of the brothers here?" she asked, starting to wonder who she was sharing a drink with.

"As a matter of fact I am. I am Matt, and I'm the social chair here," Matt said, hoping to play off of her infatuation with the party. "And what, my dear princess, is your name?" he asked as he took a sip of his drink.

"Why don't you just call me Cindy?" she said with a wicked smile, showing she was playing off of her attire.

"Well, Cindy, I sure hope you don't leave at midnight. The fun here is just getting started. Let me show you some of the games."

"We shall see; I would hate to have everyone see my magic wear off!" she said, staying in character.

Matt took her hand and kissed it in a grand romantic gesture.

"Cindy, your magic could never wear off. Come with me and let's have some fun!" Matt replied, taking her hand, and leading her over to the scarecrow game. This was one of his favorite because it was so blatantly sexual. They had constructed a series of scarecrows but on the crotch of each scarecrow, stuck out a large dildo shaped just like a big cock. The object was to get a series of rings on the cock. Some of the dildos were bigger than others which would result in more points. The winner would get various fun Halloween themed prizes.

"Why don't you give this one a try?" he asked Cindy

"How ever did you think up this one Matt?" she smiled and slightly shook her head as she questioned him.

"Well, I was trying to think of game ideas, when I heard part of that Beyonce song, you know the one?"

"If you like it, you gotta put a ring on it?" she responded as Matt laughed.

"That's the one," he said grinning and asked, "What do you think?"

"I think, that my co-pilot has a dirty mind," she said and added, as she threw the first ring at the biggest scarecrow cock, scoring a point, "and I kind of like it."

The two of them continued to playing various games as they enjoyed their drinks. Eventually they made their way to the dance floor, feeling a pretty strong buzz from the alcohol.

As Matt watched Cindy move those sexy hips of hers in her little blue costume, he could not help but grab them and pull her close. As they swayed their hips together to the beat of the music, his started to grind into her in a fucking motion, He tried to simulate the action he hoped to perform on her later, hinting at his intentions. Matt could feel himself grow against Cindy's legs. As Cindy pressed into him to get a better feel, he reached down and cupped her tight little ass over top the back of her dress, squeezing pussy against his rock hard cock. He started to pull her harder against his cock like he was fucking her then tilted his head down to her.

"You are so damn sexy," Matt whispered in her ear.

"I must say I am starting to admire my prince's sword as well!" Cindy insinuated and she ground against his now hard cock, all pretense of dancing was quickly disappearing as they began to dry fuck each other right on the dance floor.

"Your prince can do a lot better than that," he said as he slowly worked one of his hands in between them to the opening in the front of her slutty dress.

As the two of them ground together, Matt started working his fingers against the wet fabric of the blue princess's panties under her short skirt in the front. She started to moan as she felt his hand start to rub over her pussy. Cindy couldn't believe she was in the middle of a party, letting this stranger rub her pussy on the dance floor. Cindy was always a good girl. She loved the fun of bending the rules and being sexy on Halloween, but tonight, she was flirting with danger. The idea of playing the role of the slutty princess with a complete stranger really started to make her wet as she leaked her pussy juices onto his finger tips. She could never date a guy who she let finger her in the middle of the dance floor, but as she felt Matt's fingers slip past her thong and into her pussy, she let out a soft, guttural moan in his ear. Feeling the intense pleasure rolling through her, she knew one thing. She did not want to date this sexy pilot: she wanted to fuck him. Fuck him in such a dirty way that she only could with a stranger. Cindy rocked her hips into Matt's hand in a fucking motion as he worked them in and out of her slutty pussy. As Matt worked his fingers in and out of this beauty, he reflected on how many girls he had fucked a on the night of Halloween. There was such a sexual energy at these parties that it happened the majority of the time. In all those times nothing could even compare to this. He had never taken a girl on the dance floor and never one quite like this. This girl was a natural slut whether she wanted to admit it or not, and Matt was going to have fun pushing the limits with her.

"You like this, princess? You like my fingers in your pussy?"

"Y...es..." she moaned in a whisper.

"Do you like getting fingered out on the dance floor where anyone could catch you?"

"Ummm...hmmm..." she moaned, barely able to respond.

Matt loved this: he was fingering this sultry Cinderella out on the dance floor and she loved it. He started moving his hand faster and faster, making her moans and gasp become quicker and more rigid as he worked her closer and closer to orgasm. Matt worked his fingers up into her g-spot and started rubbing it as fast as he could. Suddenly, with a quick squeal, Cindy came on his hand right in the middle of the dance floor.

Matt then took it to the next level by bringing his fingers up to her mouth and whispering into her ear, "Lick them, suck your slutty little juices off my fingers."

Cindy was completely consumed by lust at this point and didn't even think about what he was asking her. She pulled his fingers into her mouth, first just licking the tip, then working her down up and down them until she swallowed his entire finger, working her lips up and down. She started to swirl her tongue around like it was his cock. Her lips looked like they had found their home as they looked made to be wrapped around his dick. Matt didn't think it was possible but he got even harder at the thought of replacing that finger with his hard member as he fucked her face.

"What does my dirty little princess want now?" he asked, knowing how much it turned her on to play the slutty costumed role.

"Cinderella wants her balls," she said, a sexy purr in his ear, as she reached down and cupped him through his pants, squeezing his manly jewels and added, "But not here... I want to enjoy these."

Matt didn't have to be asked twice; he picked her up and carried her off the dance floor to his room. As he walked in and placed her on the bed, he went back and closed the door behind them.

"Enough sharing you with the world, it's time you give the princess what she wants! Come here and show me what you have brought your princess."

As Matt approached her on the bed, she stood up and unzipped his flight suit, pulling the zipper down while she kissed and nipped at his neck. As the zipper came down, she followed it with a trail of kisses and licks, working her sexy lips toward their reward. Matt dropped his flight suit around his ankles and she pulled down his underwear and fished out his raging hard cock. It stood nice and long and seemed to pulse with his desire to plunge into this slut's pussy.

"Does Cinderella like her balls?" Matt asked, unable to resist the temptation of putting it into words.

"Yes..." she said as she kissed her way from the tip of his cock down the shaft. "She likes them very much, they are good enough to eat." As she said it, she raised his cock up with one hand and took one of his balls into her mouth. Cindy was happy to see that her new boy toy shaved for her. She liked sucking on a nice clean pair of balls that she could really enjoy. She started to gently stroke him as she sucked first one ball then the other, tasting his manly scent in her mouth. She sucked them and licked behind them into the sweet spot right behind his balls that she knew drew every man wild. She was right yet again as it sent a shiver up Matt's spine. She licked her way up the shaft to the underside of his thick cock. She kissed I,t playing with it with her tongue as she stroked his cock with her hand and slapping it against her lips before taking the head into her mouth and sucking it.

It was the blow job every guy dreamed about, Matt could not believe this innocent looking girl was acting like such a whore as she drove his cock down into the back of her throat. He could not help but buck his hips up to meet her face with every thrust. She started to jerk him off with every thrust as he fucked and defiled her innocent face. Matt thought he was going to shoot right then ib her mouth but just as he was getting close, she let off and squeezed his cock to keep him from cumming.

"Not yet, you haven't fucked me yet." she said looking up at him talking in a sweet little princess voice.

If her hand wasn't still squeezing his cock, he might have erupted right there all over that innocent little face of hers. Instead, he reached down and grabbed her under her arms. He pulled her up and threw her on the bed. The sultry blue princess laid there in front of him ready and willing. Those sexy fuck me legs seemed to just beg to be spread wide for him. He slid his hands up those firm tight legs past her nice subtle ass and under her skirt. Reaching up, he found the band of the one last obstacle preventing him from the ultimate fuck. He pulled off her thong and tossed it aside. All resistance gone, Matt worked his way on top of his new fuck toy and took her sultry lips into his mouth. He could still taste himself on her lips. Unable to wait any longer, he grabbed her leg and threw it over his shoulder as he plunged his hard cock into her. He succumbed to his overwhelming need to fuck as he felt himself fill up her tight pussy. His cock was throbbing and his ball ached with a need for release. Like a wild animal, he pounded into he,r pulling almost all the way out of her and thrusting back in. His balls slapped against her filling the air with the sounds of their dirty deed. Consumed by lust, he fucked her harder and harder ,forcing her to scream out which each thrust.

"You like that princess? Do you like fucking my cock? Oh yeah, I'm going to fuck your little pussy like the little slut you are! You want that, don't you? You want to be fucked like a little slut!"

"Oh yeah, make me your royal slut! Fuck me! Show me how bad you want it!"

He drilled into her harder and harder at her words, the sounds of their sex getting louder and louder. As he fucked her, she cried out every time his balls rubbed her clit setting her on fire. Matt picked her up and leaned her over his desk. Realizing her sexy little fuck me costume was now getting in his way, he unzipped the back of it and pulled it down her legs. She stood there in her thigh high stockings and nothing else. She looked like one of those whores he always saw in the porn his roommate watched. This is what it must feel like to fuck a porn star; he loved it. He pushed her over his desk and started to pound her from behind. Rubbing his cock up and down her wet slit before he plunged it inside her tight pussy..

"Oh fuck yes, keep on fucking me! Put it in and make me your dirty little fuck toy!" she cried out as he took her again.

"Oh yeah, princess, you're my little plaything I am going to fuck you raw!"

"Yeah, that's it, fuck me raw, make me your Halloween slut and fill me up! Cum in my slutty pussy!"

He thrust in and out of her, slapping against her as he fucked her over the desk. The whole room seemed to shake with every thrust. The newborn slut tried to ram her hips back into him with every thrust, intensifying the pleasure. As he looked down at his new fuck toy bent over the his desk and saw his cock sliding in and out of her tight pussy, it drove him over the edge. Matt couldn't take the thought of her being such a dirty little whore and felt his balls tighten as he unleashed his load. He let out a moan as his cum erupted inside of her. Wave after wave of pleasure surged through him as he emptied himself.

"Oh yes, cum in my pussy! Yessssss!" she cried as she came, milking the last of his load into her dirty little pussy and gripping onto the desk to ride the current of her pleasure.

As Matt pulled out of her, he thought the best was over until he saw her get down and clean her own juices off his cock.

"Oh that's so fucking sexy! You are such a little slut."

"Not yet," she said. "It's pretty hot sucking off a complete stranger and letting him fuck you, but you are not a real slut unless you take it in the ass!"

As she said it, she slowly worked a finger up Matt's asshole, making him squirm.

"Do you want me to be a real slut? I know I do!"

Immediatel,y he started to grow again in her mouth as she sucked him. He couldn't help but love just how kinky this little once innocent girl became with every passing moment. He picked her up and bent her over the bed on her stomach, leaving her slutty heart shaped ass right in his view.

"If you want to get that tight little ass fucked, we have to get it ready first!" Matt said as he spread her ass cheeks apart and dove in. Her tight little ass cheeks filled both his hands as he squeezed them. He would never have admitted it to any of his friends, but he had a serious ass fetish. That meant that he loved the thought of doing everything with a sexy little ass, including giving a hot rim job to a slut right before he anally fucked her. Matt started slowly at first, licking around the rim of her asshole and carefully starting to take small licks into her dirty hole.

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