tagLesbian SexCindy Lou and the New Toy

Cindy Lou and the New Toy


One Thursday evening, Cindy Lou came home from work tired and hornier than usual. Carlos, the young man she was training to pleasure her sexually, had been out with a cold for the last few days so she hadn't had any action since the previous weekend.

Many times she had heard Thursday referred to as "Fairy's Day" and Cindy Lou was sure she knew why. "People have a lot of sex on weekends," she imagined, using her own life in Alabama and New York as examples. "And after the weekend is over, their horniness increases as the week goes on, peaking on Thursday. Friday night is part of the weekend, of course, and regular sex is available, but that is not the case on Thursday, so single men and single women like me have to settle for what they can get, even if it's a dildo or sex with a buddy."

She was hoping Amanda, her cousin and roommate, would be feeling equally horny that evening and would want to take turns eating each other's pussies and follow that up by fucking each other with dildos as they had their first night in the apartment and several times since then. If Amanda was home, and she usually got home first, Cindy Lou would know in a few minutes whether or not that evening would be another one of those times.

After locking the door behind her, she called out a greeting that resulted in an answer from the kitchen. Cindy Lou went there and was met by Amanda. Their hug was warmly affectionate, as usual, but there was a moment of awkwardness as they brought their faces together to kiss. Neither woman turned her head, and they kissed fully on the lips. This was a tacit indication by each of them that she wanted to get together in bed that evening. With their second and third kisses, their tongues became reacquainted and several very enjoyable minutes were spent smooching in the kitchen.

Amanda broke off the embrace. "I got something in the mail today. I ordered it online and I want to show it to you after dinner. I hope you'll want to try it out with me tonight."

"What is it?"

"You'll see."

Dinner was leftover spaghetti, accompanied by packaged salad and glasses of wine from the gallon jug in the refrigerator. Neither woman liked to spend a lot of time preparing meals after working all day. After the dishes had been rinsed and placed in the dishwasher, Amanda led Cindy Lou into her bedroom to show off the mysterious new acquisition. She opened her panty drawer, but before taking out whatever it was, she strung the presentation out a little.

"You know how we sometimes use dildos on each other?"

"Sure. It's a lot better than using it on myself."

"But it's not as good as being fucked by a nice big cock?"

"Nothing's as good as that. Except first having my pussy eaten by somebody who's really good, like Aaron. Or you. And then being fucked by a nice big cock."

"We can still do that, eat each other's pussies, and then, how about using this?" As she spoke, Amanda took her big surprise from the drawer, a black leather triangle with a wicked looking dildo protruding from it. Straps ran from the triangle on the side opposite the dildo, and Cindy Lou could see how two of them would go around the wearer's waist and fasten in the back. Another would go under her crotch and connect to the first strap. Sticking up from the second strap was another dildo that was obviously meant to pleasure the pussy of the wearer of the strapon.

The toy was extremely interesting, and provoked many erotic thoughts in Cindy Lou, and she was most fascinated by the big plastic cock sticking out from the front. At least eight inches long it was, with a thick, flesh colored shaft ending in a realistic head. All along the sides were molded pyramids and other shapes and, from the top of the base, another shaft extended, short, and ending in a cluster of flexible fingers. Her pussy was already wet in anticipation of being eaten by Amanda, and her juices started flowing even more heavily as she thought of what the new toy could do for her.

"Mandy, that looks terrific. Let's try it out!" Even as she spoke, Cindy Lou was starting to unbutton her blouse.

"Okay. I'll go down on you and fuck you first, and then you can do the same for me." Amanda set the toy on top of the bureau and started undressing. Seconds later, the two naked young women, still standing, were embracing, their tongues mingling again.

Cindy Lou broke off the kissing and lay on the bed, eagerly waiting for her roommate to join her. Amanda had been the first woman to eat her pussy and the first woman she had ever eaten. There had been other women since then, both doing and being done, but none quite as good.

When Amanda lay down next to her, they shared an embrace and more kisses. As always, both women enjoyed the erotic effect the kissing was having on their bodies. Mandy could feel Cindy Lou's nipples becoming hard and smell her pussy juices flowing. She continued kissing her roommate, on her eyes, her ears, and all over her face and down her throat. She was intimately familiar with the erogenous places and her lips and tongue caressed all of them. Mandy heard and felt Cindy Lou breathing hard and saw how her face was flushed by the time her mouth reached her roommate's breasts.

She cupped her hands under those luscious globes and licked first one then the other nipple. As always, she was elated at how they were already erect and how good they felt on her tongue. The breasts were so delightful, Amanda spent a lot of time licking, then sucking them, even burrowing her face into the channel between the beautiful twins. While all parts of her face were active, her hands were busy too, on her cousin's body. The places she was caressing felt good to Amanda's hands, but not as good as the succulent breasts felt to her lips and tongue and cheeks.

"Oooh, Mandy, that feels wonderful," Cindy Lou exclaimed. As always, everything her roommate did felt good, and her actions were having the desired and expected effect. Besides having juices flowing all over her crotch and thighs, her pussy was starting to hump into the air as if Mandy were already between her legs and working the dildo in and out.

Noting how strongly Cindy Lou was already reacting, Amanda started licking and sucking and kissing her way down the sexily plump body beside her. She continued across the downy pubic hair on Cindy Lou's mons and stopped only when her tongue was just above her roommate's clit. She smiled over the way the cute little love button was already so swollen it was pushing its way out from under its protective cover. Neither woman wanted to 69, much preferring to take turns eating each other's pussies so Amanda got off the bed and got back on between the legs that were spread wide and awaiting her.

Her eyes had been closed while luxuriating in the tremendous pleasure she was receiving but Cindy Lou opened them when she felt the bed shaking as Amanda climbed back on. Looking down her body, she saw the other woman approaching, and raised her legs, draping them across the shoulders that ducked down to accommodate them. A pillow was slipped under her hips; arms went around her legs and fingers rested above Cindy Lou's pussy.

The next thing she felt was a tongue stroking the insides of her thighs, licking up the juices that had trickled there, the way Amanda usually liked to start. As always, Mandy was gentle and thorough. Even after she had swallowed all the nectar, her tongue continued its caressing of Cindy Lou's sensitive skin, sending shivers of excitement swirling through her body.

It got better for both of them. The tongue that had felt so good on Cindy Lou's thighs felt even better as it sluiced away the juices that were flowing between her legs and licked all around her pussy. Her pubic hair was soft, almost feathery, and previous sex partners had often expressed their appreciation of the way it felt so Cindy Lou had never done any more than trim the edges. Mandy liked it just as much; her mouth spent more time there than any one else's ever had, as she licked all around her ultimate goal.

It got even better. The next place the pleasuring tongue explored was between a pair of pussy lips. Pleasure throbbed through Cindy Lou's body from Amanda probing this extremely sensitive place with the tip of her tongue. Besides what was happening to her labia, there were two soft hands gently massaging around her clit, their every movement sending waves of pure delight coursing through her body. Cindy Lou moaned from the pleasure she was getting and the movements of her pussy escalated from squirming to fucking into the face of the woman who was giving it to her.

She felt Amanda's tongue, darting like a hummingbird but moving slowly as it traveled upward. Back and forth it moved, licking her entire outer lip and probing between there and the swollen inner one. When the inner lip ended, the tongue continued, caressing all the way to Cindy Lou's mons and the fine hair that covered it.

Cindy Lou had always been delighted by the splendidly talented mouth that was once again working its way along her pussy. She lay supine, her eyes closed and her body writhing while her head luxuriously rolled from side to side on the pillow. When Mandy's tongue stopped, she waited for it to resume giving her pleasure. After a few seconds, she opened her eyes and saw her roommate's face, shiny-wet with juices, gazing almost rapturously at the pussy she was eating. After another few seconds the face was lowered again and Cindy Lou felt and heard Mandy lapping up all the fresh juices.

Once again she felt her roommate's clever tongue moving quickly but traveling slowly, this time on the other pair of pussy lips. Cindy Lou's sounds of delight continued, evoked by the exquisite pleasure that was mounting with every subtle movement of Amanda's mouth. This time, when that incredible giver of joy reached the clit hood, she did not continue upward, but stroked across the protective covering.

"Oh! Oh, my God, that feels good. Keep licking me there," Cindy Lou interrupted her moaning to implore her roommate. When she looked down her body this time, she saw black hair fanned out over her legs, a forehead covered with bangs and the bridge of a nose, bobbing up and down, riding her pussy as it fucked wildly into Mandy's face.

"Yes! Yes! Lick my clit!" she cried out as she felt the tongue curl under her clit hood and gently caress her swollen love button. The contact had been very brief but it had brought the blonde closer to ecstasy.

Her roommate's tongue had felt like a living sponge, as it licked Cindy Lou's pussy lips but suddenly it felt like the tip of an erect cock as it investigated her vagina. Probing first at the lower and side edges before thrusting itself inside the wet, pink hole, the tongue felt more and more like a cock, but a flexible cock with a tip that could stroke the top of the hole it was pleasuring. Flicking back and forth, it stimulated the base of her clit, bringing Cindy Lou to the verge of cumming. Her whole body was thrashing on the bed while her legs thrust back and forth over Mandy's shoulders.

"Yes! Yes, like that. Make me cum."

Amanda knew that her roommate was ready. With her fingers, she peeled the remnants of the clit hood away from the treasure it was no longer protecting. Her mouth enveloped the swollen clit while her tongue caressed the sides and top. Her hands reached up until each one encompassed a breast with its rigid nipple lightly held between the fingers. While her tongue pleasured the clit that filled her mouth so satisfyingly, Amanda's fingers gently squeezed a pair of highly sensitive nipples.

Cindy Lou felt immense pleasure pouring through her body from three places, coursing to the tips of her extremities and rushing back to its sources. After less than a minute, "Yes! Oh, God, yes, I'm cumming," she cried out.

Her arms, which had been thrashing about aimlessly, flailed against the bed and her legs squeezed the head between them. From side to side and back and forth she rocked while long, black hair swirled around both women. Amanda kept her mouth wrapped around Cindy Lou's clit while her tongue stroked everywhere it could and her fingers fondled the nipples they held. Both women enjoyed every second of the blonde's cumming and Cindy Lou knew it was one of the best of the many she had experienced.

Her orgasm was also one of the best; her arms pressed against the mattress while her back arched, jamming her pussy into Mandy's face. After a few intense seconds, she completely relaxed, her body sagging against the bed and her legs releasing the head they had imprisoned.

Amanda stayed where she was until she was certain Cindy Lou had climaxed, before she licked off all the delicious fresh juices that had sprayed over thighs, belly and pussy lips. She left the pool of juices that was in her friend's love channel to fulfill its natural function of lubrication. When all the nectar had been devoured, she crawled out from under the legs that had been draped over her shoulders. Looking up, she beheld her roommate's face, almost bisected by a smile that, she knew, matched her own.

Mandy got off the bed and picked up the strapon that had been waiting on top of the dresser. She had bought dildos of several different sizes, as well as removable clit spurs. Knowing that Cindy Lou likes a good-sized cock in her pussy, she had prepared the strapon earlier, choosing a spur and an eight inch toy for the front. For her own pleasure, she attached a spur and a slightly smaller dildo onto the plastic bolt that was there for that purpose. Another bolt was provided if she had wanted a dildo in her ass too, but Amanda was not into ass play, although she knew her roommate might want to include one when she wore the strapon.

She was already wet from the thrill of eating out Cindy Lou's pussy and anticipating the evening of fun sex they were going to have. Amanda stepped through the leg openings and pulled the straps up until the mushroom-shaped head of the smaller dildo was pressing against the entrance to her pussy. She rubbed it against the wetness there to spread the lubrication, and eased the tip into herself, sighing from the pleasure that radiated outward. Still holding the thick shaft of the dildo, she pushed it halfway into herself. Even stronger waves of pleasure swirled through her body from the molded shapes that were massaging some of her sweet spots. Amanda smiled, knowing she was in for some great fucking, both giving and getting.

Enough of the toy was inside her pussy that she was able to let go, pull the straps up the rest of the way and buckle them behind her back. After adjusting the spur so it would be in the best position to tickle her clit after her dildo was fully imbedded, she was ready, and climbed back onto the bed, kneeling upright so Cindy Lou could see what was in store for her.

"Oooo, Mandy, you sure are hung," the sexy blonde hailed her roommate. She also greeted her by spreading her legs wide and reaching down between them to open her pussy lips.

The hung woman didn't say anything; she just smiled as she walked on her knees until the big head of the dildo was inches from its intended target. Cindy Lou's pussy was almost as wet as Amanda's, from the juices that had been left there and from those that had been produced at the sight of the toy and the thought of what it was about to do for her. Holding the thick shaft with one hand, Mandy leaned forward and rubbed the tip against her roommate's wetness. When it was ready, she gave a firm shove and wedged the head of the dildo into Cindy Lou's pussy.

"Ahhh," she groaned as she felt her love hole being stretched open by the big head of the new toy. "God, that feels good."

She groaned even more loudly when Mandy moved closer and thrust almost two more inches into the hole that wanted it so badly. The eight inch toy that was being slowly worked into Cindy Lou's pussy was shorter than some of the cocks that had been there, but longer than most. More important, it was thick, even in proportion to its length, and the entrance to her love hole was being stretched as it hadn't been stretched in a long time. The molded shapes were doing the same for her pussy as Amanda's did for hers, and every time one of them massaged one of her many sweet spot, an extra strong bolt of pleasure shot through her body and fresh juices squirted. By the time the dildo had been plunged into her pussy as far as it would go, Cindy Lou was already writhing on the bed and moaning from the intense pleasure.

Before she began the long, slow stroking that would lead to orgasms for both women, Amanda reached back to push her dildo the rest of the way in. She had produced a wealth of juices while plunging the other toy into her roommate and hers easily slipped the rest of the way into her pussy. The spur briefly pressed against her clit, sending a shiver of delight through her body, but the contact ended after she took her hand away from the strap that held the plastic cock in place.

Besides sharing the apartment, food and sex partners, the two cousins are very fond of one another. They have eaten each other's pussies many times, either just the two of them or at a sex party, and had used dildos on each other almost as often. However, this would be the first time they had fucked like this, and Amanda wanted to use the full body contact of the missionary position. She knows that is her roommate's favorite for one-on-one fucking, and she prefers it also, especially with a partner she likes as much as she likes Cindy Lou.

Both women were smiling happily as Amanda leaned forward and placed her hands on the bed beside her roommate's face. She kissed Cindy Lou gently on the lips and started pulling the dildo slowly, tantalizingly out of her dripping pussy. When most of the shaft had been drawn out, Amanda paused briefly and drove the toy all the way back in. Moaning in extreme joy, Cindy Lou fucked back to meet the surge of the thick plastic cock. The dildos filled the women's pussies and the spurs massaged their clits.

"My God, Mandy! That feels great."

"It feels great to me too, but let's make it last." Once again Amanda drew the dildo almost all the way out of the blonde's pussy and plunged it back in again. Cindy Lou thrust up and forward to meet her and their two bodies came together with a wet, satisfying sound.

"Ohhhh!" Cindy Lou moaned from the intense pleasure of having her pussy crammed so full and her clit massaged so well. "I don't know how long I'll last if you keep fucking me like that."

Amanda smiled at the reaction because she felt the same. The toy in her pussy was sending exquisite pleasure throbbing through her whole body and her clit was being raked delightfully by the spur, producing its own kind of thrill. Once again, she slowly drew the toy back and drove it forward, Cindy Lou meeting halfway. The two of them moaned happily, a duet of incredible bliss.

They continued fucking for a long time, both women exclaiming how wonderful it was, and how much they loved what they were doing together. Cindy Lou reached under Amanda's body to take hold of her breasts and move them so the two pairs of erect nipples rubbed together, adding a new element of pleasure. Although Cindy Lou wasn't quite on the verge of cumming, she knew that happy event was rapidly approaching.

"Give it to me, Mandy. I'm getting ready to cum!"

"Me too. Okay, here goes."

Amanda was really not used to being the person wielding the cock but she knew how men did it with her when she reached the state her partner was in. She moved farther up on her roommate's body so she was driving the dildo more straight down into Cindy Lou's pussy, and it massaged the base of her swollen clit with the entire stroke, both in and out.

"Yes! Yes! Fuck me faster!"

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