tagLesbian SexCindy's Journey to a Lesbian Life Ch. 05

Cindy's Journey to a Lesbian Life Ch. 05


In almost a year I have grown to adore Patty. She is everything one could ask for in a lover. Although she has much more experience in lesbian love she is genuinely patient with me. With her guidance I now confidently believe I give Patty as much pleasure as she gives me.

Our sex is slow and gentle with countless minutes of passionate foreplay and long deep kisses. Patty's tongue is warm and soft. It ignites a fire in my heart when we kiss and a tingling in my belly when we she eats me.

We enjoy worshiping each other's breasts and massaginhg each other from head to toe followed by exquisite cunnilingus. Multiple orgasms are the norm. I enjoy watching Patty climax. Her pussy overflows with delicious nectar. There is nothing I enjoy more than eating Patty's pussy and slurping her tasty essence.

We have an agreement anchored in mutual trust to seek other lesbians to share our bed. On numerous occasions, we have enjoyed. sex with Patty's transsexual sister and my mom Sue and her lover Clair

After my divorce I was a broken hearted mess. Clair introduced me to the lesbian life. Mom helped end the bitterness from my divorce. All my suffering and pain was worth every tear because it led me to Patty.

We openly discuss our feelings and problems. Our relationship is so strong the problems are few and are always resolved by calm conversation. One minor discussion concerned the date to celebrate our first anniversary. Patty wanted a two day weekend. I wanted to start on a Friday. I reminded Patty that it was a Friday night when we had our first sex and fell in love. She admitted it had a very special meaning her as well. We happily settled on Friday and worked on the invitations. The list was small. Those who meant the most to us were invited. We emailed Julie and her girlfriend Ashley. Mom and Clair were away so we agreed to have them over when they returned. We also invited Michelle and Brittany, objects of our lust since the day they were hired.

Michelle and Brittany are 23 year old identical twins. Their luscious bodies attract men and women. After several dates with men turned out badly, they found comfort with each other.

They found most lesbians caress gently, kiss warmly and proceed slowly and climax several times. One cum and the men they finally gave up were done.

It did not take long for the twins to join the lesbian life style and accept incest as a true expression of their love for each other. They are insatiable and frequent Women's Cave, a members only lesbian night club. They are among the club's most popular members.

They attended an office training school and graduated as qualified legal secretaries. They are good hearted, conscientious, personable, open minded and unafraid of long hours and hard work.

They placed applications with several law firms. Their first interview turned out to be with Patty. They found her friendly, honest and professional. After explaining the job, Patty asked them if they felt they could do the work required.

"Yes Ms. Johnson." Michelle answered.

"Good, When can you start? Do you need time to settle in, find a place to live?"

"We're all set," Michele replied "We can start whenever you wish."

"Great. But I have one question which you do not have to answer. Do you mind working for a lesbian?"

Brittany laughed. "If you do not mind it either."

"Does that mean what I think?" Patty questioned.

Michelle added; "Yes. We are incestuous lesbian lovers."

They expected Patty do be shocked but were comforted when she told them she was the first woman to have sex with her brother. "And my lover Cindy has frequent sex with her mother. We do not discriminate here in any way. How you live your life is your business alone. We only ask that you work hard and maintain a friendly personality."

I don't think that will be a problem." Brittany replied.

Michelle and Brittany quickly became office favorites. Everyone had trouble distinguishing who was who. Patty gave them a gift of gold chains. Each was linked to a charm, M for Michelle and B for Brittany.

I will never forget the day Patty introduced the twins.

"It is so nice to meet Patty's lover." Brittany gushed.

"You make a beautiful, couple." Michelle added.

"So do you," I complimented. "Yes, Patty and I are deeply in love. I feel very fortunate to share my life with her. How are you getting along?"

"Oh she's the greatest," Michele praised. "She treats us more like friends than employees. It creates a great and more productive workplace. Granted the work is hard, but we would not have it any other way."

Patty ushered the girls back to work, shooting me a knowing wink on the way out. Evidently she shared my lust.

Michelle and Brittany became our lovers quicker than we expected. It happened one night at Women's Cave.

Patty and I worked on plans for our anniversary most of Saturday. We hired a caterer and a selected a full menu. We cleaned and polished our best silver. We purchased three bottles of Dom Perignon Champaign. By 5 in the afternoon we were satisfied but in need of a break.

We decided on the Women's Cave as the perfect night out. We had a quick dinner, showered together and dressed for the evening.

I chose a pure white skin tight body suit with a plunging neckline, 6 inch spiked heels, a gold pendant designed in the lesbian symbol. I wore diamond ear studs. I did my lips in a bright red smudge proof lipstick and finished it off with pale blue eye shadow. I studied my look in the mirror. My nipples hardened and pushed out the fabric enticingly. The neckline revealed about a third of my 38" breasts. The outline of my shaved pussy formed a perfect camel toe. The crevice of my ass revealed every bit of my plump buns. It said plain as day' "I am a hot dyke. Take me!"

Patty dressed in a perfectly fit black pin striped suit a white shirt with french cuffs and a black silk tie. Her hair and make up were flawless as usual. She looked at me with approval and impishly joked. "Tonight I am your pimp and you are my whore."

"I am at your command my mistress." I replied obediently.

It was a typical Saturday night at Women's Cave. The buzz of conversation, laughter and piped in music created the perfect atmosphere for lovers enjoying a quiet evening or horny singles on the prowl. Young sexy hostesses in skimpy attire moved among the patrons delivering drinks, clearing tables and politely declining numerous propositions.

We found a corner booth. Naomi, a bronzed Jamaican buxom beauty recognized us from past visits and approached us.

"So nice to see you again," she spoke in the Jamaican accent we loved.

"Great to see you too," Patty replied.

"Twin beauties Michelle and Brittany have been asking about you." she continued "Do you know them?"

"Yes we do. Please find them." I hurriedly requested.

"What a nice surprise." Patty ventured.

"It's the time we have been waiting for." I replied.

The site of Michelle and Brittany created a lump in my throat and a pounding in my heart. They wore tight red shorts and sheer halter tops revealing their beautiful full breasts and puffy nipples.

We stood and tried not to stare. Michelle and Brittany with no shyness at all stared intently at us.

"You are quite a pair, like a boss lady out with her mistress" Michelle correctly appraised.

"And you two look like party crashers." Patty answered. "Please join us."

Michelle and Brittany took their seats. I moved next to Brittany. Michelle took her place next to Michelle.

Brittany found it difficult to keep her eyes off my breasts.

"It's Ok," I told her. "Look all you want. Feel me if you so desire." . "Your boobs are beautiful." she moaned.

She placed her right arm around my shoulder and slowly moved her left hand to my chest. Her hand moved slowly under my right breast. Her tender touch sent tingling sensations throughout my body. My pussy leaked freely soaking my crotch. Brittany softly caressed my breasts moving from one to the other. She tweaked my nipples. I shuddered and placed my hands on her head forcing it to my breasts. She opened wide. My nipples hardened. She swished her hot tongue back and forth over my left nipple. She instinctively knew when I had enough pleasure and moved to my right.

I was on fire. My pussy was frothing. A puddle formed under my ass. It was a erotically pleasant feeling setting in my own pussy juice. A strong aroma filled the booth inflaming the passions of Patty and Michelle.

They locked in a deep kiss. Michelle skillfully removed Patty's jacket and rubbed her tits through her shirt. Patty happily removed her tie and unbuttoned her shirt revealing her full plump breasts.

Our escapade continued for God knows how long. We drew a appreciative audience. I noticed several women lifting their dresses and rubbing their pussies. I saw a couple kissing madly.

It was time for us to leave. We needed privacy for more intimate sex.

Naomi recognized my wet ass predicament. She led me to a staff changing area. She helped me out of my dress, sponged me clean and offered me her terry cloth robe. I kissed her in gratitude.

"Happy too help. Just bring it by my apartment and I'll treat you to some brown sugar."

"I think I would enjoy that. It will be my first "Brown Sugar."

'Be careful. You know what they say, "Once you do black you will never go back."

"Oh, I could never leave Patty."

"I know, but let me give you a taste of what you are in for."

She reached into her shorts, rubbed her pussy and withdrew a hand covered with her cream. She brought it to my mouth. I sucked it clean. It was unlike any pussy juice I have ever tasted, I loved the tangy taste and thick texture. I promised to see her soon. . Making it out of the club was an adventure. Greetings from friends, applause for our show, little slips of paper with phone numbers, and requests lo stay were all nice. But we had better plans.

Brittany and I climbed in the back seat. She quickly opened my robe and feasted on my tits the entire half hour drive to our house. Michelle had Patty naked from the waist up playfully caressing her 37 inch mounds.

Once inside we all undressed in record time.

The twins took time to look around,

"What a beautiful home." Michelle gushed.

"I can't wait for your anniversary party," Brittany exclaimed.

The anticipation momentarily rendered us unable to make the first move. Patty took charge. "One bedroom or two?" she asked.

Michelle, Brittany and I all answered "Two!"

Taking Brittany by the hand I guided her to one of our guest bed rooms and a king size water bed.

Although Brittany and I are the same age, 23, she has vastly more experience, starting her lesbian journey at 18. I hoped that the techniques I have mastered would give her a real treat. There are no limits to my passion and fervent desire to please.

Brittany and I stood face to face. I met her lips with a feather touch. She responded and lightly gripped my head tenderly. I put my right hand on the side of her neck, and my left to the small of her back. After several minutes, our lips slowly parted. Our tongues touched, not moving and rejoicing in the moment. We eventually parted a bit and gazed at the fire in our eyes. We inflamed the fire by meeting in a fervent open mouth kiss. We moaned as our tongues dueled. Her hands gripped my head tighter and I pulled her neck and back firmly. After long moments of pleasure beyond believe our breathing became labored.

We paused to catch our breath.

"Wow, you are a great kisser." Brittany gasped.

"I could kiss you forever." I replied. "Your lips are so soft."

"You have mastered the art of french kissing." she praised.

"Three great teachers helped," I explained..

"Patty told us about your mom and Clair. I wish I had older women to guide me."

"That is so sweet, I know you would love sex with them. I will tell you a secret. I have been a lesbian for almost one year. In that time I have had five lovers.You are number five."

"Michelle will make it six," Brittany smiled. "'I can't count the number of women Michele and I have seduced. I remember only a few names. In the beginning we were only interested a lot of hot sex and hardly thought about love. Seeing you and Patty's true love for each other has changed our outlook. We hope to be as blessed sometime." Her smile turned to light tears.

Her comments and the longing look in her eyes touched me deeply. We held each other tight in a loving embrace. I whispered "You will my dear, you will."

I think we both realized that the rest of the night would be an emotional thrill ride. I wished for Patty and Michelle the same.

Gradually our passion returned. Brittany lay face up on the bed. She saw me staring intently and thought I wanted her to reveal her measurements.


Thank you. It is nice to know. But I was really admiring your entire body. I love your long blond hair, your lovely blue eyes, your luscious lips, plump tits, tiny waist, your pubic hair runway with a butterfly tattoo seeming to take off in flight. Your perfectly proportioned legs are lovely.. You have turned me on since the day we met." I finished.

Brittany blushed at my comments with a dose of humility I found very attractive.

I could contain my lust no longer. I startled her legs and placed my palms on her mounds. I dropped my head to kiss her deeply, She sucked on the tongue that would soon be lavishing her tits. I cupped her right breast in both hands and squeezed just enough to fatten her areola. I stopped kissing and spread my lips as far as possible and sucked as hard as I could.

"Ohhhhhh! My lord in heaven! Soooooo good! I'm on fire!"

Her nipple grew incredibly long and hard, much larger than I had ever seen, even in porn films.

I sucked gently on the monster.

"HARDER!" se screamed. Suck it hard. That's it! I'm cummming!"

She clinched the sheet with both fists and arched her back as her orgasm reached a crescendo of loud screams and long moans. Juices poured from her pussy onto her belly and down her legs. I grabbed a towel and soaked up the puddle on her belly and the streams down her legs. It was sopping wet, I squeezed it over her mouth. "Yummy" she cooed as she watched me take a drink. "Yes, yummy." I smiled.

If Brittany climaxed so hard from breast play I could not wait to see how she reacted to a good pussy licking.

I gave her a final kiss on her nipples moved down to her belly button. I hoped it was as sensitive as mine. I kissed the flesh surrounding the core and licked the knotted skin.

"That's nice." she calmly said. It was not the reaction I hoped for so I moved on.

In my married days I often consulted a popular on line sex advice site. I loved giving Mark head and wanted to learn how to give him more pleasure. It is the only technique I carry with me to this day.

Startling at her navel I softly licked Brittany's belly in expanding circles each a little larger than the last. It never failed in the past and Brittany was no exception. She squirmed and arched her back until I stopped at the tender undersides of her breasts. I lingered softly kissing the soft spongy flesh, She frantically needed her pussy licked and pushed my head down.

I reached her pubic hair runway. The hair was soft and trimmed perfectly. I palmed her very wet pussy and opened her outer lips. A wet sheen covered the inner flesh inviting my tongue. She released more tasty nectar.

I inserted a finger and sucked on the sheath protecting her clit. The tip slowly rose. Unbelievably it grew longer and fatter. I looked transfixed at the largest clit I have ever seen. Patty has a large clit but Brittany's is twice the size.

Brittany looked kindly at my shocked expression.

"I do not know why Michelle and I so blessed," Brittany explained. "None of the women we have met compared, The only one who comes close is Naomi."

"She propositioned me when she lent me her bath robe. She promised me some "brown sugar" when I return it and even gave me taste of her cream."

"When you go make sure you take Patty with you. Her lover Carol is a platinum blond knock out."

"They are for the future." I told her. "Right now my thoughts are for you. Please relax."

"I have dreamed about you since we met," Brittany whispered. "Enjoy yourself but know that my clit is extremely sensitive. I almost always squirt."

It was just what I had hoped for. "I love female ejaculate." I whispered.

I stared again at Brittany's amazing clit. I crawled between her legs and kissed and licked her inner thighs. I held her legs high so I could lavish the special erogenous zone behind her knee caps. I kissed, licked and sucked the tender and ticklish area until she stopped squirming and begged me to stop.

I moved to her feet. I devoured her feet, then sucked all ten just like small cocks.

"That's heavenly." Brittany cooed.

I started back up her left thigh gazing intently at her beautiful, pussy and giant clit.

I double fingered her pussy enjoying her soft and pliable inner wall.

"More! Please!" she begged.

I folded my hand and jabbed four fingers deep in her vagina. Creamy juices lubricated my hand allowing me to form a fist. She was so tight I had to twist it to get inside.


I thought she had enough. "Should I continue?" I asked.

"Please go on. I want to feel your tongue in my cunt. Drink all my juices. Suck my clit"

I licked up and down her pussy as her creamy juices covered my face. I moved my tongue over every fold and crevice. I inserted my tongue in her pussy and felt her legs lock around my head. My whole world was her frothing pussy. Her orgasm raged on and on,

My face, hair, tits and her belly glistened from a thick layer of hot creamy essence.

Brittany smiled and began the long process of cleaning my face and tits. I cleaned her belly. We shared her juices in a sloppy kiss. I noticed her clit still stood tall begging for attention.

With respect to the sensitivity of Brittany's clit I tried to be as gentle as possible. I held it gently between two fingers and lightly kissed the tip. She moaned softly. I moved my fingers and took it in my mouth softly closing my lips. Her moaning increased slightly.

"You have a nice touch." she purred.

I did not move a muscle, enjoying the feel of her clit in my mouth. It was smoother than silk and reminded me of the warmth of the cigarette smoke I foolishly enjoyed as a teenager.

I pushed my fore finger in her pussy and quickly located the nerve bundle of her G spot. Brittany moaned harder and pulled hard on her nipples. I could sense the pressure building and swirled my tongue over her large nub. It seemed to grow even larger. She froze for a second unable to move as the volume of her fluids begged for release.

Her eyes grew larger, Her nostrils flared. Her mouth opened wide. She grunted like a wild animal as long powerful jets erupted from her pussy, One squirt followed the other. I was literally drowning in her ejaculate. As she calmed down I drank down her last dribbles. It was pure liquid and tasted a bit like Julie's cum.

Brittany looked at me and could stop laughing. "You are a mess," she chuckled. "And look at this bed. The sheets are soaked."

I pushed my body to Brittany. "Now we are both a mess." I giggled.

We laughed until in hurt. I breathed in the aroma of female juices, ejaculate and good old fashion sweat. I had grown to love it as the aftermath of fantastic sex.

Brittany and I were exhausted, A glance at the bedside clock revealed we had been at it for an amazing five hours. We badly needed to get some rest. We cleaned the room, replaced the bed linen and hit the shower.

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