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Circumcise Me 2


This essay is neither for or against circumcision, I just want to add some aspects of the custom which seem to have been lost over time. These are my own opinions which I thought were general knowledge but I see no mention of them in any of the essays on circumcision.

If you do not agree with any of the claims I make, please state your corrections, objections in the comments section, for these are my opinions, drawn from my limited observations and I welcome your comments, be they good or bad.

When the Israelites were enslaved by the Egyptians, some six thousand years ago, the pharaoh had all male slaves circumcised. According to the bible, he did this as a means to identify his slaves but that was not the primary reason.

According to the ancient texts and I'm sorry, I cannot refer you to them as I don't remember where I read it, the pharaoh had his slaves circumcised as a means of making them acquiescent or rendering them gentle. It was a common practice in those days for the victors of war, to give their prisoners a choice; "Your foreskin or your life."

Taking an enemy's foreskin reduces some of his aggression. Many victors returned from their battles, boasting of the number of foreskins hanging from their spears.

When the circumcised prisoners returned to civilian life, they were referred to as gentleman. Consider the foreskin as a shield. A man with a shield can be overly aggressive; with out a shield, he must stop and think or plan his aggression. A circumcised man is more cautious and sensitive to his surroundings.

One only needs to look at the prisons in the United States of today; of the convicted felons incarcerated for violent crimes, there is an overwhelmingly high number, maybe ninety percent of uncircumcised or natural men in relation to the over all male population of the U.S.. Again, I must apologize for not being able to prove my claim but there are no scientific surveys that I know of, as yet.

Getting back to Egypt and the enslaved Israelites; along comes Moses and frees them. In leading them to freedom, Moses comes down from the mountain with the ten commandments. There is nothing in the commandments that I can see, that states, they must circumcise their new born males.

Once the Jews are free, they are no longer required or forced to mutilate the genitals of their new born males but they continue the practice. They even go so far as to make it a celebration. Why?

Did the elders discover; that there are more benefits to not having a foreskin? That sexual intercourse is more pleasurable for the male? That husbands and wives experience less genital infections? That the risk of pregnancy is reduced? That young boys going through puberty are much easier to control?

When I was a young man, I had a very large circle of friends and I would say that half of them, like myself, were circumcised. It seemed to me at the time, that the natural boys, were more aggressive, more fool hearty, quick to do a double dog dare. In school they got into trouble more often then my circumcised friends.

Boys going through puberty do stupid, dumb and dangerous things. In this country, women out number men, something like two and a half to one. At birth, we start out with an equal number of boys to girls but some how along the way; we lose a high number of boys, many of them are lost during puberty or before they reach the age of twenty five.

If we reduce the number of circumcisions performed in this country, will the death rate of this age group increase accordingly? The young man who recklessly crashes his motorcycle; was he circumcised? I think not but we need to start asking that question.

When I first saw a natural penis, I thought the boy was primitive and I was modern, after all; I cut my hair, shaved my face, clipped my nails and had shed my foreskin. I thought I was superior but now I'm not so sure.

By not having a foreskin; my sexual pleasure is enhanced but it may be short lived, especially during sexual intercourse which could leave my partner unfulfilled and less likely to become pregnant.

In development; the growth of the glans or head of a circumcised penis is not restricted by the foreskin so the head grows larger, giving the penis the appearance of a lolly pop, unlike a natural's growth which is more like a pencil; more suited to injecting it's sperm.

The large round head of a circumcised penis has a greater area of sensitivity, giving the man far more pleasure than his natural counter part, however; the larger head serves as a suction device on the with-draw motions of intercourse thus, sucking the sperm away from the egg.

A natural man with that extra layer of skin, can last much longer during intercourse thus giving the woman multiple orgasms. I know that my own wife prefers uncircumcised men but things are what they are. If I want to last a long time, I have always had the option, of putting on a condom.

Am I a cuckold because I am circumcised? I don't think so but in comparing married women, I would say, in my opinion, that women who are married to natural men are more likely to remain faithful, however; they are more likely to be abused.

My circumcision may be a contributing factor as to why I tend to be passive or submissive with my wife and yet; I can be very aggressive or dominating when meeting a woman who appeals to me.

Two thousand years ago, the Romans embraced the Hebrew teachings of Jesus Christ and by doing so, they should have converted to Judaism but at the time, they would have had to undergo circumcision. Not wanting to sacrifice their foreskins, they formed the Roman Catholic Religion. We (note we) even have a holiday named, The Feast of the Circumcision, commemorating the circumcision of Jesus.

If the Romans had converted to Judaism by submitting themselves to circumcision, then maybe today; Michelangelo's David would be circumcised and the past two thousand years of human history would have been a more gentle time?

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