tagLoving WivesClaire and Jimmy's Halloween Adventure

Claire and Jimmy's Halloween Adventure


Jimmy was having trouble shifting gears in Ben's Old Ford Truck, "He is definitely getting the good end of this deal, driving my Mercedes and fucking my wife!" He thought as he finally got the old truck in first gear. He was very proud of the scheme he had thought up. It had been months since he set his wife Claire up to be fucked by those two young college boys and he wanted more. They both knew what had happened that night, both loved it, but neither of them let on to the other that they knew. (You will have to read "Wife Becomes a KOA Slut" to understand). Just as he got the truck rolling his phone rang, it was Ben. "Dude how do you drive this piece of shit truck?" Jimmy asked.

"I love that truck! But, I have to say this Mercedes is pretty damn nice. I can't believe you are giving me your car and your wife! This is better than winning the lottery! Not crazy about this costume though, really? Darth Vader, I'm not going to be able to breathe."

"Well I'm not crazy about wearing your rubber Frankenstein mask, it smells like I have a condom over my head. When do you think you will get to the party?"

"I'm here, I'm surprised how many people are here already."

"Have you seen Claire yet? Haha you can't miss her yellow banana costume." When Claire showed Jimmy the costume she picked his heart sank, he couldn't figure out how he was going to get her sexed up in that huge costume. He told her he might want to drag her into one of the bedrooms at the party and make a banana split! She showed him all the secret zippers, the one he was interested in started at her belly button, went down across her crotch and finished about half way up her back. Two Velcro flaps opened up a flap covering her chest and face.

"No, but there are a lot of hot ladies in sexy costumes, this is going to be a fun party. Oh, wait, she just walked in. Are you sure you want me having my way with your wife?"

"Yes, but don't take the mask off, we can't let her know it's you."

"Right, no problem buddy, well I better hang up before she hears me talking to you."

Jimmy heard his sweet beautiful wife's voice just as they hung up as she said hello to whom she thought was her husband. Jimmy realized he was already hard just from thinking about tonight. Ten minutes later he was at the party. He had told Ben to wait until he showed up before he went too far. A feel or two wouldn't hurt anything, but he didn't want him sneaking her to a back bedroom until he was there to watch. They even traded vehicles just in case she seen them pulling up.

After being greeted at the door by a very sexy witch, Jimmy looked around for his wife and friend. There were so many people he could barely get into the main living room where the bar was. He got a drink then scoped the crowd. He didn't see the banana and Darth Vader at first. He seen a lot of really cleaver costumes and just as many sexy outfits. There was a guy dressed as a bong and his wife was dressed as a Bic lighter, he seen several sexy witches. There were three young gentlemen dressed impressively as the Three Stooges talking to a very curvy harem girl, and a lot of people wearing political character masks, then he seen his wife and friend.

He almost lost his breath at the thought of his wife fucking his friend. His hand trembled and his heart raced as he watched them without staring. Ben had his hand on the banana's butt, the costume was made of a soft felt that did show off her nice ass and ample breasts. He chuckled when he seen his wife sipping her drink through a very long straw. He noticed she was feeling Ben's shoulders and arms as they chatted. He knew he couldn't just stand there and gawk at them, so he started mingling. After talking to several people he knew, meeting a few he didn't he decided to find the restroom.

When he came back he seen that the stooges were playing a drinking game with the harem girl. She was obviously enjoying the attention she was getting. They were doing shots, and each time she took a drink she would only lift her veil enough to get the drink to her mouth. He watched them for a while as he realized how friendly they were all being. The boys were feeling her up pretending to hold her while she would take a shot. They were laughing and talking very loudly, the harem girl giggled.

Jimmy walked thru the living room, into the den and even checked out the kitchen, but he couldn't find the banana and the space creep. After eating a few snacks, he decided to go check the patio. While on the patio he ran into a co-worker. The last person in the world he wanted to talk to right now. The guy could go on and on forever talking about something he had no interest in. And sure enough, he started talking his ear off. Finally, Jimmy found an opening to leave.

Going back into the house he still couldn't find his wife and friend. Jimmy swallowed hard as he realized they must be in a back room fulfilling the plan. He casually worked his way to the back of the house. He had been to a party at this house once before and was a little familiar with the floor plan. There were four bedrooms and a large bathroom in the back part of the house. He opened the first door after listening for a few seconds. There was a couple in the room, it looked like they were in a pretty intense argument. Jimmy said, "sorry" and shut the door. He opened the next door and the room was crowded. After just a few seconds he realized the Three Stooges were having their way with the sexy harem girl.

The four were on the bed and there were four or five people smoking a joint and watching. He wondered if they were waiting for a turn. He looked back to the action on the bed. They had her baggy harem pants with the gold sequins off and lying on the floor. They had her top pulled up and two of them were each licking and kissing a breast. Curly was eating her pussy, her legs were draped over his shoulder. She still had her shoes on, a sexy pair of golden spike heels with straps going half way up her calf. Everyone laughed as she accidently pulled off Curly's bald cap while she was trying to pull his head into her cunt. Jimmy noticed a simple gold wedding band on her hand, it looked much like Claire's wedding band. That made him realize he needed to find his wife before the show was over.

He opened the door to the next room. There they were! Jimmy was so excited. Ben had done well, he had kept the mask on and blocked her vision of the door, so he could slip in unnoticed. Ben had wasted no time, he was already ramming her pussy with his cock. Her legs were out of the banana costume and wrapped around his friend's waist as he thrusted hard and fast. Jimmy had no idea that his friend had such a large cock, not really that long, but wide and thick like a wrist. He was proud of Claire for taking it so easily. He watched as each thrust of Ben's cock was met with an arch of his wife's torso. She seemed even wilder than normal, and instead of her normal panting, she was moaning very loudly. It was almost all Jimmy could do to keep from pulling his cock out and relieving his pressure, but he wanted to save it until he got home where he would fuck his wife's cum filled pussy. Life was good.

Jimmy had to duck into a walk-in closet as his wife and friend changed position. Ben had rolled onto his back and pulled the sexy banana up on top of him and she was on her feet and squatting, she was fucking him as hard as he had fucked her a few minutes ago. Jimmy knew it was time for him to get out before he got caught.

After sneaking out he decided to check the Harem girl and the Stooges. She was now taking all three cocks. Moe was up her ass and pounding hard, Curly was laying on his back as she rocked her pussy on his hard cock and Larry looked like he was getting the blow job of his life. Jimmy had fantasized about seeing Claire in that situation. Maybe someday. He decided to Check on his wife and friend one more time.

He opened the door slowly only to find an empty room. As he looked around a very drunk Jane and a huge Tarzan asked Jimmy if anyone was using that room. Jimmy smiled and said, no it's all yours and warned them that there may be some banana split ice cream on the bed. Smiling he started walking down the hall. After using the restroom, he was ready to go home and wait for his wife. Ben was supposed to take her somewhere for an hour before bringing her home. He would have to come inside the house with her and go to the bathroom where jimmy would meet him, so they could switch costumes. This, to Jimmy was going to be the risky part. After saying good bye to the hosts, which took much longer than he wanted he went out to find Ben's truck. In the parking lot he seen two of the stooges carrying a very drunk and well fucked harem girl to a Volkswagen bug.

The truck almost didn't start, Jimmy had to open the hood and wiggle around a wire that Ben had told him about if he had trouble starting it. He got it started and headed home. As he turned down the street he and Claire lived on, he seen the two stooges in the bug driving out. It made him curious who the harem girl was, she must live in the neighborhood.

Jimmy was surprised to find his front door unlocked and even more surprised to find his wife passed out on the bed. She was tucked in and sleeping like an angel. He went in to the bathroom and tripped over Claire's shoes. At first he didn't think much about it, then he looked again at the shoes. It was the gold spiked heels that the harem girl was wearing. Jimmy heard Claire's phone on the bathroom sink beep and decided to see if there were any clues on it. He scrolled through her text messages and found the smoking gun. A text message from Claire's sexy best friend Tracy which read, "It worked, Jimmy has no idea it's me in the banana costume, I'm going to fuck the shit out of him! Hope you have fun too Harem girl!" Jimmy smiled and went to bed with Claire.

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The grammar Nazis always come from those who don't write. If you aren't brave enough to put something out there then shut the fuck up, you have no right to talk.

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by 26thNC10/05/18


Agree with your comment on see and saw. I just wish I hadn't seen what I saw when I read this.

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by KristieBechir11/03/17


If you don't learn the difference between "saw" and "seen" I will never read one of your stories again.

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by Anonymous11/02/17


fag cuck shit.

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by patillie11/02/17

Decently written, premise is a familiar one

but no discussion of what happened next day-did they discuss the party-did Jimmy get his end wet that night by waking up his wife, afterall he went to such work to arrange for her to get creampied, andmore...

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