tagLoving WivesClaire and Our Neighbor

Claire and Our Neighbor


It's amazing who your neighbors turn out to be.

Well, it really ended up making an impact on my life anyway. Let me backtrack a bit and fill you in.

I first met Claire in my last year of college. She was a year behind me and both of us ended up working on a group project together. Back then I thought she was incredibly cute and had a personality to match. Her bubbly sense of humor was the highlight of my day.

About a month into the semester, I asked her out and she accepted!

We spent a lot of time together that semester, things started getting serious.

I remember our first night together vividly. We decided to make it special. We rented a hotel room on the edge of town, had a nice dinner and I was ready for her.

Claire is short brunette, coming in at just under 5'4". However, her genes blessed her with fantastic curves to put on her small frame. Her body measured 36d-26-36. The jeans she wore clung to her tight, ample ass, but it was her tits that made her body goddess-like. Big, firm and so beautiful and they pressed out everything she wore. Her body had amazing curves from the top down and I loved every inch of it.

I was, and still am your average white guy. Just over 6 feet, I get my share of looks from the ladies, but I know I'm just the nice guy. So, to me Claire was a great catch and I intended to hold onto her.

That night I waited in anticipation for her in that hotel room. She came out wearing a beautiful white teddy that barely covered her body. Her hard nipples pused through the fabric. I saw her dark trimmed bush through the bottom and was gone for good. We made love that night and for many more times the rest of that semester.

It soon became obvious that I was in love with Claire and that we were going to be together for a while. After I graduated, I took a job in the city to be near her. We married soon after college.

I spent the next few years busting my ass, working in a major accounting firm. Soon, I got promoted and things were on the rise for Claire and me. After my promotion, she decided to stop working so she could go back and get her master's degree. I fully supported it.

Since I started rolling in the dough, we thought it might be good to move on up for our house too.

After months of searching, we found a great house in the suburbs. I was swamped with work during the move, so I barely took time to settle in.

One night after Claire's semester was done; we took a day off and went to Vegas. The drinks and the atmosphere helped her and I to loosen up and have fun. One night after 3 bottles of wine and some hot sex, we started spilling the beans about fantasies as we watched porn.

We were both fantasizing all the time and it was fun to get it out. Claire said she'd almost had a fling with a girl in college but they both backed out. The image of her with a girl got me rock hard. I knew she had been with a few guys, but she hadn't told me this.

The drinks flowed as we played with each other. At one point, I confessed to her. "I'd love to watch you fuck another guy" I said.

The look on her face was one of both surprise and excitement. It was the excitement that hit me. I could tell she wasn't totally put off by it.

She said "Oh my god, really?"

"Well, the idea is super hot. I'm not sure if we could ever do it for real, but yeah."

Claire giggled a bit and said "Well, looks like we both had stuff to spill."

We fucked again that night and slept it off that morning.

Soon, I was back into work and she was neck deep in the books.

One evening I came home and there was a huge moving truck in the house in the same street as ours. I knew the house had been sold, but didn't know anything about the new tenants.

The next day was a Saturday. That's when I met Jeff.

My new neighbor was about 6'5", muscular and I judged him to be about 50 years old. He had his head shaved and his skin was a dark caramel color. He reached out one of his big arms and shook my hand with his massive grip.

Jeff told me that he and his wife had just moved in from California and were looking forward to getting to know the neighbors. As he stood there in the yard, we talked about the city and where I worked.

I learned that Jeff had played some college football a long time ago and been an investment broker and had done very well for himself. He was basically retired now and his wife Karen worked for the power company.

About that time I saw Jeff look behind me and heard our door open.

I turned to see Claire coming out, wearing tiny denim cut off shorts and a black tank top. I knew she wasn't wearing a bra underneath that. She was always comfy on the weekends. She had her dark brown hair cut in a short bob now. It looked incredibly cute and it suited her well. Right now, her hair was messy and she didn't have makeup on. She looked like the hot girl next door.

Claire came to my side and shook Jeff's hand. I saw him catch a glance at her body but it was nothing too obvious. After a minute of talking, we exchanged numbers and decided to get together soon.

As Claire and I walked to the house, she said "That will be nice to have new neighbors". I thought the same thing, but had no idea my marriage might be changing soon.

A few weeks later we got an invitation to Jeff and Karen's. They were hosting a neighborhood party for the block.

Claire looked beautiful in her flowered dress. The scoop neck showed just a bit of cleavage but it was not too revealing.

It was at the party that we finally met Karen. She was a tall black woman, almost 6 feet tall. She seemed nice enough but she wasn't socializing much. It was almost as if she didn't want to be there.

Claire and I mingled through the party, being sure to talk with everyone we could. Although Jeff seemed to get along with everyone, the same could not be said for Karen. She was just so distant and not very inviting. I figured something was up, but I just let it go.

A couple of days later, I came home and Claire was standing in the yard, talking to Jeff. Once again, she was wearing her short denim shorts.

Her pretty legs were on display and the shirt she had on pushed out from her breasts. As I got out of the car, Jeff came over to say hello. He and Claire were just talking about the weather. He said goodbye and went back home.

Later than night, Claire said "You know, I think Jeff and Karen aren't doing so well."

"What makes you say that?" I asked.

"He just made some sort comments about her. I don't know, could be nothing." She said.

A couple of weeks went by. One night we had a knock on the door. It was Jeff.

"Hey man, sorry to bother. Karen kicked me out. Is there any way I could bunk on your couch?"

"Umm.. ok." I said.

Jeff came in. Luckily, Claire was still dressed from school and went over. She gave him a hug. I saw his big arms wrap around her tightly.

When they separated, she offered him some tea. They sat down in the kitchen table. Claire was always good with sorting out people's issues. This was no exception.

They sat there for an hour or more. I did things around the house but kept checking in on them. I heard him tell her things about Karen, how bossy she was, etc. The conversation never turned into anything more than them trying to figure out a plan for him and Karen.

Jeff got up and said he was going to try and sneak back into their house. He gave Claire a big hug and thanked me for the time.

After he left, Claire told me that Jeff and Karen had been fighting for years. He said the move was one more effort to work things out, try something new. But now, the same old habits were still there.

We didn't see Jeff or Karen for a couple of weeks after that incident. I assumed things were going well for them. That just wasn't the case.

After a few days, I came home one night and Jeff was outside. I waved and he walked over.

He said, "I've already told Claire. Looks like Karen and I are going to split up."

"Oh man, I'm sorry to hear that" I told him.

"Yeah, I think we'll both be moving away soon" I shook his hand and told him to call if he needed anything.

The minute I got in the house, Claire said "Did you talk to Jeff? So sad what's happening"

I didn't have a lot to say. I knew things like that happened. I just thought they would simply move on.

Two nights later Claire and I went out for dinner. We shared some wine and had a really nice time.

As soon as we got home we were all over each other. It had been a while for us and we had to let off some steam. We never even made it to the bed, I had Claire bent over the couch. I fucked her pretty hard and she seemed to enjoy it.

After we both got ready for bed, Claire came in, staring at me.

She said "I have to say this. I've had this thought in my head for a while now."

I looked at her. "What is it honey?"

She looked at me "Well.....I had this thought. I think we may be able to fulfill a fantasy."

I swallowed hard and waited. "What?"

"Your fantasy."

Once again I waited a second, wondering where this was headed. My heart was racing. She sat down next to me and started.

"Well, I know you want to see me with another man. And, to be honest, I do think it would be hot. If and only if you really think we could handle it."

Claire continued on, "Well, the only way any of our fantasies could work is if we trust each other. And if we promise to love each other no matter what."

I nodded, still a bit clueless, but I had thousands of thoughts in my head.

"And," she said, "Anyone else involved would have to be gone so it wouldn't make it worse."

Claire was blushing a bit, but I could tell she had thought this through.

She went on. "Well, there's someone in our lives that is leaving. And, I think he might be perfect for this. I feel comfortable with him and I think it could be safe and fun."

"Who?" I asked, even though I thought I had the answer.

"Jeff!" she exclaimed.

"What? Jeff? Why him? He's still married!" I said.

Claire said "He's getting divorced Rob. There's no doubt about it. Karen's already moved out. He's really nice to us. I just think this might be one way for us to live out a fantasy with no strings."

"No strings?" I said. "What if something weird happens? What if Karen finds out? This could jeopardize his divorce."

I can't believe I even said that. Already my words had us hooked into this. I was only worried about the consequences.

Claire sat silent for a short minute. "Look, I'm not saying we have to do it. But I think this would be the time if we want to. I'll love you no matter what."

I was quiet. The images of Claire with Jeff were burning into my head. I wasn't sure what to say.

Claire broke the silence. "Well, just think about it. Like I said, it was just a thought."

Needless to say I got little sleep that night. I thought about Claire and wondered how long she thought about it. Did I want her to do it? Yes! No! Well, there were some of both. My head said no, but my naughty thoughts told me otherwise.

The next couple of days at work were tough. I thought about it constantly. Claire didn't mention anything about it. Things went on as "normal" for the rest of the week.

The following Saturday when I drove home I saw a realtor at Jeff's house. They were giving a tour to some folks. Immediately the thought of "it's now or never" entered into my head. Jeff would be moving away soon. He'd be gone from our lives. If we were going to live out this fantasy, it was almost time to do it.

So, Claire and I went out to dinner that night. We had a nice cozy booth and the wine flowed. During desert I just thought I'd throw it out there.

"Claire, let's talk about this fantasy. Are you sure you want to do this?" I asked.

Claire slowly set her fork down and sipped some wine. She looked at me.

"Well, I have to admit, it scares the hell out of me. But it also excites me to no end."

Claire went on, "I'm not sure why, but I think this might be a perfect opportunity for us to live out something wild and kinky while we're young."

I finished my glass and said "Where? When? How?"

Claire looked over at me. "Well, how about at the country house?"

The country house was a small house built and owned by Claire's great uncle. It was about 1 hour from us. It was rarely used anymore. It was near a small town but very secluded. It was built out of stone and was very cozy. There were only 2 bedrooms and a small kitchen. But, the living room was amazing. It was sunken down about 5 feet, complete with plush couches that faced a huge fireplace. It was a great place to go in the winter. We'd only been a couple of times in the 4 years we'd been married.

"Really, out there?" I asked.

"Well, I think my uncle is going to sell it. It's close by, and no one knows us there."

She did have a point. It would provide the perfect place for all this.

I had to add something more. "Well, do we even know if Jeff would want to do this?"

Claire was quiet. She said "Well, I don't know. That is true. He might have issues with this. But, he might not. But, if he doesn't he's leaving anyway."

We left the restaurant soon after. That night we fucked hard, both knowing what the other was thinking. We had crossed a line and couldn't come back.

That next evening, we decided to write a letter to Jeff. Neither of us thought we could face him to ask him for this.

I wrote the letter. We went onto to tell Jeff that we'd had this lingering fantasy for some time. We never thought we'd go through with it. However, we felt a connection with him that we didn't think we could deny. Since he was leaving, he deserved a going away present.

We sealed the envelope and put it in the mail together. Once it fell in the slot, we knew it would only be a matter of time before we heard from him.

Two days later we had a knock on our door one evening. I looked through the glass. I could see Jeff's imposing frame outside.

"Claire!" I yelled. "He's here!"

I saw Claire run to the mirror, adjusting her hair. She was wearing jeans and a tight red top. "Ok"

We went to the door together. I opened it. Jeff was standing there. He said, "Can I come in?"

We moved out of his way and we all went to the living room and sat facing each other on the couches.

He said "Well, I was very surprised to get this."

He pulled out the letter we sent, open. I could almost feel my face turning red.

Jeff continued, "Well, I have to say. I've never been in this type of situation. It's very flattering. You guys have been great friends to me during all this. And, if you guys really think you want to do this, I'm in."

I breathed a short breath. "Ok, I said."

Jeff said, "But, if at any time I want to back out, I will. And I'll be sure to respect your wishes too. My only request is that if you want Claire and me to be together Rob that you let that happen. I'm not into 3ways. I think I could be watched, but that's it. I'll focus on her and you just have to let us do what we want, and not stop anything once we get going."

I looked over at Claire, who was bright red.

My voice was trembling as I said, "Ok, I think I can do that."

I meant it. I thought I could do it. Could I really? I wasn't sure. This was unknown territory. I didn't know how I'd react to all of this.

Jeff looked over at Claire. "If you want this Claire, I'll do my best to make it memorable for you."

Claire nodded; she was silent, full of apprehension.

Jeff got up. "Ok, so unless I hear otherwise, I'll meet you guys here Saturday afternoon and we can drive up there to the cabin."

Jeff left. I turned to Claire. "Ok, well, I guess we know he's up for it."

Claire looked at me. "Oh my god, it's going to happen. It's really going to happen."

At that moment she and I were both overcome with something. We started kissing. Soon, we were both naked and going at it on the couch. It was hot and fast. Just the thought of what we were about to do got us going.

The next couple of days passed quickly. My thoughts raced and I know they did the same for Claire. Before I knew it we were packing up for the trip. Claire wanted privacy as she packed so I loaded our SUV.

Jeff walked up with a couple of bags. He shook my hand and I put them into the back.

Jeff said "One more time to back out Rob."

I smiled. I said "I'd be lying to you if I said wasn't thinking twice. But, we've come this far."

Jeff looked at me. He said "Don't worry man. It will be fine."

Claire came out, looking cute in jeans and a red sweater. She gave Jeff a hug and we all piled into the car.

The drive went well. We kept away from the whole entire purpose of the trip. Nothing was said about what we were going there for.

We arrived at the home just as the sun was going down. It had gotten much colder. The wind blew hard outside.

We went inside. The place was immaculate as always. I turned on the heat as everyone settled in. We had decided to go to dinner in town to start off the evening.

Claire and I were together, getting dressed. She said, "Hey, would you mind getting dressed and giving me some privacy?"

I didn't even ask why. I just did it.

I waited in the living room. Jeff joined me soon after. He was wearing a black suit, complete with a striking red shirt. I had to admit, he made the suite look good.

We heard the door open and Claire strutted on out. She was wearing a gorgeous red wrap dress. It clung to her tight body. The v-neck showed her ample cleavage and it was short enough to tell she was wearing black thigh high stockings. The thing that set it off though was the black choker she wore around her neck. It was small, but the flash of black with a small jewel in the middle really made it pop on her fair skin. To me, she had never looked hotter.

She grabbed her coat and asked, "You boys ready to go?"

Jeff escorted her out to the car. As I got in the driver's seat, he ushered her into the backseat with him. I thought to myself, "Ok, now I'm their driver. What did I get into?"

The town was just a few minutes away. We were going to have dinner at the hotel restaurant in town.

As we neared the place, Jeff said "Hey Rob. So we can do this right, do you mind if Claire and I have a private dinner?"

I was surprised. But, I did agree to let this play out. "Ok, I'll sit at the bar."

The two of them got out of the car. Claire had her arm hooked around his as they went in. I waited a few minutes. This was going to get tougher than I thought. Still, I knew that Jeff was a nice guy and wouldn't hurt her.

I went in and took a seat at the bar. From my vantage point, I didn't see them. I ordered a drink and waited a few minutes before moving. I had to move to the end of the bar, but then I saw them.

They were seated a tiny table near the corner. I could see a lot of people looking their way. I know that an interracial couple in a small town like this was probably rare. The fact that my wife was part of it added even more to me.

I sipped my drink and ate some chips while I glanced over their way. I couldn't see Jeff's face but I could tell from the look on Claire's face that he was charming her. She was giggling and having fun.

The dinner took much longer than I thought. I was guessing the bartender was wondering what the hell was going on as I waited in there. At one point I was sipping my drink. Just as I set it down, I saw Claire head into the restroom. I waited to watch her come out. I wanted to see how it was going. I wanted to know what he was saying.

Claire came out of the restroom. I stood up to talk with her. She headed near me, smiled and then walked back to the table like she didn't know me.

What the hell? Oh god, she was just playing the role. Damn.

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