tagBDSMClass Time Ch. 04

Class Time Ch. 04


I was beside myself with shock and anxiety.

"What do you mean, Mistress? What letter from my supervisory board?" I fear I was speaking rather loudly and shrilly, but my Mistress graciously overlooked my lack of courtesy this time.

"As I said, a letter came from your supervisory board. It was addressed to you, but as your Mistress, I felt it was my duty to open it. Apparently, rumors about that class you presented in human sexuality somehow circulated back to your board. They sounded concerned about your alleged unorthodox teaching style in that class." (see "Class Time")

I felt the familiar heat of a flush of embarrassment radiating from my face and neck. My heart rate climbed to dangerous levels as I thought about my actions on that day, and how my supervisors would feel about them.

She went on to say, "The letter basically said that they wanted you to appear before them, and relate your side of the story."

My stomach seemed to twist into a knot. The thought of facing them, of trying to explain what happened that day, was almost too much to contemplate. I could visualize their stern faces as they listened to my stammering explanation. I could already hear them telling me to clean out my desk, telling me that I was fired.

"When..." I squeaked as my mouth dried up with fear. I tried wetting it with saliva and swallowing hard, and tried again. "When do I have to meet with them, Mistress?"

"Oh my dear girl. That letter arrived over two weeks ago," she answered with a maddening smile.

"What!? Two weeks ago? They think that I have been ignoring them for two weeks?" In my anxiety, I had balled my hands into fists, and I was pounding them on my thighs. I am sure that my face was a mask of horror.

"On your knees now, pet!" Mistress snapped. "Lace your hands together behind your head! Arch your back a little, and take deep breaths!"

Instinctively reacting to her commands, my body assumed the position she demanded, and I began breathing deeply, my mind still awhirl. I became aware of the scent of the acrid sweat that I was emitting due to my fear. With my arms up in this position, I could even feel the sweat beads trickling from each of my armpits.

"You are flying off the handle, molly," Mistress chastised me. "You are reacting before giving me a chance to fully explain. Calm down!"

I closed my eyes and concentrated on breathing. I tried hard not to think about a ruined career. I wondered if the fact that my students learned so well, and demonstrated the knowledge that they acquired from me, both on the mandated standardized tests and in letters of praise from their eventual employers, might buy me some leniency in the ordeal to come. But in my mind's eye, all I could visualize was the flint eyed faces of these people I had never met as they sat with crossed arms, staring at me from the other side of a very long table.

Mistress waited until my body language indicated the return of a modicum of self-control before continuing. "As I was saying, the letter arrived over two weeks ago. I immediately arranged a meeting with them, and went and talked to them on your behalf." She must have seen my body jerk slightly at this news. "My girl, it is my duty as your Mistress to take care of you. You know that. It was my presence in your classroom that caused you to deviate from your planned lecture. Therefore, it was up to me to explain to them what had happened."

I was listening very carefully. I was uncertain when she had met with them, but thus far I had suffered no repercussions; no one had come to my classroom to escort me from the building. But perhaps she had only met with them yesterday. Perhaps they were deliberating even now.

"May I ask how the meeting went, Mistress?" I inquired softly.

"Actually, I found them all to be quite charming people. There are two men and two women on the board at the moment. We discussed your classroom instruction on that day in great detail."

I mentally moaned in anguish, hearing the word "detail" from her lips. I could imagine her nonchalantly discussing graphic descriptions of my body, and my actions in that classroom. I love my Mistress, but sometimes I think that she is unaware of how bizarre our lifestyle may appear to outsiders. Not everyone is accepting of Dominant/submissive relationships.

"Did they make you stand in front of a long table, like a schoolgirl called to the principal's office?" I inquired.

"No, my pet. We sat on comfortable chairs, arranged in a circle for our discussion. Their eyes were riveted on me, and I seemed to have their undivided attention as I described the situation on that day. They were already aware that your class consists of consenting adults, so they knew if you are not guilty of corrupting minors," related my Mistress, with perfect calmness.

The word "guilty" made me shudder, but I kept silent so that Mistress would continue explaining what had happened at her meeting.

"Of course, I tried to paint a mental picture of your classroom that day. I described for them how you stripped naked at my command, and climbed up on your desk to give the class a better view," Mistress explained. I may have flushed a brighter scarlet imagining what was passing through the board members' minds during this narrative.

"I knew things were going well when I got to the part about the students closely examining your cunt. As I was discussing this, I noticed that both of the male board members were getting noticeable bulges in their trousers. One of the female board members was unconsciously licking her lips at this point, while the other female was subtly rubbing her thighs together." My Mistress is very observant, as she has proved to me time after time.

"There were smiles and nods of approval when I described the finale of the lesson. They were pleased to hear that the students demonstrated the knowledge they gained by correctly touching and naming each portion of your anatomy. And they were thrilled when they heard about your magnificent demonstration of orgasm to complete the lesson," said my Mistress with a serene smile.

"You told them that I came, right there in my classroom, in front of my students? They were not angry?" I managed to choke out.

"To be accurate, my pet, you climaxed not only in front of your students, but also at the hand of a student -- humping her hand in a frenzy. No, they were not angry. They expressed regrets that they had not been present to witness this interaction. It seemed only fair to offer them a chance to experience something similar firsthand," she concluded.

I tried processing what Mistress meant by this for a moment or two. "Do you mean, Mistress, that they want me to also teach them a class in sexuality?"

"Actually, my dear girl, a better way to describe it is that they want to explore your sexuality," she stated, somewhat obliquely.

"Explore it, Mistress? I am confused," I confessed.

"They want to have sex with you, silly girl," she chuckled.

The word "OH!" popped into my mind. Her meaning became crystal clear.

"All four of them, Mistress?" I found the idea intriguing... even exciting, but one thing troubled me. "What if they agreed to this only to gather personal evidence of my depravity, rather than relying on hearsay?"

"That possibility did occurred to me, sweet girl of mine. So I took out some insurance. As a token of good faith, a guarantee of their sincerity and a barrier against repercussions, my cell phone now has pictures of each of them. Before you ask what kind of pictures, let me assure you they are not the sort of pictures that the board members would like to have made public. I pointed out that if I let you play with them, their bodies would not remain a mystery to me. The pictures show their faces and genitals quite clearly."

"You made them stripped naked for you, Mistress?" I asked with a voice dripping with disbelief.

"That was not necessary. The women hiked up their skirts and pulled down their panties. The men unbuckled and unzipped their trousers enough to free their swollen cocks." She grinned. "I think the men were especially happy to relieve the pressure on their erections. Apparently erections have a tendency to get tangled into clothing painfully.

"I am sure that you need have no fear about them turning on you," she went on.

Indeed, all of my qualms and fears had evaporated as I marveled at how thoroughly my Mistress takes care of me. My smile had returned, my stomach had lost it's knots, and my heart and breathing rates were almost back to normal. Being a highly sexual creature, I was beginning to anticipate meeting with those people sometime in the future.

Mistress continued, saying, "So I have arranged a sort of party with them. That way they can get to know you better."

"A party? That sounds like fun. When are you holding it, Mistress?" I asked, mentally reviewing our schedules for the upcoming weeks.

She consulted her watch. "Oh, in about 45 minutes from now."

I almost shrieked in dismay, looking at the state of my body and my hair. I was also very conscious of how my body reeked of fear sweat. As usual, Mistress read my mind.

"Go and take a shower, my pet. Hop to it!" she commanded, grinning at my shocked expression.

I scampered up the steps and took one of my fastest showers on record. However, I was not in such a rush that I neglected to cleanse both of my lower openings thoroughly. Since two of the upcoming participants were men, there was always a chance that one or both of them would want to fuck me in my ass. At least I hoped so. I got a perverted thrill from being taken in that nasty way.

Wrapping a towel around myself, I proceeded to blow dry my hair, and tried to work it into some semblance of order.

Luckily, Mistress had been teasing me about the timetable. The party did not actually start until about an hour and a half after our discussion. Consequently, I was clean, dry, sweet smelling and composed when our doorbell finally rang.

Mistress had instructed me to wear only my simple black dress, which fell to mid thigh. Therefore, I had on no bra or panties, and was barefoot. Oh yes, I also had on my collar. So this was my appearance as I answered the door, and greeted our guests.

The only mental image I had formed about the board members concerned their faces. Those harsh, disapproving faces that I had imagined staring at me with flinty eyes across their table of judgment. As I opened our door to greet them, I was pleasantly surprised to see four smiling faces, two female and two male. None of them would win any beauty contests, since they were normal, everyday people. But their eyes caught my attention. Their eyes sparkled with anticipation, and signaled happiness to meet me in person.

There was a brief period of introduction at the door, and I tried hard to keep straight who was who. This is usually very difficult for me when I am suddenly bombarded with names. Penny had auburn hair, which reminded me slightly of the copper found in pennies, so that helped. The other woman, who had black hair and slightly larger breasts, was Samantha. The taller of the two men, the one that had sandy colored hair and an elongated face, was named George. And the remaining man, the one with the slightly pudgy belly, introduced himself as Carl.

I took the four of them into our living room and saw that they were seated comfortably. During my shower and preparations, Mistress had prepared light snacks and nonalcoholic beverages, which I now served to our guests. I believe that their eyes widened slightly when I went to kneel on the floor next to Mistress's chair by her leg. Polite conversation followed.

I was beginning to get impatient. The four of them had been giving me searching looks -- almost scorching looks. But no one said anything overt. It was as if they were children looking at a marvelous gift, and shyly trying to figure out how to ask for it politely. My Mistress is very good at sensing peoples' moods. She finally stood up, hooked her finger into the leash loop on my collar and told me to stand up.

"George, Carl, please come over here." With that, she took me to the rear area of the sofa, and pushed me gently forward. This brought my hips into contact with the upright back of the sofa. My head and torso went forward over the back and came to rest on its seat cushions. My feet remained on the floor behind the sofa, but they were nudged apart by my Mistress's foot. Mistress then flipped up the hem of my dress, exposing all my privates, from my ass to my clit. I was certain those two men had a marvelous view at this point.

I got the same rush that I usually do when new eyes gaze upon my intimate treasures. It's a heady mixture of embarrassment, anticipation, and arousal, mixed with a hint of worry that the observer might not find me pleasing. But this pose served to send me quickly into a more submissive state. Once again, I was offering my body to my Mistress. It was hers to use in any way she saw fit.

The men may have been enjoying the view, but apparently their shyness remained. On display for several minutes, my head turned sideways against the sofa cushion, I could see the two women still seated across the room, smiling at this tableau. I could only hear with one ear in this position, and became aware of one or both of the men whispering to my Mistress, but I could not make out the words. I could however understand her reply, because she spoke clearly, saying, "Of course, gentlemen. That is why you are here."

After a brief pause, I felt a cold, trembling fingertip tentatively touching my outer labia. One of the men had grown bold enough to finally touch me. The whispering contact gave me goosebumps that rippled along my thighs. Apparently, since neither I nor my Mistress made any protest, the finger became bolder. It now rippled along the furrow down the center line of my pussy. I closed my eyes, concentrating on that sensation. During its movements, the finger now dipped slowly into my entrance and was greeted with the first of my secretions. I moaned softly.

Another finger began toying with my ass crack. Whether it was the same man, or the other one did not matter. What mattered was the little firecrackers of pleasure that rippled through me as my sensitive nerve endings in that area reported the contact. With my encouraging moans, the hands grew bolder and warmer. They plucked at my labia, whispered over my pee hole, and peeled the hood back from my clitoris to tease its shaft directly. Fingers scooped fluids from my seeping vaginal tunnel, and smeared them over my ass hole. A long groan erupted from my throat as I felt a finger working itself through my anal ring and into my hot tight butt.

The women finally got up from their chairs and came over to sit on either side of me on the sofa. I kept my eyes closed as one of them began stroking my hair. She even leaned over and began kissing my cheek and tracing the edge of my ear with her tongue. The other woman was stroking my back from the base of my neck to the small of my back. After a few strokes I felt her hand tug at my zipper, pulling it down towards my hips, opening the back of my dress. Now her hands could slip inside and do magical things to my bare skin. It was heavenly being the focus of attention of these four people.

As I was drifting on this sea of blissful caresses, I felt something new. The entrance to my vagina suddenly stretched and yielded as someone's stiff, pulsating cock plunged inward. Well lubricated by the juices of my aroused cunt, it slid in easily, its generous girth filling my void. I felt his hands grasp my hips firmly as he began pumping that lovely cock in and out of me. Draped over the back of the sofa as I was, I could not push back to meet his thrusts. My body had to remain passive, pinned in place by sofa back, hands, and cock. But my vocal cords were not passive at all as I cried out, "Oh yes! Whoever that is, fuck me! Fuck me like you mean it!"

"You heard her, George," I heard Penny say. "Give it to her good." Her hands slipped under my torso and began kneading my breasts through my dress material. "Once you dump your load in her, I want to get her dress off so I can see and taste these lovely breasts."

At her encouragement, George accelerated his movements, ramming his dick the full length of my tunnel. Each time he skewered inward, his balls would slap against my spread labia. Each slap sent almost electric jolts of pleasure to the core of my body. With my eyes shut, I had not been keeping track of where my Mistress was positioned. But she must have come around the sofa to bend close to my ear, where she whispered, "It will be a lot more exciting for our guests if you cum while you are servicing them. So don't hold back, my pet. Cum as often as you can."

I whispered back, "Yes Mistress. And thank you, Mistress. Thank you for making this happen." I felt her lips press the side of mine. My being glowed with happiness -- happiness that I belonged to her. I relinquished whatever control I had been maintaining to inhibit my reaction to George's vigorous fucking, and began pleading, "Fill my hot, tight little cunt with your cum, George! I need it so badly!"

This plea seemed to trigger something in him. His cock started twitching almost immediately. His hands sank deeply into my hip flesh as his cock starting spewing his load of semen deep inside me. I howled as I felt it fill me, and began shaking in my first orgasm of the day. I heard Samantha say, "Keep your cock in her until I can get there, George," as she shifted off the sofa, and went behind it.

After a few moments, Samantha said, "OK. I'm ready. Ease it out." I felt the slightly softened cock slipping out of my tunnel. But before I could start dripping, a new sensation occurred. Samantha fastened her lips over my vaginal opening, and started sucking. OMG, what a sensation! Her eager mouth pulled George's semen forth from my depths. That terrific feeling caused me to have a mini-orgasm. Or was it an aftershock of the original one? No matter. It made my walls ripple in ecstasy once again, and I promptly expelled the remainder of George's cum into Samantha's waiting mouth.

I heard her walk around the sofa again, and Penny tapped my lips, saying, "Open up molly. Samantha has a gift for you."

I looked up into Samatha's face, and grinned as I saw her slightly bulging cheeks and pursed lips. She was delivering that load of semen to me, fresh from my own cunt! Her lips sealed over my opened ones, and she released that salty, tangy load directly into my mouth. What a lovely present! I knew I was going to like her a lot. After swallowing her gift, I licked my lips for stray drops and said, "Thank you, Samantha. How can I repay such generosity?"

"You can kiss my pussy, molly," she answered, her cheeks turning a delicate pink as this bold statement hung in the air between us.

"Just kiss it?" I asked with an impish grin.

She giggled. "OK. Eat my pussy. There, I said it!" The pink darkened in a lovely fashion.

Several hands helped me up. My unzipped dress began slipping off my shoulders. I made no attempt to stop its fall, so as I stood up, my dress cascaded down my torso and pooled at my feet. Standing quite naked now, I also made no attempt to cover myself modestly. I reveled in the hungry stares I was receiving from our guests.

While George had been fucking me so thoroughly, Mistress had used the opportunity to place several mats on the floor of our living room. At her signal, I placed myself on my back in the center of this padded area. Samantha straddled my chest, and knelt down placing her knees on either side of my head. I looked up and was rewarded with a view of her now sopping pussy. "

"That certainly looks good enough to eat, Samantha," I said, smiling. "Bring it down where I can reach, please."

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